Alabama Football: Saban believes good for team to have bye week after 8 games; talks about LSU quarterbacks Lee and Jefferson

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban talked about the need for rest after a grueling schedule, LSU’s two complimentary quarterbacks, LSU’s style of football and the titanic #1 vs. #2 game set for November 5. You can listen to his teleconference in the above player and read about it in the story that follows.

Saban said he believes it is good to have a bye week after the first eight weeks of the season.

“Obviously after playing eight weeks in a row it is probably good to have a little break from a psychological standpoint as well as a physical standpoint,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said.

Saban talked about facing LSU quarterbacks Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee and the improvements both quarterbacks bring to the game.

“They both have improved,” Saban said. “It seems like a long time ago that Rashad (Johnson) intercepted a pass down at LSU and one of those quarterbacks threw it. They both have been playing for a long time and they both have made a tremendous improvement. What they do, they are extremely good at.”

Saban said the different styles form Jefferson and Lee present the defense with different things that must be defended. One quarterback excels at making plays with his legs and the other quarterback is doing a good job in the passing game. Combine this with a good running game and offensive line and it makes it more difficult on the defense.

“Those two styles really complement each other and make it really difficult to defend,” Saban said.

Saban provided an analysis of the 2011 LSU Tigers.

“They have a really, really good defense. They have a really good front. They have a really good offensive line,” Saban said. “Our team is sort of built the same way. Both teams have balance in what they do on both sides of the ball.”

Saban said that while the teams are similar it is not like looking in the mirror.

“They have their style,” Saban said. “They have a lot of good players and great team speed. They really execute well. They are a little different on offense probably in that they have some really good backs and offensive line.”

Saban said this allowed LSU to run the ball effectively and make “big plays in the passing game.”

Saban said with Cyrus Kouandjio out, it creates issues in depth for Alabama along the offensive line.

“It makes us a little thinner,” Saban said. However, it does not shuffle the starting lineup.

Saban was asked about the 1971 Nebraska-Oklahoma Game of the Century. Saban said he watched the game, but did not remember much about it. Saban said what he remembered most about 1971 was getting married.

“I’ve been married ever since,” Saban said.


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  1. 1

    “Saban was asked about the 1971 Nebraska-Oklahoma Game of the Century. Saban said he watched the game, but did not remember much about it. Saban said what he remembered most about 1971 was getting married.”

    And this query was germane to the conversation in what way???

  2. 2

    My guess is that since everyone believes this is the Game of the Century, that it would be interesting to know what Saban thought of the last game of the century.

    Saban in typical fashion decided he would answer the question with something else entirely.

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        The Flash

        Again Hannah you open you mouth and prove how truly ignorant you are. Jarrett Lee currently has the highest quaterback rating in the SEC and 12th in the Nation! He even has a better QB rating than Landry Jones! He has thrown for 10 touchdowns and 1 interception! If that is horrible to you, then tell us what you truly think of McCarron with his 29th QB rating and less touchdowns and more interceptions than Lee.

        • 5
          The Flash

          But then again, Hey go ahead and book your room in New Orleans, LSU doesn’t even deserve to be on the same field with Alabama because our offense and quaterback are so horrible! Alabama will beat LSU with ease because of their horrible offense. It won’t even be close, right? You probably are confused as to why everyone else across the nation is calling this the game of the year, decade or even Century as written in some of these comments. NO Way when one team has a horrible offense and the other has the greatest defense to ever play the game. Hell this game will be so boring you’ll probably go shopping that night, right Hannah? LMAO

  3. 6

    Flash you forgot to mention that jarrett lee also holds the NCAA single season record for the most pick six!!! That’s when the defense intercepts the football and runs it back for a touchdown which is six points….jic you didn’t know!…..btw hes due for one!

    • 7
      The Flash

      Yea and that was 4 years ago asshole, current evidence shows he has grown, improved and gotten smater in those 4 years. Unlike you! LMAO

      And if memory serves me right we beat Alabama that same year when Lee was so bad and trowing all those interceptions! I guess you forgot to mention that!

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    The Flash Has a Snatch

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  5. 12

    Flash you are the proverbial dumbazz motherphucker. That was either ’08 or ’09 and we kcked youir azzes both years. And if you are going to claim that experience makes a QB better then I can too. Aj’s very first game he split with Simms. His completion percentage was bad, he threw no td passes and two interceptions. So we’ll be selective like you and throw out that Kent State game and with lots more yards passing, a higher completion percentage, more yards per completion and only one interception our sophomore QB has a higher rating than Lee. How do you like them apples? Plus Lee has arguably better overall recievers to throw too since Duron Carter wasn’t eligible to play this year. As for less TD passes, well with Richarson, Lacy and Fowler we run in most of our TD’s. If you want to quote Lee’s stats, then here’s some stats for your azz: Bama’s offense averages more yards passing, more yards rushing, over 100 ypg total and more points (and we don’t run up the score). Our defense is #1 across the board. RTR!

