Florida Player: Alabama defense ‘more physical’ and ‘tougher’ than LSU

Who has the better defense? Is it the Alabama Crimson Tide defense that earned a cover of Sports Illustrated? Is it the LSU defense that continues to beat ranked opponents? This is the question that will occupy sports reporters, columnists and television analysts until the November showdown between Alabama and LSU. However, one sports reporter asked someone who should know—a Florida Gator—to compare the two defenses.

According to Rachel George of the Orlando Sentinel, Trey Burton said Alabama’s defense is better than LSU. George reported Burton’s comments via Twitter, “Alabama’s hands down a lot better. A lot more physical, just tougher guys.” (Source).

And in a second tweet, “If I had to pick one to not go against, it’d definitely be Alabama.” (Source).

So, what do you think?

Does Trey Burton know what he is talking about? Is Alabama’s defense better than LSU?


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    Does it matter? Is there really any point debating this between now and November 5? Because at that point, it will no longer be speculation. Just keep the “who’s better; Alabama or LSU?” stuff to yourself until then. The two will play. It might as well be the national championship game. It will be epic. Just enjoy the season.

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        The Flash

        And because you “been saying” it, it must be true right!
        Do you know how stupid that statement makes you look?

        • 4

          Flash – do you know how stupid you sound talking smack on an Alabama board? Hammah has been right a heckuva lot more than you with his opinions and comments.

        • 7

          Hey Flash, look at the things you have been saying. Your are right, your statements make you look pretty stupid. Bama has been better statistically and consistently. Didn’t you just say the other day Florida wasn’t all that good anyways? You want to count that as another ranked oppenent that makes LSU look good. Well, Bama beat them pretty badly, and took out their first two QBs and softened them up for you guys. As a matter of fact, Bama has knocked out the opposing QB an awful lot this year. In just about every game. LSU may be a little faster at some positions on defense, but Bama is way more physical and more talent at every position. The best defense will win the game on November 5th.

  2. 8

    Heck yes Bama is better. As I predicted before the season, I think it’s entirely possible that we shut them out. Save your “what does it matter” crap for pantywaist sites like tiger droppings and the Bunker. The only team that can beat Alabama is Alabama, and everyone….even the people who hate the Tide with everything in their being… knows it. Unless you can win with five points or less, you need to circle your game with us and go ahead and mark it down as a loss.

    • 9
      The Flash

      “even the people who hate the Tide with everything in their being… knows it” – and your proof for that statement is what? Another arrogant boastful post by a fan wear crimson glasses.

      • 10

        That is why you are here, Flash. Your fear and hate. The hate is caused by your fear. Come on, keep reassuring yourself that LSU is so much more superior. We are here to help you cope with it. And you call us arrogant and wearing Crimson glasses. Look in the mirror, bud. It is you, over here, running your mouth. Not the other way around.

        • 11
          The Flash

          No why I am here Bamabimbo,
          Is to counter all of the non factual, unsupportable arrogant and boastfull claims you bammer fans make. I have looked in the mirror and you don’t see me making unsupportable boastfull claims about LSU. I have either posted verifiable facts, if you will bother to look them up, or the opinions of media professionals when they differ from those posted by bammer fans not wanting to consider any other view. For example you calling Jarret Lee horrible when at the time he had a better QB rating, more touchdowns and less interceptions than McCarron. I never claimed McCarron was horrible, with that statement as you tried to turn it around and say later. I just pointed out the facts at the time and questioned how you could say Lee was horrible, but obviously not think McCarron was worst. Then you tried to crawfish and say you were talking about or comparing Lee when he was a freshman. NO your weren’t that was a lie to cover up your ignorant statement. You didn’t see me coming on here bashing McCarron, I merely responded to your dumb post about Lee.

          Another example is you and other bammer fans statements that Miles is “retarded” and “mentally challanged” and only won in his first years because of Saban’s Players. I didn’t come on here making such stupid statements like that about Saban, I merely coountered those stupid statements by pointing out their similar records and Miles’ record against Saban, including last year when he had none of Sabans players and had less talent than Alabama, because “bama has had the No. 1 recruiting class 3 out of the last 4 years. So I only asked the question of you and crimsonite and others like you, but you refuse to answer, is if Saban is a “rainmaker” or “best coach in the industry” as ya’ll have stated, then why isn’t his team, which has more talent ranked ahead of the “retarded” Miles’ team which must have less talent? It shouldn’t even be close according to bammer fans like you and crimsonite and crimsonhannah. So who is really “running there mouth”?

          • 12

            You are here to be a TROLL, and you are running your mouth. You are in denial of the truth and trying to justify being here. I never said Miles was ‘retarted’. Just repeating your word. I said Lee was being treated like a first year starter like AJ, when he is like a 5th year senior, and that he did not win the job outright, but because your thug QB starter got arrested. What can you not understand about that? You have constantly tried to twist words and take shit the wrong way. You get your feelings hurt too easily, and yet you are the troll here. So quit crying, and feverishly looking up links and articles that convince you the LSU is the best team ever and coming over here waving other peoples opinions around like it is a stone cold fact. They are OPINIONS and LSU and BAMA will settle it on the field this year. I like our chances, and you can’t believe that we would be so dumb about it in your opinion. My opinion is Bama is 3 scores better than LSU. Am I right? No way to know that, because they haven’t played. Are you right? No way to know that either. One think is for certain though: You ARE a dickhead, win or lose.

