Odds Are: Who will replace Paul Finebaum at WJOX?

If Paul Finebaum escapes WJOX, who will replace him? The afternoon sports talk slot is important to WJOX and you can bet they will go after some top names. Let’s analyze it:

Clay Travis 1-1
Clay Travis has all the tools to become a successful sports talk show host in Birmingham. He is great at hate speech, according to some in the Virgin Islands. Hey, when you get a local senator to condemn you for intolerant speech, you are well on your way to going somewhere in the world! It is your bona fides—your credentials establishing the fact you will say anything to get attention. Plus, Travis has shown the ability to attack Alabama and Auburn, but knows the real money is in smearing Alabama with lots of crap emailed to him. Sure, he doesn’t have any proof that Alabama violated NCAA rules, but he lets his imagination run wild with masturbatory dreams of ineligibility. His dislike of Alabama will put him in good stead with WJOX’s pro-Auburn leadership. And to top it off, he is a Tennessee fan. With all these factors in place, you have to tab Travis as the favorite to land the WJOX slot.

Brien Straw 4-1
Sure he didn’t work out the first time, but WJOX is committed to finding idiots to put on the air. How else do you explain Jay Barker? Jay knows football. Jay has strong beliefs that make him a great person. But, you should actually do some research if you are going to go on the radio every third day. Otherwise, you look like an idiot. Since idiots seem to be popular at WJOX, then Straw is a reasonable choice.

Herb Winches 3-1
Herb Winches was the “A-team” player at WJOX for many years. However, Winches was moved out to make room for Paul Finebaum. If WJOX wants to return to a less provocative radio personality, then Herb Winches is a great choice. (Speaking of Herb, why didn’t the new Cox station consider Herb instead of Matt Coulter or at least for some time slot? Herb’s track record on radio is impressive.)

Danny Sheridan 10-1
If WJOX wants to create a stir it could hire USA Today Sports Analyst Danny Sheridan. Sheridan is connected in the world of football, and knows the game. He offers honest assessments of each team. Of course, honesty probably isn’t a trait WJOX’s pro-Auburn leadership wants from its on-air talent. Sheridan might talk too much about the lingering and serious NCAA investigation into Auburn’s recruiting tactics.

So, what do you think? Knowing WJOX and its corporate leadership, who would take Paul Finebaum’s afternoon show if Finebaum is able to bolt to another radio job?


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  1. 4

    Coulter and Winches hate each other. You can get one but not both on the same station. I would’ve chose Winches myself. Coulter is an arrogant a** but Winches is no choirboy either.

  2. 5

    If WJOX cares about ratings in the least bit, they would offer Sheridan the job. Like you said, he knows his stuff and calls a spade a spade. I’d rather listen to my wife fart on repeat than listen to Clay Travis.

  3. 6
    old school Jox

    I’d much rather listen to Herb Winches and Ben Cook than Finebaum. The JOX names in the 90s were lots better than today – Herb, Ben, Matt & Scott, Randy Armistead, Lee Davis.

  4. 7

    Clay Travis? what a joke.. tennercee fans arent allowed anywhere on radio in these parts. He wouldn’t last a week after being pummeled by every caller.

    Herb would have been the right choice, but he may have been approached and turned it down. If the new station lasts its got to get a better line-up.

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