Alabama gets another Sports Illustrated cover after big win over Florida

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Florida and earned another coveted spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated. In the cover story, Lars Anderson examines if the 2011 Alabama defense is the best ever. On the cover of the magazine is Alabama defensive lineman Josh Chapman.

This is the 12th time that Alabama has made the cover of Sports Illustrated since Nick Saban’s arrival in 2007.

The last time Alabama made the Sports Illustrated cover was with Trent Richardson on this year’s college football preview edition. At that time, Alabama released this summary of recent important SI covers:

“Some of the more memorable Alabama SI covers during the Saban era include Glen Coffee’s cover after the 2008 Clemson game, Mark Ingram’s “Pride of the Tide” cover on his Heisman candidacy, the cover story on Alabama’s win over Florida in the 2009 SEC Championship featuring Colin Peek and Ingram’s second appearance on the cover after the 2009 BCS National Championship victory over Texas in the Rose Bowl.”

Alabama on the cover of Sports Illustrated
Alabama on the cover of Sports Illustrated (courtesy of Sports Illustrated via SEC Digital Network)


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  1. 4

    Everybody acknowleges Bama’s accomplishment Saturday except the phucking voters. How in the hell do you mutilate an undefeated Florida in the swamp and ranked #12 and both lose ground in one poll and get left behind in the other by a gaddamn team who couldn’t even beat a beat up Kentucky as bad as Florida did. Just by silly comparative scores we are 43 points better than LSWho. And those stupid Corndogs gave up nearly 1000 yards in 2 games, which is about all we have given up in 5 including Penn St, Arkansas and Florida. Pathetic. I swear to God the voters must all be using hallucinogens. I don’t even want to be predjudice. Being predjudice only makes you stupid. The phucking truth is that Bama is much better than LSWho and everybody but the voters knows it. At least the computers and the Legends got it right. Wonder who Saban voted #1? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 5
      The Flash

      Its an easy answer Crimsonite, its because the voters in the polls more knowledgeable about college football than an ignorant, inbred, predjudiced and stupid (your words not mine), redneck like you! They don’t all look through crimson glasses. Since 47 of the AP voters voted either LSU or Oklahoma No. 1 and only 12 voted Alabama No. one (no small margin of difference) maybe they are seeing things your idiot biased ass isn’t. Rather than calling them names using your obviously limited vocabulary (even if you try to discise it with your cute spellings), why don’t you try open your eyes and mind and try and see what it is they are seeing that your are not because you are so biased.

      What would you do, besides shit your pants, if you found out that Saban had in fact voted LSU or Oklahoma ahead of his Alabama team (if he even has a vote)?

      • 6

        Nick Saban does have a vote in the coaches poll. I’d be interested in seeing his votes. Well, all votes. They should make each weekly poll vote public. At present, they only make the last one public.

        • 7
          The Flash

          I agree I think they should make each weekly pool vote public. Its nice to know Saban has a vote but I could care less who he votes for, but knowing how coaches are and especially Saban, I wouldn’t be suprised if he didn’t vote his team no. 1. You know as well as I do if it ever got out that he didn’t, fans like Crimsonite would probably shoot them selves or at the least go poison some trees.

      • 8
        The Flash

        As further evidence of your crimson bias, ESPN is currently running a poll on who you think should be the number 1 team in college football. So for 100,077 people have voted, and if you take out the votes from Louisiana for LSU and take out the votes from the state of Alabama for the University of Alabama, LSU has recieved 48% of the remaing votes across America as the number 1 team in the nation, whereas Alabama has only received 19.6% of the votes. That’s more than 2 to 1 Crimsonite!

        Another interesting fact is that only 67% of the voters in Alabama thought think Alabama is the no. 1 team in the nation and 27% of the voters in Alabama think LSU is no. 1. Probably them damn Auburn fans right Crimsonite, because no way people from Alabama could be normal like the rest of the voters across all the rest of America.

