SEC: Arkansas rallies to defeat Texas A&M

The storyline in Dallas will be a tale of two halves; it will be a story of comeback and collapse. However, the most impressive element in Arkansas’ 42-38 victory over Texas A&M was the play of Arkansas’ quarterback Tyler Wilson.

Wilson is the best quarterback in the SEC.

He showed it this week in Dallas as the Razoarbacks stormed from behind. Arkansas was down 35-17 at the half, but outscored the Aggies 25-3 in the second half. Arkansas did most of it via the arm of Tyler Wilson.

Wilson ended the game 30 of 51 for 510 yards and three touchdowns. He threw no interceptions, and he averaged 10 yards per attempt.


Wilson was hit by the A&M defense. It wasn’t enough. Wilson showed toughness throughout the game.

It was something he showed in last week’s loss at Alabama.

In that game, Wilson made an amazing touchdown pass to Cobi Hamilton in the third quarter. What made the play so impressive was how Wilson held the ball and made a precision pass with a defender ready to level him. Wilson took a vicious hit, but the pass was on the mark in the back of the endzone for a touchdown.

The trip to Tuscaloosa ended in a loss, but Wilson matured as a quarterback.

Wilson led the Razorbacks to victory over A&M despite an Arkansas team intent on losing. The team committed 14 penalties for 112 yards. Some of the penalties came at the worst possible time for Arkansas—they seemed to put Texas A&M into good field position. Arkansas’ defense was also disappointing. The defense surrendered 628 yards of total offense to the Aggies.

That is horrible.

However, Wilson is a special quarterback with a special offensive mastermind at the helm. The Razorbacks will challenge every team in the SEC because of the offensive firepower. The game against LSU will be interesting to fans—who can wait on another matchup of a great offense and a great defense?

Right now, is anyone playing as good on offense as Arkansas?

Right now, Arkansas has the best quarterback in the conference.


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    Aww get over it! Wilson has the 4 best receivers in the country to bail him out. Granted he did a bangup job but his receivers made some impossible catches. Also A&M’s defense obviously sucks since we stomped Arky’s passing game and they haven’t even come close to those numbers this year in games against 2nd division teams. Put rookie McCarron in Arky’s offense with those receivers and he would do the same thing. In fact this week Saban named 3 QB’s out of the SEC that he would take – Wilson, Jarrett Lee and McCarron and he carefully alluded that he was glad he has McCarron. And I’ll tell you something about that damn endzone reception against us. That was the luckiest damn play since the Ingram fumble in the Iron Bowl. Neither Wilson nor the receiver had any control over where that ball went. Wilson just threw it up falling backwards and being pulverized. The receiver made a great catch, but was as far into the endzone as he could go and was nothing more than lucky as hell the ball came down right on top of him. Nobody rainbows a pass like that and has it pinpoint accurate. Pure luck and nothing more. Damn you sound like you’re sleeping with Wilson dude. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  2. 3

    I liked how the Aggies were sporting A&M gear with the SEC logo on it — just goes to show what kind of league they’re about to step into — especially the SEC West, the HARDEST division in ALL of college football. It’s my understanding that the Aggies haven’t beat an SEC team in something like 17 games? Crazy man — one helluva game — and to think we (Bama) didn’t allow any point comebacks. RTR 😉

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