  3. 13

    Look bama fans…… Let’s be realistic, your offense is nothing to write home about. Defense? Its a push between LSU and y’all. Speed vs power. The game winner will be special teams….. LSU gets the nod in that category. They will both run the ball for fear of pick 6’s…. Low scoring, special teams wins it! GEAUX Tigers!!

    • 14

      Realistically, the best defense is going to win. And we both know who has the best defense this year. But glad your fear is causing you to feel the need to come here and reassure yourself.

  4. 15

    NCAA_FAN if you don’t like debating football then just stay the phuck off this site! Flashes Mommie left the computer room door unlocked again. Damn, she really needs to put a password on that thing. What’s been speculated in the past aside, yesterday answered numerous questions. We almost put 2 QB’s out of the game again. I don’t know how #11 got up after the hit Barron put on him. He’s as tough as Wilson. That makes 5 battered, bruised or injured QB’s in 15 days. Comparing defenses, LSWho’s defense has some speed but I don’t think it is any faster overall than Bama’s. Actually Vandy is the one with some speed. Three times they caught Richardson from behind and that’s the first time that’s ever happened. It was actually pissing him off. It is a top 20 defense anyway. Comparing the Florida games aside from the actual horses mouth saying Bama’s D is much better. LSWho played a disappointed, beatup, and badly crippled Florida in Death Valley. Fla started a true freshman QB in his first game ever. Wow! (cont.)

    • 16
      The Flash

      But Crimsonite when we do debate football ya’ll call us trolls and ask why we are on this site. Make up your mind, never mind we know you really don’t want intelligent factual debates on this site, why else would you want my mommie to put a password on my computer?

      You say “we ALMOST put 2 QB’s out of the game again”. Wow I don’t know how Alabama didn’t get every first place vote in every poll after that, seriously!

      • 17

        You are not debating football. You are being a dick, and have been from the start. You sure have a hard time coping with criticism, but you are getting what you came here for, right? Come on Mr. Dickhead, I thought you said you were smart.

        • 18
          The Flash

          Dickhead DIckhead Dickhead. Hey Brando why don’t you buy a dictionary, instead of a dicktionary, and learn some new words or names. It’s getting boring like your football dribble. You think it bothering me but it is you who has to respond to every comment I make to any other poster. What’s the matter they can’t defend their own weak comments?

  5. 19

    (cont.) Even though the whole world knew Fla had no QB and would have to depend on what before the Bana game was the #1 running game, still Fla ran on them and Demps was stil hurt and only played sparringly. They even ran up the middle and Fla has no power running game. They also managed a few good passes with the high school QB running the team including a bomb in the 4th quarter to the same Dubose who bombed us on the first play of the game. The difference is that against the 1st and 2nd team QB’s we gave up 75 yards in the last 52 minutes of the game anh held the O to 15 yards rushing in the Swamp against an undefeated team. While LSWho gave up 125 yards rushing to a beatdown, injured, unable to throw team in Tiger Stadium. Also, LSWho’s last score was completely insignificant relative to the way the game went and means nothing in comparative scores. As you always see, except against Awbie Saban won’t even let the reserves push in a final score in the last minute of a beatdown. Bama 31- LSWho 0. RTR!

  6. 20

    I think I will take the word of an ALL-SEC Florida player over some dumb-ass inbred coonass Louisiana resident any day.

  7. 21

    Oops! I meant 31-6. Don,t want to predict with Crimson colored glasses. Bwaa haww haww. In the middle of weekly games with 5 huge rivals Bama came out flater than an I-20 possum. And they never did get fired up, but they used their talent to end up bludgeoning Vandy anyway. I was impressed early with Vandy’s offensive game plan. That’s the first time this year they used that much misdirection. They thought it would cause Bama’s aggressive defense to commit themselves out of position. It worked for a while but to little avail. It was also the second week in a row that Kirkpatrick trying to do too much has been badly beaten by a receiver. They better get that shyt fixed cause you know all of our opponents are going to try to exploit him with option plays now. I wonder if the rest of our opponents are going to take out pregame insurance policies on their QB’s. Bwaa haww haww! The Corndog Coonass Flash can kiss my Crimson azz, and the rest of the Corndog Nation can line up too. RTR!

    • 22
      The Flash

      Saban is a “rainmaker” “best coach in the industry”, no way a team coached by him “came out flater than an I-20 possum. And never did get fired up”

      “They better get that shyt fixed”. I know your not talking about the best defense in college football coached by the best defensive coach in the nation. They were just baiting Vandy.

      “Second week in a row that Kirkpatrick trying to do too much has been badly beaten by a receiver”. Nah man, again he was just baiting the recievers. No way a player as talented as Kirkpatrick coached by Saban can get beat by a receiver! Stop that blasphemous talk.

