NCAA reaches new low in battle against Paul Finebaum

The NCAA has reached a new low in its war against Paul Finebaum. An NCAA flack defending inept president Mark Emmert tweeted an article from the equivalent of Pravda or TASS—the Never To Yield Foundation, a pro-Auburn group that makes Phillip Marshall look reasonable. Ronnie Ramos, the NCAA’s managing director of digital communications, is clearly reaching. Could he have gone further to the fringe to find a pro-NCAA and anti-Finebaum slant? (Here is the tweet from the NCAA’s managing director of digital communications.)

It looks like Ramos fits in at the inept organization that has allowed college corruption to reach unimaginable proportions. Parents shopping players for $180,000 or $200,000 is just fine—no violation here! Move along! Play next week!

All you have to do is look at another of his tweets to see what some at the NCAA are doing. Ramos tweeted, “understand there will be criticism; it’s the over the top attacks and false info we will correct.” (Source)

False information? What was false in Paul Finebaum’s assertion that NCAA president Mark Emmert has failed as president? He has. Any objective observer—in other words any person outside of the NCAA payroll or outside of Auburn—would conclude the world of college football is dirty because the NCAA has failed.

Is it selective enforcement?

Perhaps. It is clear that Ramos’ tweet illustrates a deep division within the NCAA.

Clearly, some in the NCAA find the Cam Newton situation disgraceful and want to get to the bottom of the scandal.

In other words, some noble souls within the NCAA desire justice.

However, a few persons occupy the opposite position and worry more about perception than reality.

These digital warriors decide to open an offensive against voices crying out in the wilderness—voices crying out for reform and responsible leadership.

How sad.


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    FBJ Lives

    I thought Emmert was Sabans butt buddy. I guess when you run you mouth and point those fingers of yours for months, and nothing becomes of it, you will try anything to see if it sticks. This matter is going nowhere, so get used to it, jackasses 🙂

  2. 2
    FBJ Lives

    I thought Emmert was Sabans butt buddy. I guess when you run your mouth and point those fingers of yours for months, and nothing becomes of it, you will try anything to see if it sticks. This matter is going nowhere, so get used to it, jackasses 🙂

    • 3

      There you are FBJ! How about that Utah St. comeback? Shoot, only a fool would have thought Utah St. had a chance against Auburn, huh? You are still a joke, just like the quality level of Auburns football team this year.

      • 4
        Mike Reaves

        They almost beat us did’t they Brando? We weren’t playing horseshoes.Seems like last year we had to come from behind to beat this no-name punk football team coached by this little hobbit, they gave us a scare But after we did spot them 24 points, I bet we don’t make that mistake again.

  3. 5


    With this recent “article” these guys have demonstrated one very clear truth: there is no amount of evidence(or lack thereof) or statement that the NCAA could make, that would lead them to concede AU is innocent. In other words, they are now committed to a non-falsifiable theory (i.e., it’s not possible that AU is innocent). Most educated individuals recognize that any good theory must be falsifiable. The fact that these guys throw that to the side speaks VOLUMES.

    • 6


      The NCAA has not cleared Auburn, and continues its wide-ranging probe. We know this because the NCAA confirms the AU investigation. Also, the Birmingham News has confirmed a probe into Tiger Prowl. There are other probes in other states, according to independent media outlets.

      Auburn likely paid Cam based on the simple fact that people are greedy and generally like Machiavelli pointed out–selfish. I doubt anyone would shop their son to one team and then give their son to another. It defies everything we know about mankind.

      For us to believe AU is innocent requires us to forgo everything we know about humanity.

      No thanks.

      I’ll trust history and continue to think mankind sucks. And few people suck more than a father who would shop his son, or a son that stole a laptop, committed academic fraud, etc.

      • 8

        “I doubt anyone would shop their son to one team and then give their son to another. It defies everything we know about mankind.”

        I don’t know about that. If there’s one thing I know about people, it’s that the majority of them are chicken-shit scared when they’re caught. Is it really THAT hard to fathom that Cecil shopped Cam to MSU, received a less-than-favorable reaction, and then decided that said shopping maybe wasn’t such a good idea?

        To say that believing AU is innocent “requires us to forgo everything we know about humanity,” is to assert that there is no possibility of change with a prescribed plan of action. If this is so, then the world would be a much different place.

        • 9

          That is plausible.

          If we assume Miss State reacted badly to the proposal.

