Alabama football: Nick Saban blasts irresponsible media

Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide

Welcome to Fall Camp members of the media. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has a message. The Alabama football coach is sick of false reports from the media and pseudo-media of the Internet.

Saban blasted irresponsible media members who report and speculate without verifying the facts.

“I don’t know where you guys get all your information,” Saban said. “Maybe every time somebody posts something on a message board? I’m going to start messing with you…I’m going to start posting everyday something that is total BS so you can go crazy out there on misinformation and bad information. And have no professionalism and try to find out if it did or didn’t happen. Just create some you know what.”

It is not every member of the media that behaves in an irresponsible way, according to Alabama football coach Nick Saban.

“God bless there are a few guys in this room that have professionalism and never print anything unless they know what is up,” Saban said. “They always try to check and I really do appreciate it.”

Saban said it tended to be the older members of the media who show the desired professionalism.


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    Crying like a little bitch! Same way he’ll do when the Hogs roll thru bammer and spank that whiny ass!

    • 5

      Come on down piggies, Bama won’t be overlooking you this year. Your defense still sucks. I know you don’t get to poke your chest out much, but every time you guys get any pre-season hype, you always choke on it. The game won’t be close this year. Sorry.

    • 6

      Won’t this year be five in a row over you guys? Come on down and take it like a pig…you know…like you do EVERY year.

  2. 7

    His blast of the media following false leads as if they wre truth is why A) he is my new favorite person and B) proof that americans in general are sick of media distortions and the end is nearing for their reign in the arena of lies

  3. 9

    What’s even funnier is that Saban has a pretty good working relationship with the NCAA and has a LOT of political pull with important individuals outside the NCAA. Enough said

      • 11

        Are you ready FBJ? The season is about to start. The NCAA investigation into Auburn should be winding down soon. Auburn will have to replace nearly the whole team, who miraculously avoided a 7-5 season from a year ago. All that talking, all that bragging is about to be attempted to be backed up by your team. Are you up for it? You know that first loss is going to sting, don’t you?

        Well, I don’t know about you, but I am sure ready. Bama has a really good core of players coming back, and chances that they improve from 10-3 last season are very high. They have earned enough respect to continue to be considered a pre-season top 10 team, every year that Saban has been there but his first. Bama is reloading at some positions from 3 previous top 5 recruiting classes, and the new guys from this past top recruiting class.

        So are you up for it? You think Chizik can match and hang much longer? I seriously doubt it, especially if you hit with sanctions. You continue to talk the big talk, and we will see soon how much it really means.

        • 12
          FBJ Lives

          Yeah Im ready Brando, Im just wondering if you are ready. I already know the answer to that. Saban was full of hate because he sees that his program is about to get caught sweeping things under the rug, but he really shouldnt be surprised. Hell, thats been the way in Tuscaloosa for the last 17 years. I heard the same song and dance last year when Updyke U. was preseason number 1. When you lose your three games this year, I guess that will be the medias fault also. And then another spanking and tirade will follow…..

          • 13

            And your reason for Auburn is going to have a successful season is….?
            More myths about Bama. Way to dodge the tough questions!

            My point was Bama has earned the respect, and Auburn can buy a Heisman QB, but there isn’t enough money to buy an ounce of respect. Have you ever seen a defending NC with such low expectations? Set back and watch Bama continue to do what they have for the past 3 years, averaging 12+ wins a year, in the NC hunt, while your 2 game over .500 coach is basically starting over and will likely be dealing with sanctions. Good luck getting to a bowl game!

        • 14

          bring it bama brando said are you ready to back it up?we started 5-0 after we went 14-0. see if you can hang on that long . you could possibly lose 2 of your first 3 and that road scedule is tough . get ready for an average season at best

  4. 15


    The NCAA will not mess with Saban’s program 🙂 However, I would love to mess you up. Time and place in Bham, pussy

  5. 16
    robert garrard

    Rc, you talk about whipping someone’s as$ more than anyone I have ever heard. Why don’t you shut your Nancy mouth and stay on the subject at hand. You are a low IQ bammer redneck that Alabama fans are ashamed of! You are the “charles” of bammer, you village idiot. I will pray for you and your family.

  6. 17

    Anybody aware of how much pride Sabear has? Yeah, I think you all are – even the Barnturds. He’s a pride and control junkie. You think he would go in front of the media and bust their azzes in public like that if he had even the slightest idea it could backfire on him? NOT IN A MILLION PHUCKING YEARS! In my opinion that was the strongest reproach yet to the T-Town horseshyt. And that’s exactly what it is – several million tons of unadulterated horseshyt! RTR!

  7. 18


    I will pray for Emily Garrard’s safety from all village idiots since you give them all directions to your house where she is living, you typical Auburn hypocrite

  8. 19

    Woopig????? I’m trying to remember when the hogs rolled into Tuscaloosa and did some spanking. I guess it s better to talk about goi g to do it than actually doing it.

  9. 21

    No doubt. Woopig is a clone of Indiana Volunqueer. He has a big mouth behind the security of his keyboard, but eventually he’ll find a school with which he can associate to fulfill the fantasy that his Razorquacks aren’t man enough to backup. RTR!

    • 22
      Indiana Vol

      More Bammer MORON Bull “Shyt” from an uneducated, toothless, mullett-wearing, inbred hillbilly!

      Thanks for making my point, EGGHEAD!!

  10. 23

    Nice to see every one is in rare form for new season ahead.Like i have always said””””It sure is nice being a BAMA fan knowing your program is on top year in and year out.I Love that big target on our back.It must mean something when every school in the NCAA talks about beating BAMA.Our program is on top and will be for a long time;;;;;;;;;;RTR

  11. 25

    Don’t know where my post went yesterday so I’ll post it again just for meaness. Yesterday I was passing through a little dry wash town in west Texas called Lamesa and damned if there wasn’t a ford dealership there named “Spike – Dyke”. Bwaa haww haww! You’ll never in hell guess what it made me think of. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  12. 26

    I’m sure that Nick really hates the biased speculative mess put out by the Capstone. Nick is tuff, but not unfair. From what I”ve seen of him, he would hate the unfair biased speculations that you spew here.

  13. 27

    You know, he really hates Auburn, so he probably wouldn’t like the stuff you post here either. Especially the Auburn conspiracies against Bama. But one thing is for sure, he, along with the rest of us, are really looking forward to the Beatdown on the Plains this season. He has last seasons iron bowl score plastered all over the locker room. He knows how to motivate. Saban has hardly lost to anyone two years in a row, and this year will be no exception.

    • 28

      What does this have to do with biased, speculative media???

      Stay focused dude.

      Was the 28-27 loss due to a loss of focus?

      • 29

        I would say 28-27 was a loss of focus. That, and luck was on Auburns side last year from that deal y’all made with the devil. You brag on that 1-point win, you only have about 3 months left before that beatdown comes. I bet you Bama wins by more than a point, and won’t have to come from behind to do it.

        And I would say he is blasting the irresponsible media for going with a story (that is dead know anyway) that originated on Auburn message boards and Clay Travis, with no verification, only speculation. The season will be here soon, and Bama has a lot going for them this year. Auburn, not so much. The underdog as usual. And that first loss is going to sting, you know.

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