Alabama Football: Safety Robert Lester has back spasms; Tide turns focus to SEC play

Alabama Crimson Tide safety Robert Lester was injured during a rout of North Texas. Lester went down on a play during the second half with what Alabama football coach Nick Saban described as back spasms.

“Robert Lester gets back spasms every now and then,” Alabama’s Nick Saban said. “He got bent back a little bit on the play. That’s what he has—back spasms.”

Lester’s condition will no doubt be an important topic during this week as Arkansas brings a potent offense that is expected to challenge the Alabama defense.

Alabama now turns its attention to getting ready for its SEC opener against Arkansas. The Razorbacks defeated Troy 38-28 to set up a game of unbeatens next week.

Alabama worked to use tonight’s game as a way to improve. Saban said in some ways this was accomplished and some ways the team still has room for improvement.

“Now obviously Arkansas has a very good team, so we’re going to have to execute a lot better, but your effort, your mental and physical toughness, all those things should be at the same level all the time if you’re playing the way you’re supposed to play to be to the best kind of player you can be,” Saban said. “That was the challenge, and what we asked everybody to do in this game was challenge yourself to become a better player. To be a better player. Play your best game. Some guys played pretty well out there and I don’t think some guys played as well as they could. We need to get those things corrected because we’re going to play a lot better football teams than what we’ve played to this point.”

Alabama football players were echoing Coach Saban’s thoughts on getting better execution during the SEC schedule.

“You have to get stronger in all aspects playing football,” Alabama defensive lineman Damion Square said. “You make mistakes and then make them right so you can get better in SEC play. We have to get stronger and be consistent.”

Alabama players are anticipating the game against the Razorbacks.

“It’s huge (the game against Arkansas),” Alabama center William Vlachos said. “We know how good they are. Everybody remembers the battle they gave us last year at their place. We are expecting them to be even better and coming with it. We will watch film this week, and go out there and get better.”


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  1. 1

    If we get to the BCSNCG it will be because of the defense. Awesome! North Texas had 8 shots at the goalline thanks to Simms fumbling and a dumbazz official calling pass intefernce on a textbook perfect defensive play, and they never came close to scoring. UNT does not have a bad offense either. They put up 300 yards and 23 points on Houston. But our offense has a way to go yet. The line sucked. Way way to many QB pressures by a defense that is an Awbie clone. And except for five runs, 2 by Richardson and 3 by Lacy, the running game didn’t do shyt. Maze sucked. He dropped a long pass and a td pass. McCarron overthrew a sure td to Hanks and lost 7 yards running out of bounds at the 17 instead of dumping the ball, which cost us a score. Simms still hangs on to the ball too long. And Shelly sucked on 2 chip shot field goals. Still can’t get a KO in the endzone, but with our ST coverage who cares – they’re deadly. No INT’s. Our QB’s will soon be an asset instead of a liability. Arkansas looked like shyt. RTR!

  2. 2

    So far — I have to agree that defense will have to carry this team — offensively — just need to “get it together” and get on the same page — yeah I know the running game has been pretty good along with a few good throws — 3rd downs are KEY this year — our punting is HORRIBLE — that dude needs WAY more power and hangtime — just watch, the kicking and punting will be a factor in the future — mark that — I know McElwain is dealing with new people — but as long as I see improvement every week — I’m happy as a fan — punting, 3rd downs and the offensive line — 3 keys to seal the deal this year — and as always — even the defense can only carry the offense for so long in a game before they’re gassed.

  3. 4

    Yeah, certainly hope Robert is good to go Saturday. Not sure how truthful Saban is being. Two guys helped Lester LIMP off the field. You don’t limp with back spasms. One thing bugged me. 4th down and about 3 inside UNT’s 40 with a 23-0 lead and our defense. Why in hell punt and take the chance on only gaining 20 yards. We need more aggressive play calling than that. So far this year we’ve seen maybe one end around by Maze, some Pistol and some empty backfield impressions of the Spread formation, but no Wildcat. Hopefully we’ll be so far ahead Saturday that we don’t need any trickeroo. But I sure would like to see what happens with Blake Sims running the Wildcat. Course if he’s sent in to run it, half the effect will be lost. He needs to already be in the game at RB in place of Richardson and then when they break huddle have McCarron run off and Richaardson run on and line up in the Wildcat. Talk about confusion. The defense won’t know whether to shyt or go blind. RTR! RAW BEAGLE FLY DOWN THE FIELD – SPLAT!!!

  4. 5

    We should offer the punter from North Texas a spot on our team. Why we cant get a punter that can kick it further than 35 yards completely baffles me. I can go to almost any high school team in America and find a kid that can punt it 40 yards. Its embarrassing.

  5. 6

    This is going to be a long dam season if offense does not come around quick.To get in to the red zone and kick field goals makes me sick.Some one better get it together.To let N Texas get in the red zone as many times as they did is crazy.Is this defense really that good? I know i will catch hell for this but just keeping it real.RTR

  6. 7

    What the hell are you talking about? They were in the red zone twice. Both times after our dumbazz quarterbacks fumbled the ball in our end of the field. We subsequently blocked a field goal and then shut them down 8 plays in a row because the officials were stupid. Obviously you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

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    I was happy to see Lester walking into the locker room. Hope he’ll be fine because we’ll need some INTs come Saturday! RTR!

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    Bamagal- me too. And also was glad to see the clips of Dee Hart running around. Might not help this year but next year for sure. RTR!!

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    I agree that sciatic nerve can affect only one leg. I’ve had problems with my left leg, pain going down to the knee from my back, and I have been told that it is my sciatic nerve.

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