VIDEO: Les Miles declined to confirm suspensions for Mathieu, Simon and Ware

At a press conference following Wednesday practice, LSU football coach Les Miles declined to address reports that football players Tyrann Mathieu, Tharold Simon and Spencer Ware were suspended for Saturday’s game against Auburn. A brief summary follows and you can watch video of Les Miles press conference on the player at the end of the story.

“I certainly understand the interest surrounding what seems to be news, but the problem with that news is it is internal discipline and internal function of a team,” LSU Coach Les Miles said. “I am not inclined to be forthcoming with information. I am not reactionary to needs of media and things external to this building.”

Miles elaborated a bit more.

“So, with that being said, there is a process that I go through and it is not going to be shortcutted…when there is information that I can share, I will,” Miles said. “I’m doing this for the best for our football team.”

Miles said he would be “true” to his process and procedure in this case.


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    That was a very Gene Chizik sounding press conference. “I dont know anything at all”, When I find out something we will fix this IN HOUSE” and I will disclose everything to the press. Even though this is a internal matter. I was waiting on him to say he was “all in”.

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      But then again, if he doesnt suspend them for a minute and he is paying them a fortune to play and buying thier friggin’ dope for them, what is the NCAA gonna do about it? Not a damn thing,

  2. 6

    Typical Les the mess. “I’ll handle this”. Yep, and we know how don’t we? Just look at Jefferson. Where in the world did he get the money for 59 pairs of tennis shoes? And that isn’t all of his shoes. Oh well, doesn’t seem to matter to NCAA….again typical

  3. 7

    Hmm..sounds like CNS left one bit of advice to Les when he left there–not to share anything w/ the media if he doesn’t want to.

      • 10

        It’s hard to come here and get a laugh without coming here isn’t it? There’s that good ole UA education coming through for you.

      • 11

        I mean I said explicitly I come here for laughs and you said “here you are”. I mean, what’s your point….I didn’t realize repeating what I said was a valid argument. You really got me good didn’t you!

        You better cut this guy off, he’s truly an idiot.

    • 12

      What’s good for a few laughs is when Auburn fans come on a Bama site trying to troll… and end up getting their feelings hurt and their faces mad, every time.

  4. 15

    To answer lol and other Auburn hypocrites:

    Coach Chizik is a lying hypocrite who uses religion to pander to the dimwitted AU fanbase while allowing rampant cheating in his own program. Think Jim Tressel.except Tressel has teeth

  5. 17

    You could always either not come on here or turn the other cheek like a Christian, but you still come on here and get mad? Keep disguising it as laughter if you want, but please stop trying to defend Auburn, they’re not worth it!!!

  6. 18

    No dumbass you specifically said “and a good reason not to be a part of the Bama fanbase”. The guys point was that if we’re so repulsive to you then what the phuck are you doing over here trolling one of our sites? Huh dumbass? The exemplary, God fearing, leader Cheezedick wasn’t above dropping a couple of F-bomb’s during the Clemson game now was he. RTR!

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