Odds are Danny Sheridan makes news on Paul Finebaum’s Radio Show

USA Today Sports Analyst Danny Sheridan
USA Today Sports Analyst Danny Sheridan

USA Today sports analyst Danny Sheridan is set for a Wednesday appearance on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. Sheridan made news in July during SEC Media Days when he reported the NCAA believed it knew who the bagman was in Auburn’s recruitment of Cam Newton. Odds are he’ll make news again. But, what type of news? Let’s analyze it.

Sheridan appears on Finebaum, claims to know bagman’s name but won’t release it since NCAA is at a “sensitive” juncture in its investigation 1-1.

Sheridan wants to name bagman but WJOX’s pro-Auburn leadership bans him from show 2-1.

Sheridan names bagman and he is famous in the Auburn Family 10-1.

Sheridan names bagman and the person is an unknown booster 5-1.

Sheridan names bagman and it is Paul Finebaum 3-1.

Sheridan names bagman and it is Kenny Rogers 7-1.

Sheridan falls up the stairs before his appearance on the Finebaum show 4-1.

Whatever happens, it will be news and advance the story of the NCAA’s wide-ranging investigation of Auburn’s alleged cheating. Will it be good news or bad news for Auburn? Looks like another must-listen Paul Finebaum Show.


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  1. 1

    What are the odds if he names an Auburn booster that two days later Jeff Lee will have photo’s of a Bama player pumping gas, proving that they are receiving illegal benefits because he heard the gas station owner gave it to him for free.

    Sad thing is…everytime something comes out about Auburn, members of their fan base will fabricate a story about Bama……HOPING it sticks.

    Little sisters can be b**chs

  2. 2

    Not bad ..that was funny.

    I’ll never consider anything a sports entertainment opinion show like Finebaum spews out…as news. That would be like considering the Jerry Springer Show as news.

    If he names a prominent AU booster, then I’m taking the “falling up the stairs” at 4 to 1 odds. AU has a top 4 construction curriculum. Surely they can discretely rig up some faulty stairs for ol’ DS.

  3. 3
    FBJ Lives

    I dont see anything fabricated about Bama. I see a program who I have told it’s fanbase be carefull about pointing them fingers. It fell on deaf ears, and thats ok for me. However, I do find the constant denial, as well as the mumbo BS, that one would expect to find at a site such as this, sort of sickening. Al-Betar will be the bullet that gets you gumps in the arse. You can play it down anyway you choose, but know that in the end, while Auburn is being investigated, everyone else is starting to see why over the last 2 decades you are deemed a repeat offender by the NCAA. You have been exposed as a serial cheat, as you will soon see. Buts its ok, this state is big enough for two cheaters.

      • 5
        FBJ Lives

        Still with the name calling I see. Thats fine, but by my definition, a “pussy” is one that threatens rape against someone. Anyway, keep saying that like you have RC, you know Bama is going to get hammered. Its all good though my friend, in the end you will still be a reach around fag 🙂

      • 6
        Mike Reaves

        RC can’t converse without calling names,talking about people’s daughter’s, mother’s .Just a typical ignorant, hick,Bammer

    • 7

      Ha! Talk about deaf ears… look at the situation Auburn is in. All you guys can do to feel good about it is wishing as hard as you can that Bama is in trouble for something too. And you keep on beating that same sad dead horse, when you have already been told that Bama compliance took control and handled the situation by NCAA rules, but that fell on deaf ears. You have no idea what you are talking about, except for what you read on SbB and Clay Travis. And you believe that crap, but Danny Sheridan has no credibility. You better be hoping that the NCAA hasn’t found too much damaging evidence against Auburn. The last thing you want is to go on probation and fall behind Bama for the next few years. Auburn is using every trick in the book, every secondary violation and possibly worse, just to keep up now.

  4. 9
    Jerry Tinnon

    This has got to be nothing but a huge promotional stunt to get listeners to the Finebaum Show and to make Danny Sheridan a little better known and his wallet more stuffed. There is not a chance in holy heck that he would ever name any names. Too risky, too premature and the NCAA would go berzerk.

  5. 10

    Jerry — Sheridan and Finebaum had a fall-out for awhile — they’re now talking again obviously —

    I can say this for a fact that Danny Sheridan would NEVER put his credibility in jeopardy.

