NCAA reaches new low in battle against Paul Finebaum

The NCAA has reached a new low in its war against Paul Finebaum. An NCAA flack defending inept president Mark Emmert tweeted an article from the equivalent of Pravda or TASS—the Never To Yield Foundation, a pro-Auburn group that makes Phillip Marshall look reasonable. Ronnie Ramos, the NCAA’s managing director of digital communications, is clearly reaching. Could he have gone further to the fringe to find a pro-NCAA and anti-Finebaum slant? (Here is the tweet from the NCAA’s managing director of digital communications.)

It looks like Ramos fits in at the inept organization that has allowed college corruption to reach unimaginable proportions. Parents shopping players for $180,000 or $200,000 is just fine—no violation here! Move along! Play next week!

All you have to do is look at another of his tweets to see what some at the NCAA are doing. Ramos tweeted, “understand there will be criticism; it’s the over the top attacks and false info we will correct.” (Source)

False information? What was false in Paul Finebaum’s assertion that NCAA president Mark Emmert has failed as president? He has. Any objective observer—in other words any person outside of the NCAA payroll or outside of Auburn—would conclude the world of college football is dirty because the NCAA has failed.

Is it selective enforcement?

Perhaps. It is clear that Ramos’ tweet illustrates a deep division within the NCAA.

Clearly, some in the NCAA find the Cam Newton situation disgraceful and want to get to the bottom of the scandal.

In other words, some noble souls within the NCAA desire justice.

However, a few persons occupy the opposite position and worry more about perception than reality.

These digital warriors decide to open an offensive against voices crying out in the wilderness—voices crying out for reform and responsible leadership.

How sad.