Anyone remember Big Cat Weekend and Lache Seastrunk?

The University of Tennessee has once again earned the attention of the NCAA. This time street agent Willie Lyles implicated the Tennessee Volunteers through an assistant coach on the staff of Lane Kiffin.

Ahh, Lane Kiffin the gift that keeps on giving.

According to Yahoo Sports, “Lyles told Yahoo! Sports what he explained the NCAA: that Garza set up Seastrunk’s June 2009 unofficial visit through him, that Lyles paid $1,446.80 for the initial airline tickets for Lache and his mother to fly from Waco, Texas to Knoxville, Tenn., and that Garza later wired the money to Lyles.”

Of course, this begs the question about other visits taken by Seastrunk. Perhaps like a visit to Auburn for Big Cat Weekend?

Big Cat Weekend was filled with recruiting violations (See more here). However, this was how ESPN’s Tom Luginbill described the event: “This was the first of what Auburn hopes to develop into a spring tradition under Chizik. Top prospects like RBs Lache Seastrunk and Marcus Lattimore, LBs Khairi Fortt and Ladarious Owens and WR Trovon Reed and CB Ryan Ayers, among many others, is an indication that not only are the Tigers on the right track in terms of personnel, but their recruiting tactics seem to be resonating among prospective student athletes. If a prospect makes his way from Texas or Connecticut for an unofficial visit to Auburn or any other program on his own dime, that is obviously a positive for a program trying to reinvent itself.”

Did Lache Seastrunk make his way on his own dime?

I wonder if NCAA investigators asked that question?


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      Nobody but you AU fans are paying any attention to that racist stuff spewed by SBB.

      And great timing releasing that crap when a major scandal is breaking involving Tennessee and a player heavily recruited by Auburn.

      You guys suck at spreading lies and trying to harm people.

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      Only you Auburn Cult Members seem to even notice. We are to busy watching Bamas killer team destroy everyone so far this year. How about them Tigers? Ready for that losing streak? It starts this weekend you know. And after that, you get to look forward to Ass-Whooping Day 11-26. After all, Auburn is the inspiration this year, and Bama’s defense is just pissed off and looking for you.

  1. 6

    FYI- I guess African-American males and their families can’t afford automobiles now? HEY STUPID–NOTHING will happen to a Nick Saban program. Do you think the NCAA will listen to BROOKS about a Nick Saban Alabama program? The NCAA has several long-standing issues to solve with that lying sack of shit Auburn University

  2. 8

    I wonder how trent can pay for a suv, gas, raising 2 children and his mother moving to alabama. Let’s get it out on the open, everybody does it. Just admit it, don’t act like it doesn’t go on at alabama

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      LOL @ Auburn’s lame excuse. Everybody does it.

      I’m sure the NCAA will consider that when your case makes it before the Committee on Infractions.

      Hey, weren’t a few other Auburn players all friends and attended Big Cat Weekend with Seastrunk?

      I wonder how they got to Auburn?

    • 10
      Indiana Vol

      I am still wondering how Julio Jones and Donte Hightower, both from poor families, all of a sudden were sporting brand new Caddy Escalades after they arrived at Bammer; iteresting questions??

      Hey Mullet Morons, please answer my questions!

  3. 11

    Ive taken off my orange and blue glasses and expressed my honest opion take yours off and tell me how you think a college kid who’s mom works at kfc affords this.

    • 12

      Does his mom work there? Really?

      How much does his car cost? Is it leased? Owned? What are the payments?

      Is this another Gadsden where you guys tell lies? Whatever came of those Chargers?

      Why is it only black athletes you guys along with Clay Travis and Brooks are harassing?

      I’d suggest you look at your own athletes who are associated with known street agents.

      But try to keep up this lame defense that everyone does it. I’m sure the NCAA will take that into consideration when you make it before the Committee on Infractions.

      • 13

        One name is all you boogs need to worry about:

        Cory Lemoneire…you know, the Aub who got the yellow Vette after signing day.

        I’d shut your hole if I were you.

  4. 14

    No let’s stop and look at things, you went totally around this trying once again to put the bama spin on it. Both sides need to look in the mirror, do u honestly think theres not a guy on bama’s roster that wasn’t paid for? I would love to think that both sides got the players by them selling them you’ll get a great education line. Its a what can can u do for me now player everybody is recruiting and when u major in criminal justice at auburn or hotel and restraruant management at alabama they r not going for a education, they r going to get what they can get if its a new suit or new car or a frezzer full of steaks and 100 for a touchdown. Keep it down home cuz

    • 15

      The way I see it, Saban has a great reputation for putting players in the NFL. His track records proves that. Plus, he has never been in any major trouble anywhere in college football, and his track record proves that also. You don’t have ex-Bama players getting on TV saying they were paid. You haven’t seen eligibility questions pop up like with Cam. Those are the facts. Saban, in the eyes of the NCAA, runs a pretty clean program. With all that we know about Auburn and the people that has been around Auburn the past few years, you can’t say the same about them. And, after Saban was hired at Bama, there was motive from Auburn to do something to stop the momentum, and I would say Auburn was willing to break the rules to catch up. I mean, the crying from the Auburn fan base the first two years of Saban at Bama was getting louder. So, Auburn bought the best transfers they could get, broke many secondary violations in recruiting (big cat weekend, tiger prowl) and if they were willing to go that far, what else could they be doing? The pressure was on Auburn to produce something to compete with Saban’s Bama program. They bought a NC, but now they are paying the price for short cuts.

