CRAZY: Poor black people can’t afford to move, according to Sports By Brooks

Sports By Brooks has descended into lunacy. I’ve always defended the website, but the obsession with a non-story has led Brooks to reveal a disturbing element of his personality. Judge for yourself.

Brooks posted a long list of documents showing that Trent Richardson’s family moved to Alabama. This move was something the Pensacola newspaper already reported. Why the need to post all those useless documents? Who knows. It wasn’t a secret. But, this is where it gets interesting.

And very disturbing.

Brooks writes, “With the Richardson family of modest means, it isn’t unreasonable to think that the the (sic) funding of their now-documented move from Pensacola to various locations within the state of Alabama may be outside of NCAA rules.” (Source)

It isn’t?

By Brooks logic, we can reasonably assume that poor people can’t afford to move?

Or, is it that black people can’t afford to move?

Or, maybe poor black people?

Which is it? Because a couple of these reveals a serious problem in the author of this Internet nonsense.

With Brooks’ assertion it isn’t unreasonable to assume he is a racist.

People of “modest means” can afford to do more than you think. Living in Leeds, Alabama is not expensive–it isn’t Vestavia Hills or Mountain Brook or even Hoover. How difficult is it to rent a home? I know people of “modest means” do it on a daily basis. How expensive is it to move? Even poor people can find ways to do it.

Brooks needs to move beyond the plantation mentality and realize this is a new age. It is an age where black people can do all sorts of things. Even when they are of “modest means.”

This latest post by Brooks is disturbing.