NCAA comments on Danny Sheridan

The NCAA released this statement on USA Today sports analyst Danny Sheridan. The organization claims to have not provided Sheridan any information on the Auburn investigation. Wait, Auburn investigation? But Phillip Marshall keeps telling us there is no Auburn investigation. Anyway, the NCAA’s statement on Sheridan:

“Danny Sheridan continues to make vague, unsubstantiated claims without backing them up with proof. Contrary to his claims of having an inside source with details on the Auburn investigation, the NCAA has not provided information to Sheridan or anyone else. As a matter of due diligence, the NCAA spoke with Sheridan this week to determine if he had any facts pertaining to the investigation. Sheridan, however, did not provide any information to the enforcement staff and certainly did not provide a name. Instead, he unsuccessfully attempted to gather information for his own use.” (Source).

The statement comes following Danny Sheridan’s Friday appearance on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. The program examined Sheridan’s report to that the NCAA believes it knows who paid Cam Newton to play football at Auburn. Once again, Sheridan did not name the bagman, but pointed to his record and credibility to substantiate his report.


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    It appears Danny has lost a little Cred for the time being. However, there are leaks inside the NCAA. That’s all I’m saying about that. You would think with his rep at stake, he would just out the guy.

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    Yeah, RIGHT Iknowwhatever…Listen, Finebaum even chuckled and said that he knew Sheridan’s source and it’s no lie. I was even told that nothing can be released now like I originally thought…and no, I wasn’t told why!

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            Fairy-there is a misconception out there among fans, both Bama and others that Alabama has 13 National Championships. That is not factual and there does seem to be some confusion regarding the number we have. In reality the fact is that the NCAA recognizes 18 National Championships! Hope this helps!

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    Stay AUBsessed T-town. You’ll get mean ole Auburn eventually. Just think about it, if you win the ironbowl this year, you’ll have won 3 in the last decade! You’ll still have less IB wins, less sec wins, less bowl wins, less heisman wins, and less undefeated seasons than Auburn, since bryant’s last season, but you gotta admit things are looking up – Hang in there.

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      i dont know where you get your information fancey but you are full of shit . i may be off a game but im pretty sure that bama holds the all time lead 40-33-1. you cant just use the years that are convenient for you . so shut your mouth till you can do better

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    Once again…This is tooooo funny.. You bammer trash better fine something to do such as get jobs instead of waiting for the hammer to fall cuz it aint gonna happen..You fucking morons….lol

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    Hate Smurf Coach

    Nice tryin to spin it in a positive way for the tardnecks. Danny Sheridan just got a journalistic reach around and teabag.

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    Rogue Elephant

    NCAA to employee: Have you ever provided any information to one Danny Sheridan?
    Employee: No.
    NCAA to Danny Sheridan: Mr. Sheridan, can you tell us what you know about the AU investigation?
    Sheridan to NCAA: What can you tell me about the AU investigation?
    NCAA: Uh, sorry, Mr. Sheridan, there’s a call waiting on another line, gotta go.

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    Uhh, hey rat turd. We were under sanctions for more than half those years. Soon you’ll see just what that means. But just to call apples apples you forgot to include that since Bear died we have had lots more SEC Championships than you, and two unanimous National Championships versus your tainted, soon to be revoked *one. I do believe those are what really count the most. I know your pathetic program is reduced to counting regular games and the IB to make you feel like you have a mans balls, but over here we count Chmpionships. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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        But ..I heard from a bunch of Bammers that DS was not biased against Auburn ..and therefore credible.

        NOW! …ALL OF A SUDDEN …..RC says that “nothing can be released now”. Well …at least RC was smart enough to not wait until the August 31 deadline to make up that fairy tale. Didn’t work RC. You never were credible and now you look even more stoopid than Sheridan.

        The NCAA has been looking at this for 13 months now .and ..nothing.

        What there is tho a wizard spreading BS for all of the fools to believe. Heck, the wizard even got DS to believe.

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    I say fack it, it it what it is till it comes out if at all. Bama is gonna shine this season and that’s all that matters to me. Our satisfaction is in the near future when The Tide wipes our asses with the defending national champions. What are you guys ranked again anyways? See , Auburns disappointing season has already started and you guys haven’t kicked off yet. RTR!!!

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    Yeah they’re ranked 19th, but the Barnturds will point out that they were ranked 23rd last year and *won it all. What they won’t do is admit the differences. Last year they had the top O line in the country, a team full of seniors and returning starters, and the best QB money could buy. This year they barely have enough players on roster to field a team and the worst QB on the team has beaten out their 5* as starter, bwaa haww haww. They are the lowest ranked defending *champion in history. Considering that they are ranked 9th in the conference, I don’t see how in hell they are even in the top 25. What a phucking joke. RTR!

