College Sports Minute: Conference Realignment Update & Tennessee’s strategy against Alabama

Watch this video report from Melanie Collins of Total College Sports on conference realignment and SEC expansion and the Alabama-Tennessee game.

The incomparable Melanie Collins reports on conference realignment involving the Big East, Missouri and the SEC.

The Big East increases its exit fee to $10 million. The conference invited Houston in a move that Collins described as making very little sense.

As for Missouri and the SEC, it looks like Mizzou will apply for membership to the conference. Collins wonders what Nick Saban thinks about this—and plays a clip of the Alabama football coach during his Monday press conference.

And one last Alabama tidbit in the Total College Sports Minute: Tennessee looks to end its losing streak to Alabama in this week’s annual rivalry known as the Third Saturday in October. Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley revealed his strategy against Alabama: “Don’t score first. It pisses them off.”

Collins response to Dooley, “Ain’t that the truth. Right, Ole Miss?”