No Michael Dyer at Auburn; the B’ham News still not doing its job

Have you heard that runningback Michael Dyer has been a basic no-show at Auburn practice this summer?

Of course you haven’t. Charles Goldberg is the beat writer for the Birmingham News.

I guess the talking points he gets and regurgitates directly from the Auburn Sports Information department say in a bold, 24-point font:


Dyer has been viewed as the bell cow for the 2011 Auburn offense, tabbed by some as one half of the SEC’s greatest backfield.

But apparently, the only player more absent from Auburn’s camp than Dyer this summer has been Cam Newton.

It finally got mention today in Charles Goldberg’s feel-good piece entitled “A `crisp, energetic’ late practice; plenty of wide open positions still on depth chart.”

Yep, Pravda, er The Birmingham News, led by publisher and Auburn fan Pam Siddall is still doing its job. Well, IF you consider that job to be letting you know that everything is just fine on the plains.

Before blowing by the Michael Dyer news at 115 mph, Goldberg offers up cotton candy on Auburn’s fan day. Here’s a snippet if you can stomach it: “Officials also guessed Chizik averaged six or seven autographs a minute. But an video caught him signing six autographs in just 25 seconds. Whew.”

Whew! Six or seven! That’s a lot of autographs! Thanks for reporting Charles!

Then we get some “meat” on the quarterback race and how the team is progressing. Well, if you consider SPAM meat.

Let me break this down for you.

Michael Dyer is basically Auburn’s lone returning offensive threat, unless you count that 300 lb. lard who’s in the rotation. The only “athlete” I’ve seen fatter than that guy lately is Bo Jackson.

But Dyer’s absent from practice. He’s not participating for “secret” reasons. Anybody sniff a story? Apparently the good reporters are taking their B’ham News mandated furlough. Maybe they just missed it while scanning the channels at home. There was a “Three’s Company” bonanza on TV Land over the weekend, after all.

But breaking this issue down even further for you, if Trent Richardson had been held out of practice this summer at Alabama “for unidentified injuries”, Kevin Scarbinsky would be living in an RV outside the Mal Moore Athletic Building in Tuscaloosa.

Bloodhounds would be sniffing #3’s trail every day to see where he’d been, especially if he was spotted somewhere trying on a shirt.

And if Trent had owned the gun that the felony four used to hold up that trailer last winter, then was mysteriously absent from practice, there’d be more than a few articles constructed of loosely-knitted speculation and assumption hitting the press.

But instead, regarding the Dyer situation, what do we get from the Birmingham News…and in fairness, all in-state media?


Chirp, chirp, chirp, “Nothing to see here”, chirp, chirp, chirp, “Move along”, chirp, chirp, chirp, “T-town Menswear”, chirp, chirp, chirp…

If you can’t see it, you’re just stupid.

There is obvious media bias in coverage of the two programs in this state, and we at simply demand to know why.

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    • 2

      Yeah let’s not forget the twees! I wonder if Dyer is out, does it has something to do with that NCAA investigation the Birmingham News didn’t tell us about…

      • 3
        FBJ Lives

        LMAO He is banged up, but then again, you backwoods numbnuts just look for stuff to gripe about and boycott. Go ahead, while you are doing that, that scandal in TTown is growing and growing, and soon yahoo sports will bust your cheating asses.

  1. 8
    T.P. Druid

    But what about the trees?!? Oh, please GOD, don’t let the trees die!!!1! What else are we going to do with our toilet paper?!?

    • 9
      The Merry Mirthmaker

      Obviously the folks at AU don’t know the proper use for TP . . .of course, they still wipe with corn cobs in the ol’ outhouse . . . WHEN they wipe, that is . ., .

  2. 10
    Bobby Justice

    I hate the auhbunham News. They never give us the respect we deserve. I swear every time I read they an article on us it was so slanted that I is couldn’t finish it. If they had any shred of credibility they would they be in auhbun asking the same questions they demand we answer. Nobody wants to touch them because they don’t want to be boycotted and recieve death threats. Those poor disillusioned ignorint rednecks down that in rundown podunk town they call auhbun lost a poor tree. Trees don’t live that long, it was dying anyway stupid heads.

