An Open Letter to Kevin Scarbinsky

If you see this face in Tuscaloosa, you may want to lock your business' doors.

Dear Kev,

I hope the day finds you well. I’ve got a fantastic news tip for you.

I send you this letter here because I’m afraid that if I took the email route it’d get buried in your inbox. You know, under all tips and facebook photos sent from angry Auburn fans.

Wait; I’m sure they would only do this with Clay Travis.

Anyway, back to my tip.

It seems there is a little boy in Alberta City who has had his picture made with Julio Jones three whole times. Even signed a shirt he was wearing one day.

In your continual quest to ignore the real story in this state and dig up one that isn’t there, this boy may provide the missing link you’ve been waiting for.

Your latest attempt to demonize a fan for having signed memorabilia and an acquaintance with a player came on Thursday. You know, the University has made it clear, or so we all thought, that a current player signing memorabilia is not a violation of any kind.

But don’t let that stop you. I know you like to write stories about things that don’t look right to you.

Like people who live or work in a small college town who through the course of life engage students (including football players) and get to know them.

Or stores with signed memorabilia of Alabama football players displayed in it. Stores in far off places like….Tuscaloosa!

So as Danny Sheridan, the New York Times and Yahoo Sports close in on identifying the link tying Auburn to the illegal recruitment and payment of Cam Newton, negating the school’s lone real championship in its existence, you do the real investigative journalism, k?

You keep hitting Smoothie King, Kinkos and Taco Bell in Tuscaloosa and talk to those store owners.

I hear the McDonald’s on McFarland gave Mark Barron a free refill JUST LAST WEEK!

But you know, I can’t blame you. I like to write stories on things that don’t look right to me too.

Like “journalists” with an unusually curious hunger to look in the opposite direction of one program and go after another. I wonder what your motivation could be?

Auburn boosters have been accused of paying for politicians, and paying for players. Might be a Pulitzer in there somewhere for somebody if they can prove they also pay for other things.

Your friend,

P.S. – Tell your newspaper’s publisher I said hello. What team does she pull for again?


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  1. 1

    Best way to deal with kevin is do not buy newspaper
    or have any thing to do with its sponsors and it will
    get the message. WAIT thats want the cow college
    fans do!! Who cares about Clay Travis or Kevin,
    they are small potatoes in the real world of college
    football. If HBO or NYT or Yahoo come for a visit
    WATCH OUT AUBURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    mark d.

    I was a working journalist for a number of years with an international wire service, and still work in the field. And while the profession is clearly moving to opinion and positions over objectivity, what this guy does is thinly veiled PR. He’s not a reporter, whether or not what he writes appears in print.

  3. 4
    # 1 al. fan

    Hey come on guys, you gotta give Scabbie a little slack, his gig with Mike Raita on ABC 33/40 does appear to take up a vast amount of time!! HIs lack of news even there, shows how little he really knows about the sports world……… RTR

  4. 5

    Mark D, you are so right, he is nit an investigative reporter, maybe a wannabe, maybe the Bham News is loosing so much money that that had to place Scabbo on the front lines ala Geraldo Riverist like, now pulling double duty for the paper.
    I have to buy the damn paper b/c it is cheaper than the stuff they sell @ the pet store.

  5. 6

    Right on, ITK. I’ve sent him 2 letters over the past 2 weeks with no response. He used to respond. He’s a coward

    • 8

      Yeah, ’cause an agenda-filled opinion writer that even Finebaum laughs at holds so much credibility.

      Failed again, FBJ. But keep tryin’, kiddo!