  5. 17

    Auburn’s “stock” answer to everything is “Alabama this” and “Alabama that” even when those sorry sons of bitches are endangering wildlife (Spirit) or buying players (Cam). Then, they claim to be Old South Christians yet don’t want to be held accountable for sins such as racism (Richardson) or envy (Alabama football).

    Nothing will happen to Nick Saban’s Alabama program.


  6. 18

    I don’t care what color they are as long as they can tote the rock and u don’t either. I have no envy toward alabama all I care about is the one game we play each other. It has went from bad to worse with u updykes we win u bitch u blow a 3 touchdown lead u cry someone destroys a tradition its just trees. Its time for the sidewalk alumni I mean alabama fans to take a real look around and see that when everybody is playing with the same size stick it gets a little harder to get to the top.

    • 19

      Bama beats Auburn by more than 3 TDs this season, Cult member. F*ck your twees, and I hope Saban shows no mercy this season. Once Bama runs over Auburn in the first half this year, I hope they put in reverse and run over you again, and make sure you are dead this time. Hope you don’t mind too much when we roll some dead twees on Harveys Corner this year.

  7. 20

    Are you awbarn fukks really that fukking stupid? Ill tell you how he pays for it! Just like every other low income black family with a minimum wage making mother and 4 dependants do!!! The Damn government! If your housing and food and utilities and insurance were all paid for by the government and you got a monthly stipend to boot per qualifying dependant. Well my friends you all could buy a $40,000 car and not blink either! !! It ain’t fukking rocket science Dumb asses!

    • 22
      Indiana Vol

      This statement proves my point that the Bammer MORON Nation is the lowest form of humanity in college football! No class and no honor!

      • 23

        Coming from the bastion of class and honor, our own Idiot Vol! Good job, dude! Keep up the good work! You represent the UT fanbase very well on here! Your crying and whining never really ends for you, does it?

        • 24
          Indiana Vol

          ..and you and the rest of the Bammer Morons on here confirm my beliefs that the Bammer MORON Nation is the lowest form of humanity in college football! No class and no honor!

    • 25

      I heard they rolled it, Charles Goldberg wept tears of joy and Phillip Marshall wrote a poem calling it the greatest win in Auburn history.

      • 26
        Phillip Marshall

        We Auburn Family are sick of the the Bammer lies. It was NOT a poem. It was a nice sized Coffee table book with lots of intriguing pictures that can be bought for $29.95 at

  8. 27

    Yes we did. You bammers kill me, if someone would have done anything to the beer bryant statue it would be like wallace in the school house door, beet bryant now, beer bryant tomorrow, beer bryant forever.

    • 28

      What are you going to say when a bunch of Bammers roll Harveys corner when Auburn gets their teeth punched in this year?

    • 29

      We will settle for “rammer jammer” and I hope you like it. You are going to get to hear it a whole lot in November.

  9. 32

    The truth is if bama beats us this year the sun will still rise the next day for me, but after what happened last year in jordan hare west, the bammers will be jumping off bridges from auburn to northport. Let saban have another 3 or 4 loss year and u will turn on him like a pack of dogs. Bottom line when the playing field is level like it has been for the past 30 years the bama fanbase cannot handle reality. The fanbase is the guy in highschool who always had to be out front and never looked around to notice everthing is crumbling around him.

    • 33

      A cult member can dream, can’t he? Lets see how the Cult responds to a 5-loss season. Especially if Bama makes it to play for another NC. The reality is that Bama, since Saban has been coach, has consistently been at the top of the conference. Auburn, on the other hand, has not. And they won’t be this year either. You celebrate your lone fluke of a year of being in the spotlight, and Bama will just carry on consistently winning 11-12 games a season. And you call it equal. The truth is showing this season with Auburn. That defense has been a problem every year under Chizik. And it will continue as long as you have Ted Roof. And if Malzahn decides to go on and be a head coach after this season, Auburn will be starting over yet again next year. The facts are this: Bama’s present, and future is as bright as it has ever been. Auburn, on the other hand, is just making excuses by the week. Don’t worry about us imploding, your fan base can’t accept reality at all. And can’t you see what is crumbling around YOU right now? You are a joke, and obviously very out of touch with reality.

    • 34


      To begin with. Saban will put Auburn away. It will be a dominating win. BUT HE WONT RUN THE SCORE UP. Why? Because he wants to keep Chiz and Co exactly where they are. Where he can beat them every year. I dont see anyway the Chiz can improve on his .545 winning percentage anytime in the near future.

  10. 35

    You sound a little touchy, do you call equal winning 8 out of 11? In sabans 1st press conference he spoke about dominating his on state rival. Does 2&2 equal domination? Sabans arrogance has been passed down to the fanbase. It will always come down to the bammerd having a chris capps moment before they find out what’s going on. I truley feel sorry for you

    • 36

      “Does 2&2 equal domination?”