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      so what, AU won a NC when bama was a near unanimous #1 at the beginning of the year, and bama choked on a 24-0 lead at home to let it happen, and the bama fanbase is now synonymous with Updyke and Sheridan, and you’re certain that flashy uncouth con was paid. No big deal, I wouldn’t act like an upset 4 year old that had his toy taken away either

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    Furry tits lets just go back 30 + years…u know the beginning of the “modern college football” era! BAMA HAS 4 NATIONAL TITLES! !! guess what u fukking genius! That’s more than one! Awbarn is a shut hole program and has only been recognised for one thing this entire off season and its not winning the BCS! care to take a stab at what it is??????? Sure you don’t because you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground about college football! You’re common knowledge is the streak bo Jackson cam newton and Harvey updyke!!!! Ill pray for you …..maybe!

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    StillCan’tBelieveIt, you still won’t believe it when the sanctions are handed out either, dumbazz. Three 10 or more win seasons in a row, two undefeated SEC regular seasons in a row, two SEC West titles, three straight years ranked #1, three straight years with top 10 finishes, one SEC Championship, one unanimous National Championship, favored to play in BCNCG again this year. All of this immediately after coming off of 17 years of sanctions. The best is yet to come azzhole. We don’t hang our heads over last year. It was a team of youth and inexperience that was over expected. It was an offensive line decimated with injuries. It was a dibilitated DB that handed you the IB. And that is what it took for your *National Champions to squeek out a measly 1 point win at BDS. To put that in perspective just wait until we curb stomp your azzes by 30 at JHS in 3 months. We’re gonna pluck your damn Battle Buzzard and BarBQue his azz with UpDyke’s dead tree wood right in front of Toomers Bookstore. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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    The NCAA has punched DS in the jaw and broken his teeth. Maybe now he will shut up and go away for ever.

    Finebaum was trying to do damage control on Friday afternoon ….and has now essentially made the same claims as DS.

    Soooooo …just to help you out “The CAPSTONE” and keep you from looking more stoopid than you did when you posted the DS on OTL article, I suggest that you not run with this latest Finebaum revelation. PF will soon be in the laughing stock boat with DS.

    Once again your bias and hate has made you look like a fool.

  14. 33

    We’re not the fools, dumbazz. You stupid Barnturds are the fools running around with your heads up your azzes dissing basically everyone in the US outside of Lee County. We’re not over here making shyt up you retarded cum slurpers. We’re simply discussing what is being said and published by pepole who are one whole hell of a lot more in the know than you “all in” retards are. I’d still put my money on anything Sheridan, Finebaum, ESPN or The New York Times says before I would on Duck Fart Dye – much less on any of you dumbazzes. Whatcha’ wanna’ bet there’s something to Sheridan before it’s all over? Bama has the world dicked right now. The only dick you Barnturds have is ours up your azzes and your own that you tripped over. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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      Actually no major sports press is talking about this except for Sports Illustrated and Sports Nation ….and they both only talked about it to just to puke all over DS.

      In fact ESPN took the OTL podcast with the DS/PF appearance off of their website as soon as the NCAA posted their statement. ….and here is the “Capstone” touting the OTL appearance as if it is relevant. The Capstone is once again shown to be a joke.

      The only fools still talking about this are DS, PF and you Bammers.

      Face it. …you run of the mill redneck Bama fans been duped by some powerful Bama fans into believing these rumors. It’s a very simple premise. Those Bama power brokers deflect your anger at 28-27 away from the Bama team/coaches towards Auburn ….and at the same time try to harm Auburn’s recruiting class. It’s an old trick.

      The rest of the nation’s sports press has stopped talking about it. Oh …you know …Thamel may puke something out again just to get attention, but the major sports outlets are done with it. They have finally figgered out what is going on.

  15. 35

    Pfft, blah blah blah. I’ll be surprised to see the defending national champs squeak by their first game . Just sayin.

  16. 37
    Hate Smurf Coach

    For RC cola,
    We have 1 BCS recognized NC 2010
    You have only 1 RECOGNIZED NC 2009.

    All the other past crap is legitimate just not recognized. So, claim a google plex NC, it doesn’t matter. You have only 1 recognized NC. Live with it. Great accomplishment.

  17. 38
    Hate Smurf Coach

    AU and Florida St is taking away most of the talent in Alabama and Georgia this year. Better hope you necks don’t scare away MS top recruits. Look like you won’t win a recruiting NC this year.

  18. 39

    You have to be the biggest phucking retard that missed rolling down your mommies leg. Who do you phucking think you are with this RECOGNIZED phucking horseshyt? What goddamn rag of an article did you pull that shyt out of – Rolling Stone? Go blow an infected goat fool. All national championships have been recognized as your quear azz wants to call it, ever since the AP came into existance. Even the ones awarded before the Bowl games – because, azzhole that was simply how it was done at the time. Of course you – no doubt a 12 year old titty sucker – has no idea what history or anything else before
    Lady Ga Ga was about. Stupid retard. As for recruiting azzhole, Saban has who he wanted at this point and we have moved into the top 10. After the normal January run of 5* and upper 4*s we will finish in the top 5 for the 5th year in a row. Another National record. However you titturds just might manage to finish ahead of us since you only have half a team and Cheeze Dick will probably sign 40. ROTFLMAO!