        • 9

          Hang on to that number one ranking and keep it warm for Bama. I hope LSU stays number 1 so Bama can have the satisfaction of not only beating LSU, but taking their ranking too.

      • 10

        November 5th Alabama will be number #1 and the voters did get it wrong. The officials in the Alabama vs Florida game cost Alabama a 31-10 lead at the half. They should be fired for being incompetent. As for you attacking someone who wears Crimson Colored Glasses please do us all a favor and shut up. Alabama is the best team in the country and will whip Lswho on November 5. SHUT IT Scooter.

        • 11
          The Flash

          on November 5th Alabama may indeed be the number 1, but people like you and Crimsonite expect the voters to vote as if that game has already been played and just ASSUME that Alabama has already won the game. That is stupidity and not reality, they vote on what they have seen up to this point in the season, and to this point they clearly think LSU is the best team in the nation. Can that change after November 5th, yes, but asking them to all be blind Alabama fans is just stupid. Maybe we should just cancel the rest of the season and go ahead and give Alabama the BCS Trophy! That’s how crazy you Alabama fans sound! You probably wanted to do that last year at this exact same point in the season, but we all know how that turned out don’t we. You would think you guys would learn. But hey stupid is what stupid is.

  2. 12
    The Flash likes Boys

    I an LSU coonass we gonna best ur defense and shit all over u school. Our grass eating coach gonna kill u bammers yeehaw want a corndog in ur asses, mmmhmmm

    • 13
      The Flash

      LOL! Is that you Crimsonite?

      Unlike you and most delusional bamer fans I’ve never maid any claims about what my school will or won’t do. You see I don’t have diarrhea of the mouth like most bamer fans, I let my football team do their talking on the field and let the voters and professional sports writers pen their opinions. I merely like to get on here and fact check the delusional bamer fans that make all there wild ass, unsupported biased claimes without using all the middle school curse words like you and most bamer fans due to there limited or nonexistent education.

      And if you think calling me a coonass or a corndog (I’ve already debunked that ignorant nickname in comments to you Crimsonite in a previous article, for which you had no intelligent answer) bothers me, you are clearly wrong.

  3. 14
    The Flash likes Boys

    Those bammers gonna get some corndogs shoved up their asses yassir and will no what’s like to b an LSU fan

  4. 16
    The Flash likes Boys

    When I grtsta off this oil rig in Rouge tonight i’m gonna go home and boil mez a pot of gumbo and beforse I head out cum sunrise gonna go down to Prejean’s and eats some fried egg gumbo fa breakfast. Fo lunch gonna have some shush kabob gumbo while I listen to my coach try to master the anglish languuage at his presser