  3. 11
    Bobby Justice

    Oh, but about Dyer. It’s pretty obvious the timing is has something to do with the bingo trials. I bet that is Dyer feels jipped because they his free ride is over and feels like he needs a new tattoo, car, wardrobe, or something. How do you they get injured and not let anyone know what happened? When Ingram was injured last preseason it was us national news… Oh, I forget that Auhbun is an afterthought.

  4. 12
    J. Newcastle

    Wait a second. Are you insinuating that Michael Dyer owned the weapon used in the commission of a crime?

    Where did you get that?

    • 13
      Salsa Shark

      Hey loser – wake up! Everyone knows more than just those 4 were involved. I bet Trooper Thugger is involved too. So enjoy your All In because that’s what’ll be happening when those 4 go to prison and when Yahoo drops the bomb on your sorry cheating selves. Foot all in your AZZ!

  5. 14

    It has been widely speculated. Possibly not unlike the speculation Scarbinsky has run with regarding ‘Bama in the last 30 days.

    But you tell me. How does a player who hasn’t participated in any scrimmages become “too banged up” to practice?

    Somethin’ smells fishy in Lee County.

  6. 16

    All Bama needed was a lousey field goal. With about 6 or 7 minutes to get it. Auburns defense beat your ass. Not Cam, not Dyer. Does McElroy still have that concussion?

    • 17

      Great post, Cooter !! You tha man !!!

      Take a couple of aspirin for that headache and rest for the remainder of the day. I know that post took alot out of you.

      WDE!! (We Deny Everything)

    • 18

      we beat our selves auburns defense didnt beat anybody . they gave up 30 points a game.if it wasnt for cam you might have won 7 or 8 games tops

  7. 20

    Football season is about to start. Summer practice is in full force. Scrimmages are taking place. And THIS is the only “story” you can come up with? pathetic…

  8. 30
    Bald Disciple

    So, we’re just going to ignore that the Bammerham News has failed to cover Trent Richardson’s absence from practice? Let me guess, he’s been doing philanthropic work by signing autographs for T-Town Menswear for gratis.

  9. 32

    Everybody knows that the barn is full of thugs. Yes, they won it on the field against my beloved Tide. I’m not just a “hater” or anything of the sort. I do agree that the Bumingbarn news is extremely bias. I had a hunch well before last season that Dyer was bought away from Arkansas. My brother lives in North Little Rock and follows the highschool scene in that state. He was telling me about Dyer and his dreams of going to Arkansas since Dyer was in middle school. It’s not just fishy down there on the plain$. Its a dumpster full of two week rotting catfish corpses in the middle of August heat. It smells horrible.

        • 35
          Jr. Updyke

          LOL. I’m sure it is old and tired, being on probation all of your life probably. uat talking about others cheating while ON PROBATION THEMSELVES!! THAT is old son.

          • 36

            Kind of like the most penalized school in history casting stones.

            Let me make it simple for you. The subject of the sentence above refers to Auburn.

            I typed that slow so you could comprehend it better.

          • 37
            Jr. Updyke

            one school is on probation for years of cheating. YEARS. The other hasn’t been on probation, other than a small stint in basketball, since 1995. And if you want to bring up the basketball probation, doesn’t uat have something like 15 programs on probation due to textbook gate??? uat knows cheating. been doing it for YEARS

          • 38

            I’m just glad you’ve moved on from the Bear Bryant material. Ya’ll hung on to those for dear life for decades.

            Keep talking though. Your argument loses potency every time you hit the ‘submit comment’ button.

          • 39
            Jr. Updyke

            My arguments? I’ve listed facts. Sorry if they offend you ITK. You, on the other hand, don’t have an argument. You don’t have any facts. Just more bs. Sorry I made you look foolish on your own little blog.

          • 41
            Jr. Updyke

            Wouldn’t know about Dodge Chargers. All I know is what the NCAA has place uat on probation for in the past. Of course we have all seen the pictures of uat players signing dozens of jerseys and other memorabilia. We’ve seen that memorabilia displayed in the store. We’ve also seen Ohio State go down for something similar. Obviously the NCAA had the goods on Ohio State. I don’t know whether or not they have them on uat, but considering the history of cheating and being a repeat offender, I’d be nervous if I were uat. You would think uat would worry about themselves and their own problem with cheating past and present.