      • 9
        FBJ Lives

        I aint the one doing it ITK, but the very fact that the story isnt that old should concern you. When Cams story broke, day one you were on it. And I do recall Finebaum defending Auburn in the beginning also. Keep talking about the HBO 4 if you want to. Ex players making statements that have no PROOF. But Stanley said he received money offers from many places, LSU included. Now wasnt ST.Nick coaching there then? So which is it? You believe all the story, or just the parts you want to. And soon, this story about Tom Albetar will be more than opinion my friend, or should I say kiddo 🙂

  6. 10

    FBJ, LOL, you obviously don’t get it. THE NCAA WILL NOT SCREW WITH A NICK SABAN PROGRAM. The same cannot be said for your morally and ethically challenged program with your sock puppet of a head coach


    • 11
      Allen Times

      Really? You guys are still talking about this crap?
      Here’s how it would go if either one really did show up:

      Is that You?
      Yay, its me!
      Why you talkin about bama likie that?
      Cause it want to.
      Oh, well……..Stop it you barner!

      Stop talking like ya’ll would really do something if he did show up. and FBJ, we all know that you are not going to show up, which there is no use in it anyways.

    • 14
      FBJ Lives

      Think what you want rc…..As for your little challenge vagina, you do not tell me what to do you lil limp wrist. I know my way around to all kinds of places. I dont want to have to eliminate your trashy ass, which by your previous threats, Id be well within my rights jerkoff. I already told you, I have plans with my girlfriend, you know, the one that you threatend to have you an your boys rape. Another reason you do not want me to show up big boy. After our plans are complete, we will engage in adult activities, which one day I will explain to you how its done, and what you are missing out on.

  7. 15
    Allen Times

    Dear Kev,
    I don’t care what you do as long as you do what you do. Thanks for not finding Auburn guilty before the facts. I know that you will report against Auburn if anything comes out against us.
    I also ask that you give Alabama a break. They have been on probation for 16 years now and they are really scared that it is going to be a whole lot longer now.

  8. 18
    Kevin 'wuss' Scar

    The only way to get KevScar to respond is to use some ‘foul language’. Remember his almost never ending diatribe about Saban cussing at a press conference a while back ? That, combined with his Winnie the Pooh on crack sounding voice makes him a complete wuss.

  9. 19
    FBJ Lives

    CharlesRobinson Charles Robinson
    Tweeps. Other people (writers, oddsmakers, etc.) have no idea what we’re working on. Remember: Loudest person in the room knows the least.

    • 20

      That explains why you post on here so much then FBJ. Say what you want about Bama. The NCAA and SEC has been aware of the situation, yet no investigation. Where is YOUR proof? Bama, who has a great track record under Saban, has set out players immediately if their eligibility comes into question. Y’all tried to cause a stink with the Calloway recruitment, but that kind of backfired. So, here is another attempt. You are so sure that Bama is in trouble, and Auburn is not.

      The proof that Auburn is under investigation is there. You know they are being investigated as well as I do. I would say 4 players detailing pay-for-play on HBO is a lot more evidence of wrong doing than photos of Bama players signing autographs. And Cecils admission after denying it says a lot too. But the investigation is into a lot more than just these issues. 10 months into it, the investigation has done nothing but expand. Odds are very high that they have evidence against Auburn. How much is the question we all have right now. And I am sure the NCAA is well aware of which fanbase is slinging dirt at Bama , and they realize the source that the Bama allegations are coming from. They had info on this before you guys did, so I can imagine they they are thinking you guys are pretty desperate and stupid right about now.

  10. 21

    AU Fans have been telling us of our impending doom for awhile now.

    I guess they were talking about Calloway…..Nothing
    Then it was HBO……oops, it was AU players
    T-town menswear store……..Oh, so close yet, NOTHING
    Corey Grant is going to expose us……Oh please, get real.

    Now all this impending doom that Bama has coming their way, while AU is being investigated by the NCAA for Cam (they won’t find anything), HBO and the Auburn 4 (They were lying, disgruntle players), NCAA investgating recruiting in LA, FL, etc. (have not heard anything about, so they must not be investigating anymore), NCAA telling Chiz that the investigation is still on-going (they aren’t really investigating, just a big misunderstanding. Plus they haven’t found anything), Sheridan saying they are closing in on the bag man (he is an oddsmaker, he is lying and he is a Bama grad).

