SEC Expansion: There is a menace in college football and it is Texas

Memo to the University of Texas: Nobody wants you in their conference. Your ego is too big, and your greed is larger than the state in which you reside.

Everyone knows it.

And it is killing college football.

And it is hurting Texas football with schools like Baylor and Texas Tech left twisting in the wind.

The University of Colorado president is no fan of a return to playing its former Big XII rivals. According to the Denver Post, “We’ll see what Texas does with their (Longhorn) network. Texas likes things Texas’s way,” University of Colorado President Bruce Benson said. (Source)

In other words, anyone else take Texas.


This isn’t right. The University of Texas and its Longhorns are college football royalty. It is one of the best programs because it has some of the best fans and some of the best and brightest minds in all of college football. It is one of the best universities in this nation.

However, hubris has infected the Longhorns.

As Billy Liucci said on Paul Finebaum’s radio program, “Texas underestimated A&M and overestimated their own program.” (Source).

Now Oklahoma is threatening to chart its own course with Coach Bob Stoops talking about an end to the traditional shootout with Texas.

According to’s Jake Trotter via Twitter, “Stoops doesn’t rule out possibility of OU-Tex series stopping ‘life changes’” (Source)

The Sooners could head to the Pac-12.

Will they be free from their Longhorn overlords?

Probably not.

If Oklahoma had any backbone, the school would follow Texas A&M to the SEC.

Oklahoma has more in common culturally with the SEC than with the West Coast. This includes fan passion for football.

And the cheating.

Oklahoma would fit right into the nation’s best football league.

However, Oklahoma’s leadership wants none of that. Oklahoma’s leadership should pick a course either the Pac-12 or SEC that would shout its independence from Texas. However, it is doubtful the administration has the courage to do so.

Other schools around the Big 12 know the conference’s days are numbered. The Chancellor of the University of Kansas released a statement Tuesday that sounded like a lament for the conference.

“It’s obviously disappointing that it has come to this point. Keeping the Big 12 strong and competitive remains our top preference, but no matter what happens we’re going to continue to work in the best interests of the University of Kansas. That’s our number one priority and it’s what we’ve been focused on throughout the process as we’ve looked at all our options when it comes to conference realignment,” University of Kansas Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little said. (source)

It might be too soon to write the Big 12 obituary. It could linger on life support for a few weeks or years longer. The official voice of the Texas athletic department, Chip Brown of is reporting of a great pause in conference expansion and realignment. According to Brown, college football’s major players could use this pause initiated by Baylor’s threats of a lawsuit over Texas A&M’s entry into the SEC. The major powers could use this pause to carefully chart the future course of college football. (Source)

Slow down now? Why?

When Texas wants to do something, it moves at a rapid pace. Just check out the creation of the Longhorn Network for proof.

Now events have spun out of Texas’ control. Other schools and conferences are in charge.

Texas is desperate to slow things down. Otherwise, Texas’ serfs in the Big 12, including Oklahoma, might bolt to freedom.

As Blair Kerkhoff of said, “No other major power, not Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, anybody, acts on its arrogance as destructively as Texas.” (Source)

There is a menace in college football. It is Texas.

Why should anyone pause to let the menace regain control of conference expansion and realignment?