Alabama football: Fall Camp begins with Brent Calloway, without Duron Carter

Alabama Crimson Tide Receiver Duron Carter
Alabama Crimson Tide Receiver Duron Carter. Photo via Twitter

Duron Carter is not eligible to practice or be in camp, according to Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban. Alabama is awaiting more information on his grades before the highly anticipated wide receiver can begin practicing with the Alabama football team.

“When we get that information and if it is all what it is supposed to be then he will be able to practice,” Saban said.

The Alabama football coach gave no timetable for when the University would have all the needed information so the much-needed wide receiver could begin workouts with the team.

There was some good news regarding player eligibility. The victim of one of the most disgusting Auburn-led smears in recent memory has completed the necessary work to join the Alabama Crimson Tide.

“Brent Calloway has completed what he needs to complete and if that all verifies then he will be able to practice tonight,” Saban said. “So, we don’t have a problem with that.”

Calloway is expected to provide needed depth at the running back position. Saban said Calloway would increase the number of players seeing work at the position to four at this point in camp.

“We feel like we have three pretty good guys,” Saban said. “That is about as many as usually play in the season.”

Saban said players like Blake Sims, Christian Jones, Vinnie Sunseri could all provide additional depth at running back if necessary.

“I’m not telling you what we are going to do because we are going to do it on a day-to-day basis,” Saban said.

One other player’s status remains in question.

“Danny Woodson is not here, but may be here at some time before school starts,” Saban said. This “depends on what happens in some other situations.”

Saban praised players like wide receiver DeAndrew White. Saban said White was impressive in the first practice of Alabama’s Fall Camp.

Quinton Dial showed up at camp in good shape. “Quinton Dial had a really good spring. I think he is athletic and getting more and more confident. I think he has a much better ability to sustain. He has improved his conditioning. He has lost some weight that probably not good weight. I think he is much more efficient.”

Saban also said some new arrivals and less experienced players could contribute on the defensive line.

“There is a lot of opportunity there for some guys,” Saban said. “I would say that a couple of those guys are going to come to the forefront. We probably have more depth but maybe not the experience that we have had or the dominate player that we have had. But there are some guys that could dominate into that kind of player as well.”

Entering practice there is no depth chart, Saban cautioned. This is particularly true with so many positions open. Alabama expects a battle to fill positions including quarterback, offensive line, wide receiver and special teams.

“I think there are some young guys that can help us on defense,” Saban said. “Trey Depriest had a really good spring. Vinnie had a good spring….” Saban said there were other players including some of the new arrivals impressed other players and the strength and conditioning staff during the summer, and now that Fall Camp has arrived, would give the coaches a chance to evaluate how they could contribute.

In addition, Saban believes that even young players who come into camp, perform better, and with more consistency than upper classmen get a fair shot at seeing action.

“We are all about playing the best players,” Saban said. He indicated seniority is not what motivates who gets to see playing time. “Just because a guy has been here doesn’t mean that someone else can’t be better than him.”

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