SEC: Portent of horror or Auburn gets strategery?

Watch highlights of Auburn’s epic win over Utah State. The Auburn Tigers came from behind against an equal opponent in Saturday’s early SEC action. The Tigers defeated Utah State 42-38.

Auburn won with an impressive 3 of 9 on third down conversions and an overpowering 364 total yards while surrendering only 449 total yards to Utah State’s offense. Auburn controlled the clock with an impressive 22:09 in time of possession compared to Utah State’s meager 37:41. Auburn was a disciplined team committing only 7 penalties for 60 yards.

What was most impressive was Auburn’s rushing attack and rushing defense. Auburn gained an amazing 78 yards on the ground on 30 rushes, but surrendered only 215 yards rushing on 51 attempts (4.2 yards per rush average).

Was this a portent of future horror as Auburn’s SEC football schedule begins? Or was this simply Auburn getting stategery (like George W. Bush) and hiding all its weapons to unleash on the unsuspecting Mississippi State Bulldogs?


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    Nope. The truth is they sucked. Were whipped all over the field. I still don’t know how the hell they won. in any case it’s all over for this season in Barnytown. RTR!

  2. 2
    Allen Grimes

    Hey Bama fans,
    Just wanted to say congrats on a BIG win over Kent St. I wish my team would have won that big but after the scare I got I am happy with the win we got. I am a realist. I know that we are going to have a up hill battle most of the year. But bama looked great. I wish ya’ll luck, until us of course. And PLEASE!!!! Beat Penn State!
    Auburn Fan
    God Bless and have a great weekend!

  3. 6

    yeah your “heisman hopefull” looked as dominating as ever. What he finish with ? 37 yards? Imprssive against that power house of a defense in Kent State. Look no one expected Auburn to be Undefeated this season, But EVERYONE is expecting bama to be. That will make watching bama nation burn even more enjoyable when they lose 3 or more games this season.

    • 7

      keep telling yourself that so you can sleep when your head hits the pillow. Enjoy the first of your 3 wins this year.

    • 8

      Suddenly the twee huggers are lowering expectations… a little late for the reality to be setting in, isn’t it? Here’s the deal. Alabama is an elite program; Auburn is about to be exposed as a one trick pony (and the trick was a suitcase full of loot). The sanctions are going to bomb you back to the Stone Age… no kid, not parent, coach or advisor will point a kid toward your oaks for 5 years. Find another passtime. This one is going to be far too miserable to sustain.

  4. 12

    BTW Aubies, I really wouldn’t talk a lot of trash to other fanbases if I was you. You almost humiliated the SEC today.

    Damn! Really?! Utah State ? ITK was being generous to you guys with his prediction of your season.

  5. 13

    I wanna change my prediction for Auburn’s season from 4-8 to 2-10. The 2011 Auburn Tigers make the 2008 LSU Tigers not so weak for following their 2007 NC with an 8-5 record

  6. 14

    Hey Allen grimes, how come the powerhouse auburn eagles didn’t wipe the field with Utah State? BIG WIN for them eh? Let’s hear them excuses!

    • 15
      Allen Grimes

      No excuses. Just as Coach Chizic said. Yes, there are young inexperienced players but in this game and conference there is no excuse to play like that. If we could have played the whole game like the last two minutes I would still be picking my jaw up off the floor but we didn’t and I will be the first to say that we are not “there”. Alot of growing up to do and in a hurry or we will lose a lot of games this year.
      I never expected Auburn to win it all this year and any Auburn fan that can honestly say that they did expect Auburn to run the tables are just plain crazy. There is too many teams in the SEC that are stacked this year for a team as young as ours to do that. I do think that we will be a much better team by the end of the season but we are going to have some heart breakers along the way if we play like that.
      I don’t give excuses. And I definately don’t go into a season expecting anything. Never have. Not last year. Not this year. Not next year. You can lose any game at any time. Everyone that plays in the SEC (including Alabama) knows that. I do expect our players to play better than that and I think they will, but still, a lot of growing up to do.
      Anyways, that is just my opinion and thoughs. I know there are going to be some Auburn fans that bash me for saying that but it is the way I feel. I am never happy with a performance like that but am very happy to see the team not quit like they did so many times in the 2008 season.
      Ya’ll have a good weekend!

  7. 17

    I think it’s ciznilks master plan making the nation think they suck. Next week he will show us that him and staff are really that damn good .Cmon these are the defending National Champs we are talking about here…………

  8. 21

    Reminder : Utah State, keep it fresh in your mind cause that’s all the glory the ” defending national champs” are gonna have this year. Bwahshahahaha! RTR!

  9. 22

    Come out and play guys, at least FYI and a couple more have the sack to poke fun with us anymore. Tiger got your tongues? RTR !

  10. 23

    Hey Capstonereportsucks” Richardson played all of about 10 minutes you stupid bastard, and had 3 td’s. Additionally Saban spent the whole day experimenting with the O’line to see what he’s got. Even had Barrett Jones playing center in place of Vlachos.So go phuck yourself and come back when you’ve learned something – which means never.

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