    EVERYONE KNOWS ABARN is going down — we are just impatient — it may take 2 years — but the NC WILL BE STRIPPED and the Heisman committee will have to put another “blank” picture up near Reggie Bush’s name — You PHUCKERS are going down and YOU KNOW — all you can do is scream like little pigs —


    • 11

      Damag INC.
      You are a piece of crap to hide behind your computer and spew hatred to that level. I am glad all you bammers are not such filthy slimey gutter punks. I think you are probably a closet homosexual who enjoys a bit of fecal chewing. Go back to work and fix me my burger and fries and stay off the computer.

      • 12

        And after reading what you wrote, you are just the epitome of class. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…sheesh dude, you are pretty horrible yourself there.

        • 13
          DAMAGE INC.

          Just more “big shots” who think they actually have a “voice” …

          No need to fuel the fire of these office dwellers who can’t get it up for Mrs. — lol!

          • 15

            Whatever dude. You are the Auburn troll on a Bama site. You are so smart, I should know better than to argue with a genius like you. Auburn and its fans are the bastion of everything that is good and right in the world, us Bammers are just evil football Nazis.

      • 16
        DAMAGE INC.

        WARMOFO — well WarMOtherphucker — you hide behind your computer such as I — if you want it so “personal”, man up d#ckface … so how do you have room to criticize me for “hiding”?!?

        You and your excrement-laden Aubarn brethren all know it will ALL be taken away in the end — and you know it — that’s why it “strikes a nerve” with your punk ass — get real phucker — know your role — cheaters, losers, embarasment.

        Middle fingers ablazing.

      • 18
        DAMAGE INC.

        Well — I FOR ONE think Sheridan has credibility — I would definitely take his spread over the 3 other casinos — he’s been much more accurate on the final ch-ching. IMO of course …

        • 19
          FBJ Lives

          Yes, and I’m sure his NCAA buddies are rolling in the dough thanks to Dannys services. I wonder how much they lost last year when Auburn and Cam came out of nowhere? Hmmm….

  6. 21

    Yeah ..just like the Robinson article was gonna be about Auburn. Remember early last spring when you boneheads were convinced that Yahoo snooping around in So. Fla was about Auburn.

    Quit listening to REC members and you quit making such fools of yourselves.

    • 22

      Exactly. They keep hoping that someone, somewhere, somehow will make their pathetic dream of an Auburn disaster come true. Instead, there’s photographic evidence of extra benefits flowing to their players, and now two of their athletic department staff have been implicated in the Miami bombshell. This gets funnier by the day.

  7. 23

    Oh yeah .. I listened to PF during parts of today and didn’t even hear PF mention tomorrow’s show.

    Why is he now so quiet? Could it be because he realizes that Sheridan is a jelly dart?

  8. 24

    So if Sheridan’s story about this “alleged” person who the NCAA “feels” could be the “bagman,” is such a solid, legit story, then why wouldn’t he break it in his EMPLOYER’S newspaper, USA Today? Why would he go on the Jerry Springer of sports talk’s show to announce what his source’s source “feels” is “allegedly” a story? The answer, as any sentient being could say, is that it’s a garbage rumor that has no basis in reality. Sheridan should stick to oddsmaking. And he’s not even very good at that.

  9. 25


    you need to borrow your material from someone other than Scarbinsky and another source other than Tiger Unlimited. The newspaper business and their journalists are dying a slow death for their biased BS. That little whore that runs the Bham News is an unobjective Auburn fan who is about to lose her job. It has already been proven that Finebaum’s show carries more weight than the local newspapers. Expect an article by Danny Sheridan in USA Today on Friday morning, 2 days after his Finebaum appearance. Now get with the program, Auburn fans. Start cleaning your own backyard. I’m tired of hearing about all your cheating

  10. 28


    Nothing will happen to a Saban program. The same WILL NOT be said about that spineless sock puppet Gene Chizik. He’s a hypocritical piece of shyt and a false prophet

  11. 29

    Let’s get this straight – sheridan has a 100% reliable source in the NCAA that has given him all of these great stories over the last 30 years, that sheridan has contacts in the NCAA that all of these other reporters only wish they had, that sheridan is a football analyst with the prestigous usa today… yet some guy from yahoo breaks the miami story. So sheridan’s source didn’t say anything to him about miami? Or sheridan didn’t think that was news worthy? Hmmm.