          So, we’d have to think Miss State had more virtue than most college football programs?

  4. 12


    You just totally disqualified ANY remarks you say or may say in the future with phrases like “butt buddy”… As I have pointed out before, it doesn’t even matter if you can find a paper trail of money or not, the NCAA rule is that no one may shop around a player whether a family member or not… The fact that it has been admitted that Newton’s Dad shopped him IS the violation…

    • 13

      That’s not been “admitted.” What WAS admitted was that Mr. Newton had been involved in a discussion. Kenny Rogers is the only person who “shopped” Cam Newton, and that was only to MSU. I know y’all hate facts, but no other school who recruited him was asked for money. No one had any inkling he would be as good as he was. Hell, he was third on the depth chart at UF. Y’all need to worry about your own problems.

          • 16

            Here is what the NCAA said was agreed upon by all parties…Daddy Newton shopped Cam ACTIVELY TOGETHER WITH AN AGENT. To wit:

            “According to facts of the case agreed upon by Auburn University and the NCAA enforcement staff, the student-athlete’s father and an owner of a scouting service worked together to actively market the student-athlete as a part of a pay-for-play scenario in return for Newton’s commitment to attend college and play football. NCAA rules (Bylaw 12.3.3) do not allow individuals or entities to represent a prospective student-athlete for compensation to a school for an athletic scholarship.”

  5. 19

    Cam didn’t buy a stolen laptop….he stole it out of a dorm room. Get your story straight and quit trying to act like he is a saint. He is a proven thief, cheater and liar.

    • 20
      Mike Reaves

      And we won the 2010 national Championship, so get over it. We’re not going to spot yall any points this year.

      • 21

        You will be lucky to score any this season. On side kicks and trick plays is all you have to hang your season on this year.

  6. 22

    I point out to barners what the Wall Street Journal had to say about them Friday . Just because they don t feel ashamed of their program doesn t mean they shouldn’t t be ashamed.

      • 26

        Because if you don’t live in the Southeast, you don’t care, certainly don’t participate since 85 percent of the callers are from Alabama and 10 percent from the surrounding states . . . and in all likelihood . . . you don’t even listen to this show. Last I knew the NCAA was a national organization.

    • 28
      Mike Reaves

      Hey Aub. fans , should we cut these Bammers a break, after all were taking an unfair advantage. They are mentally challenged. They make it to easy. They know we own them , that makes them so angry they’ve kept this gripe going for 8mo.s solid by lieing and cheating. What really makes them mad is that they have this tiny little bitty hobbit for a coach, you can’t possibly take him serious!

      • 29

        Its “too easy” Mr. Reaves. I am a younger man and I only hope that you have not reproduced. My generation cannot afford another ignorant child.

        PS: God is dead

        • 30
          Mike Reaves

          Mike is it ? I don’t know how to respond to a statement like this.I feel sorry for you and will pray for you. The ignorant child part is not what’s disturbing. It’s the PS part, I hope and pray that you don’t mean what you say.You don’t realize what a dangerous statement you made. Please don’t teach your children your view. Let them make up their own mind.

  7. 32

    They will always ignore what the rest of the country thinks about them and blame it all on us conspiring misguided bammers

  8. 35

    Listen we all know the Aubie’s are permanently damaged. While they were winning some games, we were winning the trophies. They will never forgive us for that.

    I kinda feel for them….Its tough growing up in big brothers shadow. You can read the psychological effects it has had on them on this site.

  9. 36

    Ct Hudson:

    Sorry but it was established LONG AGO that Auburn is Alabama’s LITTLE BRO. That will never change no matter how many paid players suit up for AU. Maybe a decade from now if Bama hires an idiot after Saban, you guys can LEGITIMATELY win Iron Bowls again


  10. 37


    • 39

      I’m not Shane. He hasn’t written here in some time. But let me say that your comment shows you are despicable.

  11. 40

    Congratulations, bammers…you’ve managed to annoy the NCAA so much with your incessant blather about tin foil hat conspiracy theories and Auburn, they’re linking to Never To Yield articles now. Quite an accomplishment really. Normally being that sick of bammer crap takes having the misfortune of sharing a state with you. You’ve truly outdone yourselves.

      • 42

        I think you can take the fact that they’re pushing back on your nutty accusations as a hint that won’t be happening.

        28-27 on your grass, we won the national championship. Deal with it.

