Another day, another Auburn fan wants boycott of Paul Finebaum, Sports Illustrated and WJOX

I’m really starting to worry about Paul Finebaum’s safety. Every week there is some bad news for Auburn, and every week some Auburn fan blames Finebaum. The latest round of Auburn anger comes from Finebaum’s Sports Illustrated column, “Even after winning national title, cloud still hangs over Auburn.” Auburn fans went on the warpath.

The Auburn message boards were the scene of the latest boycott call. The latest is disturbing. One post at Auburn Undercover took issue with calling Auburn a “little brother.”

The post ranted, “The world needs to realize we’re not going to take this crap lying down. I wish he didn’t have a voice, but when national media outlets like CNNSI are willing to let him print garbage such as that and refer to Auburn as ‘little brother’ as if it’s some sort of established fact, he should be run out of business. And as for anyone who supports him, you’re either with us, or you’re against us …”

Interesting thinking. Of course, what else should we expect from the Auburn Family? But read on…

The poster rants, “I directly blame Paul Finebaum as a primary source of how blown out of proportion the Cam issues have been and more importantly as THE source of the animosity between the two fan bases in Alabama that resulted in the killing of treasured, protected, living things.”

The tired old blame game where a media personality is blamed for something that someone else did.

Cam Newton and his Cecil Newton were the problem for Auburn. Finebaum didn’t steal a laptop, commit academic fraud at Florida or pimp his son for $180,000 or $200,000. However, this whole mess is Finebaum’s fault. That NCAA probe of Auburn’s recruiting practices has nothing to do with Auburn’s recruiting practices—it is all because of Paul Finebaum and his radio show on WJOX. Oh, and his Sports Illustrated column.

Or maybe it is El Nino’s fault. Someone start a petition on that.

Then the poster sums up his rage in a very interesting, and disturbing way: “I’ve had it with Paul Finebaum’s existence as a public figure. (if that’s not perfectly clear.)”


Auburn fans have launched an email campaign to ban Finebaum from campus (story here), and now this—it makes one wonder how safe is it for Paul Finebaum to attend this year’s Iron Bowl?

But Finebaum is not the only target of Auburn’s wrath. Fans blame Sports Illustrated and local radio station WJOX. Auburn fans want the boycott to extend to these media outlets.

Another Auburn fan declared, “I don’t have a subscription (although I almost subscribed just to get the Auburn Championship package). I used to think SI was sports icon in the magazine world, but they seem to have jumped the shark. Between hiring PF and having Brad Pitt on the cover, I have lost all respect for them.”

Finebaum’s article sparked rage on Twitter. I Bleed Crimson Red has an excellent rundown of the Twitter meltdown, and this one sums up the Auburn Family. BettyCrocked raged, “@finebaum still struggling with Auburn’s National Championship. What a butthurt little updyke he is….”

Over at Scout’s Auburn fan website, a poll of readers has a majority of Auburn fans wanting Finebaum kept out of the stadium. The general theme was threatening. One poster declared, “Let him buy a ticket and sit in the stands like everybody else. For his sake though, he better buy tickets in the visitor’s section.”

Auburn’s lunatic fringe has made Paul Finebaum its top enemy. Will they win and keep Paul Finebaum away from the Iron Bowl? More importantly, will Finebaum be safe at the game?


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  1. 1

    A tree is not a human being. It sounds to me as if Auburn fans have an “underground bounty” out on Finebaum. Auburn has some of the most deluded, crazy fans in the nation. Just start reading all the posts from the Auburn fans that try to rebutt this statement

  2. 2
    Rogue Elephant

    I stopped listening to FunBum years ago because his show ain’t nothin’ but Sound Offs on radio. But he’s always known which buttons to push to get a rise out the UA/AU fans and he’s certainly proven that to his new bosses at CNN/SI with his latest column. Just don’t gloat too much Tide fans, because Bama will probably be next up on FunBum’s hit list since since he knows no shame.

  3. 3

    Bama’s been on his hit list before but it didn’t generate anything even remotely resembling what the sick bastards in the Barnturd Fumblee have stooped to. The most paranoid, inferiority complexed bunch of motherphuckers on the face of the Earth. RTR!

    • 5
      Rogue Elephant

      Yo, Gene, in case you ain’t noticed, FunBum is based in ALABAMA and if he ain’t bad-mouthin’ the Crimson Tide now, he soon will be.

      ‘Cause that’s just the way he is.

      TN, LSU & Ole Miss et al will get their licks too.
      Nutt seems to be especially vulnerable right now, but the Rebel Bears don’t have much of a national following.

      And THAT is what is pizzing the barners off most, ’cause FunBum’s spanking is now going national via CNN/SI.

      What idiot decided to give this jerk a bigger forum to spread his crap is what I wanna know?