          • 42

            My gosh man. Do some homework before you come on here and try to talk about it. You’re making yourself sound more and more like a complete goob.

  10. 43
    Jr. Updyke

    I hear Richardson has been tearing it up this summer. So much so that they had to hold him out due to writer’s cramp. Guess he had to get in some overtime to pay for this years 12 suits.

    • 44

      Well apparently the plan was to dress him for the media portion of practice so that the eleventy billion cameras can picture him in his uni going through drills, then as soon as that period finishes rush him off wherever.

      I hope your unicorn has babies so you can share more fantasy creations with us.

        • 46

          I never thought there was a direct link between the two. However, there are hours of wire taps involving conversations that took place that were unrelated to the trial but helpful in ‘other’ areas that will soon become public record.

          May help identify the bagman that Danny Sheridan has been preaching about.

          Don’t worry though. Sheridan is seldom right, is he?

          • 47
            Jr. Updyke

            Like I said, uat fans know all about unicorns. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the wire taps much like I was waiting for scott moores. meanwhile mounds of evidence is coming from all over the place concerning suits for sigs. actual pictures. one person already disassociated. cheat much bama??? repeat offender…when was the last time uat went a solid year without cheating and getting caught???

          • 48

            Mou….mounds?? Mounds of evidence??? Haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Apparently Clay Travis and Kevin Scarbinsky equals “mounds” of something in your world.

            I tend to agree with you though. What they write certainly amounts to a “mound” of something.

          • 49
            Jr. Updyke

            Mounds of photos my friend. There are quite a few. I don’t care who wrote what story. The photos are evidence. Obviously uat thought something was going on. They had to write a back dated form letter and disassociate someone. uat = head in sand.

          • 50

            Ohhhhh! You mean the photos that the rest of the country has dismissed! Thanks for clearing that up for me.

            Keep sending them to Clay Travis though. He needs more fodder for his site.

            Too bad his credibility took a cannonball to the face when he rung the bell on a bogus, irrelevant story.

          • 52

            Yeah, back in March. You know. When the actual issue died.

            Keep digging though. I’m enjoying your ignorance. It’s given me something to do today.

          • 53
            Jr. Updyke

            Oh well if they did it back in March that makes it different. Disassociating a booster is common practice at uat. No really, it is…

          • 54

            Al…or Jr. Updyke…whoever you choose to be at this time…

            It’s a fairly common practice to warn boosters who aren’t doing anything wrong yet but have their toes too close to the line. That’s what UA did, and it happens everywhere. I’ll not deny that from observations what the menswear store owner was doing didn’t look good. It just wasn’t a violation.

            Your worst day came when Bama did disassociate him last March, because if they hadn’t it may have gone too far. And that’s what a good compliance department does; and as you’ve pointed out hundreds of times, Bama is on probation and HAS to have a good compliance department. They would not take a chance on something like this, and even more, they wouldn’t release not one but TWO statements about it in late July explaining it as being a dead issue if it were not.

    • 55

      updike jr you are a complete moron.auburn has been cheating for years and its just about to catch up with them hang on to that dream you and all them other barners have about being as good as bama . the ncaa is fixin to come calling.

  11. 56

    Richardson has been at practice you moron. My pops is one of Nick Saban’s practice officials. The only one who has really been missing practice for Bama is Vlachos. He’s been sick.

  12. 59
    Sgt. Bill

    Last Comment I heard, Malzahn said he knew what Dyer can do, thats why he’s not practicing much, to give Tre Mason and othere more reps, don’t worry Dyer will get his 1,000 yards this season. 28-27 still butt hurt

      • 61

        Smells like a rotten fish to me.

        I guess they don’t know what two year starter Onterio McCalleb can do because he hasn’t been held out.

        AU fans…do you honestly listen to yourselves? It’s painful sometimes.

        • 62

          It’s been smelling rotten in tuscaloosa since you got burned slave trading with Albert Means. The photos that come out daily where players are eating, fishing, spending the night with boosters smells. photos of signing boxes of jerseys, wearing a different suit each game, losing textbook receipts smells. Alabama STAYS on probation. There is a reason for that.

          • 63

            Care to see the droves of photos out there of Cam wearing a different suit each game last year? I can make it easy for ya.