  6. 14
    The Flash

    I stand corrected you foul mouthed inbred redneck, it was 08′ and you “kcked ourir azzes” 27 – 21 in Overtime! Wow good thing we had such a terrible “pick six” quater back playing in that game.

    The conversation was about the quaterbacks moron, not running backs and touchdowns. But hey if you want to expand the conversation to include both passing and rushing TD’s, just remember LSU is 4th in the nation in red zone scoring percentage while Alabama is 39th! That seems to indicate that even against all the weak opponents/defenses you’ve played this year, they have had some success keeping you out of the endzone. What more might a good defense be able to do. How’s your special teams compare?

    And yes Alabama averages more points than LSU, by a whopping 1.5 points per game, but if we are selective with stats like you are, over the last three games, which include all conference games and no weak OOC games like Kent State and North Texas, LSU is scoring 41.3 points per game while Alabama is scoring 41.0 points per game. And that is against Florida, Tenn. and Auburn for LSU and Vandy, Ole Miss and Tenn for LSU. So much for Alabama averaging more points than LSU!

    • 15

      I like how you pigeon hole the statistics in your favor. You act like your distant cousin/sisters Auburn Tigers. Bama’s defense leads LSUs defense in about every major category. LSU won’t score more than two TD’s, if that much. LSU is highly over rated, as is Les Miles this season. When Bama exposes it, I expect Flash to not show up here again.

      • 16
        The Flash

        Those statistics are facts, look them up yourself, and not pigeon holed, what ever the hell that means.

        I was responding to Crimsonites’ comment and stat that Alabama averages more points than LSU. I agreed with him and said he was right as long as you include the OCC games against weak opponents. I then gave him, and you obviously, a more meaningful stat of the scoring of both teams over the last three games, all being SEC conference games, which show both teams are bassically dead even. How you conclude that is “pigeon holeing” statatistics in MY FAVOR does not even make sense. But when has making sense ever been important to you. Duh.

        Instead of giving you stats that you can verify, I guess I should just come on here and make stupid unsupportable statements like – Bama won’t score more than two TD’s, if that much. And Alabama is over rated, as is Nick Saban this season. When LSU exposes it, I expect BamaBrando to not show up here again.

        I guess you could better relate to an idiotic statement like that, right Brando?

        • 17

          Bama leads LSU in every defensive category. Points per game are about even. But Bamas offense is more balanced, they rush for more yardage and pass for more yardage than LSU, where LSU is 2:1 running the ball. The ‘LSU has played a tougher schedule’ argument is weak.

          Your only argument is “well if you only count X amount of games, then they are dead even”. And that, to you, is the reason why LSU is better. Sounds like you are grasping for SOMETHING, and thats all you have. Bama is statistically better on both sides of the ball. That is just a fact and you are having a hard time believing they mean much.

          Call me stupid, but MY OPINION is that Bama wins convincingly. I have as much of a chance of being right as you do. But here you are, on a Bama board, calling a Bama fan stupid because he believes his team is a lot better than LSU, and that he thinks LSU is over-rated. It pisses you off that I think that, so you resort to telling me I am stupid? F-ck you dude.

          pigeonhole |ˈpijənˌhōl|
          1 a small recess for a domestic pigeon to nest in.
          2 a small compartment, open at the front and forming part of a set, where letters or messages may be left for individuals.
          • a similar compartment built into a desk for keeping documents in.
          3 a category, typically an overly restrictive one, to which someone or something is assigned: people identified me with a homely farmer’s wife and I was never allowed to escape from that pigeonhole.
          verb [ with obj. ]

          Number 3 about covers it, from the f*cking dictionary, you illiterate dickhead. If my opinions piss you off in the future, then go beat your wife or pet or something, and quit replying back here with your ignorant analysis here and making yourself look like an idiot.

          You may be ranked number one, but you do realize Bama is ranked number two, right? Have you ever seen the number two team beat the number one team? Bama just did it to Florida a few years ago with Tebow. And that was a lot better Florida team than this years LSU team. And this is a lot better Bama team than the 2009 Bama team so far. But we can go back and forth on this, me calling you a dickhead, you calling me stupid and such, but your ‘facts’ and ‘reasoning’ are weak. Bama has the edge, and you refuse to acknowledge it. And you call me stupid.

    • 18

      Fine, and then you can take 21 points off that total as meaningless since you had your starters in at the end of the Fla and Tenn games and you drove in run-up-the-score TD’s against all three with 90 seconds or less left. You probably did the same thing in other games too, but I didn’t watch those. Take away three, four, or five red zone pussy scores and see where you rank then. Regardless, red zone percentage is only relevant when you have trouble winning. When you only give up 6 points a game and average winning by 31, the red zone stats obviously don’t mean shyt. Additionally Lee has a tendency to throw in the red zone whereas Bama runs. It’s a lot easier to get 20 yards passing than it is running, especially when the defense stacks 11 in the box against Richardson or Lacy because of Bama’s tendencies. As for special teams, you average 5 yards per punt more. Our defense is more than good to make up that 5 yards on the exchange – I’ll take ’em, especially since no one has returned any kick past the 50 this year. On kickoffs last week every one was to the 5 yard line and there was even one touchback. With our kick coverage I’ll take that too. You can have the special teams even if in fact you may have some advantage there. Special teams will not decide this game. Offense and Defense will. Thanks, but I’ll take ours. RTR!