      After the investigation results are in it will be 3-1.

      Hey, Bear didn’t win his first Iron Bowl either. Then won 19 of the next 23. That’s domination. Brace for it AubieDudes.

    • 37

      If your reading comprehension skills were average, which they are not, you would have read where I have written about Bamas wins per season since SABAN HAS BEEN AT BAMA, vs. Auburns. Has Auburn averaged 10 wins a season for 4 years, going on 5? I though not. Does Auburn seem to be on that pace again this season? Again, most probably not. So no, it is not equal. So much for your theories and living in the past. But the excuses coming from you guys are pretty funny. Keep surrounding yourself with the comforting myths that Auburn actually is keeping pace with Bama. The divide is obvious this season, though you choose not to see it. So don’t feel sorry for me. Bama is doing about as well as you could hope for. We are not crying over dead trees and making excuses for poor coaching that has been the Auburn cries for 2011. I thought you guys recruited better than that? Saban went undefeated in the regular season with his first crop of freshmen players. How come Chizik can’t match that this season?

  11. 38

    Ok I am going to use the same formula that You used to attack SportsByBrooks.Com. Are you saying that Black Football Recruits cant afford to travel?

    • 39

      LAME. Since Willie Lyles has proof the UT coach made the payment for a trip to Tennessee.

      See, Seastrunk already got paid to take one trip. It is reasonable to ask if he got paid to take another.

      Why are you obsessed with race? Why are you trying to smear a black athlete?

      Those are the real questions!

  12. 40

    Don’t play the race card its weak. I’ve got a college degree make a very good living and im not going to be able to give my kid the things these atheletes students get & 80% of them come from a terrible background.

    • 41

      Work harder. Save more. Spend less. Then you too might get the things you want.

      It is sad that you are jealous of people who “come from a terrible background.”

      • 42

        The kids from a “terrible background” will be making seven figures this time next year. Anyone will sell him a car, and that isn’t illegal.

        But they’d rather single out black athletes and make 18th century conclusions how “tha niggas shouldn’t have so much”…

        eh, big cat?

        Racists like you keep the South in the 60’s.

    • 43

      BC – do you have one of those *ubie Sociology degrees? You can now see that, just because you get a degree and “work hard”, doesn’t necessarily mean success. Yet, I’ve seen guys come out of the Bama program who had NOTHING when they came in, and now they are some of the best and brightest in the business, engineering, medical, etc. worlds. Success is an attitude. You don’t get it by making excuses for poor coaching, a bad background, being “young”, or having your big brother whip your butt on a regular basis. Grow a set, BC. Maybe listen to some of CNS’s audio tapes or read – if you can – his books.

  13. 45

    Clay Travis’ recent article could not have said it better. Here’s a bit of it for your reading pleasure:

    “So now, without further ado, here are Alabama fan excuses for why it’s perfectly reasonable for Trent Richardson to be driving a $50,000 brand new SUV. (Note: these are not made up. Every single one of these was Tweeted or emailed to me since last night).
    11. He got a loan based on his future earnings potential.

    A worthy premise but, sigh, an NCAA violation.
    If you get a loan based on your future earnings potential, you are no longer an amateur. Otherwise every college athlete in America could take out a million dollar line of credit and live like a rockstar on campus. (Note: the only exception to this rule is that you can take out an insurance policy to protect yourself in the event of catastrophic injury. But that doesn’t allow you to buy a brand new SUV).
    10. He’s buying American, you hate America, Clay. Also, you’re racist.

    Yes, I hate America. And I’m racist. Well played and well reasoned. There’s a job waiting for y’all as a Fox News commentator. There’s also an inherent irony in the second most racist state in the union hurling racial accusations at others. So let’s be clear since everyone in Alabama immediately latches on to race, if you’re an unemployed college student with two kids and you’re white, black, brown, green, blue, pink, any color under the rainbow, and you drive a brand new SUV, you’ve got some serious explaining to do. 
    I do love, however, the delicious irony of Alabama fans turning in to Al Sharpton disciples the moment an Alabama player is questioned. 
    Even Al Sharpton thinks y’all are pathetic with this line of thinking though.   
    9. He has enough money to buy a $50k SUV.

    No, no he doesn’t.
    He has two children. That means he has child support payments of some sort or other. He also has no job. Plus, he has to feed and clothe himself.
    The vast majority of employed fathers of two can’t afford a brand new luxury SUV with tricked out rims. There is no way under the sun that Trent Richardson has the money to buy this SUV.  
    8. It’s his friend’s car.

    Isn’t it always convenient how the “friend” never has a worse car in these situations? Like, Trent Richardson wasn’t pulled over for speeding in a 1976 Monte Carlo. It’s amazing how the “friends” are always so much richer.  
    7. It’s a loaner, his car is in the shop.

    Ah, yes.
    The good ole loaner defense. Next thing you know Richardson will be test-driving the car across the country a la Terrelle Pryor.
    News flash: You don’t get a valuable car as a loaner unless you also leave behind a valuable car to be repaired.  
    6. Clay, rims do make it seem like your car is going faster.

