Alabama Injury Report heading into LSU game

Alabama Offensive Lineman Anthony Steen “has been cleared” to return to practice for the LSU game, according to Alabama football coach Nick Saban. Steen was out for last week’s game against Tennessee because of a concussion.

Steen participated in Tuesday’s Alabama practice. This was Alabama’s first practice session of the bye week.

Steen’s return is good news for Alabama after getting bad news that left tackle backup Cyrus Kouandjio was out with a knee injury that required surgery. Kouandjio suffered a knee injury during the Tennessee game.

Linebacker Jonathan Atchison is out with a bicep injury that required surgery. Atchison’s surgery is set for “later in the week,” Saban said.

Also out for the LSU game is Alex Watkins. Watkins suffered a broken arm in the Tennessee game. Watkins is expected to miss 2-3 weeks.

Speaking about the Alabama offensive line and challenges it faces with injuries, Saban praised the work of Alfred McCullough in helping to make Alabama’s offensive line deeper. McCullough “played well for us” in the game against Tennessee, Saban said.

Saban said McCullough could play right and left guard positions and tackle for the Crimson Tide. He is able to do this because of his athleticism, Saban said.

“When you have guys like that, especially in the offensive line, it makes it so much easier to be able to get your best guys out there,” Saban said. “He is really helpful because he can play so many places.”


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      I’m with you Hammah – Don’t believe the hype – Bama is playing a different game than LSWho. Get ready for some EXPOSURE

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          Peyton – don’t come on this board and talk your smack when it’s obvious you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You sound like one of the Abarn’s kool-aid drinkers, continuing to worry about what everyone thinks about “the championship season*”. Bama’s opponents were all fearsome squads right up to the minute they were handily disposed-of, then they all became second-rate programs. Go back to the Abarn boards or the LSWho chalkboards and spill your crap – you just look pathetic here.

  1. 5

    I don’t think LSU scores more than twice. I think it will be something like 31-10. Richardson will have a good day, he seems to play big in the big games.

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      I don’t see LSWho stopping anyone up the middle – they haven’t done it yet. I agree they’ve got lots of lateral speed, but the D-line is porous and allow too many yards. Richardson will teach them the meaning of power with speed.

  2. 8

    They (LSU) might just stop Trent. But it will take more than one or two to do it. And all the while the Tigers are doing that the Tide will be doing other things to that purple and yellow butt. Roll Tide!!

    • 9
      The Flash

      “They (LSU) might just stop Trent. But it will take more than one or two to do it.” – Whew good thing they let us play with 11 or I don’t know what we would do!

      “And all the while the Tigers are doing that the Tide will be doing other things to that purple and yellow butt” – What are you saying, that the Alabama players are all a bunch of homosexual perverts? Or are you talking about you DES and your gay friends in the stands?

      • 10
        The Flash

        And before you accuse me of talking trash or making accusations or calling you and the bama players names, I’m just asking a question based on YOUR comments!

    • 12
      The Flash

      Hey Truth,
      Lets see if you can tell the truth, do you think Oregon is more over rated than Arkansas? Before you answere that, answere whether or not you saw last weeks Arkansas vs. Ole Miss game. And oh yea ya’ll played Arksansas at home didn’t you?

      And who else has Alabama played? Oh yea a Penn State team that had to go 7-1 before they could finally crack the top 25, and barely at that.

      Again people who live in glass houses should not start a rock throwing fight.

      • 13

        That West Virginia win isn’t as good as you thought. And with Arkansas-Oregon comparisons, I think the SEC team was a better win.

        Bama has been steady, consistent, and has beaten everyone the same way. Could it even be remotely possible, that LSU may be a little over-rated?

        And you keep talking home-field advantage. Whatever. Bama has won on the road as well as they have at home. And if playing Arkansas at home actually was a big advantage, then by your logic Bama should have the edge since they are playing LSU at home.

        My comment about Trent was this: He has always played big in the big games, and this is his biggest game yet. LSU gives up rushing yards, and has all year. Trent is the best back LSU has had to play against. You might be right about LSU stopping him, but I don’t think the will stop him for 4 quarters. Bama wins by three scores, pulling away convincingly in the second half, after LSU gets an early lead.

        • 14
          The Flash

          Well Brando I’ll give you this much, LSU is ranked NUMBER 1 in every single poll, so we sure can’t be underrated!

          And LSU has been more than steady and consistent, they have actually gotten better each game and increased their margin of victory in every game this year except one!

          And yes Alabama does have the advantage because they are playing at home!

          I believe LaMichael James was the leading rusher in the Nation before getting hurt, and while he is not as strong as Trent he is definitely much quicker and faster and therefore much harder to catch and tackle. Remind me again what he did against LSU’s defense? Trent will be easier to catch, just harder to tackle when we catch him, so I’m glad you’re letting us play with more than two players on defense.

