DEBATE: Which defense would you rather have LSU or Alabama?

Melanie Collins and Sean Salisbury debate who is the better two-minute quarterback—Stanford’s Andrew Luck or Oklahoma’s Landry Jones, and which defense is the best in college football—Alabama or LSU.

Melanie Collins picks OU’s Landry because the team runs the spread all the time. Salisbury picks Luck because he runs a pro-style offense and is simply the best prospect at the quarterback position in at least the last 25 years.

Salisbury picks LSU’s defense as the one he would rather have. He believes the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu makes big plays and the entire LSU defense is “the fastest defense” he has seen in many years. He believes the speed of the LSU defense is what makes that team the #1 team in the country.

The lovely and insightful Collins would rather have the Alabama defense. Collins cites Alabama’s numbers to showcase how dominate the Alabama Crimson Tide has been this season.

“As a whole, Alabama has the better defense,” Collins said in this Total College Sports video report.

One other item up for debate in this video report, which is the better rebuilding job: the Miami Hurricanes or the Ohio State Buckeyes. Salisbury believes Ohio State is the dominate power in its region unlike Miami that faces stiff in-state recruiting competition. Collins believes the negative aura around Ohio State is going to be difficult to overcome. Salisbury counters with the recent allegations of cheating surrounding the Miami program.