Houston Nutt said Ole Miss working to get more physical before facing Alabama

VIDEO: Ole Miss Coach talks about Alabama Coach Nick Saban, Ole Miss QB issues, the 2008 victory against Florida and more. Press play above or read a brief summary:
Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt said the bye week helped Ole Miss get a few injured players a bit healthier headed into the game against Alabama. He said the team has tried to get more physical and worked on the “craft” of football during the bye.

Nutt said, “Alabama is playing at a high level” and “probably has one of the best defenses in the country.”

Nutt said Saban’s success at LSU and Alabama stems from Saban’s ability to get great players—“He has been able to recruit at a very high level,” Nutt said. Nutt said the defensive side of the ball shows Saban’s touch including the blitz package and aggressiveness.

Nutt was asked to evaluate Saban’s legacy. Nutt pointed to Saban’s statue as an example, but added that Saban had won a national championship at two different schools.

Nutt spoke about the special team that went into the Swamp and defeated the 2008 Florida Gators. Nutt said the goal wasn’t an upset, but to become a better football team.


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    I think from this point forward, we can expect the best game out of everyone Bama plays. I think Ole Miss will come out swinging, and play tough. They know what is coming, they have seen the film on Bama this season. I don’t think Ole Miss has enough to win, and after last week, I look for Bama to come out swing hard, too. Should be a good game for a quarter at least.

  2. 4

    They thought they had done something by beating the WAC favorite Fresno St by 10, until Boise beat them by 50! Bwaa haww haww! I do look for Ole Piss to keep it close for a half. This is a tough rivalry that always seems to be closer than necessary. But the defense will beat the shyt out of their offense and eventually will bring some balls back at ’em. Don’t have that ESP feeling about this game like I did on the Floridum game, but I’ll say 31-10 or worse. RTR!

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      The Flash

      Yea keep telling yourself that Hammah, and then when you do meet a quality team you won’t know what to do with it.

  3. 7

    Houston we have a problem.
    The only thing that will stop Bama from beating you by 80+ is that Nick likes beating you on a yearly basis and thus he will call off the dogs and give you a moral victory. I hear that Ole Miss is turning up the heat this weak. There have been extra aromatherapy sessions and the Olivia Newton John song “Lets get physical has been piped into the stadium.

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