Florida Player: Alabama defense ‘more physical’ and ‘tougher’ than LSU

Who has the better defense? Is it the Alabama Crimson Tide defense that earned a cover of Sports Illustrated? Is it the LSU defense that continues to beat ranked opponents? This is the question that will occupy sports reporters, columnists and television analysts until the November showdown between Alabama and LSU. However, one sports reporter asked someone who should know—a Florida Gator—to compare the two defenses.

According to Rachel George of the Orlando Sentinel, Trey Burton said Alabama’s defense is better than LSU. George reported Burton’s comments via Twitter, “Alabama’s hands down a lot better. A lot more physical, just tougher guys.” (Source).

And in a second tweet, “If I had to pick one to not go against, it’d definitely be Alabama.” (Source).

So, what do you think?

Does Trey Burton know what he is talking about? Is Alabama’s defense better than LSU?