    NYT, USA Today, HBO all have stories confirming AU troubles.

    AU relies on Jeffrey Lee and Clay Travis……sad.

    Sorry Little Sister, keep trying. Maybe you can get another AU guy to take our players on a boat ride.

    Till then, keep the lube out and keep fantasizing about Bama’s demise while “the Holy Roman Empire” is burning all around you. Ignorance is bliss and is amusing to Bama fans like myself.

  11. 23

    Maybe scarbo should check out Franklin tire and auto in auburn it is owned and operated by auburn alums that like to “help out” underprivileged auburn athletes!!!

    • 24
      john hampton

      Hey! I didn’t play sports for Auburn but did attend school there. Late one night coming back to school I got a flat right outside of their store. One of the owners were in his office and actually gave me a new tire and put it on for me. I didn’t have any money but he told me to pay him 20 whenever I graduated! I did graduate and I did pay them. To this day I am still grateful for what he did. Even today if we go to Auburn I get new tires from them. So, they are good people. I just wanted to throw that out there while you were discussing them.
      War Eagle!

  12. 25

    Come on now guys this is getting ugly. Can’t we all just get along?
    Some of you grown men are acting little bitches. Leave the e thug crap at home. You guys act like these comments don’t bother you then go to name callin and threats. Let’s keep it civil guys.
    Roll Tide

    • 26
      john hampton

      I agree with you there Pat Dye…….errrrrr…..Fat Die. It is getting quite rediculous! By both fan bases.

    • 27
      FBJ Lives

      As far as the threats go, I have said my piece. I react to what is said to me, sometimes I react a little too strongly. All I did was invite the twerp to my Facebook page and all of a sudden, he wants me to meet him behind a BBQ joint lmao. It really doesnt bother me, nor surprise me. However, his comments are quickly gaining attention on various sites…..

  13. 29

    Ok john if they will do it for you then they absolutely will do it for the players that frequent the establishment! You just proved what I said! Thank you!

    • 30
      john hampton

      maybe……not saying that they don’t. You, I and everyone else on here with half a brain know that Alabama’s and Auburns football players get free stuff. Probably every single day. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it to an extent. But rules are rules. But I didn’t prove any point for you. You are speculating that they do. I’m saying they did for me. I can honestly say I never saw a football player (or any sport player) while I have been in there. But no……sorry…..I didn’t prove a point for you. Proving your point would be me saying that I have seen a football player come in, get tires and leave without paying.
      Oh, yeah…….I did pay for them several weeks later.
      Have a good day bud!

  14. 31

    FBJ thank you for taking my pleasure to a whole new level when the money man is named in the next two weeks, per Danny Sheridan.

    Don’t worry; it’s just freaking Danny Sheridan who made the assertion. He’s just got 30 years of pinpoint accuracy under his belt. I’m sure he’s due for a false alarm.

    But prolly not. Now go see if Jeff Lee, Phillip Marshall or Scarbinsky can tickle your ears with B.S.

    • 32
      FBJ Lives

      And thank you for allowing me to post. We will see what Danny Oddsmaker has to say. Better have a point spread to go with it. And the pleasure will be ALL mine when the rest of the Tommy “Money Source” Albetar story comes out my friend. And there is a HELL of a lot more. Like I told you deflecting clowns for months….Stay tuned.

      • 33

        I will take the word of Bama’s compliance, the SEC office, and the NCAA over Clay Travis and the Auburn cult crusade trying to manufacture charges against Bama. You all are going to look really stupid when the NCAA praises Bama for how they handled the situation. More schools could learn how to handle compliance issues from the way Bama has handled this. Lord knows Auburn could have used some advice after the past few years. But by all means, you guys keep trying!