  5. 17

    Tell you what BOY, I’ve been involved with, watching, and studying football for 50 phucking years, which is 10 times longer than most of the babyassed coaches in the coaches poll and equally or more than the lame assed weanling so called sports writers. I’ve forgotten more about football than than 90% of those dumbazzes will ever know. There’s about 60 coaches who vote and only about 20 truly successful programs, so there are a shyt load of dumbazz coaches out there who I could out coach. So shove that coaches and sportswriters shyt up your coonass. And a majority of idiots around the country who voted in your ESPN poll are simply that and are IDIOTS who hate Alabama simply because Alabama is the new Notre Dame and the growing Dynasty. Jealous fans everywhere hate us, Which is good. Only the most successful are universally hated. I don’t phucking see your damn Corndogs on the cover of SI this week do you dumbazz? Didn’t even see them there after you lucked up and fell to victory over Oregon either. Of the three ranked teams that each of us has played, only Oregon would be considered better than Penn St. But only offensively, not defensively. Arkansas and Florida are hell and gone better than Miss St and phucking West Virginia. And yet we mutilated Arkansas and Florida as bad as you beat your 2 Sisters of Mercy teams Northwestern St and Kentucky. I’ll tell how much I know about football azzhole. The line on Bama-Florida was 3.5 to 4 and I told the whole damn world we would win 35-10 and damn well meant it. I’m telling you now that Bama will kick the corndogs azz. Our offense is better and our defense is way better. Not one Saban team since ’08 has given up even close to 500 yards of offense and this is the best one of all. Picking a score in a game with a true freshman QB starting his first game against the #1 team in Death Valley is difficult and it could be a blowout. But my gut feeling tells me that LSWho is not good enough on offense to beat a critically wounded Florida as bad as Bama did. However, God may have mercy on your retarded coach. You want to quote all these young dumbazzes who voted for LSWho #1? Well dipshyt I’ll go with the Legends who have been at the top of college football for 50 years and who are some of the most respected coaches and athletes ever; who have Heisman winners on the staff, and who have had Bama #1 for two weeks now. So stick it. Also all the computers but 1 has Bama #1 and the other has us #2. LSWho isn’t #1 in any of them and in fact is as low as #7 in one. Computers aren’t prejudicial or stupid.. If these people are so damn sure LSWho is better than Bama I’d like to see every one of them have to put their next 10 years income on the winner and we would find out real damn quick how full of shyt they are when stupidity comes to eating or losing your house. You see azzhole Bama is #1 in Vegas and those people don’t phuck around with prejudice and stupidity. How about you fool. Want to put $5000 on the game straight up? Cause I’ll spot you 10. I’d really spot more, but then again I’m not stupid. LSWho is the only team left between Bama and New Orleans. In other words you are dead men walking!!!!!!!!! RTR!

    • 18
      The Flash

      Excuse me Crimsonite,
      I didn’t know you were smart enough to make millions of dollars coaching like Saban, Miles, Stoops, Paterno, Brown, Fisher, and others. Based on your language and comments you would think you were just an ignorant redneck from Alabama. You must have already made your millions and are retired and independently wealthy with nothing better to do but come on here and pretend to be just another ignorant Alabamer football fan with your stupid comments. Your doing a good job by the way!

      Stupid comments like people who don’t vote for Alabama “are IDIOTS who hate Alabama simply because Alabama is the new Notre Dame and the growing Dynasty”. New flash oh brilliant Crimsonite, Dynasty’s don’t go 9-3 and finish fourth in their division (not there conference, their division) like Alabamer did last year. And dynasty’s don’t go 3-7 against their in state rival (I think bamers refer to them as their little brother) over the past 10 years, including just 2-2 since Saban has been there. But hey Alabamer is on the cover of SI so it must be a dynasty, right? Crimsonite are you smarter than Saban? No really are you? Because I’m sure with all your knowledge, forgotten or not, you would not have lost that game last year, right?

      Or another ignorant comment like LSU “lucked up and fell to victory over Oregon”, who they beat 40-27 and who was the number 4 ranked team in the nation at the time and is still the number 9 ranked now despite the loss. But then again I guess all the voters are biased towards Oregon as much as they are against Alabama right?

      At this same point in season last year you were saying the same exact things, right? If your honest you’ll admit it, but you wont because you have Harvey Updyke syndrome. You say “Our offense is better and our defense is way better”, well news flash…. your offense and your defense was way better than South Carolina’s and LSU’s last year but you still lost those game didn’t you? Go ahead start with the excuses oh knowledable one!

      My retarted coach is 2-2 against your brilliant coach! And what if your better offense and way better defense looses, by bad luck of course, to my retarded coach and team again this year! Could never happen right? Yea thats what you said last year. Shit gaurd all the Oak trees in Louisiana!

      You say “Computers aren’t prejudicial or stupid” yet you say one of them has LSU ranked no. 7. Do you think LSU is no better than the 7th best team in the nation? Careful how you answer that one, its a trick question, but then again your brilliant enough to figure that out by yourself.

      Crimsonite have we seen you in any movies? Because you are a great actor, and we know you are smarter than than most of the current coaches making lots of money, because you told us so. Right?! LMFAO

  6. 19

    60+ coaches who vote in the coaches poll and about the same number of sports writers in the AP. There are many coaches who are not coaching in the top 25 who vote. Coaches of suedo FBS schools like North Texas for instance and yes I make more money than them and most of the sports writers. And dumbazz I agree with Saban who voted Bama #1. Got to go. Get back with your azz later! RTR!