        • 43

          There is nothing to deal with. You can have your once-in-a-lifetime National Championship. Bama has a trophy case full of them, and will be in the hunt to add to it this year once again. Your bring your jealous ass on a Bama website, and all you got is, we won the NC, 28-27! You are pretty pitiful. All you can do is relive last season, while pretty much the whole SEC is passing you by already. Hang on to that 28-27 for just a few more months. That ass-whooping is coming and you know it.

  12. 44
    Tom Albetar

    Everyone come please to my suit store for meeting of Alabama players. Have photograph make for $20 with all of stars on team and get sharp suit to boot.

    Roll Allah-bama!

    • 45
      Yeller Feller

      Are there any real good college football players out there needing some extra cash? The come on down to Auburn! We have the highest salary cap in the SEC, and boy are we desperate right now, so you could name your price! If interested, just contact my main man Mr. Waygand at 1-800-DEAD-OAK

  13. 46
    Tom Albetar

    Mr Yella Fella,
    Please to be leaving this place. I am number one rogue booster in this place. Nick Sabbin, Julio, Rent Trichardson and his momma, Mark Ingram are all satisfied customers of my suit emporium. The only one not welcome here is Mark Ingram’s father. He steals. Everybody else gets great deal on suit. All it takes is a few autographs for Tom.

    Tom Albetar

    • 47
      Yeller Feller

      I hear ya, Mr. Albetar. Just don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. But you just send them thieves my way. Those are the types of boys I am talking about! Especially laptop stealing ones. They seem to be desperate enough, and shoot, we ain’t got noting to lose! I just wonder how much money I can make off them dead trees once I saw them up and put that yeller feller sticker on them. I bet you would by some of that to put in your window now wouldn’t ya? Give me a call, and lets make a deal!

  14. 48
    Grim Reaper

    Can someone give me directions to Centerpoint? This storm is messing up the reception on my GPS.

    For the record, I am not associated with any type of penalty, so please quit spamming my email about Cam Newton. I do not have anything to do with the “Death Penalty”. However, I do have a message to you from 2 people currently roasting in the lake of fire; a Mr Paul Bryant and Mr Logan Young. They asked me to tell you to cover your tracks a little better next time. They said you would understand.

    Anyway, point me along to Centerpoint and I’ll be on my way.

  15. 49
    Danny Sheridan

    Man, I can’t believe you stupid rubes bought that “bagman” load of garbage I was peddling! You rednecks are dumber than a sack of hammers!

    Paul said, “Danny, just come on the show and make up the most preposterous tale and these braying jackasses will eat it up!”

    I thought he was pulling my leg, but he was dead on. You all are the stupidest morons in the world!

  16. 50
    Tom Albetar

    Mr Yella Fella,
    I don’t want anything to do with you. I saw how you clean up town of Rotwood, and Walt Maddox say he don’t want you around Tuscaloosa. He say you bust this place up worse than the tornado. He say “lot of bad people in Tuscaloosa”.

    Stay away. However, if you want nice signed jersey of Rent Trichardson, let me know. He only rush for 37 yards against junior high team, so I have to cut prices to move them out.

  17. 51
    Auburn fans are going to hell

    I’m the Grim Reaper’s brother. Shug Jordan was a weak faggot coach who ran with Phenix City mobsters and prostitutes and was instrumental in killing Albert Patterson in 1954.

    Coach Jordan was a shell of a man after Coach Bryant took his manhood in the ’60’s

  18. 52
    Shane from Centerpoint

    You pricks had better not give the grim reaper directions to my trailer .

    Somebody bum me a ciga cig a smoke.

    Roh Tahd

  19. 53
    Gene Chizik cuckolded by Gus Malzahn

    I will continue to fuck Coach Chizik’s wife until I become a head coach or work for somebody else who is at least smarter than I

  20. 55
    Auburn sold its soul to the devil to beat Alabama

    “Them Bammer people are so mean to us Auburn folk. We nobody’s little brotha, but we’s gonna stomp our feet and act like little pussy baby children if we don’t getsa our way”-Auburn fan

  21. 56
    Terri Saban

    I wish somebody would fuck me. Nick’s tiny weiner has never worked and I’m too old and wrinkled to attract anything other than a day laborer. Hell, I can’t even get a horny teenager to beat me out.

  22. 58
    Jonna Chizik

    I hope The Gus Bus never leaves our driveway. For the last 3 years, I’ve never experienced as much pleasure in my life. You all understand. I’m married to a man who has a 1-inch dick and no fucking teeth!!

