Another day, another Auburn fan wants boycott of Paul Finebaum, Sports Illustrated and WJOX

I’m really starting to worry about Paul Finebaum’s safety. Every week there is some bad news for Auburn, and every week some Auburn fan blames Finebaum. The latest round of Auburn anger comes from Finebaum’s Sports Illustrated column, “Even after winning national title, cloud still hangs over Auburn.” Auburn fans went on the warpath.

The Auburn message boards were the scene of the latest boycott call. The latest is disturbing. One post at Auburn Undercover took issue with calling Auburn a “little brother.”

The post ranted, “The world needs to realize we’re not going to take this crap lying down. I wish he didn’t have a voice, but when national media outlets like CNNSI are willing to let him print garbage such as that and refer to Auburn as ‘little brother’ as if it’s some sort of established fact, he should be run out of business. And as for anyone who supports him, you’re either with us, or you’re against us …”

Interesting thinking. Of course, what else should we expect from the Auburn Family? But read on…

The poster rants, “I directly blame Paul Finebaum as a primary source of how blown out of proportion the Cam issues have been and more importantly as THE source of the animosity between the two fan bases in Alabama that resulted in the killing of treasured, protected, living things.”

The tired old blame game where a media personality is blamed for something that someone else did.

Cam Newton and his Cecil Newton were the problem for Auburn. Finebaum didn’t steal a laptop, commit academic fraud at Florida or pimp his son for $180,000 or $200,000. However, this whole mess is Finebaum’s fault. That NCAA probe of Auburn’s recruiting practices has nothing to do with Auburn’s recruiting practices—it is all because of Paul Finebaum and his radio show on WJOX. Oh, and his Sports Illustrated column.

Or maybe it is El Nino’s fault. Someone start a petition on that.

Then the poster sums up his rage in a very interesting, and disturbing way: “I’ve had it with Paul Finebaum’s existence as a public figure. (if that’s not perfectly clear.)”


Auburn fans have launched an email campaign to ban Finebaum from campus (story here), and now this—it makes one wonder how safe is it for Paul Finebaum to attend this year’s Iron Bowl?

But Finebaum is not the only target of Auburn’s wrath. Fans blame Sports Illustrated and local radio station WJOX. Auburn fans want the boycott to extend to these media outlets.

Another Auburn fan declared, “I don’t have a subscription (although I almost subscribed just to get the Auburn Championship package). I used to think SI was sports icon in the magazine world, but they seem to have jumped the shark. Between hiring PF and having Brad Pitt on the cover, I have lost all respect for them.”

Finebaum’s article sparked rage on Twitter. I Bleed Crimson Red has an excellent rundown of the Twitter meltdown, and this one sums up the Auburn Family. BettyCrocked raged, “@finebaum still struggling with Auburn’s National Championship. What a butthurt little updyke he is….”

Over at Scout’s Auburn fan website, a poll of readers has a majority of Auburn fans wanting Finebaum kept out of the stadium. The general theme was threatening. One poster declared, “Let him buy a ticket and sit in the stands like everybody else. For his sake though, he better buy tickets in the visitor’s section.”

Auburn’s lunatic fringe has made Paul Finebaum its top enemy. Will they win and keep Paul Finebaum away from the Iron Bowl? More importantly, will Finebaum be safe at the game?