      “The Corndog Coonass Flash can kiss my Crimson azz, and the rest of the Corndog Nation can line up too.” Ouch I might have to go to the hospital after that hit! I’m going to tell my mommy you called me a name! LMAO

  8. 23

    You Gumps aint gonna know what hit ya the first Saturday in November. Your garbage quarterback will be on the ground all day. As Mathieu increases his chance of winning he Heisman. He deserves it way more than that bum Richardson. As for your corndog i got it swinging. You redneck, same clothes wearing toolbags. Lata im going watch some real football as my Saints will pound your favorite player Cam Newton who embarrAssed you in the iron bowl last year and showed what kind of coach your boy Saban is.

    • 24

      We know what kind of coach we have, it is the kind that you guys are still crying about losing. After Bama whips LSU this season, y’all will be back to hating Miles and comparing him to Saban, like y’all do every year. This is why your neurotic ass is over here talking smack. I can smell the fear, and it smells like corn dogs.

      • 26
        The Flash

        Written today by ESPN’s Chris Low:

        Best coach: LSU’s Les Miles

        Alabama’s Nick Saban, Auburn’s Gene Chizik and Vanderbilt’s James Franklin were also considerations here. But everything Miles has navigated this LSU team through gives him the nod. There was the bar brawl back in August. He lost quarterback Jordan Jefferson for four games, receiver Russell Shepard for three games and one of his best offensive linemen, Josh Dworaczyk, for the season. Steve Kragthorpe also had to hand over the offensive coordinator duties to Greg Studrawra after announcing in August that he had Parkinson’s disease. Through it all, the Tigers haven’t lost a step and have four wins over Top 25 teams, three of those away from home. The Mad Hatter catches a lot of grief, but the results speak for themselves.

        We are so scared we are shaking in our white boots! LMAO!

  9. 28

    Oh, you swamp gas sucking, Nutria eating Coonass sack of shyt, you mean the same Cam Newton that tore your azzes off and fed it to the Pelicans while running on your not so great defense for 400 yards? That Cam Newton? If the not so Awesome ‘Aints manage to win today it will be because of the other Heisman winner from this State – Mark Ingram. Although Mark will be lucky if he doesn’t get killed playing for the ‘Aints like Reggie Bush did since the last time anybody on the ‘Aints team actually blocked for a RB Lyndon Baines Johnson was Prsident! Nobody has sacked McCarron since North Texas and you won’t be doing it either. What you better do, Coonass, is get you some life insurance for Mr. Pick Six and some leg splints for the criminal Jefferson if he tries to run with the ball. Beatdown in T-Town 31-6! RTR!

    • 29
      The Flash

      “Oh, you swamp gas sucking, Nutria eating Coonass sack of shyt” – Crimsonite, Spoken like a real intelligent man who says he own’s three successful businesses. With language like that, must be in the porn industry.

      NO way you have three successful business, you are full of crap (guess that’s why it keeps spewing from your mouth) LMAO.

  10. 30

    I stand by my belief that we softened up Florida REAL GOOD for LSWho — it was evident in the game play. They looked gassed (Florida) in the 1st quarter.

    I do give credit to LSWho’s defense — but Alabama has THE BEST and NASTIEST defense on Earth right now — and that’s not being a homer — it’s a FACT!

    • 31
      The Flash

      That’s right Brain Damage, Inc,
      There’s no way LSU win’s that game without them being “softend up” by ya’ll. Thank You! I really don’t know how we managed to win any of our other games without ya’ll playing them first. I guess we just got lucky. But thanks again. Maybe I can talk to Miles and get him to send you flowers, candy and a thank you note from the team.

      No wonder most of you Alabama fans are so fat, ya’ll are so full of yourselves.

      Have a great day.

      • 32
        DAMAGE INC.

        I sure will have a good day — BTW, I would love for Les than Mild to send me some candy and a thank you note that says: Thanks for playing a great game, but you guys are a worthy opponent! Tell him that when you get the chance you chode. BTW — spew your excrement laden voice on your Bengal tigah bait site.

        Have a great day.

        • 33
          The Flash

          Why you can’t handle someone challenging your biased comments on this site? We don’t mind when Alabama or other fans come to our site. We don’t tell them to go back to there site, in fact we like the give and take. But hey if you can’t take it I guess we’ll leave you alone……..NOT! LMAO!

  11. 34
    Arrow J

    Flash. Really clown boy. Who is wearing the coward yellow Baby poop glasses Bozo. As a Wisconsin fan Alabama by far has the most Physical Defense. Only an idiot would say different. We the fans can see Florida was without both 1 and 2 QB’s. The Gators went with their 3rd string QB. Get a clue and stop with the insults Scooter.

  12. 35
    Arrow J

    If Brantley does not get hurt LSwho would have had to play better than they did. Alabama did you clowns at lswho a favor. You should be kissing BAMA’s butt right now.

    • 36
      Arrow J

      ESPN just released a Poll showing Alabama more Physical 68 % Alabama to 32 %. LSwho. As stated the fans know.

      • 37
        The Flash

        Well I guess you win the most physical award, congratulations. While you were at the ESPN site did you also see that they have an ESPN.com Power Ranking and an ESPNU Fans Power Ranking and both of those polls show that the voters and fans think that LSU is a better overall team that Alabama? Just stating a fact like you did, not claiming it’s my opinion.

