Conference expansion: Big 12 announces revenue plan; will it keep Missouri away from SEC?

Today the Big 12 announced a revenue plan that grants Tier 1 and Tier 2 rights to the Big 12 for six years. Revenue would be equally divided from these sources. Of course, there is no mention of what will happen to the Longhorn Network.

The announcement prompts more questions.Without addressing the Longhorn Network, will this make the conference appealing? With the Missouri Board of Curators meeting set for Tuesday, will this be enough to keep Mizzou from bolting to the Southeastern Conference (SEC)? Can anything be done about the Longhorn Network? Or will the Big 12 always be the Little 12?

Here is the Big 12 release:
The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors announced adoption of a position to equally distribute all conference related distributable revenue to include Tier I and II football television, men’s basketball television and NCAA men’s basketball tournament revenues. This action becomes effective after each member institution commits a grant of rights to the Conference for its Tier I and II television rights for at least six years.

It is recognized by the Board that each member is directed by institutional policy relative to pursuing its grant of rights and that process will commence expeditiously at the institutional level.

The Board is encouraged by the number of institutions indicating interest in the Big 12, which reflects positively on the standing of the Conference within intercollegiate athletics. The Board also looks forward to considering the recommendation of the expansion committee regarding future membership options. (source)


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    Joey G.

    “The Board also looks forward to considering the recommendation of the expansion committee regarding future membership options.”

    Expansion? Talk about spinning a bad situation. Your about to lose your 4th member in 2 years and your talking about EXpansion? Its not expansion when you are losing present members. Its called replenishment. These guys are delusional. LOL

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    John J

    If the decision makers at Mizzou are wise with a long term outlook, they will jump to dry land before this ship sinks. The current logical Big 12 – (9 teams & reducing) is is probably relegated to obscurity with several more Texas private schools being added driven mostly by the arrogance & greed of 1 Texas school. Such a shame too.

  3. 3

    If you think Texas should share revenue for the Longhorn Network please read this. Several years ago the University of Texas tried to start a Big 12 Network, Beebe said no because he didn’t see a future in it. When that failed Texas went to A&M, they said a similar thing as Beebe. So, after running the numbers they decided to try it alone. When a person or organization is attempting to start a business and don’t think they can do it alone, typically they ask for help. This is what Texas did with the Big12, and A&M. If the sought out investors or partners turn down the opportunity they should not cry foul if that business happens take off. If Texas had gone rogue and started the LHN without talking to everyone that would be a different story, then they should absolutely share some of their revenue from the LHN…but they didn’t. Texas asked if anyone wanted in from the start, everyone looked at Texas like they were stupid and thought it was impossible. So then Texas decided to find a way to make it happen. Now, having said that can you honestly blame Texas for figuring out a way to start their own network? Do you honestly think Texas should share revenue for the LHN with those who already had a chance get involved but shot the idea down?

    If Texas is so greedy why is it they share more money then any other school in the country? (Yes…this is a fact…prove me wrong) Sure they keep more money then everyone but this isn’t a communist country the last time I checked, they shouldn’t be expected to give away ALL their revenues. They have been the primary reason why all the other schools in the Big 12 have made north of $15 each year…without Texas this would not have happened. Should Sam Walden had been expected to give up all of his money to every other store he competed with, should Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or the New York Yankees? How about America for that matter, maybe we should share our money with every other country on the planet? No, business doesn’t work that way, the world doesn’t work that way, and neither does Texas.

  4. 4

    Damn…typed all that up and missed one thing. Every other school made over $15 Million per year…but I’m sure you guys figured that out.

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