Bama NFL rookies – Week One (Preseason)

With the first week of preseason football behind us, here’s how former Bama players in their first stint of action did:

Mark Ingram, Saints
6 carries, 23 yards (3.8 avg, 14 long), 1 TD
The 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner looked like an NFL back, carrying with authority. Good start including the 14 yard scamper for his first paydirt in the National Football League. [Saints won 24-3, SF]

Julio Jones, Falcons
2 catches, 43 yards (21.5 avge, 22 long), 1 carry, 12 yards
Like his aformentioned former teammate, Jones looked like a five-year veteran. He’s big and just looks like a bruiser at receiver. And, oddly enough, saw his first NFL action in the same building he saw his first collegiate action. [Falcons lost 28-23, MIA]

James Carpenter, Seahawks
Carpenter saw action on the offensive line with Seattle. The first rounder is a favorite to work his way into the starting rotation early into the season. [Seahawks won 24-17, SD]

Marcel Dareus, Bills
1 tackle for a loss (QB sack)
Not a lot of action, but was explosive and up the field all the way while seeing action. [Buffalo lost 10-3, CHI]

Greg McElroy, Jets
23 for 39 (5.8 yard avg) 208 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
McElroy had an abysmal start to his first preseason game getting sacked (fumbled, but recovered), then throwing five straight incompletions. However, the 7th rounder finished strong, getting three meaningful quarters of play, throwing strikes throughout the game. A few key drops would’ve padded his stats even more. But McElroy showed the mettle that made him a winner at Bama, throwing a game winning TD that a soon to be cut Jet WR dropped. [Jets lost 16-13, HOU]

Other Tiders of note:
• John Parker Wilson, Falcons went 12-19 for 111 yards and 1 INT before leaving the game to injury.
• Rashaad Johnson, Cardinals had three tackles (2 solo).
• Kareem Jackson, Texans had three tackles (all solo).
• Mike Johnson, Falcons saw action on the offensive line at guard.

Overall Alabama has 37 current players on NFL rosters. 21 of those players were drafted after tutilege from Alabama head coach Nick Saban, including seven first rounders. So under Saban, 1 out of 3 players that make it to the NFL go as a first rounder. You listening recruits?

Of the 37 players on NFL rosters, 22 play on the defensive side of the ball, with 15 on offense. Of those 15, seven are offensive linemen, four are running backs, three are quarterbacks and one plays receiver.

Of the 21 Saban has sent to the league, only 10 play defense…a surprising stat to me.

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  1. 2

    The Maginot Line offered France better protection in WWII than the Jets O-line gave McElroy.

    In spite of that though he looked pretty good. With more time and reps he’s going to be an extremely solid backup.

    • 3

      ingram s td quick explosive split the defenders then made the s whiff kept his balance = instant fan fave

  2. 5

    From what I can determine, Dial was waived by the Lions last week (8/09).

    Brodie is still with Kansas City but buried on the depth chart. However, I’ve always thought the best job in America is 3rd team NFL QB. Carry the clip board, don’t ever get hit, and earn 3/4 of a Million. I’d do it. 🙂

    • 6

      Check that; it appears the Chiefs have waived Croyle as well. So an unspectacular NFL career may have run its course.

    • 7

      And 15-16 year and $10 million later, you can retire still able to walk and having not had a single concussion.

  3. 8
    Top Glover

    Nice report. Thanks. Just what I was looking for. That number of 15 on D is likely to explode in the next few years. After this season alone we should see Hightower, Harris, Upshaw, Chapman, Kirkpatrick, Menzie and Barron. Jordan is likely to get a look in the late rounds or free agent. Maybe another or two I haven’t thought of. Saban is turning Bama into an entrance exam into the NFL.

  4. 11

    Ingram’s TD was jaw-dropping. Looks like he picked up Eddie “Feets” Lacy’s spin move somewhere along the way.

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