Breaking: Brent Calloway at UA practice

Reports from several sources have AU smear campaign target Brent Calloway at practice and working at runningback tonight in Tuscaloosa.

The Tide’s newcomers hit the field for the first time tonight at 7:30pm. His grades are in, and despite the alleged best efforts of a certain former coach and possibly others back home, Brent is wearing Crimson, and eligible.

One can only wonder who the next smear campaign target will be at the hands of the Aubuhn fambly.

What you don’t have to wonder, however, is if there will be another campaign.

Let’s just hope, like this one, those will fail too.

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    As a follow-up to this story, could not confirm whether or not Cam Newton continued his efforts to call Calloway and dissuade him from coming to Tuscaloosa… allegedly.

  2. 2

    Are you being facitious ITK? Bwaa haww haww. Oops, sorry Barnturds. Didn’t mean to confuse you with words not in AU English 101. The football Gods need to get their heads out of their azzes. We need Carter more than Calloway. What the phuck. His father said everything was good to go. RTR!

  3. 3

    I guess the football Gods were kind to Calloway anyway. He wanted the chance to be an RB. He best be spectacular or he’ll get moved around when Dee comes back next year, and then Barry Sanders Jr will be here too. RTR!

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    Bobby Justice

    I’m so glad that the ahbun fambly and their racist elk failed. Mr. Calloway may have had grade problems in high school but here at Alabama we have great educaters that will help him make the AA list just like many crimson tide greats that have come before him. Unless those death threat yelling, racist, back tooth hillbillys act on their deep primal urges and try to find a way to keep him on the bench. Think Keri Strug. Don’t put it past the fambly. They will do anything to win. Too bad the Auburn biased media doesn’t have the guts to call them out on it.

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