  13. 38

    They could have had the 1997 danny wuerfel in there yesterday and it still wouldnt have mattered. Your defense is okay. I admit i use to be mad that saban went to Bama. But it doesnt matter now because we will own him on nov 4th. Just as we did last year and in 2007. Also your national championship in 09 should have an * next to it because of the way you paid the refs on that pat peterson interception. Also dont be mad at us that we are able to afford and support an NFL team. You broke chumps.

    • 39

      You may own Saban on the 4th, but on the 5th, Bama is gonna smoke that ass. Bamas defense is better than LSUs, no doubt about it. But glad you could make it over here and talk your sh!t to help you deal with your fear. I swear all of you LSU dickheads are just alike. I can’t tell you apart.

      • 40
        The Flash

        There you go calling him a dickhead now and he hasn’t called you anything! What’s your obsession with dickheads? Or is anybody that doesn’t agree with you a dickhead because that’s how insecure you are?

        • 41

          Nope. Just you guys. Read what he wrote. He deserved it. Just like you. The fact that it bothers you so much is more of a cure for concern, though. But we all know all LSU fans are dickheads. That is just the way it has always been, even when your football teams sucks. But again, YOU GUYS ARE COMING TO A BAMA SITE TO TALK SMACK, and you get your feelings hurt to easily. Puss.

          • 42
            The Flash

            Like I said before BamaBimbo,
            My feelings are not hurt at all, I am haveing fun. Your childlike retorts of calling people names when you can’t think of anything intelligent to say are humorous. Do you really think that is going to hurt someones feelings? Are you a little girl? Seriously? Are you?

  14. 43

    Also didnt we lose to Auburn last year on the road. We didnt have a 20 point lead at home going into halftime and completely choke.

  15. 44

    Glad somebody else noticed that the LSWho colors are purple and definitely yellow. Thanks Wisconsin, ya’ll certainly know about physical. And Flash, dude, it’s always the clueless chickenshyts without a valid response who are the first to cry foul and whine with the stoneage excuse that a person who has to cuss is too ignorant to think of anything else to say. Obviously you haven’t noticed that you are communicating on an enemy football site and not a symposium on brain transplants. The simple fact of the matter is that nothing cuts to the subject and pisses your opponent off worse than a well chosen barrage of dicey profanities about his race, culture, creed or favorite football team. I just love it. Now if you want to get your Coonass into a discussion with me about the origins of the universe, astrophysics, medicine, politics, religion, world history or even the Labido of Latino women vs Anglo women, why then I’ll be more than happy to curb my tongue and show you why I have a Mensas certified IQ of 174.

  16. 45

    And Flash, nobody said you only beat them because we softened them up for you. We said that we softened them up and crippled them for you and you still couldn’t beat them any worse at your place than we beat them healthy at their place. And if your dumbazz coach had taken a knee up 34-11 with one minute left then you wouldn’t have beaten them as bad as we did. Even you have to admit that last td was not neccesary and truly classless. Saban always takes a knee in that situation, except against Awbie. It’s interesting to me that there’s never any Sunday posts on this site until after noon time. Tells me there’s a lot of hypocrits going to church and then coming on a football blog and cussing out people they don’t even know. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  17. 46

    And to the other clueless Corndog – yeah you’re right, you will, at least in your own minds, still own us on Nov. 4th. But then on Nov. 5th. we’re going rip that fantasy right out of your mind and drown that purple kitty kat azz in a poisionous sea of deadly Crimson Tide. Bwaa haww haww. Oh and by the way we aren’t the only ones who thought that us beating up on hapless Vandy was better than you stomping crippled Florida. You lost votes and we gained votes in the rankings. But by all means stay ahead of us for three more weeks. RTR!

  18. 48

    I think it pretty clear – especially after the first half last night – we better focus on who we are playing before the 5th. We were flat and unfocused at half time. The fly on the wall surely fell off after that cussing by Coach.

    • 49

      I agree. They played flat, but this team seems to respond well when they take a punch. They seem to be a vastly improved second half team this year, although most of the damage by opponents has been done in the first quarter. It seems like if you don’t score on them in the first quarter, your chances get slimmer as the game goes on. Ole Miss will throw everything at them, with a hot seat coach, they are going to come at Bama with their best game, I am sure. Maybe the slow start at Vandy won’t repeat this week, and Bama comes out swinging.

      But seriously, do you think anyone is going to score more than 14 points on Bama this season? I know it could happen, and I think LSU has the best shot at that, only if they can score early. If Bama’s offense can score 24 points on LSU, I think Bama wins.

  19. 50
    The Flash Likes Boys

    U bammers better shut ur fucking mouths cause this coonass will shove corndogs up ur asses as soon as I eat my gumbo and get off dis oil rig here

  20. 51

    Bwahahaha,reading these comments by the LS boo faithful is funny stuff. THX guys fir the sweet comments. Typical LSU fashion still crying about refs cheating blah blah. Your whole state is a phucking excuse.Katrina,Alabama,Cam Newton, Obama. Get over it and move on. At least you guys have that cool Swamp people show. Go ahead and start making excuses for when that shot gets cancelled. Bitches.

    • 52
      The Flash

      You would think sombody who’s state recently got destroyed by tornedos would have a little more class than to call Katrina a “phucking excuse”. But once again a no class comment by a no class bama fan.