  12. 30


    Come on now. He’s not omnipotent. ESPN and others didn’t have a clue about Miami either. I didn’t know anything about Miami either. What a weak ass argument

  13. 31
    Probation....The only way to justify 28 to 27

    The odd that Alabama hires known cheaters from Miami to their football staff 10000000000 to 1

    • 33

      Yes, I have a Building Science degree, own a real estate development company, make deep into 6 figures a year and employ toofless Bammers to sweep the floors.

      I moved out of the state of Alabama long ago …got a fair chance to prove myself due to my Auburn education …and have never regretted leaving the state of Alabama that is run by a bunch of inbred Bama fans.

  14. 34

    RC …I understand that you think the world revolves around Bama. If you would get out of the state more often and get your head out of your Lil Nicky worship you might realize that there are a whole bunch of other controversies going on. Those all have proof and SHERIDAN HEARS NOTHING on those, yet he gets the inside poop on the Auburn situation that has no proof?

    You are absolutely incapable of thinking rationally. Your hatred is so bad that you make a fool of yourself “erryday on dis here blog”.

  15. 36

    Dang …Danny Sheridan just essentially called RC a liar. Sheridan says that there is a witness and unless the witness will testify, the NCAA has no case against Auburn.

    RC says that the NCAA has the goods on Auburn and is waiting until the end of August to drop the hammer.

    Hoopie’s conclusion:

    Sheridan is a show boating tool

    RC is either a liar or has been totally made a fool of, by someone.

    • 37

      How many football programs have endured a years worth of investigations by the NCAA without any major violations the past 10 years? None.

  16. 38

    Hoopie and FBJ PUSSY

    Sheridan did not reveal his source for the same EXACT reason that I will not reveal mine: CONFIDENTIALITY: did both of you jobless, dumb asses not realize he had a lawyer with him to guide him through this? Nothing has changed, and I STILL stand by my source. I find it hilarious how both you dildos had your ears pierced to the radio after saying there was nothing to worry about. LOL

    BTW–Hoopie. I actually kind of respect you. You’re not a pussy like FBJ Lives or you haven’t put your family members in jeopardy by giving away your home address on a PUBLIC blog like that other genius Robert Garrard. Saying this, I’ve been to 7 countries and 2 continents and I have also traveled extensively stateside with my business. Most Auburn people I know are country ass redneck bumpkins. Please have some sense about you. Look at your damn fanbase!

    • 39
      FBJ Lives

      Reach around fag….haha suck on deez nuts. Whats wrong Rc? Your circle jerk party with Sheridan get cancelled?

    • 40
      Mike Reaves

      RC the butt-wipe bammer, this is the reason i like to come on this blog,You bammers are to easy. You are legends in your own mind! RC you’ve got a nasty mouth man.

  17. 41

    Finebaums show is a joke anyway. I seriously doubt the NCAA is going to appoint Sheridan as the spokesperson for the details in Auburns case. He may know some information, but he isn’t willing to go into much detail. Why even bother. It is all about getting people fired up and getting ratings. I will believe the findings when the NCAA releases the results of the investigation myself.

  18. 42

    Where is all the Bammer logic with the follow up from the interview with Danny boy? South Florida story shot down yesterday, Danny boy chokes today, whats next? Finding out that Nick is married to a man?

  19. 48

    It’s not over Free Blow Jobs:

    Like I said, my source and Danny’s sources work for the same organization. I understand confidentiality. I never threatened to rape anyone you perverted pussy, you’re making assumptions, which in this case makes an ass out of U only. All you gotta do is accept my challenge. Your girl or blow up doll must like tootsie roll dicks.

    Auburn’s going to burn, and NOTHING will happen to a Nick Saban program. You and the rest of your white trash Auburn fambly should be pushing Chizik and Jacobs for reform. That’s OK, I know what I’m doing. We will keep reporting and investigating Auburn University

    • 51
      FBJ Lives

      What challenge? You mean the one where you wanted to meet me behind Jim n Nicks? The same one you said you and your “brothers” would RAPE MY GIRLFRIEND? Is that the challenge you are talking about RC? Back you dumb ass down boy, before you get hurt.