    The number of people who focused on Trent Richardson’s speeding excuse rather than the expensive SUV is simply amazing.
    Proving that if you dangle a bright and shiny object in front of some people, they really will grab the bright and shiny object. Cue Johnnie Cochran.
    Prosecution: The odds of O.J. Simpson’s DNA ending up here at the murder scene are 1 billion to one.
    Cochran: If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit.
    5. You and Sports By Brooks are gay.

    This is my favorite response any time I write anything negative about Alabama. Crimson Tide fans accuse me and Sports By Brooks of being gay. And not just a few. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% of Alabama fan responses accuse us of being gay. Usually they write it this way: “Your gay.”
    Aside from the second grade nature of the insult and the clear presumption that gay people are always lying, let’s play this defense out to it’s logical extension: aren’t Bama fans really arguing that gay people are obsessed with NCAA violations in college athletics?
    So if you walk up to a New York bar, a great opening line for gay men is, “Can you believe the new revisions to NCAA bylaw 16?”
    Go to a gay man’s apartment and there’s a 100% chance the NCAA rulebook is open on the coffee table. Don’t believe me? DVR old episodes of “Will and Grace.” See it, there’s the manual!
    4. He sold his T-Town Menswear suits and autographs.

    At least this excuse was honest.
    An NCAA violation, but honest.
    3. “HE IS A FAMILY MAN and he spend that much on that car to have a safe ride for his children and family. worthy for the cost.”

    This is according to @deeptrunk on Twitter. Yes, tricked out rims are the modern-day Volvos.
    2. He has a rich uncle (or aunt).

    Yes, of course, the Daddy Warbucks defense.
    Where was that rich aunt or uncle for the previous 20 years of Richardson’s life?
    1. Yeah, but Cam Newton… 

    It always comes back to Cam Newton for Alabama fans. No matter what anyone else does, the first response out of most Alabama fans’ mouths is, “Yeah, but Cam Netwon…” 
    So I’ll finish this sentence for you, “Yeah, but Cam Newton didn’t get pulled over driving a brand new luxury SUV at Auburn.”

    • 46


      Clay, Brooks, yourself, and everyone else can snap pictures, make innuendos, call the NCAA, fax pics, etc, but one thing will always ring true:


      Keep jerking off to Richardson, praying in the Auburn hypocritical prayer to the Lord to destroy Alabama, but it won’t happen. Cam Newton will get what he deserves as will Auburn.

    • 47

      Well, thats it. If Clay Travis, and Clay Travis only is reporting this, well, it has to be true. Bama is done, Auburn is innocent, and they will rightfully take their place and replace Bama in this state. We are doomed, and Auburn fans have exposed Bammer for the dirty cheaters they are. Cam should sue the Red Elephant Club for making everyone else in the country believe he was bought and paid for. Auburn would never stoop to such levels as to pay Cam or his dad for playing at Auburn.

      Seriously FYI, go f*ck yourself. That Ass-Whooping is a coming, and Trent will be a big part of it. But way to go on obsessing over Bama when you know how Auburns season is about to go down the drain. This is really all you have to cheer for right now isn’t it? What a sad little dumbass cult member you are.

    • 48

      Ok. Lets say everything you are claiming is true. How does that change or justify the Cam Newton story, or the HBO 4. Or the sidewalk agents? Look ITS GEORGE HAMILTON THE 4TH!!!

  14. 49

    FYI, it’s 8:30, and the NCAA has just told me that faxing them pics of Alabama football players driving nice cars is not an offense.

    YOU AND CLAY TRAVIS ARE RACIST ASSHOLES. Keep trying, but Trent and all other African-American athletes at Alabama are protected. I cannot wait until Clay and Brooks are sued for racial discrimmination

  15. 51

    FYI–Seriously? Yahoo Sports? I guess you think their “damning” story on Miami is going to lead to severe sanctions even after it was discovered the NCAA had been working with Miami for months. What a dumb ass


  16. 52

    Speaking of desperation, do any Alabama fans spend as much time marketing Alabama football on Barner sites as FYI does for Auburn on Bama blogs. And DONT tell me your defending that racist, white trash Auburn University. Bunch of racist hillbillies as evidenced by calculated character assasinations of Alabama’s African-American football players

  17. 53

    LMAO@ the pathetic Barner Fife’s.Reminds me of the old fable of the barner boy that cried “Dick.” All the village people came running every time but found no “Dick.” Finally, they just decided to phuck the sheepherder and the sheep.Moral of the story: The world needs sheep-phuckers.

  18. 54


    The answer to your question, “…do any Alabama fans spend as much time marketing Alabama football on Barner sites as FYI does for Auburn on Bama blogs”, is yes. Perhaps you missed the recent blogs on this site the referenced chats on AU message boards.

    Your cries of racism are so transparent it is laughable. It’s sort of like the cult thing you guys have been trying to make stick. You figure if you say something enough times it will actually become true. If you guys weren’t so belligerent and petty, I would feel sorry for you.

    • 55

      The first sign that someone is deeply connected to a cult, is that they deny that they are in a cult. And most of you Auburn fans have been in denial for a looong time now.