  21. 54

    Wow you gumps get classier by the minute. Have to bring up a natural disaster to talk a little trash in a football forum. Hey i better stop talking a little friendly smack before you come to my house and poison my trees. Lmao

    • 55

      I guess when Bama beats that ass, you guys are gonna blame it on the government too and expect a check huh? Your welcome, Mr. Class.

      • 56
        The Flash

        And I guess if LSU beats that ass, you guys are going to have another concert and expect a check huh? Wellfare is wellfare whether it goes from my pocket to the government then to your pocket or wheather it goes from my pocket to some concert promoter to your pocket! So don’t be so pious!

  22. 57

    It’s just a tree DUMB ASS, at least none of our players have tried to murder someone over nothing, I.e Jordan Jefferson, Eric Smith. No, if I was to go to your house, I’d beat your hypocritical ass into submission

    • 58
      The Flash

      Correction RC,
      Didn’t ya’ll have a player arrested and released for the team just a couple of years ago for pulling a gun and robbing someone at gunpoint? A lineman I think, but I’ll look it up for you and get back to you because I’m sure you will have amnesia and not remember. Or how about the bama player busted for selling cocain in the bama parking lot? Who is he hypocridtical ass now?

        • 60
          The Flash

          RC’s comments didn’t say anything about being reinstated so there was no comparison to make with regards to that Brando. Again if you are going to respond to everyone of my post to other’s commetns at least pay attention and make your comments relevant to the issue being debated. The difference between Jefferson and the Alabama players and the reason lthe Alabama players weren’t reinstated is that they were Guilty of felonies,
          Jefferson has only been charged with a misdemeanor, and has not been found guilty of that.
          So he was being hypocritical, especially since he failed to mention Courtney’s Upshaw’s arrest for domestic violence, a misdemeanor somewhat equivalent to Jefferson’s charge except Courtney was beating up a woman instead of another man. Now don’t you think that is hypocritical for RC bring up Jefferson’s incident but ignore Upshaw’s? And don’t try and bring a weak ass argument that Upshaw’s arrest wasn’t this year, because RC didn’t say anything about this year he said “at least none of our players…” and correct me if I am wrong wasn’t Upshsaw one or ya’ll players? And to be fair RC could have brought up Mark Barron’s arrest also, but he didn’t did he?

          Now Brando since you brought up reinstatement, correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t Upshaw and Barron both reinstated to the team after their arrest? Who is the hypocrite now?

          I hope your team plays better than you do. LMAO

  23. 61
    Billy Jeaux Hebert LaRue

    I been down dem swamps a dam good while. And I gots to tell ya all. Dem Tigahs be lookin mighty fine dis ye ah. I be thinkin that Less Smiley guy done whent out and got him some real hosses, I gay ron tee! LSU 14 Bamabob 6. Corn dog Venders ? Rich as hell buddy row.

  24. 62
    The Flash Likes Boys

    U just pissin brando bammer that u can’t shove corndogs up ur ass likes wes can do heya on da bayou wooo doggie

  25. 63

    Tm7, did les miles make the schedule you are looking at for the game? I can see it now miles and the corndogs show up at BDS on Nov 4 with their game face on ready to go. hahahahaha. Thats why nobody here cares about what you say, you have no idea about what you’re talking about. And the corndog you have hanging is probably more like a corn nugget.

  26. 64
    The Flash

    Written today by an unbiased ESPN College Football writer,Chris Low, not by an LSU fan:

    Best coach: LSU’s Les Miles

    Alabama’s Nick Saban, Auburn’s Gene Chizik and Vanderbilt’s James Franklin were also considerations here. But everything Miles has navigated this LSU team through gives him the nod. There was the bar brawl back in August. He lost quarterback Jordan Jefferson for four games, receiver Russell Shepard for three games and one of his best offensive linemen, Josh Dworaczyk, for the season. Steve Kragthorpe also had to hand over the offensive coordinator duties to Greg Studrawra after announcing in August that he had Parkinson’s disease. Through it all, the Tigers haven’t lost a step and have four wins over Top 25 teams, three of those away from home. The Mad Hatter catches a lot of grief, but the results speak for themselves.

  27. 65

    WOw, the Flash is bringing up the Shula arrests to support the defense of Miles letting that sorry no good thug son of a bitch racist QB back on the team. Tell us more about our Shula boys you Cajun white trash cumrag

    • 66
      The Flash

      Nice try RC but Jeremy Elder, arrested for armed robbery, was one of Saban’s first recruits and didn’t have anything to do with Shula. How about Courtney Upshaw, arrested for beating up a woman. He was a Saban recruit also. How about Mark Bararon, arrested for lying to police officers and trying to coverup a hit and run by his cousin. He was a Saban recruit also. I could be wrong but I think the count now is 22 Alabama players arrested since Saban has became your coach. You would think you guys would know your team better than you do.

      You call me a “white trash cumrag” yet want to lable Jefferson, who had never had any kind of run in with the law prior to this incident, a “sorry no good thug son of a bitch racist QB”! i think you just revealed your true colors and what kind of person you are.

      Where you at BamaBrando? You not going to defend RC’s statements this time? You have everyother time?