  20. 52

    I am putting odds that Sheridan will win the Sonny Bono Look alike contest this year. And shortly thereafter Cher will make a comment degrading the size and value of sheridan’s manly assets. 🙂

    • 55

      You guys are only Clay Travis worshippers when he is trying to burn ‘Bama (IN VAIN since it’s a Nick Saban program). Let’s see if you’ll be willing to choke on his c–k when he begins burning Auburn again. Redneck moron

  21. 57


    Funniest damn thing is after I read that biased B.S. from Travis, I read the comments from the intellectually-starved bias Auburn fans as well. “The real bagman is Tom Albetar, mememememe.” Good luck with that. Idiots. That Lance Milstead is a punk ass Auburn phag

    • 58
      FBJ Lives

      HAHA Is that all you have little boy? If I even thought for a second that you had the balls to back up what you say, then it would be on. Thats my name alright, dont wear it out. You have no sources. You have no balls. You have no guts. Consider yourself lucky that I just dont consider you a threat at all, be it on here, or behind a bbq joint. You and I both know that if I took you seriously, you would be picking your teeth up off the ground. Both of them.

  22. 60

    Capstonesdontsuck that was awful! That story has no merit whatsoever! Anyone that knows anything about law knows that council can not or will not disclose the contents of said recordings! Why? Because they are still evidence ya cum wad! I personally have read Scott moores cease and desist letter from the law offices of butler snow! They do exist!

  23. 61

    Anyone have an idea where Cecil’s church could have come up with $30-$40k for renovations in 3 months and why he will not release church records to NCAA. I’m open to all ideas? If donations, why not release?

  24. 62

    Cecil’s church got the $$$ after Cam got his $$$ from his pro agent.

    Here’s a timeline for you mentally challenged folks:

    1. Cam was recruited in November-December 09
    2. Cam signed with Auburn in January 2010
    3. The NCAA investigation started in July 2010
    4. Cecil turned over all requested records in the fall of 2010
    5 The NCAA investigated.
    6. Cam went pro in mid-January 2011
    7 Cam did the $1 mil Underarmor contract in Jan 2011
    8. Cecil’s church got money in the spring of 2011.

    If you aren’t able to draw the conclusion that the money came from Cam’s pro contract’s then you are more stoopid than I ever imagined.

    Don’t you guys ever get embarrassed getting constantly proven wrong?

  25. 63

    Danny Sheridan, a sports analyst (oddsmaker) for USA Today, made his long-awaited return to the airwaves after supposedly receiving the name of the “bagman” that paid off Cam Newton’s father, Cecil Newton, in order to sway the younger Newton to the Auburn Tigers.

    The result? A whole lot of nothing. Raise your hand if you’re surprised (put your hand down, you shouldn’t be).

    Sheridan, hiding behind the advice of Vince Kilborn – one of the most prominent lawyers in Alabama – claimed that he was able to track down the name of this alleged “bagman” through his sources, but couldn’t reveal it over the air for fear of A) being sued and B) getting his sources fired.

    If Sheridan’s source is telling the truth, legal action is out the window. There’s no defense from the truth, so if the name Sheridan claims to have is, in fact, the “bagman,” Sheridan has nothing to worry about from a legal perspective. Clearly, he’s not 100 percent confident that the information he has is accurate.

    Sheridan also has nothing to worry about in relation to his sources getting fired. Alabama’s “shield law” (section 12-21-142 of The Code of Alabama) protects him from revealing his sources. That law reads as follows:

    “No person engaged in, connected with or employed on any newspaper, radio broadcasting station or television station, while engaged in a news-gathering capacity, shall be compelled to disclose in any legal proceeding or trial, before any court or before a grand jury of any court, before the presiding officer of any tribunal or his agent or agents or before any committee of the Legislature or elsewhere the sources of any information procured or obtained by him and published in the newspaper, broadcast by any broadcasting station, or televised by any television station on which he is engaged, connected with or employed.”
    Sheridan claims that he will take a polygraph test to prove that he’s telling the truth. What he is hoping slipped by most people is the simple fact that he IS telling the truth. There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that somebody, somewhere told him the name of this alleged “bagman.” A simple Internet search would have turned up 20 people that were definitely the “bagman,” even before Sheridan made his initial claims. That doesn’t make the information legitimate.

