Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley previews Alabama game

Tennessee Volunteers Coach Derek Dooley spoke to reporters on the weekly SEC teleconference. He previewed the Third Saturday in October rivalry game against Alabama. You can listen to the entire audio in the above player and read some notes below in the story.

SEC Teleconference notes: Tennessee is 3-3 this year; the Volunteers are coming off a 38-7 loss to LSU.

“Our focus is making sure we can go out there and play our best and show some improvement from the last time we were on the road,” Dooley said.

Dooley talked about Gordo’s Izauea Lanier. “We are really glad we have him,” Dooley said. “He has really shown a lot of improvement since he came on campus…He has made some good plays for us. We think over time he is going to be a very good football player for us.”

Dooley talks about the similarities and differences between the Alabama and LSU defenses. First the similarities, both teams are deep with good athletes “that are very aggressive.”

And the difference comes down to defensive philosophy. Dooley said, “Schematically, they are philosophically different in some ways, but both of them are excellent schematically. They are both good.”

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    Joe mMcDowell

    I don’t understand that on several occassions on a fourth down attempt, several pass plays have been called for way more yards than what’s needed for the first down. Instead, against Alabama, the #1 defense in college football, Simms tries to go downfield aqnd is not successful in getting the first down yards.
    One pass in the 1st quarter on fourth down was thrown about 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Against Ala’s defense, not much of a chance to be sucessful. I beleive a quick crossing pattern thrown quickly for just enough yards to get the 1st down would be a much better attempt.
    I beleive the percentages would be much higher for sucess than going for it all long pass calls on 4th down.

    Joe McDowell

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