      • 67
        The Flash

        Now you accused me of supporting Miles, by bringing up a Shula arrest, when it was a Saban recruit. Isn’t it you covering up for Saban by trying to blame Shula for the actions of one of Saban’s recruits, and not even mentioning the arrest of some of Saban’s other recruits. Who’s been shown to be the real cumrag here. LMAO

        Have a great day!

      • 68

        I don’t think a Saban recruit has been arrested for felony assault or attempted murder. But at least I am not like you. Mr. Dickhead.

        • 69
          The Flash

          BamaBimbo you must be one of the dumbest of all the bammers. I wasn’t the one on here claiming anybody has been arrested of felony assult or attempted murder. That was your fellow bammer who you must be like you, because you like to defend his comments so often. It was he who posted:

          RC October 9, 2011 at 11:31 pm # It’s just a tree DUMB ASS, at least none of our players have tried to murder someone over nothing, I.e Jordan Jefferson, Eric Smith. No, if I was to go to your house, I’d beat your hypocritical ass into submission

          I don’t know eiter if a Saban recruit has been arrested of felony assualt or attempted murder, but Saban’s recruits have been arrested for Armed Robbery, Assult on a woman (you would think as a woman yourself you wouldn’t defend or try to cover that up), for selling cocain in an Alabama parking lot, and lieing to police to cover up a crime! You are right you are not like me, you are more like RC, and the rest of the dumb bammers who live in glass houses but want to start a rock war. Thank goodness I am not like you!

          Have a great day! 🙂

  28. 70

    But you know what Flash? I am not a troll, I could care less about trolling LSU blogs, and you show how big of a dickhead you are by showing up here running your mouth because you are an insecure little punk. You are no better than RC, Crimsonite or any one else here, although you have placed yourself up on that pedestal. But YOU are the one that is over HERE, calling people dumb. What kind of responses are you looking to get over here? Are you that dumb? You sure are a sensitive little prick. How about this: Why don’t you just stay off of our board, go back to Corndog land where y’all can all believe each others fantasies, and we won’t piss you off so much.

    • 71
      The Flash

      You know what Bimbo, you’re a big fat liar. You say you could care less, but in reality you couldn’t care more. If not you wouldn’t bother to resopond to EVERY single posting that I make, whether it’s in response to something stupid you posted or if I’m posting in response to something somebody else posted. So now you have proven yourself to not only being stupid but to being a liar also! You have no credibility! You call us trolls because you don’t won’t any outside views to come into your inbred thinking. You think if just Alabama fans sit around and post how perfect they and there teams are, that will make it so. But it’s not! And I have not run my mouth any more than you have, all of my post except two have been have been in direct reponse to something non factual and/or arrogant/boastful posted by a bammer fan that could not be backed up. And the otrher two were basically to post comments from others that expressed a view which discredited some bammer’s view prviously posted.

      And to answer your question I was looking to get intelligent responses from over here when presented with factual information, which I did from you on a couple of occasions, but you can’t help slipping back into that bammer mode. I guess I over estimated the Alabama fan base, or to be fare maybe only the most biased and vile bama fans post at this site. Maybe thats why its allways the same handful of people that post here, unlike our site, if you care to visit (and I invite you even though you say you don care we know better, and you won’t be considered a troll, we welcome visiting fans and there banter, we’re not scared). We have thousands of posters on there, not just the same five idiots. To be sure we have our small handfull of idiots too, its just that they are a smaller percentage of the people that post when compared to this site.

      Based on your comments in this post Brando, it appears you are the one that is a sensitive little puss. You’re the one calling me a troll and whining that I am over here and asking me to stay off your baoad. And again you don’t piss me off, I actually enjoy almost hearing your crimson blood rise to your face everytime you or one of your bammer friends get corrected by me, which causes you to respond to me even though you say you could care less.

      Have a great day! I am! 😉

    • 72
      The Flash

      P.S. Brando,
      I notice your response had nothing to do with the subject facts of my post regarding the arresst of Saban’s recruits which RC tried to ignore while making his vile and unfounded comment about Jefferson. Is that because you know you and RC were wrong and you don’t have any intelligent response?

      • 73

        No one on Bamas team has been arrested this year. Sorry you are confused about whose team has the thug QB. It is almost tradition now for you guys, isn’t it? Perrilloux or whatever was just a trend setter. Keep trolling, you won’t be back in a few weeks. But hey, I will tell you this: If LSU wins against Bama, I will have no problem admitting that LSU has the better team this year, and if they make it to a NC game, I will have no problem rooting for them. You don’t have the sack to do that, because your hate for Saban makes you a dickhead.

        You have a good night!

        • 74
          The Flash

          THIS YEAR! Wow I like how you bammers qualify things when you can’t defend your positions! Next thing you know you will come back and brag LSU hasn’t beat Alabama THIS YEAR!

          And you’re wrong anyway Mark Barron was arrested this year! Now if you want to qualify your “this year” as before football season started, well then neither has LSU, as Jefferson was arrested before the season started.

          Brando is Mark Barron a thug?

          A tradition for us? Isn’t it a fact that 22 Alabama players have been arrested since Saban was named the coach at Alabama? FACT or NOT? And I think that 22 number was before Barron’s arrest. Who has the bigger “Tradition” Brando.