    A far more likely reason for this fiasco was the drama that played out in an Alabama courtroom over the last few months. Legalized gambling has been a hot topic for several years, but two defendants were acquitted and a mistrial was declared for seven others in a high profile vote buying trial last week. This trial had long been the subject of rampant Internet rumors that phone recordings tied to the case were related to Cecil Newton’s pay-for-play conversation with Mississippi State boosters, and Cam Newton’s eventual decision to sign with Auburn.

    Jim Parkman, a self-proclaimed Alabama fan and attorney for Slocomb Senator Harri Anne Smith, told WRBC Fox 6 in Birmingham, Ala., that there is no trace of any evidence on those recordings.

    “I did hear all the rumors they just said. People even say I have a great source that has heard the tapes. There is no tapes I’m aware of. Never has been. I’d like for them to be. I’m an Alabama fan.”
    So is it a coincidence that Sheridan – an Alabama grad – made his initial claims as the trial was ongoing, and conveniently lawyers up after the trial bears no evidence of any wrong doing in relation to Auburn football? I’ll let you be the judge of that, but the answer is pretty clear.

    The medium in which Sheridan appeared also warrants criticism. The Paul Finebaum Radio Network is a nationally syndicated circus that originates from the heart of the ongoing Iron Bowl war – Birmingham, Ala. The show is theater. The host, callers and, in this case, guest, all play a role to agitate one side or the other in the never-ending battle for state supremacy. The result is a four-hour radio program that is tragically entertaining and tragically depressing at the same time.

    But this time, the act went too far. This was a ratings ploy, plain and simple. Paul Finebaum deserves a lot of credit for the empire that he’s built for himself, capitalizing on the fever pitch in which the Iron Bowl exists on a daily basis. But this transparent, pathetic series of appearances by Sheridan on Finebaum’s air is the responsibility of the host, and he could have – and should have – have put an end to it long ago.

    Six months ago, I thought it was impossible for anyone – and I mean ANYONE – to make Cam and Cecil Newton sympathetic figures. Wednesday afternoon, Danny Sheridan and Paul Finebaum did just that, and they owe the Newtons an apology.

    I’ll hang up and listen.

    • 65

      Work was done on the church in spring 2011.

      I don’t see any evidence from you that work was progressing and finished by October 24, 2010 in your 36 pages. The only document in that package that refers to the Church is the recommendation from the City of Newnan compliance officer to condemn the property.

      If work was done in July-October, that is before Cam was ever even on Auburn’s radar. Cam’s season at Blinn didn’t start until September 2010. Auburn started recruiting Cam in November 2010. In order to meet the deadline, the work had to be prior to 10-24-10.

      • 66

        I just noticed that I was wrong about the timeline. If the work was corrected in July-October 2010, that is before and during the time that the NCAA was asking for the records from Cecil Newton.

        So ….are you saying that Cecil went ahead and did the work on his church with tainted money AFTER he NCAA was investigating? …and AFTER Auburn and the SEC had questioned Cecil during the MSU allegations in the winter of 2010? Are you also trying to tell us that Cecil did this work and gave the records to the NCAA and after all of this time the NCAA can’t prove anything? The same NCAA that has busted 4 or 5 other teams in the mean time …yeah OK

  26. 67

    I bet you gumps havent felt this bad since back in January when Chizik and Company was celebrating the NC. So far every attempt to knock Auburn off the top of the moutain has FAILED!!!! No Cam tapes, Nothing about Auburn in gambling trial, Dyer back at Practice, Etc. Then throw in that so far your little crimson tide team has looked like pure garbage this Spring and Summer. Man You havent even lost Your first game this season yet, And theres redneck women everywhere in Tucalooser with black eyes. ROFLMFAO!!!!! Oh for those of your who wonder who RC’s “Source” is ……its Danny Sheridan.LOL

  27. 68

    Here is a timeline for you hoopie:
    June 17, 2008—Council informed of conditions
    July 8, 2008—Public Hearing Scheduled
    August 26, 2008—Public hearing rescheduled for September 23, 2008.
    September 23, 2008—Reschedule public hearing for November 25, 2008
    November 25, 2008—Reschedule public hearing for December 16, 2008
    December 16, 2008—Public Hearing held, 180 days given.
    January 27, 2009—30 day status report given.
    February 24, 2009—60 day status given.
    March 24, 2009—90 day status report given.
    April 28, 2009—120 day status report given.
    May 26, 2009-Extension given till 7/21/09 for plan submittal/approval.
    July 21, 2009—Extension granted until 9/21/09 for plans correction.
    August 24, 2010 Progress made
    October 24, 2010 Deadline

    • 69

      I’ll just copy and paste my previous answer:

      Work was done on the church in spring 2011.