  19. 40

    Hate Smurf:

    You are a fucking dimwit. Alabama has 2 National Championships since the Bryant years in ’92 and ’09. Your biased dumbass has lied on here before by claiming the ’92 season was forfeited due to Langham. FALSE. Alabama’s ’93 season was forfeited genius because Langham signed the napkin AFTER the Miami beatdown at a New Orleans party. Overall, Alabama has 8 recognized National Championships (AP, UPI) to Auburn’s 2 (AP UPI). You don’t even know you’re own history. Check your facts next time, shit for brains.


    the information cannot be released now for obvious reasons, and no, I’m not divulging my source either. It will come out, though, once livelihoods and people’s freedoms are taken away. I’ve got a front row seat. BTW, you’ll never win an argument on here and we’ll keep exposing Auburn until you all start holding them accountable. It’s your choice

  20. 41

    Hate Smurf: As of August 25, Alabama is currently ranked #2 on their current NON BINDING committments, while Auburn is #17. FACT. Auburn is picking up more 3-stars after landing 4 and 5 stars early on. Check your damn facts before you come on here

  21. 43

    Why are you Bama folks acting like you are the bees knees.. you lost to Auburn this year after being ahead 24-0 lol……lol…lol…lol…lol… Since 2000 Auburn has won EIGHT times and you have won THREE times. I am not saying that you suck and your a crappy team.. but that is what you ignorant Bama fans keep saying about Auburn. My first trip to Tuscaloosa I saw what a difference it was compared to Auburn. I figured they could be filming the redneck version of Jersey Shore with a bunch of cheesy dorks walking around with their chest bowed and slutty girls that looked like they walked out of a trashy strip club. What a joke.

  22. 46

    Exactly. There isn’t a more “hood” looking town of it’s size in Alabama than Auburn/Opilika. T-Town is New York city in comparison. And BDS makes that sorry excuse of a stadium in LeeCounty look like a cow pasture. So we’re 3 and 7 in the past 10 years. How about 2 and 1 in the past 3 years and soon to be 3 and 1. Check back in 6 more years and it will be 9 and 1; that is unless you can buy several more 1 year wonder QB’s. So don’t be thinking that just because last year you had the best team money could buy and the previous 10 or so years Bama was under sanctions, that suddenly a few skewed wins makes you a top 5 traditional national power like your daddy in T-Town is. Anxious to see how your azzes perform while under sanctions. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  23. 47

    Oh, by the way. Jordan Jefferson was arrested and indefinitely suspended from the team. So LSWho is stuck with Jarrett “Pick Six” Lee and the non-experienced troublemaker Mettenberger who will probably end up starting before the year is over. Arky and LSWho just gave Bama a bye into the SECCG which considering the SEC East gives us a bye into the BCSNCG and our 14th. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  24. 48

    UPDATE: LSWho has lost both Jordan Jefferson and Russell Shephard. Adios contender. Have ya’ll seen page 1 of USA Today’s College Football Preview? It’s worth the $1.00. First quarter page photo is of Toomers Corner after those pathetic trees have been rolled. Is that not the most absurd sight you’ve ever seen? Makes me ashamed to be Alabamian. UpDyke did the bastards a favor. Maybe they’ll cut them down now and at least they can die with some dignity instead of living in embarrassment covered in shyt paper. Me, the class president, the president of the National Honor Society and half a dozen football players got expelled for a month in high school for doing that same thing to a teachers tree. Bwaa haww haww!

  25. 50


    I generally try to refrain from name calling, but you have to be the most vile, ignorant, angry person I have ever come across. I sure hope you didn’t attend Bama, because you would devalue the degree of every othe graduate. This is just a football GAME, you freaking readneck ass!!

  26. 51

    The Fambly has bragging rights till 11/26 so keep them zingers buzzing at us . It’s gonna make the spanking y’all got coming that much more special. Till then you guys might want to start making excuses cause you are gonna need em. And Mandy has some sweet head. She just left my place and said she was headed back to Wire road. I wasn’t supposed to say anything so let’s keep it our little secret! RTR!

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  28. 54

    The Barn had a favorable schedule last year.

    This year is a different story-

    Arkansas, LSU, South Carolina, Clemson and Georgia on the road. And several of these teams are seeking revenge for the dirty play of last season (remember all the cheap shots on the QBs?).

    At home they have Miss. State, Florida and Alabama.

    All of these teams are capable of beating the Barn.

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