Football: Alabama tabbed as preseason #2 by coaches

The USA Today preseason Coaches’ Poll has Oklahoma at number one followed by the Alabama Crimson Tide football team at number two, Oregon at number three, LSU is number four and Florida State is number five. Oklahoma had 42 first place votes, Alabama had 13 first place votes, Oregon garnered two first place votes and LSU nabbed two first place votes. There are 59 coaches voting in this year’s poll, according to USA Today’s official Coaches Poll website.

There are eight SEC teams in the poll led by #2 Alabama and #4 LSU. The other SEC schools in the poll include #12 South Carolina, #14 Arkansas, #19 Auburn, #20 Mississippi State, #22 Georgia and #23 Florida.

Alabama’s early season opponent Penn State (week 2 game) is ranked #25 in the preseason football poll.

CBS’ Dennis Dodd made one interesting observation about the poll via twitter. Dodd tweeted, “Six teams in top 25 either on probation or being investigated by NCAA for major violations.”


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    Agreed for the most part

    On the page when this first came out, the original headline was “Auburn ranked #19 in first poll.” No crap. They had a story on “Alabama ranked #2” that is earlier according to the time posted on it, but it was NOT up first because I noted the oddity of the AU emphasis and actually showed it to someone. It was later when the UA story was posted – no question.

    Maybe this bias thing is more real than I thought before.

  2. 3

    I’ve never seen a tainted defending national champion drop 18 spots. Another college footbal history 1st for Barntarded U.

  3. 4

    I’m happy with #2. If Fl St. beats Oklahoma in week 3, I’ll be happy to put Fl St.@ #1 and leave us at #2. Just as long as we are #1 after the Bowls and the world will be……normal. (Unlike the fluke season last year)

  4. 5

    I will pull for Oklahoma in that game against FSU. If Bama and OU stay undefeated, that would be an awesome title game, full of tradition and history, mutual respect, and good defenses. Complete opposite of last years ‘Thug Bowl’ for the championship. Even the Fiesta Bowl was busted for corruption, like the two teams that played in it were.

    • 7

      What? Who are you to be talking VOL? Your team won’t have nothing to bring to the fight this season. Glad you still are hating on Bama. Your hate causes you to not see clearly, as Bama is pretty stacked with 4 years of great recruiting. But you wouldn’t know that, because too much hate makes you dumb. ANd the more you post, the dumber you look. Keep up the good work!

  5. 8

    Better to be over rated than not rated at all there itchy balls! Lmao your as lame as edible underwear ya douche bag

  6. 10
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Jameis Winston is a smart kid. With all your players leaving due to Hatey Smurf, FSU looked like heaven.

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