No Michael Dyer at Auburn; the B’ham News still not doing its job

Have you heard that runningback Michael Dyer has been a basic no-show at Auburn practice this summer?

Of course you haven’t. Charles Goldberg is the beat writer for the Birmingham News.

I guess the talking points he gets and regurgitates directly from the Auburn Sports Information department say in a bold, 24-point font:


Dyer has been viewed as the bell cow for the 2011 Auburn offense, tabbed by some as one half of the SEC’s greatest backfield.

But apparently, the only player more absent from Auburn’s camp than Dyer this summer has been Cam Newton.

It finally got mention today in Charles Goldberg’s feel-good piece entitled “A `crisp, energetic’ late practice; plenty of wide open positions still on depth chart.”

Yep, Pravda, er The Birmingham News, led by publisher and Auburn fan Pam Siddall is still doing its job. Well, IF you consider that job to be letting you know that everything is just fine on the plains.

Before blowing by the Michael Dyer news at 115 mph, Goldberg offers up cotton candy on Auburn’s fan day. Here’s a snippet if you can stomach it: “Officials also guessed Chizik averaged six or seven autographs a minute. But an video caught him signing six autographs in just 25 seconds. Whew.”

Whew! Six or seven! That’s a lot of autographs! Thanks for reporting Charles!

Then we get some “meat” on the quarterback race and how the team is progressing. Well, if you consider SPAM meat.

Let me break this down for you.

Michael Dyer is basically Auburn’s lone returning offensive threat, unless you count that 300 lb. lard who’s in the rotation. The only “athlete” I’ve seen fatter than that guy lately is Bo Jackson.

But Dyer’s absent from practice. He’s not participating for “secret” reasons. Anybody sniff a story? Apparently the good reporters are taking their B’ham News mandated furlough. Maybe they just missed it while scanning the channels at home. There was a “Three’s Company” bonanza on TV Land over the weekend, after all.

But breaking this issue down even further for you, if Trent Richardson had been held out of practice this summer at Alabama “for unidentified injuries”, Kevin Scarbinsky would be living in an RV outside the Mal Moore Athletic Building in Tuscaloosa.

Bloodhounds would be sniffing #3’s trail every day to see where he’d been, especially if he was spotted somewhere trying on a shirt.

And if Trent had owned the gun that the felony four used to hold up that trailer last winter, then was mysteriously absent from practice, there’d be more than a few articles constructed of loosely-knitted speculation and assumption hitting the press.

But instead, regarding the Dyer situation, what do we get from the Birmingham News…and in fairness, all in-state media?


Chirp, chirp, chirp, “Nothing to see here”, chirp, chirp, chirp, “Move along”, chirp, chirp, chirp, “T-town Menswear”, chirp, chirp, chirp…

If you can’t see it, you’re just stupid.

There is obvious media bias in coverage of the two programs in this state, and we at simply demand to know why.

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