          I’ve told you before people who live in glass houses should not start a rock war.

          • 75
            The Flash

            And I have said in a previous post that I think Alabama is a good team and is good enough to beat LSU. Unlike you I didn’t say “if Alabama beats LSU” I will then admit that.

            I also said LSU is good team also and is good enough to beat Alabama, and then asked you if you would admit that, yet you conviently ignored that post and question even though you take the time to reply to every one of my other post.

            Well Brando, I ask you again, do you think LSU is good enough to beat Alabama?

            And you are wrong again, I don’t hate Saban, I just like Miles better. He doesn’t go balistic on his own players. Miles has never had to yell on National television at one of his players to “Calm the Fuck Down”. He also has never had to run onto the field during a national televised game and jerk one of his players by the collara off the field. And that’s on this year throug six game.

          • 76

            If you would read, I have already answered you. I repeat:

            “LSU is good enough to beat Bama. They will have to play their best game of the year so far to do so”

            I have no problem with that. I think Bama will have to play their best game also to win. I think they will do that. I think Bama will win convincingly. I do not think Les Miles is a better coach than Saban. You bitch and whine about how Saban coaches his team, yet your coach, every season, has had way more than his share of just plain weirdness and has been fortunate some of the crazy calls he has made didn’t backfire on him. How hard is this for you to grasp? I think you are here just looking to argue with someone. Like a little bitch. I am not going to keep repeating myself to you. Read it the first time, so you don’t keep making a fool of yourself, beaucoup crasseux dickhead.

          • 77
            The Flash

            And how hard is it for you to grasp, that when over and over, for six and a half years now, that maybe it isn’t just fortunate or luck that those “weird calls” work. Maybe just maybe its not luck at all, when you study your opponents and weaknesses and you practice over and over again how to take advantage of those weaknesses, so that when you execute plays that the uninformed think is weird, you succeed with ease. It’s been six and a half years people like you have been saying he’s lucky or fortunate. Nobody is “lucky” that long. A wiser man than me or you once said ‘Luck” is when prepardness meets oppertunity. How many years of Les being successful will it take for you to realize, maybe it’s not luck? 7,8,9,10?

  29. 78

    Sorry that I got a date wrong of a football game. I’m so sorry. I am a horrible fan and will go nowhere in life because I missed a date by one day. I actually have a real job and went to LSU unlike some of you losers who never even went to BAMA. I don’t need government relief unlike you inbred gumps. They talk about LSU fans being classless but the whole country seen last year what kind of fans you guys have. Its funny whenever we go tailgaiting in Tuscaloosa all you Gumps gather around LSU tailgaters to get some real food and see how tailgaiting is supposed to be done. You got our coach and you want to be us. Yall try to be saints fans. But you could never be a part of Louisiana. Nobody wants nothing to do with your boring state.

  30. 79

    Hell no I don’t go to church. That has to be one of the most rediculous places to waste time on the face of the earth. You stupid hipocrites all get together and pat each other on the back and act like you’re so good and God fearing and when you sit down on the bench the guy on your left is molesting his 12 year old niece, the happily married woman on your right is phucking her next door neighbors husband, the one behind you is embezeling from his company and the youth in front of you just did a drive by shooting and you all sit there and sing praises to an ancient superstition who if he ever did exist was or is not who you think he is and he doesn’t give a shit about any of you except in his own peculiar and twisted way. Church? Hell no, not me! I’m much too intelligent to be influenced by 6000 year old superstitions passed on by illiterate’s doing chicken scratchings on papyrus. Any more questions?

    • 80
      The Flash

      Sounds like a family reunion in the redneck hills of Alabama. Not suprising you know so much about it Crimsonite.

  31. 81

    Alabama is just lame boring football. Ask anyone in the country and they would much rather watch the purple and gold. Saban rathers LSU also he just chose Bama because it was the only school closest to the Tigers.

  32. 82


    Elder was in Saban’s first class that Shula actually recruited. Upshaw’s whore dropped the charges and her daddy even called her a tramp, Barron’s arrest was a misdemeanor, and Jefferson almost killed another man while calling him racist names. THAT’S BALANCE. Oh, BTW, no white trash piece of shit from that nasty ass Baton Rouge can talk any shit about someone from Alabama. Your mom probably has to remove her dentures before she blows the whole oil rig crew. We can meet up at the game on November 5 you cumrag. Just name the place. I won’t fuck your mom’s nasty snatch though

    Have a great day!

    • 83
      The Flash

      Your comments are typical of bammer fans. Who was the coach when Elder signed Shula or Saban? You don’t think Saban researched everyone Shula was recruiting?And if Saban didn’t want to sign him he wouldn’t have. Remember he is the most power man in college sports.

      Because the charges were dropped or the daddy disrespected his own daughter, does not mean he didn’t do it?

      If Jefferson’s charges get dropped also, are you going to be apologetic for him and defend him also?

      And there was never any claim or evidence, nor was it even said, except by you trying to flame, that the guy was almost killed. And the report is that the guy that got beat up was the one yelling racist names you idiot not the other way around!