      I don’t see any evidence from you that work was progressing and finished by October 24, 2010 in your 36 pages. The only document in that package that refers to the Church is the recommendation from the City of Newnan compliance officer to condemn the property.

      If work was done in July-October, that is before Cam was ever even on Auburn’s radar. Cam’s season at Blinn didn’t start until September 2010. Auburn started recruiting Cam in November 2010. In order to meet the deadline, the work had to be prior to 10-24-10.

      Here’s a newspaper article in May 2010 wherein the mayor is tired of dealing with the matter. That still doesn’t change any time lines.


      • 70

        I just noticed that I was wrong about the timeline. If the work was corrected in July-October 2010, that is before and during the time that the NCAA was asking for the records from Cecil Newton.

        So ….are you saying that Cecil went ahead and did the work on his church with tainted money AFTER he NCAA was investigating? …and AFTER Auburn and the SEC had questioned Cecil during the MSU allegations in the winter of 2010? Are you also trying to tell us that Cecil did this work and gave the records to the NCAA and after all of this time the NCAA can’t prove anything? The same NCAA that has busted 4 or 5 other teams in the mean time …yeah OK.

  28. 71

    It’s coming Capstoner, it’s coming 🙂

    Mike Reaves–check some of the posts from the ppl who are challenging me. AUBURN TRASH. Period. I thought you Auburn ppl were good down home Christians? How about practicing what you preach? I know your gutless football coach doesn’t do it, but why don’t you start a pattern instead of following the leader like every other Auburn cult member? It’s coming 🙂

    • 72
      FBJ Lives

      Did you just seriously call out Christians? Seems to me you act more like a sad cultish idiot than anyone I have ever encountered. Constantly talking down a man because he gave the Lord thanks. WOW, then you seem to always fall back to the NCAA wont touch Nick Saban. Answer me this, who is the blind cultish fool here?

    • 73
      Mike Reaves

      Like I say RC you’re to easy,. a simple mind like yours can’t process what i can dish out. Please don’t mention Christianity with the same mouth you spew all that profanity with. Check up then you can talk to me!

  29. 74

    Gosh ..Let’s see. Whatever happened to the whole McGregor tapes/FBI stuff? Let’s see. Here is a statement from one of the attorneys. Notice that he is a Bama fan.

    Jim Parkman, a self-proclaimed Alabama fan and attorney for Slocomb Senator Harri Anne Smith, told WRBC Fox 6 in Birmingham, Ala., that there is no trace of any evidence on those recordings.

    “I did hear all the rumors they just said. People even say I have a great source that has heard the tapes. There is no tapes I’m aware of. Never has been. I’d like for them to be. I’m an Alabama fan.”

  30. 75

    Hoopie, Please read again what you posted…………let me help you.

    “Cam’s season at Blinn didn’t start until September 2010. Auburn started recruiting Cam in November 2010. In order to meet the deadline, the work had to be prior to 10-24-10”

    You do realize Cam and Auburn played Arkansas State 9/4/2010 and the 28-27 Iron Bowl 11/26/2010? Did Cam play in the 2010 Iron Bowl?
    Are you going to admit you are wrong and maybe save a little face?

    You are correct on one point. Cecil did turn over records to the NCAA. The kicker was that it was his personal records and not the Church Records. Even Danny Sheridan said on PF yesterday that Cecil would not give the church records to the NCAA. I will ask again, why not?

    The Code Enforcement Officer presented the following status reports as of September 21, 2010 on the substandard property that had been before Council at public hearings.
    Property Owner:
    115 Temple Avenue Holy Zion Center
    Status: Progress made

    • 76

      I had realized my timeline mistake and corrected it prior to your message. Since you were only a few minutes after my correction it is understandable that you didn’t know.