            And by the way, why are you so racist to believe an African American players’ family can’t afford to dress their son well? Is your hood ready at the dry cleaners for this Satuhday nights cross burinin’?

          • 65

            It was a real question you’re obviously too uncomfortable to answer. Having to cheer for all those ‘coloreds’ on Satuhdays and all.

            Anyone who would question how a black athlete could be dressed nicely on game day…an athlete from a family with ZERO college expenses that most everyone on the planet who goes to school has to absorb…has to have the racist gene flowing freely through their DNA.

          • 66

            first of all DA, I know what back ground Julio comes from. Second of all DA even Nick Saban doesn’t wear that many suits. Too bad you have to result to the ol racism card when you can’t talk facts. 28-27 loser.

          • 67

            Second of all, ummm, “DA”…..quit posting under two screen names trying to give yourself the appearance multiple people who agree with you. “Al” and “Jr. Updyke” are the same person…unless it’s two people taking turns using the same ip address.

            Secondly, why don’t you tell us about that ‘background’, friend. Be sure to throw in some stereotypical language about watermelon and stuff. Racist.

          • 68

            bama labeling someone a racist. that’s rich. ol gov wallace would be proud. bama is know for being tolerant when it comes to race. very original for a redneck bama fan to be pulling out that card when someone questions why a college student has 10+ suits. because if it were a white student well by god row tahd that’s normal. but a black i bet my chewin terbacer he was paid. please, unlike most rednecks that cheer for uat, i went to Auburn. I was a student and I know you don’t go around with a bunch of money. especially if you didn’t have money growing up like Julio. but play the card mr redneck bama fan. deflect all you want until the ncaa comes. 28-27

          • 69

            You do realize Auburn is in the state of Alabama, don’t you? Most around the country don’t, and couldn’t point to it on a map, but being a former student I gave you that benefit of the doubt.

            As for your racist assumptions, let me help you. Say I’m a sure-fire future NFL draft pick. Forget being a first-rounder. Just a known commodity that I’m going in the draft. Do you know how easy it is to get a credit card? College students are the fastest growing group who finds themselves in debt because CC companies prey on them. But if I’m going to be making $12 Million in a couple of years or so, what the heck difference does a few thousand on my credit card make? The minimum payment is chump change.

            You DO realize most stores don’t just take cash, don’t you? Of course you do, you college graduate you.

    • 70

      hand on to that 28-27 dominating performance by auburn LAST YEAR ITS IN THE PAST YOU MORON. cause it will not happen this year. remember these numbers 13 I REPEAT 13 NATIONAL TITLES. TO 2

    • 77

      Huh. Didn’t know the Birmingham News owned and ran

      That’s the point I was making. Apparently reading IS hard for you.

      • 78
        apparently reading your own stuff is hard, too

        “But instead, regarding the Dyer situation, what do we get from the Birmingham News…and in fairness, all in-state media?”

        Your words, not mine.

  13. 80

    The fact of the matter is that it is getting old. Just like Ohio State who was notoriously running a “clean” program. Look back to the thirties and I think it may have been 1957 or 58 that they were banned from bowls and put on other probations for pay for play. Everybody cheats. Now that the Barn is actually “relevant” they are now longer flying under the radar with their blatant, completely obvious, stupidly planned pay for play plan. (i.e. Tigers Unlimited) I’m not at all saying that Bama is not guilty of anything. Nor am I saying that The Tide is not on probation. I just don’t understand why Auburn fans think that their program is clean. I encourage all Auburn fans take a look at good ol’ Trooper’s path to Auburn and realize that he has been politely been asked to move on because of his magical recruiting tactics. If Richardson should go down and sink Bama’s ship, why don’t we look at the minor violations of that Auburn commits. Example #1: Playing the Eye of the Tiger, while flying the eagle around the stadium before every game of the Super Six. Another violation blatantly committed (although minor) but still a recruiting violation. It will eventually catch up and bite you. Just as it’s done to us. I don’t want Auburn to get caught (yet atleast) because it will just make the SEC look like crap again and end the run of BCS Championships that we as a league have dominated these other chump conferences for. But, you have to be blind, deaf or just plain stupid to think that there is nothing going on down there.