    • 56

      Clay Travis, SBB. Not exactly the New York Times wouldnt you say?
      I have an idea why dont we all just gather all of our “facts” from sports blogs. Now go head over to Auburn Undercover and you can come back with some more (erstwhile) damning allegations.
      Here is a little heads up for you while you wait. Nothing but nothing is as damning as going on HBO (in front of God and everyone else) and confessing that you got paid to play football.

  19. 57

    I’m laughing my ass off at stupid trashy AU fans who think they can screw with our African-American athletes. I wonder if Trooper and Willie Lyles are friends? Woops, I think I’ve said too much (hehehehe)

    • 58

      I wonder How the big Mack Daddy Baby daddy Supa doopa Troopa is doing these days. I hear he has child support payments too. He may have to turn that hat around and wear it the correct way when he sees the judge. And oh yeah… prolly wouldnt hurt to pull his pants up over his ass either.

  20. 59


    Actually, I know a few lawyers with EEOC and the Justice Department who would tell you differently, but I wouldn’t expect a backwoods Auburn mut to understand. Travis and Brooks target African-Americans at all schools at every turn. Your constant posts show how desperate you are, but it won’t work because 1) it’s transparent racism 2) even if there was something fishy, THE NCAA WILL NOT MESS WITH NICK SABAN’S ALABAMA. Suck on that

  21. 60


    I challenge you to find one quote that I have written that indicates racism. I bet you can’t find ONE quote that indicates I am a racist.

  22. 62


    it’s called “implied racism” and it’s the new kind of cowardly racism in play by Republican boobs like yourself around the country. You and the rest of your crew might not call Richardson or any other African-Anerican player you have a “beef” with the “N” word”, but you geniuses now all use key phrases such as “ghetto” or a “family of modest means” to attack the African-American. According to my attorney, implicit racism is NOW just as dangerous a what outward racism used to be. After he read both your comments and Clay Travis’ article, he told me both of you guys are 2 peas in a pod who need to be fitted for new bed sheets with the proper holes. Clay Travis has already been accused of racism once when he was a lawyer in the Virgin Islands

    • 63

      Brother you cant arugue with a moron. It has soul damning repercussions. Let us not wallow in the annual mediocrity that is the “Fambly” but let us take respite in the fact that we are kicking asses and taking names in a way that that can only be summed up as “biblical proportions” And lo, the name “Auburn” is mentioned on that list next to “never again”. You also have to take it with a grain of salt when dealing with the Aubonites. And remember we know they are “all-in” and so do thier perpetually unsatisfied wives and girlfriends.

  23. 64

    I think the article by travis is spot on. Nobody on this site wants to acknowledge that something is wrong with trent and the suv. If this kid don’t watch out he will be the next jimmy johns

    • 65

      I see a lot of college kids driving nice cars these days. Unless you got a paper trail of improprieties and proof that he got a vehicle underhandedly, then all you have is speculation. Sorry, but like you guys said, ‘There is no proof!’ Every athletes vehicles are looked into by the compliance department. I am sure, just like Auburn, Bama has its bases covered in case some stupid allegations come up. They are not a bunch of dumbasses, unlike the Auburn message board frenzy just begging for something to PLEASE PLEASE happen to Bama. This is the only exciting thing you have to talk about and wish for this season, since your sh!tty coaches are being exposed this season. One thing is for sure, no one is accusing Auburn of buying any players this season. I am not even sure they have scholarships. They are all playing like a bunch of walk-ons.

    • 66

      ok, thanks for helping us recalibrate our moral compass big cat. Now please go back and focus on the Cam Newton blunder. The fact that you are a far sighted Jackass. who is perving over the nieghbors fence and hoping to find something naughty has been noted.

  24. 67

    Csr and itk Keep saying that its racist that we are attacking Black athletes and not white. My arguement to that is would one of you please name a White athlete on bama’s team that would be worth paying for? Lord please dont say a.j.!!! He wouldnt start at 75% of the schools in the SEC. Then ITK drops the “N word” with such ease and moves on like theres nothing wrong with it. Guess it comes from years of using it huh itk?

    • 68

      Aj is doing fine. Better than Trotter thats for sure. I wouldn’t trade AJ for any Auburn QB this year. But you are attacking black athletes at Bama. But the thing is, no one is listening to you guys anyway. So keep on attacking. It does not bother me in the least bit. Bama is playing so well right now, they are looking like Auburns worse nightmare coming true right now. That defense is just going to demolish Auburns inept offense this season, and you know it. So the only recourse you have is to attack players and hope for trouble for Bama. This, of course is a weak attempt in retaliation for the Cam debacle of last season. The only difference is, that there were concerns from the beginning with Cam, and issues off the field with Cam that were not made up on message boards on the internet. But y’all keep on with the smear campaign against Bama players. Maybe you will just give them even extra motivation to kill Auburn this season, like they need it. But thanks to Auburn, this team is focused and motivated and just downright mean on defense. You know you are dreading having to face up to Bamas redemption this season. Ass-Whooping Day is coming, and you guys can’t stop it. So, don’t focus on Auburn, just keep trying to attack Bama players. It is pretty funny how desperate you all seem in just a few short months.