  15. 34





    • 35
      FBJ Lives

      You gonna keep calling me names Rc? I have what you said in a secure place so no need to worry about it now. You think typing in all caps is supposed to scare me or sumthin? My name is Lance, now show your boyfriend you have the balls to put your name on here. Didnt think you had that in you. I am thrilled that you are having a breakdown over my comments. You arent going to do anything little boy, so keep on coming at me with your sad little threats.

  16. 36

    Poor FBJ and his revisionist history. Deflecting? AUBURN IS UNDER INVESTIGATION YOU TOOTSIE ROLL DICK. Good LUCK trying to mess with a Saban program. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. 38

    I just love how we get the NCAA, the NY Times, Danny Sheridan, Charles Robinson, etc. to deflect for us. Man we’re powerful.

    Meanwhile you get media whores like Scarbinsky and Travis.

    Do you realize how delusional you sound?

    Don’t answer. Was a rhetorical question.

  18. 43


    I’m enjoying punking your pussy ass out! No breakdown here. BTW, when you threatened to shoot me in the head, that was an act of domestic terrorism:) I’m saving your comments too. You see there is what we call in the legal profession pure threats and veil (?) threats. You stepped over the line. Pussy

    THE NCAA will not screw with a Nick Saban program. Later, Lance, FBJ, I.e. Pussy

    • 44
      FBJ Lives

      I have the ENTIRE thing rc, so dont you go worrying yourself sick little boy. I know exactly what Im doing. And you havent punked anybody son. You keep saying the word p*ssy, maybe if you can pull off your nephew long enough, Ill take you out soon and try an get you laid. Keep on with it lmmfao. See Im a real man, boy. I notice aint nobody jumping to your rescue, and this is a site for YOU. I guess they see what I see as well, a loudmouth, vulgar wimp that says the same thing over and over and over again. BTW, you can continue calling me a p*ssy if you want. Its as close to it as you will ever get 🙂

  19. 45


    Nobody is supposed to jump to my defense you dickless goob. This is between you and me. I’ve already been advised about domestic terrorism and your threats to shoot me in the head. As far as pussy, I’ve had a lot more than you obviously including your lady who is sucking me off while you’re arguing with me

  20. 46

    I thought FBJ had a date which is why he didn’t accept my challenge? I guess blow up dolls can’t talk back to you and give you spare time:)

  21. 47
    FBJ Lives

    And I know where I stand with your threats to me as well little boy. That last post indicates what a sad person you must be. You are nothing more than a joke, and a bad one at that. Funny thing is, my lady is with me now, as we are about to go out to eat. You might want to pull whatever head you have in your lap up, but Im positive you wont be shocked when you find that its your mother. Have a good one Rc, I will holler at you sometime Sunday, as I will be REAL bizzy tonight.

  22. 48


    That is hilarious. That kind of elementary playground response to your master is why I know you ain’t getting any. How convenient you and your bitch are just now going to dinner AFTER I PUNKED YOUR ASS sissy boy. We’re not done coward. Later

    • 49
      FBJ Lives

      You got one thing right. We are not done….not by a longshot. Anyway RC, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. My only question to you is, did you pitch or catch?

  23. 50
    robert garrard

    RC is a really sick, perverted weirdo. I wouldn’t bother arguing with him about anything except football. He will just keep running his little girl mouth over and over and over, but never say anything halfway intelligent or make a valid point. Oh yeah, he is also fat and out of shape. I know this as fact. RC IS A FATTY! HADEHADEHAHA! I even gave the faggot my address and would meet his fat ass anywhere he wants to. No guns or crap like that, just me kicking the holy sh!t out of his pervert ass.

  24. 51

    Lmao…john ..speculation is something you think might be the case in given situations! Im not speculating a Damn thing I’ve witnessed it first hand.point is if they would give you open ended credit on a tire they would absolutely give impermissible benefits discounts what have you to student athletes! Oil changes body work tires rims. Tim Carter came in with his acura on stock shoes and left with high end boots! Paid a whopping 18.95+ tax…..btw that’s what an oil change cost back then! They may have stopped by now! I highly doubt it tho!