          You are the one who needs to be drug tested if you actually believe Bama will win by three touchdowns. They may win, but you can’t be that stupid.

          • 15

            Oh yeah, the polls ALWAYS have it right, don’t they? Never in the history of polls have they ever had a team overrated. You have exactly 1 quality win, over a PAC-10 team. *golf clap*

            I do believe in every big game Trent has played in, including a National Championship game, Trent has played big. You may stop Trent for a little while, but not for 4 quarters. Comparing him to LaMichael James is just pretty dumb on your part. Go ahead, put all your faith in that ranking, that is all you have. But in every other offensive and defensive statistical category, Bama is ahead of LSU. But you put your faith in polls, not facts like statistical data.

            There are several things that I think gives Bama the edge, and will win convincingly:
            1. LSU is over rated.
            2. Bama is giving up less than a TD per game. That leads the nation.
            3. No one has beaten Saban two years in a row yet.
            4. Bama has home field advantage.
            5. LSU has given up more explosive plays.
            6. LSU has been fortunate with short field drives, and have capitalized on their opponents mistakes, and Bama makes very few mistakes.
            7. Bama has a better running game than LSU.
            8. LSU commits more penalties per game than Bama.
            9. Les Miles has never been undefeated and tends to blow a game every year.
            10. Bama has more depth and talent across the board than LSU.

            You can’t dispute any of these FACTS. So when Bama wins by three scores, just remember, BamaBrando told you so.

          • 16
            The Flash

            Brando let me prove once again how stupid you are. You say:

            You can’t dispute any of these FACTS.

            1. LSU is over rated. (This your opinion Brando and not a FACT, you should try not to get those confused. I know its hard when all you do is sit around drinking all day. It is also an opinion not shared by a majority of people around the country, or otherwise we wouldn’t be rankded No.1. Think about it. I know it’s hard for you.

            2. Bama is giving up less than a TD per game. That leads the nation. (This is a fact Brando, and I haven’t and won’t try to dispute this. Alabama has a great defense I haven’t ever and won’t dispute tha. But let me point out to you that LSU is ranked 3rd in the nation in that category giving up 11.5 points a game. That only 4.6 points a game difference, which does not cover you three touchdown margin of victory you are predicting. But let me also point out to you that in SEC games only Alabama is giving up 7.4 points per game where as LSU is only giving up 6.84 points per game. That is also a Fact Brando that you can’t dispute!)

            3. No one has beaten Saban two years in a row yet. (False – Saban has been beaten two years in a row by Nebraska, Iowa, Penn St., Michigan, Purdue and Florida. He was in fact beaten by Michigan and Purdued three years in a row)

            4. Bama has home field advantage. (This may or may not be a fact. It is a fact that the game is being played at BDS, however LSU has won at BDS 3 out of the last 4 time we have played there. Les Miles has won there 2 out of the 3 times his LSU teams have played there. And Les Miles is 1-1 against Saban in games played there. Those FACTS don’t seem to support your statement as a fact now do they Brando?)

            5. LSU has given up more explosive plays. (“Explosive could be defined in many different ways to support or refute this statement and therefore is not a statement of fact except in the opininion of the person defining what is meant by explosive. But hey if you wont that one with no facts to support it, and since obviously without a definition I sure couldn’t refute it.)

            6. LSU has been fortunate with short field drives, and have capitalized on their opponents mistakes, and Bama makes very few mistakes.
            (Again this your opinion and not a statement of FACT. It is YOUR OPINION that LSU has been FORTUNATE and that there opponents have made mistakes. Others would argue that LSU’s superior talent, skill and coaching over there opponents is what caused whatever events you call “mistakes” and that allowed them to have “short fields” which there superior talent allowed them to take advantage of. AND regardless of how either LSU or Alabama got within the Redzone, the FACT is that LSU leads Alabama in Redzone scoring percentage! That is a real and more meaningful FACT Brando!)

            7. Bama has a better running game than LSU. (I will actually agree with you on this one, slightly, however, even you must agree that the stats you’ve accumulated against your OCC opponents of Kent St, Penn St. and North Texas compared to LSU’s OCC of Oregon, West Virgina, and NW State should account for some of that advantage in this category.)

            8. LSU commits more penalties per game than Bama. ( This is a fact. LSU is averaging about 26 yards more per game in penalties than is Alabama. How you convert those 26 yards into three more touchdowns than LSU in order to reach your score prediction is not clear to me however)

            9. Les Miles has never been undefeated and tends to blow a game every year. (It is a Fact that Les Miles has never been undefeated, yet, after 10 years as a head coach. However, it took Nick Saban 13 years before he had his one and only undefeated season. So this fact doesn’t really mean shit. And if Miles wins this game and goes on to an undefeated season, not only will he have as many undefeated seasons as Saban, but he would have done it sooner than Saban and will have an overall better winning percentage than Saban, even if Saban wins the rest of his games this year after the LSU game.)