  4. 6
    Gerald Tinnon

    *AU is “the littler brother.” Get used to it, it has always been that way and it always will…. *AU is to Bama what Texas A&M is to Texas, what Vandy is to Tennessee and what Oklahoma State is to Oklahoma. That is the absolute indisputable truth…

  5. 11

    Hey Jelks, you butt phucking inbred. Funny you should choose the name of a piece of shyt who was paid by Barnturd boosters to lie to the NCAA with the express intent of getting Bama on probation. Only it didn’t work, dumbass! So tell me cumshot, what was your intent with choosing that name? Maybe you’re masochistic? Wooo Hoooo! RTR!

  6. 12

    The Cult is unraveling. It will only get worse as the NCAA probe comes to full fruition. When they get their NOA (probably by next spring) it will all crumble down as all cults eventually do. David Koresh, Jim Jones, Barn Nation. All the same.

  7. 13

    It seems to me that UA fans are more interested in what Auburn is doing than what their own team is doing. If you think you are so great why are you so worried about us? Oh and by the way your “little brother” ran over you in the iron bowl. #28-27 #wde

    • 14

      yeah, you squeaked by quite a few teams last season. Congratulations for being so lucky. That beatdown you will take this year is going to bring out all kinds of excuses, and most of you dumbasses are already starting to make them. Good luck getting bowl eligible, I am sure you won’t be here after the next few weeks of butthurt you will have to face. Roll Tide! 36-0 is better than 28-27 by the way.

  8. 15

    We understand why you Jethro’s want everyone to quit calling attention to that little cesspool on the plains. That dump can’t stand too much scrutiny, but it’s coming goobers, it’s coming.

    • 17

      But Ted Roof — he won a NC* <— yep, asterisk — they'll have him fired mid-season – watch.

      may start up,

      middle fingers ablazing barners.

    • 21

      F*ck Auburn, Auburns twees, F*ck Chizik, Troopa and the gang, F*ck Aubie, and the bird, F*ck all the cult worshipping Auburn fans, and most of all F*ck you. Ass-Whooping coming 11-26. Go ahead and start your excuses early.

          • 24
            The Flash

            Not being an Auburn fan I don’t really care one way or the other about the trees. I do think it is the traditions of every college that makes college football so great, and the rolling of Toomer’s Corner and those trees is just one of them. But your comment sure illustrates what a small minded person you are.

  9. 27

    You Bammers and your silly dreams. Dream on you bunch of third grade sidewalk alumni. “I wuv alabammer foosball so much even though i don’t know whut county tuscalooser is in roll tahd”

  10. 28
    Danny Sheridan

    You guys need to cut Paul some slack. He is very credible and his inside knowledge of the sport will astound you. He will be breaking some big news about something in the sometime future about some program.

    If you don’t believe me, talk to my lawyer.


  11. 29


    That’s the same tired overused excuse you pathetic, hypocritical, supposedly “Christian” Hillbilly, inbred AU fans have been using for decades. Words of advice to you and the rest of your trailer trash sidewalk, falsely “connected” Auburn “fambly”: SEEK NEW MATERIAL. I did graduate from UA, but I know for a fact MOST AUBURN FANS did not even graduate from ANY college. At least UA’s supposed “myths” regarding their National Championships can be quantified; sadly, there is no empirical data to support most of Auburn’s “myths” about their fanbase and graduates. One Auburn “myth” that was debunked last week: UA was ranked 75th by U.S. World Report and AU was ranked 82nd.

    It’s so hypocritical of Old South Auburn to now say, “You didn’t graduate from Bammer because you fought back” while you toothless, Auburn cyclops “claim” to be mature, CHRISTIAN, Auburn graduates and post all sorts of vulgar trash. If you don’t like the way your WHITE TRASH AUBURN U is being depicted, follow Christ’s teachings and turn the other cheek with your mouth’s closed. I’m sure your toothless, lying, hypocritical, sack of shit Head Coach would tell you the same thing

  12. 31
    Uncle Dick

    Bottom line: If you don’t like what PF is saying don’t support the publication, his radio show or whatever. There is no excuse for anybody getting threatened over this crap! PF will probably say something about the tide I don’t agree with, but i’ll ignore it and go about my business. When did people start getting so mad about football we are ready to jump somebody over some stupid comments they make? Let’s let it be settled on the field, and if your team loses, just tell ’em we’ll get you back next year!

  13. 32

    Uncle Dick,

    the problem is these Auburn fans are petulent little children regarding their team. They’ll tell you the reason they are like this is because they are “more connected” to AU than Bama fans to UA, but that “myth” has already been debunked numerous times. You don’t expand your stadium to 85,000 seats like AU did in ’87 to seat alumni. That’s just fucking stupid, but it’s typical of Auburn thinking. They really need to seek help regarding their “little brother” syndrome

  14. 33

    A cammie-cam juice enema a day will keep Harvey away.But it only provides temporary relief from little brother syndrome.

