AUDIO: Nick Saban talks about the Arkansas game & recruiting Florida

Listen to Alabama football coach Nick Saban preview this week’s game against Arkansas. There were a few other interesting comments from Alabama’s football coach too. Click play to listen. There are few additional notes below about recruiting since this is always an important topic for college football fans.

Alabama’s Nick Saban talked about recruiting the state of Florida during this week’s SEC teleconference.

“We think there is a lot of good high school football players in Florida,” Saban said. “We have really stepped up our recruiting down there in the last couple of years to compliment the players we have in our immediate area.

Saban said Florida has a “number of good programs” that develop high school football players.

“There seems to always be a number of guys who are always willing to leave the state,” Saban said. “We are hopeful we can continue to do a good job and take advantage and get some of those players here at Alabama.

Overall success of the Alabama program has helped recruit the state—this includes victories on the field and off-the-field success in helping develop players, Saban said.

Saban said issues with Dolphins did not harm his recruiting efforts in the state. Saban said he was “well received” when he visited recruits in Florida after becoming the Alabama football coach.

“I thought it was actually a positive because everywhere I went it seemed like people knew who I was,” Saban said. “Some knew for the good things we did and some for the bad things.”