    • 20
      The Flash

      First of all there are only 59 coaches who vote in the coaches poll (I’ll provide a list if you need one) and second of all I think you’re a liar and you don’t know how Saban voted, if you’re not a liar prove it to every reader and post a link or evidence as to how you know how he voted.

  7. 21

    Glad you asked me that you ignorant sack of Nutria puke. Actually I think the computer is wrong by one spot. But that’s not unusual cause the one that has Bama ranked #2 is off by one spot too. No, you should be ranked #6, not #7 since it’s possible that Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Stanford, Clemson and Boise St in addition to Alabama are all better than LSWho. They all have very good defenses and much, much better offenses than you. When Bama stomps your azz 31-6 you’ll begin to understand what I mean. You’re no better than Arkansas or Florida with Brantley at QB.
    The only excuse I have for last year fool is that the defense was inexperienced, we were decimated with injuries on both side of the ball and the team had no personality or attitude until Awbie called in all the luck in the phucking universe and embarrassed us. That change the whole complexion of this team. Starting with the Cap 1 Bowl this team has now had 6 complete blowout wins in a row with 4 of them over ranked teams. As for 4th ranked Oregon (cont)

    • 22
      The Flash

      “it’s possible that Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Stanford, Clemson and Boise St in addition to Alabama are all better than LSWho.

      Its POSSIBLE, that they are better than LSU? Then that means its POSSIBLE that they aren’t also? Right?

      Come on Crimsonite I thought your were brilliant and according to you had forgotten more football than most of the coaches and voters in the polls. Are they better or not?

      If Bamer does win 31-6 then you’re right I will begin to understand, but they haven’t done that yet now have they. What was your prediction for the score of the game last year, and don’t lie because I’m sure the Capstonereport and pull it up for us? And we all know you didn’t predict LSU to win, right?

      “The ONLY excuse I have for last year fool is….(1)that the defense was inexperienced,.(2)we were decimated with injuries on both side..(3)the team had no personality..(4)or attitude.

      Now Crimsonite I don’t know how they teach you to count in Alabamer or how you count in your three “successful” bidnesses, but that is at least 3 or 4 excuses to the rest of the country.

      And then you end it by saying “…until Awbie called in all the luck in the phucking universe and embarrassed us.” Don’t give Auburn any credit for being good, it was just all universal luck!

      That statemetn and this next statement of yours is why you Alabamer fans have the reputation that you have….

      “The difference between Bama and LSWho’s D is that teams are cautious about playing you, but teams fear to play us. I don’t even have to see it to envision every opposing QB the rest of the year going to the Chapel before the Bama game and lighting about 50 candles. And that includes Lee and Jefferson. They are all thinking about what we did to Wilson and Brantley. Nobody can keep from thinking about the beating they know is coming from Bama’s D. It is relentless, ravenous and down right nasty with at least an unheard of 7 NFL draftees for this year and that’s not counting the 4 underclassmen that will be too when they are juniors.”

      That’s all conjecture and hype on your part and not a SINGLE fact that currently actually exist. Alabamer fans prefer to live in fantasy land instead of the real world when discussing their football team.

  8. 23

    (cont) don’t pat youself on the back so quick. Oregon was better last year and yet Awbie with one of the SEC’s worst defenses complete shut down their offense. Something LSWho’s so called great D couldn’t do. The difference between Bama and LSWho’s D is that teams are cautious about playing you, but teams fear to play us. I don’t even have to see it to envision every opposing QB the rest of the year going to the Chapel before the Bama game and lighting about 50 candles. And that includes Lee and Jefferson. They are all thinking about what we did to Wilson and Brantley. Nobody can keep from thinking about the beating they know is coming from Bama’s D. It is relentless, ravenous and down right nasty with at least an unheard of 7 NFL draftees for this year and that’s not counting the 4 underclassmen that will be too when they are juniors. And actually I don’t have anything better to do with my time quite a bit. I have 3 businesses that practically run themselves and I am an abnormally avid college football fan.