    • 34
      The Flash

      And maybe saban spritzer enema a day will was out Finebaum’s man juice before it dries inside of you. But it only provides temporary relief from we are the greatest all the time syndrome. ie it will only temporarily make you forget nick saban coached alabama finished fourth in the SEC West last year.

  15. 35

    LOL @ Flash!

    You responded to the wrong person dumb ass, and what’s even funnier is you commenting on LAST season where Bama finished 10th in the country after losing 9-10 starters on defense and 4 on offense from the previous year. Auburn will be lucky to finish 4th in West this year or even win 4 games PERIOD. It will be even more hilarious when AU’s real coach Malzahn moves on and AU’s lying, hypocritical, sock puppet of a HC is left to fend for himself

    • 36
      The Flash

      And it will be even more hilarious when Nick Saban gets tired of you red neck idiots and moves on to his next challange (its about that time possibly after this season according to my sources) and ya’ll spend another 10 years under 5 different coaches floundering and getting beat, what was it 7 years in a row by the barners?

  16. 37
    The Flash

    You’re right, but based on your dumb ass comments, you sound like as big a dik as bamabino! Of course I was referring to last year when CNS Alabamer team finished 4th in the West the year after they won the NC. Just like you are commenting on Auburn the year after they won the NC. But I guess it OK to use excuses as to why Bamer finished 4th in the SEC West, ie “after losing 9-10 starters on defense and 4 on offense from the previous year” but you don’t want to consider all the starters Auburn lost after last year. Bamers and the Barners both suck and deserve each other as neighbors! Tammy and the tree killer, two peas in a pod! LMFAO!

    • 38

      Hey smart guy, Saban went undefeated in the regular season when he started a class full of freshmen. He has won more games in the past 4 years than just about anyone else, too. Bama is just fine. You act like a 10-3 season is complete failure. You see how those guys are playing this season don’t you? If you was man enough to admit the truth, you would admit that you dread the day your team has to play Bama this season, d!ckhead.

      • 39
        The Flash

        “…went undefeated in the regular season when he started a class full of freshmen”
        A class full of freshmen, yea right! Just like a bamer to want to rewrite history or exagerate the accomplishments of bamer and saban. Yes and after going unedeated in “the regular season” he got his ass handed to him in the SEC championship game and then by the mithty Utah Utes!!
        If he did so good with a “class full of freshmen” then yes 10-3 with the returning Hiesman Trophy Winner, Julio Jones, Trent Richardson and others from two or three Number One rated recuiting classes should be considered a complete failure.

        And the real truth is I don’t dread the day my team has to play Bama this season, I’m looking forward to it. You see my team is currenty ranked number 1 in the nation, ahead of your team. And the coach of my team is 2-2 against your coach, including an ass kicking last year! And if your coach, quarterback and team don’t choke this coming weekend it ought to be a great game when my team meet (and beats) the bamers again this year! D’ckhead sucker.

        • 40
          The Flash

          And one more thing, he should have been able to beat ULM with a class full of one armed half blind class of freshmen. But he didn’t so don’t go cherry picking his accomplishments and say stupid things such as “Saban went undefeated in the regular season when he started a class full of freshmen.”

  17. 41

    The Flash:

    who fukin cares about LA Monroe-a game lost by Shula players. Your team won the 2007 NC with Saban’s players and 2 losses due to horrible coaching from your current sack of shyt coach. You dumb fukin corndogs STILL have not gotten over Saban leaving. Explain to me how LSU’s 3-point win over a 3-loss Alabama team is considered an ass whipping? You sound more like an Auburn fan who thinks victories over Mike Shula are accomplishments. Don’t worry, your dumb ass QB won’t make it through an entire game with our defense

    • 42
      The Flash

      You bamer fans are hilarious hypocrites. Miles wins the NC in his third year and you say he did it with Saban’s players. Yet Saban wins the NC at alabamer in his third year but he didn’t do it with Shula’s players. Yet Saban loses to ULM and it’s “Shula’s players” fault! LMFAO! And using your own words against you RC, obviously if my team with it’s “sack of shyt coach” playing with NONE of “Saban’s players” beats a Great Nick Saban coached alabamer team with all of those all american and hiesman trophy winning “Saban players” , then yes even you must consider that an imbarrasment, if not an ass whipping!

      And it is your last comment that actually makes you sound exactly like an Auburn fan by ignoring the facts and talking out of your ass. You see RC our “dumb ass QB” as you call him actualy has more touchdown passes, less interceptions and has been sacked fewer times this year against better competition than your pretty boy QB. And I can only assume you live in Alabamer because you would have to be living under a rock not to know that most of the so called college football experts (well we know their smater than you anyway) have said that LSU’s defense is the best that they have seen this year, and that includes alabamer’s.

      Must be hell to be living with the fact that your team, coached by the greatest coach in college football history, (at least since that cheating drunk, the bear, died) was beat by a sack of shyt coach with second class recruits (obviously since they weren’t recruited by Saban) and by the barners with its lousy coach after sporting them a 21 point lead, in the same year!

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