    • 52
      john hampton

      OH, sorry. I didn’t read where you had said that you saw them do that. My, bad. I’ll take your word for it. And like I said earlier, I have never seen them do it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t. Just like T Town menswear, I haven’t seen them do anything wrong, does that mean they didn’t? No. In my opinion, I think that with the amount of things being signed, sure, they probably at least got a discount. I think that is okay personally. If someone wants to give them a car for a commercial, I think that is okay. But at this time, it is against the rules. All of this is just my opinion and I do respect yours.

  25. 53
    robert garrard

    Well pal, everybody at Russellville high school and here in the shoals area witnessed Brent Calloway driving aroundin a new car furnished by the Ford dealership on Windward Avenue. It was returned when questions were asked by classmates. Peaches had already sold Brent to bama. That’s why he freaked out when Brent switched to Auburn. That’s fact, not speculation.

  26. 55
    robert garrard

    Corey Grant is spilling the beans on bama. That’s what my source says. This person is a reliable insider. Bama is going down baby!

  27. 56

    Lmao Robert gaturd are u still fukking that dead cow known as the calloway story? Bwaaaahawhawhaw the only thing Cory grant is spilling is how much he wished he stayed at bama according to my source! Who just happens to be a former coach of his! “This move has turned out to be a wasted chance!I don’t know why I didn’t just stick it out?I’ve never quit before” direct quote!!!!!

    • 57
      robert garrard

      Make up as much sh!t as you want. You are a liar. I have recently gotten to know a current bama player. He said Corey hated saban. He also said that when Corey hits the edge, he is gone. He said Corey was the second fastest player on bama’s team. You are lying out of your ass. Name the coach. I know all the coaches at opelika and sabans name and reputation have become sh!t there. That’s a fact.

  28. 58

    Haha, Robert says I’m a fat, sick weirdo, but he tried to pimp out his daughter on a website (if she exists). Great parenting! She must be proud. I wouldn’t doubt if Robert and the new FBJ are the same or at least use the same gloryhole

  29. 59

    Why would a man like Robert who supposedly has a daughter give directions and address to his house to someone he doesn’t know? Rumor has it that Robert was operating a whorehouse!! Was he using Emily?! Either that or he’s a shitty father

  30. 60

    I really don’t think Saban loses much sleep over what coaches in Pelika-Auburn-Phenix City-West Ga think of him. What’s even funnier is you thinking that the NCAA will mess with Saban’s program. Before you bring up textbooks, that was mainly a Shula matter, but my same source tells me there are people within the NCAA that are afraid to mess with Alabama now. The same cannot be said for that hypocritical, gutless, sock puppet Head Coach at Auburn

  31. 61
    robert garrard

    It was so your Nancy ass might have the guts to come to Florence and get your redneck ass kicked. However, you are obviously a scared bammer pervert that is all talk. Oh yeah, bama is going to get a loi within a month. This is much, much worse than the Ohio State situation. I’ll talk to your sissy, redneck, baby brother idiot ass another day. Don’t forget to take your insulin shot and blood pressure meds before bed fat boy.

    • 62

      Boy, if Bama is guilty of something worse that Ohio State, then we won’t have to worry about Auburn even fielding a football team for the next decade. Good luck with your hoping and wishing dumbass.

  32. 64

    Robert Garrard:

    if gas was a reasonable price, I would come down to your sister phucking house and kick your pathetic ass. The invitation that I extended to that pussy FBJ, I now extend to you high roller. You just name a day and time. I’m not wasting a trip on the likes of you. When you French a certain member of your family tonight, remember that’s my dick you’re tasting

