VIDEO: Highlights of Alabama’s homecoming win over Vanderbilt

Watch video highlights as Alabama defeats Vanderbilt.

Highlights include A.J. McCarron’s touchdown throw to DeAndrew White who made an amazing catch in the back of the end zone, and another superb catch for a touchdown as DeAndrew White splits Vanderbilt defenders to grab the ball and fall into the end zone for a second touchdown.

White ended the game with three catches for 58 yards and two touchdowns.

DeAndrew White’s play was a topic in Nick Saban’s postgame press conference. Saban said, “Well you know, we have been waiting for DeAndrew to have the type of game that would help him develop some confidence as a player. He’s a very explosive guy and has great speed and certainly would be a good addition to our group of receivers and complement them very well. He did a nice job tonight, but he is a guy that has played really well in practice that hasn’t had any production or opportunities in games and I think as a young player, maybe this game will be something he can build on and develop some confidence. He did a really nice job.”


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  1. 1
    Realistic Auburn Fan

    I am feeling pretty good right now. I think this puts us were we want to be in the SEC title hunt. We need to go back and look at some film and make a few adjustments and when we beat Bama and LSU we should be ready to walk into the SEC championship game and clean house.

  2. 2
    Les Miles

    I have a really funny story about Auburn. We were playing Auburn in Auburn and any way I was talking to some reporters…ya know….. so anyway I am standing there and I reach down to get some grass to eat and they (honest to God) had some cow shit on the grass… So I didnt eat any…. Man I tell you what, I would have looked like a moron eating grass with cowshit on it.

  3. 4
    Les Miles

    Houston, we dont have a problem. Have you got any gatorade, I get a large case of drymouth depending on if its Johnson or Bermuda.

  4. 7
    Major Recruit

    Man do I really want to go play in front of and have to represent retarded child like fans like those on the Capstone report?

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