    • 69

      Just the statement:

      “My arguement to that is would one of you please name a White athlete on bama’s team that would be worth paying for?”

      Oh no sir, you are not racist. But……
      Cant they all be called “athletes” without hanging a race or color on them? Or is that too much like being right? Singling folks out by color is considered a tad bit prejudice to the rest of the English speaking world.

  25. 70

    Im sure osu, miami, and others thought they had the bases covered as well. You still haven’t answered the question out front. Trent is signing items that for a fact have been sold not just one item but several has for a fact been seen associated with a rougue booster. It doesn’t make sense that he would have all of this through his pell grant or whatever, but none of you will say anything. The beat reporters for the tide will not ask saban the hard questions, because they are afraid of their jobs. Of course no one will admit that, who would be proud of this guy running their program? No one that has worked for this guy likes him. Yes it is a good move if u r a coach to move up in the business, but who really likes this guy. You’ve never heard a beat writer or coach talk about the type of person he really is it is just understood this guy is ass to deal with. He & the fanbase will look the other way if the wins keep coming but let a few losses come in and the heat gets on him he’s out for the next hot job and what’s sad is u know it.

    • 71

      Once again Big Cat. You have all of the answers. Why dont you pull a Gadsden? You know…… Go to Dollar General. Buy a disposable camera and then hang outside the Richardson residence in a ditch trying to get photos of Trent Richardsons family because they know where the vehicle really came from. Then you can send that off to Finebaum and the NCAA and boom. Instant Death Penalty for the Bammers. Afterward, you can go home and polish the picture frame that houses your Auburn Sociology Degree with pride. You are the man.

    • 72

      And like I said, who is talking about this, other than you guys? Is it all over the nation, like the Cam scandal was (and still is)? It is just sour grapes and wishful thinking on your part. You can’t stop the Ass-Whooping from coming.

      Do you have proof that Trent is receiving any illegal benefits? I haven’t seen anything damning yet. Bring some proof of your allegations, and if you can’t, then you are just full of sh!t. No one is listening to you guys and your smear campaign. It isn’t working.

      Every Bama fan I know is proud that we have Saban running the show. He has all the cult members in an uproar, and has since he was hired. The fact that you hate him so much is proof enough we have the right guy. We know you dread the Iron Bowl this year. Saban has his cross-hairs right on you guys this season, and, as you can tell, his defense is playing mean and vicious. The brakes don’t come off this year.

  26. 73

    And one more thing Cat.
    We would all like to thank you for your insider’s view of the Coach Saban. You said:

    ” course no one will admit that, who would be proud of this guy running their program? No one that has worked for this guy likes him. Yes it is a good move if u r a coach to move up in the business, but who really likes this guy”

    I find that quote very insightful. And the sheer fact that you are an Auburn fan who “knows” these things speaks volumes to your credibility.

  27. 74

    It is what it is, like someone says. What makes bama think they can do no wrong? The sidewalk fanbase that they have can’t see past all the things going & and know something is a miss. Go back to the basement and your parents house and come up with something better.

  28. 75


    thanks, but they’re not getting to me. I’m enjoying this. I LOVE how they assume Bama fans didn’t go to UA, but they assume most of their fans went or have some “connection” to Auburn. Most Bama fans I know went or have a true connection to UA while MOST AU fans I know have absolutely NO CONNECTION to AU. NONE. Then, the ones who claim to have gone to AU are twice as vulgar, ungodly, and racist as any UA supposed “sidewalk” alum here. Furthermore, they start their “Christianity” kick while running down the University of Alabama. Sorry son of a bitches.

    As far as Saban and his personality, you Auburn “Christians” are a bunch of fucking white-trash hypocrites. You run down legendary HUMAN BEINGS who are/were dearly loved by most of their players, did/have done a lot for their communities, and you want us to care about some dead OAKS. Go fuck yourselves and your high and mighty hypocritical attitudes. It makes me laugh how you guys can criticize anything we have done with your shady history of compliance (3rd most NCAAprobationd), shady coaches, players, and hillbilly fans. Auburn has always been known as a damn hick college, how in the hell did y’all ever get the idea you were better than anybody. Rolling trees when Bryant dies, pissing and defacating his headstone, putting a houndstooth hat on a mock skeleton, yeah if you and your coach are Christians, I think other Christians will take a chance in hell. But that is Auburn Football, Old South hypocrisy at its finest

  29. 76

    Gosh ITK ..seems that you forgot that Auburn dropped Seastrunk like the hot potato that he was. Auburn doesn’t and didn’t pay.

    Seastrunk wanted to go to Auburn, but his “handlers” sent him to Oregon because Auburn wouldn’t pay. I guess that recruiting analysis fee paid by Oregon was just enough.

  30. 78

    Again I say:


    If you smell a skunk, there is a skunk in the around somewhere. And Seaskunk…er…strunk…didn’t come to the party in boogville on his own merit when he was getting free rides elsewhere.

