LSU impressive in win over Mississippi State

This is SEC football.

Fundamentally sound. Great defense. Physical offense.

LSU performed like one of the best football team’s in America. Mississippi State performed like a strong, but lesser SEC opponent. The Bulldogs were valiant, but the Tigers were better.

The LSU Tigers beat Mississippi State Thursday night with a simple formula—better athletes and better coaching. Dan Mullen and his Mississippi State Bulldogs did their best and held it close; the Bulldogs showed how difficult a road win can be in the SEC. However, the Bulldogs could not match LSU’s physical style of play.

And it showed.

LSU dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage.

The Bulldogs had no answer to the power and strength of the LSU running game and play action passing game.

The Bulldogs had no answer to LSU’s defensive line. The offensive line was not able to give MSU’s quarterbacks much time to throw, and when the quarterbacks did find time to throw, the LSU defensive backs made plays.

LSU held Mississippi State to 49 yards rushing. LSU gained 148 yards on the ground. LSU held Mississippi State to 190 yards of total offense. LSU gained 361 yards of total offense. LSU held the ball for 36:04 and allowed Mississippi State to have the ball for only 23:53.

LSU’s gameplan was just what the team needed against the Bulldogs. Les Miles put Jarrett Lee in good position to make plays in the passing game—and Lee responded. It was excellent coaching by Miles—and how often do you hear that? Sure, Miles tried to mess things up with the goofy kickoff play in the third quarter, but it did not harm the Tigers.

It was an impressive performance.

It served notice to everyone in the conference—LSU’s defense is good enough to challenge for a championship.

It served notice to everyone in the conference—Mississippi State is a decent team, but has much further to go before it can be considered a top SEC team. Dan Mullen lost to a team with a great defense this week, and last week he lost to a team with a pitiful defense. He had a chance last week. Tonight, the LSU defense was overpowering.

This type of game makes everyone anticipate games like LSU-Arkansas, Alabama-Arkansas and Alabama-LSU.

It will take a real offensive genius like Bobby Petrino to challenge the LSU defense or the Alabama defense. Those matchups will be interesting and exciting.

When Alabama plays LSU you should expect both teams to pound on each other. Who will win? The team with a better offensive line.

Just like what ordinarily determines championships.


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        The Flash

        Hey Crimson Hammah,
        Well Bama did beat NT 40-0, yet not only did Bama not extend it lead in the AP poll, it got jumped by LSU. So maybe you should do yourself and everybody else a favor and just quit thinking altogether.

  1. 4

    Are you nuts? Did you take a Mark Slawback pill, or what? LSU was pathetic. 2 field goals through 3 quarters. Tied 6-6 through 3 quarters. In the 4th quarter even with turnovers and 20 yards of Miss St offense LSWho could only come up with 2 field goals and a late td. 4 field goals and a td against a defense that has given up 60+ points in the last two weeks against unranked teams. Bwaa haww haww! Bama will definitely extend their lead over LSWho in next weeks poll. The SEC Championship will be played in Tuscaloosa on September 24th. You must be smoking Crack! RTR!

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      The Flash

      Well Crimsonite seems your not as smart as you think you are. Bama devinitely did NOT extend their lead in the poll, but in fact got jumped in the AP poll by LSU, and got fewer first place votes than LSU in the Coaches poll. Like Crimson Bammer Hammer above, you prove your just a hommer with not as much football knowledge as you think.

      Have a great day!

  2. 6

    I’m not sure Crimsonite….I’ve been pretty impressed with LSU lately. Defense wins championships (except at Auburn, where horseshoes and 4 leaf clovers win championships), and they have looked good defensively.

    I will say one thing…..Les Miles is still their coach. If he stays out of the way, they just might have a chance…..

    I think Bama and LSU match up well. I would give the edge to Alabama because of coaching.

  3. 7

    I’m sorry but I love this quote from another Bama site…

    “Auburn on the other hand is the proverbial broken clock that is right twice a day. No matter how bad they look at times, they always seem to make the critical play, get every close and/or controversial call called their way and just generally fall bass ackwards into wins. I expect Auburn to win this one late on a field goal as time expires. The kick will be short, but will miraculously land on the back of a snow white dove that will carry it through the uprights. Bank on it.”

  4. 8

    And how about Jarrett Lee looked like a good quarterback to me. Aside from the one pick, which looked like a miscommunication between he and his receiver, Lee distributed the ball with authority. Gotta put continual pressure on him, but he didn’t look like the same QB we’ve seen before.

  5. 9

    I agree, Lee looked much better than I’ve ever seen him, and LSWho’s D appeared impressive. But you have to look deeper than superficial appearances. MSU’s D never pressured him and still with only about 150 yds passing in a game desperately needing points against a terrible defense LSWho’s O was pitifully anemic. Come’on guys, that MSU defense gave up about 20 points to Memphis and 45 to Awbie. If we played tomorrow I’d take your bets on Bama shutting LSWho out. Our O with a rookie QB put up equal yards and more points against a defense equal to LSWho’s when we beat Penn St. Now you can say that LSWho’s D shut down MSU’s O, but what kind of O was it? Who the hell knows? They scored a lot on, ha ha, Memphis. But scored a lot less on Awbie than Utah St did. Those offensive points were scored against two unranked teams one of which has statistically the worst defense in the nation. So the question is, did LSWho’s D look awesome, or did MSU’s O look like shyt? The questions are out there. Answers anyone? RTR!

  6. 10

    I thought Mullen gave up when they got the ball back with just under 3 minutes to go…down by 13…had all 3 timeouts. They had horrible play calls, no urgency, and didn’t burn a single timeout. Hell, Mullen…why not take a knee?!? What a cop out!! I thought, as usual, MSU was overhyped after a sloppy performance against Memphis and LSU has a vanilla offense (just like last year – until they played us and we made them look like superstars). It will be interesting to see our matchup with both of those teams and I hope we fare better against the Tigers than last year! ROLL TIDE!!

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      The Flash

      Did you just say that a Nick Saban coached defense made LSU’s vanilla offense look like superstars when they played Alabamer last year? I think you did! Thank about that. You can’t say that about god, I mean CNS! He’s the best defensive coach in the nation and was coaching against Les Miles, right?! Hope you don’t live in the State of Alabama, if so you better watch your back. At least until the rednecks there realize that CNS is not god.

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