            10. Bama has more depth and talent across the board than LSU. ( Again this is your opinion and not a FACT that can be proven. HOWEVER, assuming that it is a fact that Alabama has more depth and talent across the board than LSU, ask yourself this, How is it that LSU is ranked NO. 1 in the nation over Alabama? If its not talent, and you just tried to say that’s a fact, then it must be COACHING, right Brando?!!!! LOL!!

          • 17

            Flash, you are still wrong.

            1. Alabama is favored to win at home. So that must mean someone thinks LSU is over rated, if Bama is favored, right?

            2. Bama is giving up less than a TD per game on average, period. You really do count them all. Bama has two shut-outs, LSU has none. Arkansas has the most with 14. LSU has given up 27 to Oregon and 21 to West Virginia.

            3. Let me clarify: Since Saban has been at Alabama, no one has beaten him two years in a row.

            4. If Arkansas was at a disadvantage playing Bama at home, LSU is too. Going by your resigning on this one.

            5. Explosive plays: 20 yards or more, and LSU has given up more of them. Next.

            6. LSU has had the short field, and FORTUNATELY for them, they have not had to make many long drives in several big games this season. FACT: Bama has not made very many mistakes this season.

            7. Bama has the edge in the running game, regardless of the schedule.

            8. The fact is LSU commits more penalties. Period.

            9. Again, Les Miles hasn’t ever been undefeated. Ever.

            10. Your argument is still weak. Bama has more talent. You have no answer for that.

            SO, Mr. Dickhead, your shit is weak as ever. But you are welcome to keep coming at me, bro.

      • 18

        J. Lee may have a good game, but he gets itchy feet with any pressure whatsoever. I would love to see Jordan in there early – he’s the easiest to scare, and will be coming down with a mystery “ankle injury” after he gets put on the ground a few times.
        I still say LSU is weak up the middle and will have a hard time with Bama’s O-line the entire game. The only hope is if Lee can come out and make a few precision pass completions early for scores. Otherwise, Bama will own the Bengals by halftime.

  3. 20
    The Flash Has a Snatch

    Is going to cook me some gumbo shish kabobs yesir I am wid some that corndog surprise which is different than corndog delight which Is will be givin boyfriend wooo wee yassir I will

  4. 21

    Arky came out flat against a pissed of Ole Piss. So what? It was an SEC rivalry game. Arky doesn’t have a super defense. No one has accused Oregon of a great defense either. I’ll take a 24 point win against a 7-1 SEC West rival over a 13 point win against a 7-1 PAC 12 team any day. Season is almost over and Penn St has still only lost to us. Where as West Virginia had their azzes tore completely off by Syracuse who has gone to overtime with Wake Forest, Rhode Island by 7, Toledo by 3, Tulane by 4 and WVU by 26. Bwaa haww haww! So where’s your tough azz schedule fool? Teams we shut down completely ran for over 100 yards on LSWho. You pitiful dumbazzes don’t seem to realize that if Bama just runs for a little over 100 yards on you that’s all we need to open the passing game which will then eat your azzes up. This game will not be close if Bama is ready. For Christs sake we lead the nation in D and are well ahead of the Corndogs in EVERY defensive category. And we’re ahead of you in every offensive category. RTR

    • 23
      Your Mama's a hoe

      “If Bama is ready”? You already making an excuse Crimsonite? If Saban is the best coach in the country, why wouldn’t they come out ready?

      You leading the nation in D and every defensive category and leading LSU in every offensive category will mean as much on game day as the fact that we are ranked NO 1 ahead of you in this game. But hey if it makes you sleep better crimsonite, maybe you’ll leave your sister alone.

      • 24

        Thanks to LSU for keeping that number 1 ranking safe for a little while. It should make it convincingly clear who really is number one after Bama takes it from you next week.

  5. 26

    The corn dogs struggled with the bull dogs who almost beat awbarn Eucharist the corn dogs beat 45-10 !!!! Sooooo by your logic auburn is actually as good as lsu and that 45-10 score was a fluke? Oh ok I understand now!

  6. 29

    Throw all the stats out the window..This is going to be a great test for both teams..Bama must get a great push up the middle to put heavy pressure on these QB FOR lsu.Can not let these guys stand in the pocket for long..If defense does it”s job all day long Trent. Maze.Hanks.Lacy.Bell ;;;;; should i keep going? Will put enough points on board to win this game….My score 24 10….RTR

    • 31
      Your Mama's a Hoe

      5:48 am? So you wake up and start your day with perverted thoughts? Are you a convicted sex offender in Alabama?

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