  23. 60

    It is unbelievable that a school like Alabama will point fingers and accuse another school of cheating. What happened to Alabama as the bastion of class?

    Alabama calling Auburn cheaters is calling the kettle black. Any school that has been on probation as long as Alabama does not need to call anyone any names.

    It will be your own arrogance that will take Alabama under again.

    • 61

      But Auburn is just so much better at cheating than Bama. But it’s okay if you get away with it. And there is no teams fanbase as arrogant as Auburns, and all over a team that has accomplished so little compared to the team they hate the most.

  24. 62

    “Them damn bammers are cheaters. So what if we are 3rd in NCAA history for Major Violations and 1st In SEC HIstory. We are the loveliest damn village on de Plains and God loves us. Plus, even though it can’t be proven, all our fans graduated from here and Bammers have no schoolin. They arrogant we not. We don’t needsa look in our own mirrors.”

    Stupid fucking Auburn hypocrites

  25. 63
    Dewayne Hughes

    So, when SPuat gets nailed again and pass Auburn with their Major NCAA Violations…which they will…are they going to claim that as another Championship? When the next one hits, uat will be shooting towards 20 CONSECUTIVE YEARS of NCAA probation (uat already holds the record of 17 consecutive years, smashing the previous record by 13…and they have the most sporting teams currently on probation, iirc it’s 14 teams.) Good luck in Indy trying to plead your case of 36 “Secondary” Violations, that doesn’t include Darren Woodruff, Tom Albetar or Collin Wells.

  26. 65

    Ol Dewayne, the Auburn hypocrite:

    Alabama has not been on probation for 17 Consecutive Years, epic fail. Check your sources. Also, NOBODY is going to touch Nick Saban’s Alabama program. They’re NOT under investigation NOR WILL THEY BE INVESTIGATED as long as Saban is there. So please, Auburn FAGGOTS, please keep making pilgrimages to Tuscaloosa to try to get them in trouble. I will bash in the head any hypocritical, faggot Auburn fan who tries to get my school in trouble

  27. 66
    Mike Reaves

    Come on guys, it’s alright to have some fun but these made up blog names are ridiculous. Lets stop with the profanity and blasphamy., Or you will cause the blog to be shut down. Use a little common sense and decency. I’m an Aub. fan and i ask my Aub friends who are using this site to restrain.

  28. 67

    “Mike, Bammer cheated dammit, we love dis site. When Chette pays our players, he does it in the name of the Lawd. Pastor Chette told Cecil that the Laaawd wokz in mysteriiiiious ways. When Bammer cheats, Chette says it’s the DEVIL.”-Idiot Auburn fan

  29. 68

    Mike Reaves, you are a fucking Auburn hypocrite. You bash Saban, and now you want to play nice? Eat a dick asshole

  30. 69

    BTW, you fucking Auburn religious hypocrites:

    When I go to Jordan-Hare in a few months and I see any of your hypocrite “Christian” fans carrying around a skeleton with a houndstooth and Crimson jacket, I’m going to beat the bitch up, man, woman, or inbred child. I’ll also retaliate in other ways. You’ll see. Goodnight, you bunch of morally and ethically hypocritical corrupt gingerbreads

  31. 71

    Looks like some administrative restrictions need to be put on this site. When you let the Aubs in, everything kinda goes to hell.

  32. 72

    Auburn people are a bunch of Old South hypocrites. They’ll come on here, start a bunch of crap, talk about Alabama coaches, then pull out the “Christianity” card when retaliated against. Does anyone seriously want FYI, Mike Reaves, etc praying for them with their mouths? God resents false disciples

  33. 74

    I knew the discussions were getting a little ridiculous, when the Aubs were resorted to the “hobbit coach” argument.

    Don’t they remember Terry Bowden?

  34. 77

    Seems all they remember is Crimson Tide football and everything associated with it. I must admit these last posts have been ridiculous but at the same time comical.

  35. 78

    Oh, well….. Here are my predictions for this week (for anyone who cares)

    Alabama 28 Penn State 17
    Miss St. 42 Auburn 14

  36. 79

    Whore, I must say you are too kind spotting them tiger birds 14 points. I don’t think their special teams can punch in those points. Everyone join hands with the Fambly in their time of need and pray they score on Miss State this week. Twice at that. Amen.

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