    • 81

      Thinking that Tigers Unlimited is a way of cheating is as dumb and ignorant as thinking that Tide Pride or whatever the hell program bama has for distributing tickets is a way of cheating. That’s the problem with this rivalry. Too much ignorance. It was confirmed last week that Mike Dyer was out because he was banged up. I’m sure bama players never get banged up and miss practice. Obviously Mike Dyer has practiced this summer.

      • 82

        How’d he get banged up, Al? In runningback drills where they hit those little stuffing-filled arm pads?

        You can scratch a scrimmage off your list.

    • 83

      right on bama has had to pay for there wrong doings in the past.and its about time auburn gets what is coming to them. even terry bowden admitted to the cheating that is why he isn t around there anymore

  14. 84
    Bald Disciple

    Can someone help with a little bit of trivia? Who was the last school to win a Nat’l Championship while on probation?

  15. 91

    Yes and the Hands that go into Tide Pride and Tigers Unlimited should be slapped. Because they are also the hands turning both teams in this state pro. How you like that, Baldy?

  16. 93

    ITK is the only one on here making sense. I’m just as stupid and blind as these Barners. Oh, wait, I am making sense. I can open my eyes and see that the entire college football (well, not just football) scene is full of cheating programs. Some just don’t choose to hold the middle finger up and do it so blatantly. It’s gonna catch up to you, Barn. Then we’ll see who’s butthurt and stupid to boot.

  17. 94
    Allen Times

    If this web site would actually do some reporting you would see it REPORTED that he was at the last 3 practices with a slight limp. But once again, you are trying to make a story out of nothing. And you accuse The Biham News of non-reporting. Watch some videos of the players you morons.

  18. 95

    Well Mr., no one’s making you come here. We do appreciate your patronage, however.

    And a slight limp? Over a concussion? You need to go back to the bunker and get your stories to line up.

    • 96
      Allen Times

      As mentioned previously……he has been injured twice, apparently, because he has been doing fine as far as the concussion goes but is slightly limping.
      And sorry about getting pissed off, it just that my grandfather was a news man for 49 years and I know that it can be a difficult job and hate to hear people constantly give the B’ham news crap about not reporting. Auburn fans do the same thing so I know it is not just the bama side doing it. And although I don’t agree with a majority of your articles, I do think that you the writer/s on this site are great writers and I know that it is not as easy as some people think it is to write articles.
      Have a good day.
      War Eagle

      • 97

        To be honest, the problem with newspaper reporters is a real dilemma. That whole industry is taking on water so quickly, nobody wants to report anything that upsets large groups of people. Afterall, those groups could affect advertising dollars.

        So the result is, you get feel good pieces that totally ignore what’s really going on. Problem is, and I understand it may be hard to see this being an Auburn fan (and for once believe me, I don’t mean that as a slam), but the reporting is not equal between the two schools. For some reason it’s accepted to keep UA under the microscope, and many UA fans have just gotten used to it.

        I for one don’t mind UA being under the microscope. That’s what journalism is, and what it does. If there is dirt or wrongdoing, I do want to know about it because I think anyone with a fraction of integrity wants to know their program is clean and on the up and up.

        The issue becomes when The News employs journalism at one program but PR for the other. And that’s what’s been taking place for years. If you’re familiar with journalism, most newspapers would only leave a beat writer in place for a certain number of years (no more than four) then move that writer to something else in order to get fair coverage. Charles Goldberg has been in place for an eternity, and this can result in a comfort level that endangers journalistic integrity. Does that make sense?

  19. 98

    Be sure and tune into Wednesday’s Finebaum with special guest appearance by Danny Sheridan.On our next episode of “As The Plains Burn” we hear Coach Chizzle scream, ” get off my doorstep all you energy vampires. Do what we do! I’m ALLIn! Glad I renegotiated my contract to pay me when we go on probation. I’m sorry Ms. Roe-Lach, I was just funnin’ around. Uncle Milty is innocent.”

    • 99
      Johna Chizzle

      Gene I swear! I cloroxed these tighty whitey’s a hundred times. Ever since your Destin trip you’ve been crapping your pants like a two year old.Nothing will get this stain out.

