Video: Preview of LSU-Oregon

The SEC Game of The Week, according to the SEC Digital Network, is the LSU-Oregon game set in Cowboys’ Stadium in Texas. This video previews the game.

LSU coach Les Miles is interviewed and he says his LSU players are motivated.

“They are getting after it,” LSU football coach Les Miles said. He said the team had a very good summer of prep work.

What do you think? Will LSU win? LSU looks to be a slight favorite in the game? Is this justified?

What happens for LSU with its quarterback situation? Does this mean more power running?


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    I’m not sure I agree with LSU being favored. Oregon took it to Awbie much better than LSU did and that LSU team wasn’t missing Jefferson (suspended), Shepherd (suspended) and Petersen (NFL). Will LSU’s normally tough D be able to handle Oregon’s spread O. Awbie gouged ’em for 400 yards rushing? It’ll be interesting. If LSU loses, inspite of the fact that they are crippled, we’ll be inundated with SEC overrated bullshyt all season right up until the moment Bama wins #14. By the way there is an article worth reading about Saban in NBC Sports. NBC Sports also called Awbies team of 19 new starters “Puppyville”. Bwaa haww haww! Supposedly McCaleb has beaten out Dyer as starter. Ooopps! RTR!

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    I will be going to Temple,Texas to my son’s home Saturday morning to watch ‘Bama take on Kent State. And I will watch the LSU-Oregon game that night. I will be pulling for LSU. SEC all the way and RTR.

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    Like to know how you plan to watch the Bama game from Temple, Tx unless it’s on ESPN or Direct TV Pay Per View? Or maybe Buffalo Wild Wings can pull it in. I’ll be in Laredo, Tx Saturday and I’m worrying about seeing the game. BWW doesn’t recieve their Saturday programing until late Friday, so they don’t know either. Hell, I may have to drive 150 miles to San Antonio to watch it on the affiliate there. Bummer. RTR!

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    OK Nite, dont know about the wings but he has,I think ESPN3. He ask me over. And I feel for you down in that waste-land this week end.RTR.

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    Hmmm. I need to find me a wifi site and check ESPN3. I have that service through AT&T. It would be fine with me if it’s on there. Even if BWW can’t pull it in through their system I can sit in there sipping cool ones and use their wifi to watch it on ESPN3. Yeah Laredo sure as hell aint Miami Beach. But it’s not as bad as it was 15 years ago. Because of NAFTA it has modernized and exploded. It is actually quite a bit bigger than Amarillo and 2/3 as big as ElPaso now. But the fun part is just across the border. Anyway, only plan to be there 3 days. Any more than than that and the 111 Degree heat will turn me into a rasin. RTR!

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