SEC Expansion: ESPN lackey attacks Texas A&M

ESPN is partners with Texas. Now an ESPN lackey attacks Texas A&M for standing up to Longhorn arrogance.

Big shock.

Well, maybe a little shock.

Texas has tried its best to kill the Big 12. Even Oklahoma had enough of it and ran to the Pac-12 to gain independence from the Longhorns.

But the Pac-12 didn’t want OU, and now the Sooners are forced to capitulate to their Longhorn masters.

However, the Aggies won’t bow the knee. Texas A&M is too noble to spend another day as serfs in Texas’ fiefdom.

For Texas A&M’s noble stand against the Longhorns, ESPN repays them with this broadside from Ivan Maisel. Maisel’s rant attempts to diminish the proud Aggie tradition.

The core of Maisel’s argument? Texas A&M isn’t Texas.

There is some breaking news right there. This is intrepid reporting such as uncovering the latest dog bites man scoop or figuring out gas costs more today than it did in 1985.

Maisel takes aim at Texas A&M’s pride. He ranted, “Through the lean times and the occasional flush ones, the Aggies always had their pride. Them being so full of themselves may have made Aggie jokes resonate to the rest of us.”

So, an ESPN football writer admitting he laughs at Texas A&M?

That is wonderful for ESPN’s reputation.

Almost as wonderful as spending millions of dollars wrecking college football with its Longhorn Network.

Make no mistake, the Longhorn Network is the culprit here. It is the result of Texas Longhorn arrogance and ESPN’s near omnipotence.

And ESPN’s wroth is clear. Maisel rants, “Never has one school combined an indomitable spirit with such a domitable football team.”

ESPN cannot dominate Texas A&M and the Worldwide Leader with its lackey is upset.

If there were ever any doubt that Texas A&M did the right thing, ESPN’s latest tantrum eliminates that question.

Texas A&M has irritated Texas and ESPN. For that, football fans everywhere owe Texas A&M a debt of gratitude.

Welcome to the SEC! This Alabama fan is proud of the SEC’s newest member.