Arkansas believes it can beat Alabama

VIDEO: Believing they can beat Alabama is a big step for the Razorbacks in pulling off the team\’s first win over the Tide since 2006 but it will take more than that.

Arkansas defensive coordinator Willy Robinson declared Arkansas believes it can beat Alabama in the big SEC football this weekend.

Robinson told KFSM in this video report, “Our players know they can beat this football team. Our coaches know we can beat this football team. Our fans believe we can beat this football team.”

Robinson also shared thoughts on playing on the road at Alabama.

“When you walk into that stadium, you are going into a 100,000-seat stadium, and we have to make sure that we do what we do and play for ourselves, the state of Arkansas and the University of Arkansas.”

Arkansas Razorbacks junior defensive end Tenarius Wright also speaks in this video report. Wright said he expects a “good battle” against Alabama.


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        Hey Vile! Nice to see you again. Still obsessed with Turds, huh? Well, I guess if that is the product you see on the field at a UT game, then it probably does become an obsession.

        Who does Tennessee play this weekend? Whoever it is, get ready to get your Sh*t pushed in!

  1. 8

    Hey Vile! CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP! Go gators!!!!!! Wait a few more weeks fool – it’s a comin’. That azz whoopin’ I mean! RTR!

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    You can believe anything you want. However, when fantasy meets reality, the ‘Hogs will be stomped into the ground once again

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    Bobby Justice

    Agreed. They aren’t even the second best team in the division. We should cover and double the spread. Arky will give up and our killer instincts will not allow us to let up. We prove we are the #1 team in the country this weekend.

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