  9. 24


    Auburn beat terrible Alabama teams during the 2000’s decade. SINCE 2008 DUMB ASS, Saban is 2-1 (SOON 3-1) against AU and your mentally challenged coach at LSU. When we win the NC on Jan 9, it will be 2 NC in 3 years. THAT IS A DYNASTY you butt plugger. Alabama finished #10 in 2010 after losing 9 starters on DEF, and 4 on OFF, the same guys who are killing ppl now and sending QB’s to the infirmary. I keep punking your stupid Cajun ass and you keep coming back? PFFT

    • 25
      The Flash

      Are you another on just like Crimsonite? Auburn beat “terrible” Alabam teams during the 2000’s. Bamers never give credit to other teams for beating them its always an excuse as to why ya’ll lost. And ya’ll love to cherry pick what periods you talk about when discussing Alabama football.

      I factually stated that Saban is 2-2 against Les Miles and LSU and 2-2 against Auburn since Saban got to Alabaama. You reply, like a kid by calling people names, (i’m never said anything to you prior to this) and proceed to just ignore 2007 and say SINCE 2008 DUMB ASS, Saban is 2-1 (SOON 3-1) against AU and your mentally challenged coach at LSU. Well you’re the one changing the subject and leaving a year out. And if LSU’s coach is mentally challenged like all you Bamers like to say, how could he be 2-2 against your brilliant, greatest coach ever includint the win last year? Doesn’t that statement make your coach look bad?

      RC, like Crimsonite, you may be doing something to somebody ass but it aint mine.

  10. 26
    The Flash Likes Boys

    Umm Hmmm Gonsa gets some kabob gumbo cheese biskits fro Prejean’s witha side of corndog befores I climb dat oil rig in Baton Rouge this mornin, I thinks I c a chixen crosdin da road, mmmhmmm DINNER, run chicken run

  11. 28

    Anyway I said dynasty in the MAKING, or don’t they teach English 101 in Louisiana? Since ’08 after Saban fired all of Shula’s phuckoffs, Bama has been the overall #1 team in the nation now going on 4 years. By the time this year is over, win or lose the BCSNCG we will have been ranked #1 in 4 straight years. A new record. We have the most wins of any BCS conference team and only Boise St who hasn’t won shyt has as many wins as Bama period. We are 41-5 and nobody else but Boise is even close. Of the last 5 National Champions and starting in ’08 when Saban put his process into action, not LSWho, not Florida, not Awburn are even close to Bama’s won-loss record and we are talking the last five BCS National Championships. We have by at least one of the major recruiting services won 3 out of the last 4 recruiting National Championships. So that makes Bama the closest thing to a dynasty since the BCS started. Yes USC and Florida had 3 year runs but that is over. We are in our 4th year and no end in sight. Dynasty!!!

    • 29
      The Flash

      “Anyway I said dynasty in the MAKING” No you didn’t you liar, you said and I quote “Alabama is the new Notre Dame and the growing Dynasty”. You can’t be a “growing Dynasty” with out being a Dynasty first. You didn’t say you were growing into a Dynasty, you said a “growing dynasty”! And you want to criticise what English is taught in Louisiana? LMAO

      “Since ’08 after Saban fired all of Shula’s phuckoffs”, another excuse, what is that no. 5 with you now.

    • 30
      The Flash

      “Yes USC and Florida had 3 year runs but that is over”.

      If you are going to quote history, why don’t you learn from it also. Yes Alabama is in the midst of a good run, I’ve never claimed that you weren’t, but it will come to an end just like the others have, and just like Alabama’s previous ones did. So instead of running your mouth like an bragadocious ass wipe, with comments that you WILL have to eat one day, why don’t you be more humble and not give your unversity and fan base such a bad reputation. With people like you one thing is for sure, Alabama’s fan base and its reputation will never be as great as some of the teams it puts on the field.

