Prediction: Tennessee Volunteers vs Alabama Crimson Tide

By Tony Carter

The third week in October is always a special week for the coaches, players and the fans of Alabama and Tennessee—two universities rich in tradition—and it is still special even when the game is played on the fourth Saturday. The series has produced some great games over the years including the 2009 game that ended on the blocked field goal by Alabama’s Terrance Cody. This will be the 94th meeting dating back to 1901 between the two teams. Alabama has a 47-38-7 record and has won the last four meetings.

Following a 38-7 loss to the #1 ranked LSU Tigers in which LSU rushed for 260 yards and dominated time of possession at a staggering 2:1 ratio; Tennessee travels to Bryant-Denny Stadium to face more of the same.

Stingy defenses, effective running games and physical interior line play have been pillars for success in the SEC for decades. This season Tennessee is managing 2.7 ypc (yards per carry) while allowing 4.5 ypc to opponents.

Conversely, Alabama is gaining 6.1 ypc and giving up only 1.4 ypc.

So, is this game a foregone conclusion?

The method of operation for Alabama in every game this year (regardless of opponent) has been to dominate line of scrimmage and force teams to sell out vs the run (which hasn’t helped at all).

Expect Alabama backs to get plenty of work. On tape and on paper, the University of Tennessee doesn’t have a chance, but rivalry games tend to be a bit better and closer than expected.

But not this year.

Prediction: Alabama 38 Tennessee 7

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For more on this week’s Alabama-Tennessee game and the entire SEC schedule of games, you can watch the SEC Digital Network’s preview here:


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  1. 2

    My prediction is it will either be Bama 17- 10 or Bama 47-0 or Bama somewhere in between. And you can take that to the bank. Bwaa haww haww. On a more serious note, UThug wants this one a hell of a lot more than the one last week. RTR!

    • 3
      The Flash

      LOL Crimsonite what a moron you are! Hey it will either be a close game or a blowout or somehere in between! “And you can take that to the bank” Man you are a friggin genius!

    • 6
      The Flash

      Well your in luck Don, Crimsonite accurately predicts, with confidence, bama will win by somewhere between your range. And you can take it to the bank! LOL

  2. 11

    Corndogs don’t look so great. Tickle the shyt out of me if the worst defense in the country beats what some dumbasses call the best defense in the country. RTR!

  3. 13

    I just got suspended on ESPN 140 for calling LSWho the Corndogs. So I sent the piece of shyt Corndog moderator an e-mail calling them Corndogs 500 times. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 14
      The Flash

      Wow you are so tough Crimsonite! I bet that really botherd them as much as stupid name really bothers any LSU fan.

  4. 15

    Little brothers move ball on the corn dogs all day.Just not enough on offense for them.No defense for sure for the barn.All in all from what i saw of the corn dogs i really think our defense will kick there azzz.And do you really think they can stop TR behind this NFL caliber type line…HELL NO.Take it for what it”s worth Alabama will drop kick this corn dog team with ease…

  5. 16

    I think it will be just as I’ve said all along,. However, I will say that this is the first game that LSU showed me anything. I’m not sure they are as talented as they are just big and strong. Made the Barnies look like a bunch of Pygmies. Bama’s going to have to come ready to hit and be hit. I’m not laughting at the Corndogs today. But they will be bringing our #1 ranking into our house and can’t beat Bama in T-Town. RTR!

    • 17
      The Flash

      October 22, 2011 at 3:03 pm # Corndogs don’t look so great. Tickle the shyt out of me if the worst defense in the country beats what some dumbasses call the best defense in the country. RTR!

      Wow in 2 hours and 16 minutes you sure change your tune didn’t you Crimsonite.

      What kind of ignorant statement is “I’m not sure they are as talented as they are”?

      “can’t beat Bama in T-Town” – looks like somebody forgot to tell Tenessee that.

  6. 18

    Well now let’s see if UThug phucked up. Remember, their coach said do not score on Bama first cause it just pisses them off. Well they phucked up and scored first. Now let’s see. RTR!

    • 21
      The Flash

      6-6 at the half. Ya’ll mess around and lose the game and it will be your team’s confidence you’ll be worried about. Great Idea coach! LOL!

  7. 22

    We have about the same yards at half as LSWho did and UThug has less than half as many as they had against you. We’ll see what happens in the second half. We havn’t gotten the cheap scores that you did when you were having trouble with them in the first half. What’s more this is Tennessee-Alabama. The Corndogs don’t even have a rivalry like this or the Iron Bowl. You have no experience playing in a game like this where teams records can mean nothing. Bama and UThug were playing for championships when LSWho was still a sandlot team. RTR!

  8. 25

    This is exactly the way they played us when we won the National Championship. That was our closest game by far in ’09 so if we squeek by them again it’s your ass for sure. They were terrible in ’09 and everybody beat them worse than we did. So by your standards I guess everybody that beat them in ’09 was better than our National Championship team . Dumbass. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  9. 27

    Well crimsonite they did play a tough rivalry with the Greenwave…of Tulane .Now that my friend was a power house of a football team ….LMAO ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY..Ohell yea AJ just run one in…

  10. 32

    Well with 9 minutes left we’ve surpassed LSWho’s total yards, Tennessee is going to be held to far less yards, and we’ve matched the point differential. Plus we have done it basically in less than one half and we didn’t have to score a cheap assed touchdown with a minute left in the game and the first string still in. RTR!

    • 33
      The Flash

      Yea and you did it all at home in front of you friendly home crowd and not on the road in front of 100,000+ Tenessee’s fans!

    • 36
      The Flash

      Eat your words again Crimsonite! There is Nick Saban going for it on forth down inside the five with only three minutes left and up 37-6! Trying to pile on! You criticized Miles severl times and said Saban would never do that, well he just tried, so eat your own words again you fat ass inbred redneck! Difference is Saban wasn’t successful! Oh yea I can hear you now trying to convincde yourself and everyone else that they weren’t really trying! You are a peice of shit and a hypocrit and its was proven once again tonight!LMAO!

      • 37

        Third string offense. UT is a bitter rival. I am glad LSU destroyed Auburn, I wish Miles would have run the score up some more if he could. But if Saban was trying to run the score up in a game already in hand, hen would have kicked the field goal, don’t you think?

        • 38
          The Flash

          So Brando you’re saying he wasn’t trying to score on that play, that he told his running back to hit the ground or allow himself to be talked before he got to the endzone! He was trying to run up the score by 7 instead of three, he/they just weren’t successfull.

  11. 41

    You must be the stupidest motherphucking retard that was ever shyt out of a uterus. Had the 3rd string in and did nothing but run the ball up the middle. Had another chance and we took a knee. You dumb bastard we matched your point spread and turned down two scores in the last 5 minutes. Even on the last TD we ran Richardson up the middle on every run and everybody knew he was getting the ball on every play. 300 yards in the second half and held UThug to 25. Bring your asses hither Corndogs! RTR!

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