CRAZY: Poor black people can’t afford to move, according to Sports By Brooks

Sports By Brooks has descended into lunacy. I’ve always defended the website, but the obsession with a non-story has led Brooks to reveal a disturbing element of his personality. Judge for yourself.

Brooks posted a long list of documents showing that Trent Richardson’s family moved to Alabama. This move was something the Pensacola newspaper already reported. Why the need to post all those useless documents? Who knows. It wasn’t a secret. But, this is where it gets interesting.

And very disturbing.

Brooks writes, “With the Richardson family of modest means, it isn’t unreasonable to think that the the (sic) funding of their now-documented move from Pensacola to various locations within the state of Alabama may be outside of NCAA rules.” (Source)

It isn’t?

By Brooks logic, we can reasonably assume that poor people can’t afford to move?

Or, is it that black people can’t afford to move?

Or, maybe poor black people?

Which is it? Because a couple of these reveals a serious problem in the author of this Internet nonsense.

With Brooks’ assertion it isn’t unreasonable to assume he is a racist.

People of “modest means” can afford to do more than you think. Living in Leeds, Alabama is not expensive–it isn’t Vestavia Hills or Mountain Brook or even Hoover. How difficult is it to rent a home? I know people of “modest means” do it on a daily basis. How expensive is it to move? Even poor people can find ways to do it.

Brooks needs to move beyond the plantation mentality and realize this is a new age. It is an age where black people can do all sorts of things. Even when they are of “modest means.”

This latest post by Brooks is disturbing.


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    Nice try… He did not mention race at all. The really disturbing thing is your propensity to play the race card whenever the slightest hint of impropriety is made about UA. This isn’t the first time you’ve tried that tactic.

    • 4

      It isn’t playing a race card when people make racist remarks. For example, Clay Travis made racist remarks and was condemned for it by a Virgin Islands politician.

      Brooks is clearly trying to Willie Horton this whole issue. My point being that Brooks is only talking about black athletes and his idiotic leap of faith on an NCAA rules violation is clearly not supported by his “evidence.”

      If the guy isn’t a racist, he is doing a damn fine job impersonating one.

  2. 5

    Again, we’re talking about a family who is not incurring the tens of thousands of dollars that normal families incur while their child is in college, this because Richardson has a full ride.

    Plus, according to ESPN’s NFL analyst Adam Schefter, Richardson is considered to be THE premiere back in the 2012 draft, assuming he comes out early.

    So if YOU knew that in nine months…really five considering he can sign with an agent as soon as Bama raises the crystal in New Orleans this January…you were about to be a multimillionaire, how would you approach life in the day-to-day?

    You’d do what they’re probably doing. Maxing out every credit card you had. After all, you can easily pay the suckers off in full with a petty fraction of what your signing bonus.

    Besides the fact that Sports by Brooks is racist, he’s also stupid.

  3. 6

    I’m not arguing the validity of this story, although I find it funny that you guys are quick to support SBB when he slanders AU and instantly vilafy him when he says something about UA. My point was simply that he did not make any racial remarks. I challenge you guys to provide one direct quote from the article that indicates racism.

  4. 8
    First Time Caller

    Brooks seems to be grasping at straws here. I mean, what school doesn’t have a booster that provides a rental home to a current player? Come on Brooks, move on to something else and quit being a racist!

    Watch out, Shane. Brooks’ next “drip” is going to shine the light on the person (and the booster club that person belongs to) that provided the rental cars to Mrs Richardson. Remember, she was the poor black woman who could only afford peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her family to eat.

    • 9

      Interesting. So, are you the gumshoe that has uncovered all this or are you just a Never To Yield lackey?

      Once again, how can you prove who rented the car? Is this how you proved the Gadsden Dodge Charger stuff?

      Shane? He has his own website. He teases it on his calls to Finebaum’s show.

  5. 10
    Bobby Justice

    Brooks is and has always been a racist. This just seals the deal because it implies that Mrs Richardson is too poor to move. I know I am stating the obvious but this whole attempt to get Richardson benched is because of his plantation mentality that he should be doing what he does for nothing and that someone else should benefit. It is embarrassing for college football and race relations around the South when the aaawbys try and do these things.

  6. 11
    First Time Caller

    The banners calling someone else racist! That’s a riot! You guys are too funny!

    Y’all just love the blacks so much. You love them as long as:

    1) They can run with the football.
    2) They don’t play for another team.
    3) They don’t get all upitty and try to pledge into a uat sorority.
    4) They don’t think they can play QB at uat.