      As as to the rest of you comments in this post, well they make you sound like the thug. But you’re probably proud of that!

  33. 84

    No douchbag. The witnesses said they saw Jefferson and he was the one who kicked multiple times the man who was on the ground, in the head, neck and back and gave that man serious injuries to his spine. God only knows how much the DA was paid to lower charges to a phucking misdemeanor. No one from Alabama who you named has done anything like that. Hell, Johns was only selling the same dame thing you and all your friends use. So phucking what? Regardless of charges, there is no doubt what the azzhole Jefferson did and he was even out against team rules when he did it.To reinstate him with the gaddamn excuse that it was only a misdemeanor is a crime in itself. Glad you’re so proud of it. RTR!

    • 85
      The Flash

      No douchbag. There were even more witneses who said Jefferson was not involved in the fight, including two employees of the bar who said they saw Jefferson standing by the door of the bar while the fight was going on in the parking lot. Jefferson was involved in the bar by coming to the assistence of one of his teamates inside the bar who was being harrased by one of the assholes who later got beat up outside the bar, because the teamate was talking to the asshole’s exgirlfriend, who because of the harrassment in the bar and before had a restraining order put on his ass.

      All of the assholes who got beat up told the police they were ok, then all four of them went to the emergency room and were released the same night. You actually think anybody nearly beat to death or with “serious injuries to his spine” would have been released by the hospital the same night? You obviously read only the parts of the story you wanted to read.

      And if Jefferson or any of the other players defended themselves in a fight started by someone else and proceced to kick their ass, then maybe the jerks who started the fight by mouthing off, like you do a lot, learned a lesson.

      The difference in that and what Upshaw did was he beat up a woman. You are probably so little of a man both morally and physically you probably don’t see that difference.

      You don’t know me or my friends. What I use is your ignorance repeatedly posted on here to show how stupid you are. Maybe you and your friends are coke heads which explains your “intelligent” remark “So phucking what?”

      The question is why are you so worried how, why or when Jefferson was reinstated? You worried or scared? If not why do you give a shit? And don’t say you don’t because this is your second post about it.

  34. 86

    No Coonass you are the royal dumbazz. Upshaw grabbed the girl by the hair and twisted her around to control her. She started the incident by phucking around on him and then attacking him like a little alleycat when he was trying to get to the bottom the shyt. Yeah, must have been a real bad incident for her father to take sides with him. The phucking police have no business sticking their fascist noses in about 80% of domestic violence cases. My dumbazz shrew of an xwife tried to stab me with a butcher knife and I spun her around, grabbed her from behind and pinned her arms to her sides just as the gaddamn police came through the door. Thought the stupid bastards were gonna shoot me. Probably would have if there hadn’t been half a dozen witness standing there to back me up, Don’t know what Crack House you got your story from but it is a medical fact the guy was on the ground and Jefferson was chickenshyt kicking him in the head. Every newpaper in the gaddamn country reported that the hospital said he had neck injuries. Regardless of how bad they were, Jefferson was out against curfew, at a phucking alcohol serving bar and what kind of POS 230 lb football player kicks a man in the head when he’s on the ground anyway? Oh yeah, besides Awbies in front of 20,000,000 National Championship game viewers! Go away fool. You bring nothing to the table but bullshyt. RTR!

  35. 87

    It makes a difference to me because there are standards to which an athlete must be held to represent his university. Just as Bocephus is held to a standard representing his employer ESPN. I guess the drunken phucking Coonasses at LSWho have a pretty low standard. As for you cum bucket, i don’t need to know your dumbass other than the shyt you bring to our table. Kind of makes a guy wish we were a fascist site which controls freedom of speech and blacklists pieces of shit like you. Still wearing those cute white plastic boots? RTR!

  36. 88

    One more thing you retarded POS, Lying to the police to say his cousin isn’t in the house doesn’t make Mark a thug. You stupid phucking Crackhead! RTR!

  37. 89

    Of course later on there would be “other” witness who for pay or threatening to boycott the business or making it off limits to athletes or just plain purple glasses loyalty to the football program would give a different story. Thanks but I’ll go with what was testified to at the actual time of the incident. If the bastard was innocent and only standing in the door when the police arrived he wouldn’t even have been arrested much less later received even a misdemeanor charge. As for worried, I don’t give a shyt which one of your QB’s plays. We’ll turn Lee back into “Mr. Pick Six” or make a wish with Jefferson if he tries to run. RTR!

  38. 90

    told ya lsu d just ok – miss st up and down field – wv over 500 yd s …fla over 100 yds and refused pass – ran it down lsu’s throat for 7…bama way ahead in all major d categories….lsu outgained by oregon and west va

  39. 91

    rainey blew by mattieu for a big gain and 7 did not seem to care …i guess a tackle wasn’t what honey wanted ….and is honey 3rd string cb or safety???

  40. 92

    another heads up – landry jones way overrated …aj way better….do not drink any kool aid watch the games ….jones cannot hit a player in stride to save his life – throw to a spot and under routes….a gino toretta waiting to happen….lee and jefferson still horrible – what made lee horrible from get go is lee hates contact and getting hit – he hurries throws off backl foot and gets picked 6 or 37% completion rate vs ky (wr’s dropped a few)

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