  20. 100

    FBJ lives,

    Sorry, dude, but Mr. Robertson’s piece which will be distributed in the coming weeks is on those ‘ol’ cheatin University of Auburn Eagles. COUNT ON IT. BTW, I’m still waiting for you to accept my challenge, pussy

    THE NCAA WILL NOT SCREW WITH SABAN. Speaking of slave traders, didn’t Cecil Newton sell his boy to the highest bidder. See you Auburn losers on here come Aug 22-28 🙂

    BTW, Auburn is still our little brother. 40-33-1. Soon to be 40-32-1 and then 41-32-1. Beating Shula coached teams makes no one anyone’s big brother. Before you misinformed AU fans claim Bama only beat Barfield, Bear was 13-5 against your cheating, whining, loser Shug Jordan

  21. 101

    Who is the SEC leader in Major probations. Hint: The Boogeaters of West Georgia.

    This week showed a team, Texas A&M, trying to break out of the shadow of Big Brother and blaze their own trail. Then, we have the traditional little sister in the SEC trying to one up her bigger brother. Will she ever grow up and break out on her own? Doubtful.

    Although in one area you have blazed a new trail. Major probations.

  22. 102

    I give it a couple of days before the Barners try to blame Alabama for Jason Dufner (*U grad and still lives in Lee County) for losing the PGA Championship (golf) after having a 5 shot lead with 3 holes to play and losing in the 3-hole playoff.

  23. 103

    I was told back on January 4th that dyer wouldn’t play this year! Its possible that the injuries are just a smoke screen to what is actually going on! Oh btw this was about the same time I found out cam newton wasn’t registered for classes at awbarn!

  24. 104

    The last time you checked AU was still champions huh? I know what you mean, if I was a barner I’d have to keep checking it was still there too.

  25. 107

    More silly bias from the Capstone.

    Blaming the Bham News for not getting all suspicious and Bammeresque just because Dyer has missed 2 practices and the last scrimmage.

    Guess what Numb Nuts ….None of any other News outlets that cover Auburn have picked up on your biased, speculative theories either. You need to broaden the scope of your paranoia to now include ALL OF THE SPORTS NEWS OUTLETS.

    You guys are so stoopid it’s easy.

    By the way, Onterio McCalebb is in that backfield also …..and I haven’t heard anyone claim that the Auburn backfield is the best in the SEC. Where did you idiots hear such?

    • 108

      You can’t spell stupid correctly but we’re the ones that are, how you say, “stoopid”. Perfect.

      Funny thing about McCalebb, now that you mention him. In Goldberg’s article it said he wasn’t “worried about Dyer”, but I guess a two year starter like Onterio still needs the work?

      I’m getting dizzy trying to follow the logic here…

  26. 109

    So ..Dyer hasn’t practiced? Whadda joke.

    Here’s a pic form one of those “biased” news outlets.

    H”as it ever occurred to you idiots to actually get out of your trailer parks and look around. There’s a real big world out there and once you get out of the State of Alabama’s not full of a bunch of toofless Bammers wearing “Got 13?” T shirt that were bought from Walmart.

    Here’s the pic.

  27. 110

    Hoopie and all other redneck Auburn fans:

    So there is absolutely positively beyond a shadow of a doubt no evidence Cam Newton was sold into slavery by his father? No evidence the HBO 4 was paid while at Auburn? No evidence from FORMER COACHES of wrongdoin….WOOPS, we’ll get back to that later…No evidence of extra benefits from a wealthy Montgomery businessman to Auburn athletes? No evidence to recruiting “runners” receiving benefits in AR, LA, FL? Shyt, there’s more but I’m tired. Will pose more questions later

    • 111

      RC ..this ain’t the subject of this post by ITK .. Please try to stay focused.

      I’ve heard all your tired ol’ BS. I don’t believe anything you say because all you do is make claims and won’t back it up.

      I’m waiting for August 31. Remember??? …that’s the date you promised Auburn you would be revealed prior to. You wouldn’t bet on that date and you wouldn’t even bet that nothing ever comes of the Cam Newton situation.

      This is my last offer. RC …man up and bet.

  28. 112

    But RC! What about the textbook “scandal”?
    I would love to have at least one Aubie explain the background of textbook “gate”, and then turn around and tell us how it is equal to the NCAA investigation that is currently going on at Auburn.

    Any takers?