  31. 79

    Fact auburn isn’t on probation. Fact alabama is and has been for the past decade. Fact probation has come under sabans watch. Fact saban tries to skirt the rules as close as possible just like he said the other day. Fact the 2009 bcs was tainted u were on probation. Fact beer bryant is dead. Fact he was a drunk, adulterer, wife beater & the bammers thought he was the second coming. Ask any of his players off the record what they think of beer bryant and they will tell u selfish, its all about me and never really cared for his family the university was more important to him. So don’t start using the moral compass on me, look at the man who set the standard for alabama really look at him and ask yourselves would you let this man set your moral compass?

    • 80

      Fact is, Auburn has had only one good year in the midst of what Saban is doing. Saban is more consistent, another fact. Fact: Bryant hasn’t been the coach at Bama for a long time, but he humiliated and dominated Auburn so bad, that Auburn fans grandchildren still feel the effects. Fact is, Saban is doing the same thing. Fact is, you guys have hated Saban vehemently since the day he was hired. Another fact is Auburn has cheated more than any other SEC program. So f*ck your moral compass, all you need to know is Bear Bryant kicked Auburns ass so much, and you are STILL crying about it. That says a lot about you, and your jealousy over Bamas tradition of winning, and Bama has more to show there than Auburn will ever show in your lifetime. So get used to it, that Ass-Beating is coming, so you get to cry some more this season. And your trees will be dead soon too, so we get to watch you cry about that. Roll Tide, cry baby.

  32. 81


    Once again, NOTHING your hypocritical ass can say can be quantified. “Ask former Bryant players ‘off record’?” SUUURE, RIIIIGHT. I’m sure many Shug Jordan players think Shug was a lazy pussy “off record” but how can I quantify that. Very Auburn “Christian” attitude. BTW, AU 1957 title without bowl is tainted, and soon the 2009 NC & Heisman will be taken away. That will be quantified

  33. 82

    I know its hard for you to see that the sky is falling. The big difference between us is that I can walk away at the end of the day and just be glad to be a supporter of auburn, but the nation will be in line at walmart to get their money back if things don’t go your way. You may very well run the table but if u don’t you wil be screaming from the mountain top about how u are the best 1,2 or 3 lose team in the country the attitude never stops that why cult fits ttown better than ever.

  34. 84

    No a cult is a group of ppl who sit around and cry over dead limbs, put a houndstooth hat on a mock skeleton, rob trailer parks, and dress up in blackface at Klan/AU frat parties

  35. 85

    I have to hand it to your business sense, Cap. Have something about Auburn on this site, and your traffic goes up extensively. You bring in at least 6 Auburn fans per 1 Bama fan on this site from articles like this. All in the name of defending “The Family”

  36. 86

    Remember big cat weekend? You should look around looks like aj is driving same thing as trent with no plates, also looks like we may have a tattoo gate going on as well. Look I can admit thiers alot that is shady about cam newton but can u admit their is alot shady about ttown mens wear the cars the going out with boosters? Look in the mirror, most people see and hear what they want to.

  37. 87

    Vol and BigCat make me LOL in RL! That’s laugh out loud in real life Vol and Cat. I know you highly educated men of the world can’t understand my simple talk. Keep the posts rolling in fellas , you make my day. Btw ( by the way) that is my SUV Richardson is driving. I got a couple of em. If you need a loaner let me know. We might can get you fixed up. Oh and Vol, tell your lady she still owes me for that gram of meth she hot from me last week. Us Elephants don’t forget!

  38. 88

    Why do all of you keep dancing around this? U r truely a blind fan base. I have been to several bama games over the years, and seen the updykes and legends and k duds and shanes of the world these types of fans make me laugh.

  39. 89

    Respone to whoreeagle.: dont fall for that 60,000 new readers a month BS. Hell they just got their 30th “like” on facebook. 30!!! Hell my sons youth football league has close to 300!!! LMAO! Whats sad is to listen to all of you bammers talk you NEVER worry about Auburn. All that matters is bama winning. I have to ask if this is true why cant you turds truly enjoy this season? What is it that is keeping you from your happiness. What is keeping Auburn on Your mind? Wonder if it has anything to do with the 24 point puke job your beloved leader did last november, Or is it that bama was just a stepping stone that lead to the Crystal Footall landing in Auburn? What really bothers you? Stip being blind and being led to slaughter by people like ITK and capstone. Theres a reason why this site’s ratings suck.

    • 90

      I didn’t say new readers you douchebag. I said unique readers.

      This is verifiable if you weren’t a freaking liar. I told you to check the quantcast data.

      Since you are a liar and lazy:

      This is an independent reporting service. And what do you know… over 70k in this latest report. Hmmm.

    • 91

      He is just mad because he knows Auburn falls to the bottom of the SEC this year. Don’t worry about this goober smoocher, he is all mouth. Watch big brother show you how to get it done, without controversy and scandal, and without having to luck out and win from behind half the season. You will understand what the word ‘dominate’ means this year. you brag about your 1-point victory. You only have just a few short weeks left. Get it all out while you can.

  40. 92


    I feel bad for your son. Grow up, man. Nobody gives two craps what Auburn fans think. Don’t read the article if you don’t like it. Also, nobody cares if you’re “defending Auburn.” They’re not worth it, bunch of white trash hillbillies.


