Odds are Danny Sheridan makes news on Paul Finebaum’s Radio Show

USA Today Sports Analyst Danny Sheridan

USA Today Sports Analyst Danny Sheridan

USA Today sports analyst Danny Sheridan is set for a Wednesday appearance on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network. Sheridan made news in July during SEC Media Days when he reported the NCAA believed it knew who the bagman was in Auburn’s recruitment of Cam Newton. Odds are he’ll make news again. But, what type of news? Let’s analyze it.

Sheridan appears on Finebaum, claims to know bagman’s name but won’t release it since NCAA is at a “sensitive” juncture in its investigation 1-1.

Sheridan wants to name bagman but WJOX’s pro-Auburn leadership bans him from show 2-1.

Sheridan names bagman and he is famous in the Auburn Family 10-1.

Sheridan names bagman and the person is an unknown booster 5-1.

Sheridan names bagman and it is Paul Finebaum 3-1.

Sheridan names bagman and it is Kenny Rogers 7-1.

Sheridan falls up the stairs before his appearance on the Finebaum show 4-1.

Whatever happens, it will be news and advance the story of the NCAA’s wide-ranging investigation of Auburn’s alleged cheating. Will it be good news or bad news for Auburn? Looks like another must-listen Paul Finebaum Show.