      Cecil stated that he fully cooperated with the NCAA. The NCAA acknowledged that the Newton’s had cooperated. This was taken into account when Cam was cleared to play in the fall of 2010.

      Danny Sheridan saying that Cecil didn’t give the church records means nothing to me. Considering hi stunt on the PF show, I have no reason to believe anything from Danny Sheridan.

      Just like you Alabama folks in suitgate ..until I see some proof, I don’t believe anything has been done wrong. This is just a world of speculation by a bunch of angry fans waiting for the season to start.

  31. 77

    Hoopie, where do you think the money came from? Maybe is NFL son gave it to him? That would be a logical answer. If so, why will he not turn over church records?

  32. 78


    I’m glad I live inside your head. Your “rape” accusations are “assumptions” based on your inability to comprehend complete sentences. In this case, an assumption makes an ass of you and exonerates me

    ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE, PUSSY. I’ll be there, GUARANTEE IT. ANYWHERE in BHAM. I would show you NO MERCY. I doubt you’ve never been trained in close combat, judu, or taekwondo like yours truly. You are a pussy who hides behind a computer FBJ. “Thats my name, don’t wear it out”…OK PEEWEE

    • 79
      Mike Reaves

      You traveled 7 countries and 2 continents, were you with the peace Corp? Now you want to challenge FBJ to a fight. Real smart, you ‘re not intelligent enough to converse so you want to get physical!

  33. 80

    Hoopie won’t answer any serious questions with logical answers

    FBJ, Free Blow Jobs, the only Christians I am calling out are the Auburn fans who proclaim to be. An Auburn U Christian is equivalent to a $10 French whore. NOW ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE

  34. 81

    I’ll take your challenge RC!!! I love a good DUST UP!!! AND I am a Bama Fan, you disgrace to UAT!! Lets do it this tonight but I want your word on here that YOU will not call the cops or sue for damages. I hate Tide Fans who think they speak for the U!!! Are you that same dumb ass that YOUTUBED his aimless predictions while turning up a Evan Williams bottle chasing it with Bud Light??? I hope so because I wanna stomp that stupid ass cowboy hat in the dirt to….. FUKN DISGRACE to UAT is what you are…….OOOOO I will bring a couple of girls that will stomp your sissy ass just for talking about RAPE! Please name the spot

  35. 88

    Let me get this straight hoopie, for the record you believe Cecil Newton? You are really falling fast. I will ask for the third and last time.

    Where do you think Cecil Newton got the money to rebuild his church? If he as truethful as you state, why will he got just come out and say and stop all the rumors?

  36. 89

    Well CHEER on bamabrando but I would bet your buddy wont BUST A GRAPE and he will show up here spouting about how he doesnt come here OFTEN enough to have seen my INVITE and all of that noise. So just like the Keyboard Bully he tries to be he will FAIL.. its 527pm and I am headed to Firehouse subs in Trussville to meet those CHICKS I told you would smack that bitch up… I ll be there till about 9pm I drive a CRIMSON Red H2 with a BIG WHITE A on the back glass come and wait if you like just dont put any smudges on my paint!! PLEASE…….

    • 90

      Punk, you aint old enough to drive, and your momma is gonna whoop your ass if you are out after dark on a school night.

  37. 91


    it’s so easy to fuck with you too. You call people retards then bust others for punking your ass

    Bama 2 Punk: give me your e-mail address and I’ll set an appointment to kick your cock sucking Auburn ass. BTW, only Auburn fags call Bama UAT, like it really hurts our feelings. Auburn boys are pussies when you call them an ag school

  38. 92


    The majority of Auburn people I know are not Christians. They use religion and Christianity the same way their phony Old South relatives have used it in the Old South for at least 200 yrs. As a means to an end, to treat people undignified all the while sipping sweet tea, getting their daughters married to rich guys, and keeping certain races OR classes of people down. Just stop being a hypocrite and admit Auburn University runs a seedy, dirty athletic department. NO EXCUSES

    • 93

      RC — you just nailed the truth brotha — you just described the REAL AUBARN University — hell, I”ll even quote you it was so good:

      “…to treat people undignified all the while sipping sweet tea, getting their daughters married to rich guys, and keeping certain races OR classes of people down…”

      Sound like Aubarn to me — hell, Opelika can’t change its’ image THAT FAST after Cam’s “smile”.

