SEC Notebook: Georgia lacks leadership; MSU fails to make a statement

Georgia is one of the best programs in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Yet, Georgia has underachieved for the last decade. The Bulldogs have played second fiddle to the Florida Gators in the SEC East, and now it looks like the Bulldogs are ready to take second chair to the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Georgia is ten times a better program than South Carolina.

Pick your metric. Georgia has advantages South Carolina would love to have.

Georgia has more tradition; just look at Bulldog history and the names who have played for the University of Georgia.

Georgia is wealthier.

Georgia has a better recruiting area.

However, there is one thing Georgia seems to lack—leadership.

Watching Georgia play football these days reminds me of watching Alabama play football under Mike Shula.

Georgia deserves better than this. Georgia deserves to win football games in the fourth quarter instead of handing games away.

No doubt some ESPN talking head or AJC media lackey will spin the South Carolina loss as a valiant defeat for the noble Bulldogs. They might even talk about the improvements from the Boise State loss, and the strong character exhibited by Georgia.

You can’t spin a loss.

Georgia is in decline. South Carolina is on the rise.

Everyone likes Mark Richt, but there is no other person to blame for allowing Georgia to fall below South Carolina.

Mississippi State fails…again
Mississippi State failed miserably on the road against Auburn. The Bulldogs looked lost, confused and out-hustled. Sure, the Auburn defense looked bad, but the Mississippi State gameplan was even more inept—and Auburn’s defense made the plays when it counted.

If Dan Mullen and Mississippi State want to be taken seriously as challengers in the SEC West, the Bulldogs need to make a statement against a quality opponent.

Sooner would be better, or else Mississippi State will have to wait another year.


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    The officialls robbed Miss St. They lost 15 seconds because Mullen couldn’t get them to call a timeout. However, you don’t wait until there is only 6 mimnutes left and you’re behind by 14 to start playing defense. And Relf royally phucked up on the last play by trying to score standing up instead of diving and then unbelievably he went down 2 inches from the goal when all he needed to do was extend the ball across tthe line. Dumb, dumn and double dumb! If State’s defense had even an inkling of speed they would have cut down Awbies yards after catch by 75% and would have won going away. Oh well at least now we know the West is only a 3 team race. But we found out we may have to actually show up to beat Tennessee. Dooley has ’em playing some ball. RTR!

  2. 4

    The barn goes on the road then has to start the gauntlet…The 2 cupcakes are over. And the Tide will be bringing another 36-0 this year at Jurdan-Hair

  3. 5
    Bobby Justice

    That game was another case of the better team losing because of a lack of execution. 9 times out of 10 Relf runs that one in. No way the awbys could have stopped the two point conversion either. It took Relf tripping on his own shoe laces to beat state and a miracle onside kick to beat the aggies. Probably the worst team in the SEC this year, cant wait to whip their ass later this year. I think we can put 50 on that pitiful defense. I hope they keep their DC for a long long time.

  4. 6

    Who ever gets the Georgia job is walking in to
    a gold mine in talent in that state. Just close the
    borders and kick Bama and the cow college out
    watch the W’s pile up. RTR

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    I am not going to make a comment about the South Carolina-Georgia game. Nor Auburn and Mississippi State. I could care less for either one of the schools. But to the first poster on here- Take a frigging hike and go kiss some Operation Red Dog azzes

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