ITK Predictions for Alabama, Auburn for 2011

Well, we’ve finally made it. As the clock strikes midnight the offseason finally dies the gnarly death it deserves.

Never in my memory can I remember an offseason filled with more B.S. than this one. From orchestrated PR stunts involving widespread publicity surrounding one cuckoo’s actions poisoning some already dying trees, to the horrible tragedy that occured on April 27th. From an ongoing NCAA investigation that the Alabama media continues to ignore (but the NCAA seems to confirm), to fan hysteria rumors involving a clothing store (with less credability than tales of the skunk ape).

Not to mention Alabama signees who found themselves the target of obvious Auburn smear campaigns, taking this rivalry into the sewer’s depths like no other time in history.

It is finally time to play football. Thank God. It’s finally time to play some football.

On the eve of the Tide’s quest for its 14th National Championship, it’s time to lay the predictions down. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention our little sister to the southeast.

The team is loaded. I know you’ve heard that before, but this team is loaded with players who could and would be starting virtually anywhere else they play. But still, Saban’s track record of putting 1 out of every 3 players he sends to the NFL in the first round has these studs coming in year after year.

The obvious question is quarterback. Bama will play two, only one of which has had a snap of any kind in a game. But don’t kid yourself, they can both do it.

Then there is the defense. Ask Michigan State what it’s like facing this Alabama defense when motivated to perform. The 11-1 Spartans found their second loss of last year in humiliating fashion in last year’s bowl game, and this Bama squad has the horses to keep putting bodies on the field in waves. There’s a chance the Tide’s shut out record from 1961 could be challenged this season.

Then there are the wild cards. Blake Sims…how and when will he be used? Duron Carter…when will he be ready, and how will he impact the Tide offense? Cyrus Kouandjio…will he break the starting lineup before the SEC season starts, and what role will his family play in blowing the whistle on his alledged illegal recruitment by Auburn?

These are questions we’ll soon answer, but in a run down, here is all you need to know:

Kent State – W 52-0
@ Penn State – W 31-20
North Texas – W 63-0
Arkansas – W 28-20
@ Florida – W 24-18
Vanderbilt – W 45-0
@ Ole Miss – W 38-6
Tennessee – W 41-7
LSU – W 24-0
@ Mississippi State – W 27-19
Georgia Southern – W 59-3
@ Auburn – W 35-10

SEC Championship
South Carolina – W 34-21

National Championship
Oklahoma – W 21-15

There is no excuse for this Auburn team not to get at least 9 wins and go to a New Year’s Day bowl (not that they really matter anymore).

If you’ve bought into all the media propaganda, you’d think Auburn has been getting recruits from Uganda. But the cold hard fact is, however he’s managed to do it (above or below board), Gene Chizik has managed three years of solid recruiting, living inside the top five by most recruiting services.

So if you’re giving the Tigers a pass this season, you’re either deceived or in denial. If there is an excuse it’ll be because this coaching staff is a sham…without a Cam. 2011 will expose just how high school the Gus Malzahn offense is, and just how poorly coached the team is in general.

I repeat, the team is loaded with talent. LOADED. But the deciding factor will be there’s nothing to them. It’s a coaching approach as cheesy as waving towels on the sidelines to singing “Lean On Me” with their arms around each other in the post-game lockeroom.

With a once in a lifetime player, this team can go 14-0 with A LOT of luck. Without him, this coaching staff is a solid 7-5 producer. But they won’t even sniff that margin this year.

For Auburn, here is all you need to know:

Utah State – W 33-16
Mississippi State – L 41-22
@Clemson – L 34-13
Florida Atlantic – W 29-14
@South Carolina – L 38-10
@Arkansas – L 35-0
Florida – L 24-13
@LSU – L 28-9
Ole Miss – L 24-20
@Georgia – L 31-3
Samford – W 35-13
Alabama – L 35-10

Auburn becomes the first BCS Champ in history to fail to reach a bowl game the next year, and the Tiger faithful are forced to focus on an even more pitiful basketball team this December/January.

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  1. 1

    Oh crap, the Aubs are about to converge on this site that they never visit but are only here to defend Auburn, otherwise they would not be on this crappy site and never read a single article but since Bama fans have an Aubsession they are going to be here to remind us how wrong we are…..not that they care what we think because they are still the defending NC* and we are still better than Bama and Saban is going to leave anyway and Bama is going to be a 3 loss team.

    So…shall we count down together ? Here we go! 5…4…3…

  2. 4
    Rogue Elephant

    The barn will suck in ’11.
    But maybe not as bad as 3-9.
    5-7 sounds more like it.
    At best.
    We’ll see.

  3. 5

    I agree, ITK. I also expect the Cam Newton investigation to rear its head again and further destroy the confidence of these young Freshman and Sophomore AU football players. I just hope that their Christmas bonuses are not canceled due to their performance. According to the redneck Auburn fanbase, these guys are disciples of the Lawd as Chette Williams would say

  4. 6

    You gave your opinion now some FACTS
    Bama doesn’t have a QB FACT
    Trotter better than Sims or McElroy FACT
    Bama overrated FACT
    Auburn underrated FACT
    Malzahn best coordinator in the nation FACT
    Saban is phoning it in now DOUBLE FACT
    Heading to the NFL….Uh oh….FACT
    Knows that Suitgate will bring Bama down FACT
    Photos of ineligible players getting free suits FACT
    Alabama 20 Kent St 3 FACT
    Penn St 56 Alabama 20 FACT
    Alabama 14 North Texas 13 FACT
    Arkansas 45 Alabama 14 FACT
    Florida 30 Alabama 14 FACT
    Vanderbilt 20 Alabama 3 DOUBLE FACT
    Ole Miss 14 Alabama 13 FACT
    Tennessee 21 Alabama 20 FACT
    LSU 35 Alabama 21 FACT
    MS St 45 Alabama 30 FACT
    Alabama 42 GA Southern 20 FACT
    Auburn 30 Alabama 3 TRIPLE FACT
    No SEC Championship for Bams FACT
    NCAA drops the hammer over suitgate by December FACT
    Trent Richardson ineligible FACT
    Games forfeited for several years FACT
    2009 Championship gone FACT
    Death Penalty FACT
    Cam Newton case already closed FACT
    No wrongdoing FACT
    Cam didn’t know FACT
    Always the most accurate and objective facts

    • 7

      You lost me…and all credibility…at Trotter is better than two of the most acclaimed QB’s of their classes, Sims and McCarron.

      • 9

        I think he is just satirizing a typical Auburn fan.

        Or……he may not be. Sometimes with Auburn fans, fiction and reality get really blurred.

  5. 10

    Ok Boris the Dumbass. The fact that you say Saban is a shitty coach on one hand then headed to the NFL in the other shows how stupid and biased you are. Gives me a sweet tingling in my balls and chronic constipation to you

  6. 11

    Well,well. The first I saw “facts” I knew that borass had found his way over here. I have not read his “fact” in a very long time. I think that he is an Auburn fan acting like he is a LSU fan. I do know one thing….. he’s a screwball!

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