      Middle fingers.


  39. 94
    Rc challenge me in person you bi@ch

    RC you are a redneck bamer that pretends like you know about religion. A true christian knows that he knows nothing about the true soul of another man or that he has zero power to challenging a man beliefs. But since I am 100 percent sure you think you are right on this subject I will let you personally e mail me (if you are man enough) your e mail on this subject and I will debate you in person on how wrong you really are!!!! I am an Auburn student presently living in Auburn Alabama and I am willing to debate you anytime anywhere on religion considering my grandpa has a PHD in religion from Emory university in religion,.

  40. 95
    Rc challenge me in person you bi@ch

    So bring it on you ignorant Bamer and we will see how wrong Gene and Auburn really is on religion. BTW my grandpa is not only and Alabama fan but use to have pray breakfast with PAul Bryant in the 1960’s in T-town and get free tickets from the bear for being a preacher so i challenge you anytime anywhere to a religious debate you none Alabama associated shit talking asshole!!! ( yes a (barner) has more association to your team then you do!!!!) bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhaha

  41. 96

    RC Challenge Me:

    The way it works in today’s MODERN society is if you set up a meeting, YOU POST YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS so we can set up a meeting. I respond, then meet you. DO IT HYPOCRITE

  42. 98

    Auburn people are Old SOUTH hypocrites who proclaim Christianity out of one side of their mouth while promoting hateful bile on the other side. Read some of these posts by representatives of AU. If you don’t like what is being said about your white trash Auburn University, do something to correct the culture of cheating prevalent on various levels on campus. Sticks and stones people. You shouldn’t get mad if you know it’s not true. Read your Bibles. Don’t you Auburn people believe in the teachings of Jesus? Turn the other cheek

  43. 99

    BTW RC Challenge Me,

    I actually graduated from UA in ’02. What I find hilarious is how you’ve bought in to your cultish upbringing in believing all AU fans went to Auburn. The ones who didn’t graduate from there which BTW make up a MAJORITY of the fanbase are extended a “false” connection by piggybacking someone else. Get real. EVERY school with the exception of Vandy in the SEC has a majority of sidewalk alumni. Auburn is no different. Their stadium would be about the size of Vanderbilt or MSU if the sidewalk fans, I.e. Non-graduates were not at every hone game.

    All Auburn children really need to go out in the real world and break away from their cultish, trashy families and see all the lies and hate that have been taught to them

  44. 101

    “RC Challenge Me” says he wants to debate me on religion, his pappy was a preacher, then calls me a shit talkin asshole? Only Auburn people get that

  45. 102

    Mark Emmert was on Jack Arute’s radio show and said he has no idea who Sheridan’s bagman is but if Sheridan wants to call and give it to him, he’s willing to listen.

    So ….Sheridan get’s his “bagman” name form the NCAA, yet the NCAA doesn’t know about a bagman?

    Sheridan has offered to meet with Emmert and discuss “items of mutual interest”. Now …why is this an “interest” Sheridan?

    Why did the REC meet in Mobile this weekend? Probably to raise a legal fund for Sheridan and to strategize how to BS the NCAA into getting them to investigate for a longer period of time.

  46. 103

    Email response from NCAA’s Stacey Osburn re: Danny Sheridan:

    “As a matter of policy, we do not comment on vague, unsubstantiated claims.”

    Now why doesn’t the NCAA know about this? Maybe because it doesn’t exist.

  47. 104

    I’m thinking that the NCAA is getting tired of the REC’s tactics.

    Rumor has it that Thamel has one more attempt to create attention and get attention in his bag of tricks. He was planning to write an article defending Sheridan. these recent NCAA tweets may cause him to back down. Seems that Thamel may indeed be capable of understanding when he should be embarrassed.

  48. 106


    calm down dude. You’re on a rival website, and we are done reading you and FYI’s term papers on the defense of Auburn University,

  49. 107

    Hey, Danny Boy! You sure did yourself proud today!
    You’d better produce very soon, now! LOL
    What a joke you are! Bye-bye, Danny Boy!

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