  7. 19

    Lmao flash do you eat the corndogs after you get done sticking em up your ass???? With a thought process like yours there has to be an infection in your body somewhere!!!

    • 20
      The Flash

      You think and then write that first sentence, and then you are going to question my thought process? LMAO

      I guess that’s normal for an inbred redneck Alabama pervert like you to have thoughts like that.

  8. 21

    Damn LSU played tennessee twice?? Damn son y’all are some bad ass mo fos we stand corrected!!! U fukking moron! Lmao

    • 22
      The Flash

      bamatruth77 we can’t all be perfect like you. So yes I made a typo which is not corrected for you below. Do you now have an intelligent respones? Didn’t think so!

      And yes Alabama averages more points than LSU, by a whopping 1.5 points per game, but if we are selective with stats like you are, over the last three games, which include all conference games and no weak OOC games like Kent State and North Texas, LSU is scoring 41.3 points per game while Alabama is scoring 41.0 points per game. And that is against Florida, Tenn. and Auburn for LSU and Vandy, Ole Miss and Tenn for Alabama. So much for Alabama averaging more points than LSU!

      • 23
        The Flash

        Oops another typo by me proving how much more perfect you are Truth.

        Should read…So yes I made a typo which is NOW corrected for you below. Do you now have an intelligent respones? Didn’t think so!

        And yes Alabama averages more points than LSU, by a whopping 1.5 points per game, but if we are selective with stats like you are, over the last three games, which include all conference games and no weak OOC games like Kent State and North Texas, LSU is scoring 41.3 points per game while Alabama is scoring 41.0 points per game. And that is against Florida, Tenn. and Auburn for LSU and Vandy, Ole Miss and Tenn for Alabama. So much for Alabama averaging more points than LSU!

  9. 26
    The Flash

    Does Alabama have a website where normal intelligent adults go to discuss Alabama and SEC football? Because obviously this is not it.

  10. 27

    Flash come on now not all of us can troll rival teams web sites all day from mom n dads basement like you do!

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      The Flash

      LOL You’re so funny truth, I can’t beleive you even wasted time to post that. But I guess sitting around in prison all day, time is all you’ve got!

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      The Flash

      Yea Truth, but i hear Brent Calloway has enough of the real stuff to make the whole Alabama team as delusional as its fand base! LMAO!

  12. 31




    6.88 ppg (1)

    Scoring defense

    11.5 ppg (3)
    180.50 (1)

    Total defense*

    251.38 (3)
    44.88 (1)

    Rushing defense*

    76.63 (4)
    135.63 (3)

    Passing defense*

    174.75 (11)
    5-9 / 56%

    Red-zone defense#

    9-16 / 56%
    26.45% (2)

    Third-down defense

    32.46% (15)
    2.13 / game (53)


    2.38 / game (33)
    39.38 ppg (14)

    Scoring offense

    39.25 ppg (15)
    457.42 (23)

    Total offense*

    372.13 (78)
    229.25 (15)

    Rushing offense*

    189.00 (30)
    228.38 (61)

    Passing offense*

    183.13 (99)
    24-41 / 59%

    Red-zone offense#

    31-39 / 79%
    50.94 (8)

    Third-down offense

    46.15% (34)
    1.5 / game (39)

    Sacks allowed

    0.88 / game (14)
    +0.75 (19)

    Turnover margin

    +1.88 (2)


    3.38 (2)


    6.50 (74)
    29.5 (3)

    Penalty yards/game

    53.5 (74)
    36.37 (71)

    Net punting*

    41.08 (6)
    *-Yards per game; #-TDs/Opportunities

    (national ranking in parentheses)

  13. 34
    The Flash

    LOL based on the bama fans that post here, your fans base is nothing but inbred rednecks with nothing but perverted minds and the vocabulary of street whores! RTR!

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      ^^^ says the idiot troll from the stinking swamp. When Saban was laughing about you coon-asses, I imagine you were the type he was talking about. I think you were probably one that was cussing a whining when he had the nerve to take the Alabama job. Man, it is going to hurt you extra hard when Bama beats the over exposed, over rated Les Miles thugs next weekend.

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    Your football team will get bitch slapped by our football team. They don’t play our fanbase fool! You on the other hand are obviouisly masochistic the way you keep returning to troll and be curb stomped. RTR!

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      The Flash

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  18. 47

    I have been outhl here on this rig going on 3 weeks listening to these loud mouth LSU fans talk about how the 5th is gonna be a blowout. I laugh at them and when I laugh they get louder and talk more crap. I can’t wait to talk shit to them when I come back to work after Bama wins,it might be by a field goal but. The tide will come out victorious. ROLL TIDE. ANd Flash, Lol.

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