REPORT: Texas A&M calls meeting to consider move to SEC

According to the Houston Chronicle the Texas A&M Board of Regents will hold a meeting Monday and consider giving “Authorization for the President to Take All Actions Relating to Texas A&M University’s Athletic Conference Alignment, The Texas A&M University System.”

The obvious meaning is that Texas A&M is ready to bolt from the Big XII to the SEC.

The move to a Monday meeting is important since has pointed out the Texas legislature intends to hold a hearing on the potential move on Tuesday. The purpose of the hearing? “We want to be in position to have a discussion about a potential move to a new athletic conference for one of our major universities – that it’s in the best interest of the state of Texas,” Branch told

The desire to hold a hearing on the potential move looks to be an attempt to put political pressure on Texas A&M. The Aggies appear to have sensed the political pressure and moved the Board of Regents meeting up from Aug. 22 to Aug. 15 (Monday).