  7. 12


    Auburn only likes black people who can throw the ball, run it, and agree to the slave trade mentality (see Cam Newton). They ALSO like blacks who will eat steaks like a thoroughbred as long as they keep it down home (Eric Ramsey). Fucking Auburn troll

    • 13

      Don’t forget, they like painting themselves up in black face and wearing klan robes to frat parties. Eric Ramsey loved the way Auburn treated black players. Just ask him.

  8. 14

    Actually ITK …YOU are the racist. You are assuming that when Brooks says “modest means” that he means black people. NEWS FLASH …there are poor white folks, poor hispanic folks, poor Asians, etc. Any of the poor from these these races would also have a tuff time making such a move. You have prejudged his statement by assuming that all poor folks are black.

    It is reasonable for someone to question how poor folks are able to afford moving.

    Once again your hypocrisy is showing. When Brooks twists the prose to flame on Auburn embrace it. When he does that same against Bama, you call him a racist.

    As illustratred above …YOU are the racist.

    • 15

      If you don’t recognize the code words then you either spend way too much time watching Fox News with other Republicans or too much time watching CNN with other communists.

      Get critical thinking skills and you’ll see the Willie Horton scheme that is typical of Auburn fans led by your lunatic fringe.

      But keep it up. It is nice to see racists exposed.

      Someone should call Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton about this shameful display.

      • 16

        I suppose you consider an “athletic Qb” a “code word” also. Like the folks dissing Cam because he was an “athletic QB”. Bret Farve was also deemed an “athletic QB” that didn’t have the makings for an NFL QB. Well …Bret did pretty well and it seems that Cam is also gonna do well.

        You see …there is no difference in Bret and Cam. Both had the athletic “QB stigma” because they were initially thought to break and run too quickly ….not because of skin color. Only racist bring up and notice the skin color. Race shouldn’t be brought into the discussion, but hypocrits with hidden agendas like ITK bring race into the discussion.

        ITK …I see that you will stoop to any level to try and defend the Tahd. You will even employ racism and then try to turn it around and blame other folks for our own racist views.

        Bottom line … general …poor people …of any color ….have a tuff time affording to move without some “help”. That is Brooks point.

        Now if you had said that Brooks was employing rampant speculation ..I could absolutely agree with that. Kinda like the speculative assumptions he made against Cam.

        Since you NOW are so high and mighty about racism ..where were you when all of your ignorant cursing minions on here were accusing Cam of all sorts of nefarious stuff because of his “family” and his “dad’s occupation”. You were sitting on the side laughing without a care that folks you welcome on your very blog were racist. You are a hypocrite.

        By the way ..I am a political middle of the roader and wouldn’t dare to watch Fox or MSNBC. I don’t need folks with agendas to try to tell me how to think. That’s why I come on here bust you for spreading your spin on all things Bama. You are dangerous …you Finebaum …spread and fuel hatred with you spin and slanted dialogue to all of the stoopid minions that believe your spin.

        • 17

          I suppose you mean me and not ITK.

          I’ll take the label of dangerous. I’m dangerous because I tell the truth and AU fans don’t like the truth.

  9. 18

    Hoopie: your dumb ass rebuttal is a typical OLD SOUTH good ole boy Republican rebuttle, with the biggest flaw being BROOKS IS TARGETING AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN FAMILY, NOT JUST ANYONE!! Additionally, all of BROOKS accusations against AU have been quantified and proven to be legitimate. The Trailer Park 4, HBO 4, Cam Newton pay-for-play, etc. Buy a clue

  10. 19
    Lunatic Fringe

    Brooks is racist and the guy proposing an ethical, legal Finebaum boycott is a lunatic making physical threats …

    Don’t think you guys were saying that when Brooks was harping on Cam or when Paul was exposing improper benefits to Langham or Means …

    There’s an old saying … if you keep thinking more and more people around you are crazy, it probably means you’re the crazy one.

  11. 20


    Those who have to write nearly 6 paragraphs to defend their honor on a sports blog are probably racist, I.e. YOU. Read the damn article again, you dumb ass. BROOKS is targeting a young African-American male and his family of “modest means.” Are you going to sit here & tell me that if it was a poor Caucasian player, that he would make an issue of this? You are the GD hypocrite on here. Typical of Auburn University and their plantation mentality.

    Tired Gov Wallace rebuttal coming in 5, 4, 3, 2

  12. 21

    Banner is a bunch of racist biggots it is the augusta national of college football with beer bryant being fuzzy & as long as u do what’s is asked of u we will let u hang around or get u a job as a bank teller.

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