Peep of the Week: The Georgia Bulldogs's Peep of the Week: The Georgia Bulldogs
Congratulations Georgia! introduces a new weekly feature here on the website: The Peep of the Week.

If you’re not familiar, Peeps are a light, fluffy, tasty marshmallow treat guaranteed not to fill you up if eaten, or hurt you if thrown at your face at 30mph from two feet away.

Like this fluffy snack, this week’s Peep of the Week, our first, goes to the Georgia Bulldogs!

The only thing softer than the Bulldog’s play against Boise State in the Georgia Dome Saturday night was the decision to wear ridiculous uniforms that looked like a Red Power Ranger parade.

A close third (reason) would have been yet another game where Head Coach Mark Richt looked absolutely lost on the sidelines. Richt is a good man, but a head coach that the game has passed by.

Thank you Georgia for single-handedly keeping Boise State in the BCS discussion again this year by laying down in primetime on college football’s opening weekend.

Because of you, we have to listen to B.S. for the next ten weeks as commentators ignore the fact that the Broncos defeated an also-ran SEC team, destined to finish no better than third in their division, on one weekend of the year, not having to face the SEC schedule week in and week out.

Congratulations Georgia. You earned it!

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