Alabama Football: Saban believes good for team to have bye week after 8 games; talks about LSU quarterbacks Lee and Jefferson

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban talked about the need for rest after a grueling schedule, LSU’s two complimentary quarterbacks, LSU’s style of football and the titanic #1 vs. #2 game set for November 5. You can listen to his teleconference in the above player and read about it in the story that follows.

Saban said he believes it is good to have a bye week after the first eight weeks of the season.

“Obviously after playing eight weeks in a row it is probably good to have a little break from a psychological standpoint as well as a physical standpoint,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said.

Saban talked about facing LSU quarterbacks Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee and the improvements both quarterbacks bring to the game.

“They both have improved,” Saban said. “It seems like a long time ago that Rashad (Johnson) intercepted a pass down at LSU and one of those quarterbacks threw it. They both have been playing for a long time and they both have made a tremendous improvement. What they do, they are extremely good at.”

Saban said the different styles form Jefferson and Lee present the defense with different things that must be defended. One quarterback excels at making plays with his legs and the other quarterback is doing a good job in the passing game. Combine this with a good running game and offensive line and it makes it more difficult on the defense.

“Those two styles really complement each other and make it really difficult to defend,” Saban said.

Saban provided an analysis of the 2011 LSU Tigers.

“They have a really, really good defense. They have a really good front. They have a really good offensive line,” Saban said. “Our team is sort of built the same way. Both teams have balance in what they do on both sides of the ball.”

Saban said that while the teams are similar it is not like looking in the mirror.

“They have their style,” Saban said. “They have a lot of good players and great team speed. They really execute well. They are a little different on offense probably in that they have some really good backs and offensive line.”

Saban said this allowed LSU to run the ball effectively and make “big plays in the passing game.”

Saban said with Cyrus Kouandjio out, it creates issues in depth for Alabama along the offensive line.

“It makes us a little thinner,” Saban said. However, it does not shuffle the starting lineup.

Saban was asked about the 1971 Nebraska-Oklahoma Game of the Century. Saban said he watched the game, but did not remember much about it. Saban said what he remembered most about 1971 was getting married.

“I’ve been married ever since,” Saban said.