NCAA shows it is unprofessional in attacking Paul Finebaum via twitter

The NCAA’s managing director of digital communications hurled a twitter grenade at Paul Finebaum for a column Finebaum wrote at Finebaum accused the NCAA of losing credibility under the leadership of Mark Emmert. (See Finebaum’s column at

How could you argue with that? Over the last year the NCAA looks like it is helpless. Renegade programs have run amok.

The organization’s clueless statement against Danny Sheridan did nothing but confirm it continues to investigate Auburn.

And now the organization’s director of digital communications decides to attack the messenger via twitter.

How very professional!

Ronnie Ramos tweeted, “@finebaum uses sheridan as example of NCAA losing credibility. Pot, stop calling the kettle black.” This was followed up with an even more professional, “grab some jr. mints, too. This one is easy: col was a personal attack buttressed by incorrect facts.” (Source) (Source)

And then this gem, “@Finebaum only hypocrosy is that Sheridan has no facts to report, and no credibility. Using him as an example is truly laughable.” (Source)

When I participated in the blogger roundtable this week, I pointed out the stupidity of the NCAA’s recent rash of comments. I wrote, “Pro tip for the NCAA: Try saying ‘no comment.’ You might like it, and it might keep you from looking stupid.” (See my commentary at

Today offered more proof the NCAA has no grasp of public relations. The organization mangled the Cam Newton eligibility situation—ask anyone (outside of an Auburn fan) and they will express anger at how Newton was allowed to play even after his father admitted shopping him. Now is the organization going to mangle the Cam Newton and all the other ongoing Auburn investigations?

The NCAA is a joke. Fans anxiously await any sign that adults are running things in Indianapolis. Today’s twitter exploits do not inspire confidence.