      Have a great day!

  12. 31

    You can phuck around and try to use my words against me after I post. Want to know how much difference it makes? “0”! You can suck pious azz all you want but you can’t erase the past. You came on here flaming Bama before I said anything to you or about LSWho. First place I’ll tell you right now that I have 2″ thick Crimson glasses. But I’m not stupid and I won’t intentionally puff up Bama to make me look stupid if they are not exactly what I say they are. So you may or may not agree with me, but you damn well better belive if I tell you something about Bama it is not just because I’m a Bammer; it is because that is my educated opinion which is generally correct. If you’re getting all pissed off cause you don’t like what you’re reading, well then you should just stay the phuck off of our website with your flaming. And another thing Bub, it will be a cold day in hell when you find Alabama fans throwing bottles and cups full of piss out of the stands onto fans of LSU at Tiger Stadium like you azzholes did at BDS

    • 32
      The Flash

      Really Crimsonite Really?

      How ignorant is that short term memory of yours?

      Your wrong on four points in this one little post of yours.

      First, I never came on here flaming or cursing like you do UNTIL you started cursing me and calling me names, go back and read all of my post especially my first post and your foul lange filled response to it.

      Second you say “if I tell you something about Bama it is not just because I’m a Bammer; it is because that is my educated opinion which is generally correct.” What a liar! I’ll bet you you a dime to a dollar you were saying the same type things that you are saying now, last year after 5 games into the season when Bama was 5-0. You of course won’t admit it, but you know you did because that’s the kind of fan you are with 2″ crimson glasses, isn’t that what you said.

      Third, I’m not getting pissed off at anything. I think its laughable how Bamer fans like you are.

      Fourth, A cold day in Hell must have happened in Tuscaloosa a couple of years back when Georgia beat Alabama on a last second play and the whole nation saw on TV a raining down on the Georgia players celebrating in the corner of the endzone a hail of liquor bottles and cups of what ever! It was so bad Nick Saban had to comment on it and chastise and castigate the Alabama fans in his press conference. He never had to do that at LSU! And when I was in Tuscalooser two years ago I saw and had an altercation with an Alabama fan for taunting and then throwing and drink at a member of the LSU Band after the game that was in line marching in formation back to the bus and minding his own business. So don’t act so pious and pretend Alabama doesn’t have its equal share of idiot jerk fans. Because when you do and you make statements like that it lets everybody know you are not an honest person and you are JUST a Bammer!

  13. 33

    Also, we don’t give a shyt what you think. But sure is fun for you to come over here and say it just so we get the chance to punk your coonass. Muchisimo Gracias, Guey!

    • 34
      The Flash

      You and your type don’t give a shyt what anybody else thinks, because you’re closed minded and are not open to seeing things in a different light or learning something new.

      That’s exactly why people call Bammer fans like you Inbred rednecks.

      Que tenga buen dia, mi puta poqueno!

      Yes I’ve traveled the world, including working in South America for six years! So if you want to communicating in Spanish, or Italian, I’ll be more that happy to go toe to toe with you.

      • 35

        LSU fans are going to learn something new this season. That Saban is a better coach and they wish they had him back. Oh, wait, most LSU fans already felt that way. You are just in denial, and the truth will be exposed in a few weeks.

  14. 36
    The Flash Likes Boys

    I’ll community in many langooages u want afta my fries okra and shush kabobb egg gumbos fa breakfast from Prejeans. Mys oil rigs await me. Smell that nice Baton Rouge air. Inhale, CoUGh COUGH CHOKE GAG

    • 37
      The Flash

      Crimsonite play dress up all you want, but every intelligent person knows when you can’t respond with a coherent semi-intlligent answer you are just wrong and you lose!

      Have a great day playing dress up. when you get out of your cajun clothes you can get back in your little girl clothes and make up.

      Have a great day!

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