  29. 113

    Wow, the crap on this site just keep getting deeper. Breaking news: Auburn star RB sitting out scrimmage. Disregard his tweaked ankle… Never before in the history of NCAA football has a player been held out of practice due to injury concerns, particularly when there is little depth at their position. This sure smells fishy and wreaks of news bias! What’s that, multiple other sites have reported it already? That doesn’t mean crap… There should have been a front page story in the NYT! Why didn’t the local news interior the regularly scheduled broadcast to report a player with a minor injury was being held out of practice to be safe??? What’s that, Chizik has been quoted saying that in multiple articles? Who cares, he should have held an emergency press conference.

    Some of you guys are so far out there it makes me worry how you tie your own shoes.

  30. 115

    You idiots are trying to change the subject again. ITK has posted that the Bham News is biased and some of you idiots on here even have tried to say that #5 hasn’t practised thsi year. Well I guess I proved that wrong and ll you do is change the subject ..idiots.

  31. 118

    This has to be some sort of joke. You should really do at least one minute of research before you write an article….Dyer has been practicing until a week ago when he got a minor injury. Fact. I know you are desperate, but come on.
    Keep on grasping at straws, you sad bunch of people. Speaking of bias media coverage, why aren’t any of you fools talking about the slant and bias on F-Baum….ohhhhhh, you are fine with it when it goes your way, you just can’t have the B’ham news doing it. Come on. This is all just pitiful.

    • 119

      Speaking of Finebaum, I’ve heard tuning in on Wednesday at 2:00 might be worth your time.

      Some unknown named Sheridan s’pose to be on.

      • 120

        That Sheridan thing REALLY worked out for you, didn’t it bud;) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Pitiful.

  32. 121


    I WILL NOT reveal my sources to you or anyone else. That is final. You will see between Aug 22-31 what I am talking about. You don’t have to believe me. I’ll just be having the last laugh you dumb Auburn rednecks!! 🙂

    • 122

      Let’s bet on it.

      I know you won’t because …..deep down in that puny little redneck brain know that you have been BS’d by some of the Bama “elite” folks.

      You guys are such a bunch of mindless pawns.

  33. 125

    ITK is in rare form!!! Claims to have or seen pics of Cam in new suits each week like Julio! I know and the other 16 people that come to this site knows if you had such pics you would have posted them everywhere on this POS site. Second off are you really bashing the number of hits another site has? REALLY? Isnt that like you comparing your 1945 mobile home to Your neighbors mobile home? While ITK is being himself and posting about stuff he REALLY doesnt know anything about, lets ask the questions…..1.) is anyone surprised that right after the story came out about the tahds running game sucking ass that lil ol ITK has to find a way to bash Auburns? 2.) while we are on the subject of players missing from practice wheres Duron Carter been? Did someone miss the memo that they was suppose to change his grades at the Jr College?

    • 126

      Speaking of really not knowing anything…..

      Has Cam yet to step foot on Auburn’s campus, other than on gameday?

      Nevermind….I forgot Pat Dye still has an office on campus in the payroll dept.

  34. 127

    Sheridan just posted that he is gonna appear on Finebaum with a lie detector just to prove that he knows who the guilty folks are. He’s not going to reveal any names, just take a lie detector to “prove” that he really does know.

    WHAT A JOKE!!! I’m sure all the Bammernecks in the state will call in sick for Wednesday …crack open a case of Natty Lights and wait for the hammer to fall.

    Your level of ignorance is astounding.

    Oh yeah ..ITK …you and I both know that I can spell anything correctly anytime I want. I spell incorrectly on purpose just to get down to your level.

  35. 128

    I’ll bet $1000 that Dyer isn’t in disciplinary trouble.

    I’ll also bet $1000 that barring any more preseason injuries, Dyer plays this season.

    You stooges are so gullible to buy the mess that the Capstone puts out.

    Capstone is wrong AGAIN!!!

  36. 132

    I heard Trooper is trying to come to terms with Brett Farve since they are royally screwed at QB this season. Enjoy your 5-7 season barntards! RTR

  37. 133

    Umm, aren’t you a “reporter”? If you think something’s going on, then why not find out yourself and report it? Are you doing YOUR job?

  38. 134
    click here

    Wonderful items from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too great. I actually like what you’ve obtained right here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which by which you say it. You make it entertaining and you continue to take care of to keep it smart. I can not wait to read far more from you. That is actually a tremendous site.

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