  41. 93

    30 likes on facebook. A site with millions of members and this POS site can only pull 30 likes!? ROFLMFAO!!!!! What is the sites rankings right now? Why dont you post the entire story ? Nevermind…dont answer that. You never tell the entire story.This site is the true definition of a cult! Small circle of people that have their own made up beliefs ( anything about Auburn, 13 NC’s,etc.)while the rest of the world just sits backs and shakes it head. Enjoy your HUGE following on the largest network on the internet. I promise after Florida Chomps that ass it will drop below 20 ! LMAO!

    • 94

      Douchebag I told you go read the actual metrics done by an independent company….these are done on a daily basis. You are freaking insane. I never said largest. I just said what the real numbers are. I’ve never made any claims to being good or large….just that the site has more readers than you might think.

      The typical reader earns over $60k per year. Pretty awesome.

      Also, I didn’t say members. I said readers. You are freaking clueless…I’d expect no less of an AU fan. 🙂

    • 96

      I know the Alexa number. And if you read the information it is still pretty good.

      However, the number from Quantcast is the industry standard. Why? It includes REAL metrics with real reader data. Alexa’s is compiled by toolbar visitors that are not representative of real readership. Alexa is not utilized by advertisers….it is pretty much only used by people who don’t understand the industry.

      Anyway, I’ve proven to you with Quantcast data the total number of UNIQUE monthly readers during the last 30 days.

      You are an Auburn fan. You want to delude yourself…feel free to do it.

      And feel free to keep visiting and posting. Unlike your websites, I’m not ever going to squelch free and open discussion. Even discussion like this where you are posting distortions.

  42. 97

    Like I said …30 “Likes” on Facebook. I think its great you got the ENTIRE trailer park to join facebook and like your crapstonereport. Ofcourse you are going to say that the quantcast rankings is better beacuse it makes you look a LITTLE better. Why dont you compare it to other sports sites like i brought up before. Even kicks your ass. Dont even bring up what CBSsports,, or scout and rivals rank.The decent Bama fans dont want to listen to this drama filled BS you and ITK spew. You are nothing more than a finebaum wannabe. What did your weekly income average out to be from this site? Wasnt it something like $75 a week? Crimsomshytes mexican hos make that in less than an hour. The proof is in the pudding . If this site was anything more than some gump using google You would hear local, Regional, and maybe even some national shows mention it. Only thing I ever heard was when shane went on Finebaum BEGGING for listeners.

  43. 98

    Lets use Your formula once again. You might be 100% right about the Seastrunk visit to Auburn. Maybe Lyles racked up on money just to get the kid to visit , and he paid for LS trip to Auburn. However this is not the only connections that Lyles has to football teams in the state of alabama. Seems like a certain alabama runningback who just cant keep his name out of the news also has ties to Lyles. here is a clip from (a rivals site)

    “Football Player TRENT RICHARDSON is currently a student-athlete at Alabama. Per NCAA … btw,Willie Lyles was instrumental in Trent going to Alabama! .”

    So using your formula, is it that far of a reach to assume that trent’s trip was paid for by Lyles, and WL got paid a large amount of cash not only to get trent to visit, But also for TR signing at bama? Ill wait for your “fair” answer.

  44. 99

    What do mexicans have to do with this? Always playing the race card . Fuck you capstonereportsucks, I’m Mexican and find that remark very offensive. Let me go roll up some burittos and fold some clothes while you auburn pieces of shit figure out a way to win, in life and on the field. Wanna buy some oranges?

  45. 100

    No thanks for the oranges , But be carefull you know they passed that law in Alabama a few days ago. Wheres Csr and ITK to dispute Trent’s ties to Lyles? How did you gumps put it ……Where theres this much smoke there has to be a fire.

  46. 102

    RC…..Maybe stands for Really Curious????? Why would you fantasize about shaking all 2″ of your manhood in another mans face? Man Im still waiting on ITK and/or CSR to breakdown this whole Trent Richardson and Lyles issue!!! Maybe crashed and neither of them have REAL sources so we all have to wait on their input. Oh also congrats on the big addition of the 2 likes on facebook!!! Up to an impressive 32 likes!LOL!

    • 103

      ^^^ obsessive compulsive over Bama and looking for excuses for the beatdown that is coming. I thought Sports by Brooks and Clay Travis already broke it all down for you. Their awesome speculation and Auburn baiting has got you all worked up and you are so certain that Bama is in trouble. If you want to believe it, go ahead. It is all you have to root for this season. Until there is an official investigation or you have some real proof, there won’t be anything out of this. Is the Auburn investigation over? Can you answer that one?

  47. 104

    All in! All in!

    We didn’t buy any players. I’m sure by 100%.

    But if we did…everybody does it

  48. 105

    oh come on bamabytch. Why do you turds get so upset when a fan of another school ask the same questions that your very own fanbase is asking of their schools? Did I accuse bama/richardson/lyles of cheating?NOPE! I just threw a question out hoping these “experts” on could answer for me. So ITK and csr. Please help us understand why Lyles would give money to every recruit he help get signed except one? I’ll hang up and listen. lol

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