  33. 65


    Alabama WILL ALWAYS be Auburn’s big brother. DEAL WITH IT. Alabama leads the overall series by 6 games and has won 2 of the last 3. THAT IS RECENT HISTORY. Auburn did win the game 6 years in a row during the darkest period of its football history mired in probation AND incompetent coaching. I cannot even give Auburn its due for beating a decent 3-loss team last year because Cam was sold into slavery by his father to Auburn University. My source in Indianapolis tells me this will come out by the end of August and Cam and his gutless, white trash Head Coach KNEW. UH OH. Furthermore, you and the rest of the Auburn cult members are boobs if you seriously think that the NCAA will mess with Saban. Sweet dreams cocksucker

  34. 66

    I actually came on here expecting to read an article that might shed some insight as to why so many UA fans hate KS. Instead I got a disjointed letter that actually did what it accuses KS of doing. This story had nothing to do with a football player signing an autograph for a fan and taking a picture. It has everything to do with a store that has ball players hanging out in its office and signing hundreds of pieces of memorabilia that are then sold in a kiask at the very same mall. It has everthing to do with players who are decked out different taylored suits for each game. Remember it is the Bama Nation that has repeatedly said “where there is smoke there is fire” well there is more smoke here in this one story than there has been with the Cam newton affair the entire time. They have the pictures to back up what they are insinuating all you have ever had with AU/Cam is insinuation itself.

    • 67

      This was an issue that was resolved months ago. Auburn fans can try and fan the flames with all their might, but in the end, all the issues with Auburn vacating the NC and Cam vacating the Heisman is going to be the big news. Like I said, good luck with all your wishing and hoping.

    • 68

      I actually read your post expecting to read rational thoughts pertaining to Kevin Scarbinsky’s obvious and adulterated agenda.

      Instead, I got more rambling fantasy about a non-issue that the University wouldn’t dare lie about given the current climate in Tuscaloosa with the NCAA.

      And I literally almost spit my drink all over my computer when I read where you said there is more smoke on this ridiculous “Dodge Charger-like” story than with a father who ADMITTED to shopping his son at MSU, then let him sign “for free” with another.

      I only hope that one day when you’re old and gray you can reflect on how absolutely stupid you sound when you write those words, appreciating those around you who choose to love and stay with you despite the absurdity that spews forth from the hole beneath your nose.

      The idiot brigade has apparently coming through your town. Mount up!

  35. 69


    you can’t be serious?! What are you smoking? You have 4 former AU players And ex-coaches talking about payroll, Cam playing to the highest bidder, and you’re saying “insinuating pictures” that are subjective in nature hold up better than objective common sense “insinuations?” Good luck with that

  36. 70

    Lmao Robert gayrod you Damn sure don’t know all of the coaches at opelika! That’s a fact! How bout u give me just one name with out googling! My cousin is a teacher at opelika and guess who she is married to? My source! And guess what? U think I would go posting peoples names all over a message board so some pedophile like you will hunt them down and try to ass tape their pets? HELL NO!

  37. 71
    john hampton

    iknowhatiknow and Robert…..shit guys, shut the hell up! This little bickering back and forth is pathetic and making you both look like little school girls after the same guy. I know both of you are smarter than you sound when you are arguing with one another. Neither one is going to do anything to the other one. End of story. Just ignore each other or something for GODS SAKES!

  38. 72

    Lmao john I haven’t heed your own advice.first of all ill address you when im speaking to you! Aight? Seconldy I haven’t threatened Robert for you to insinuate that I won’t “do anything”! Lmao finally this is an open blight I will say what I want to who I want when I want! If you don’t like it then don’t come here and read what we write! Im sure even Robert will agree with me on this post! Then again maybe not!

  39. 73
    robert garrard

    I actually do agree with John, because I tend to let some of this nonsense bother me a little more than it should. It’s not that big of deal in the whole scheme of things. However, I do know coaches at LBS, and I do know that Corey is happy with his decision to transfer to AU. Iknowwhatiknow is entitled to think what he thinks. Thanks for the reality check John. I can promise how long it will last on this site.

  40. 75

    I’m sittin’ this one out. Nothin’ worse than arguing with a phucking retarded stump. There’s nothin’ goin’ on here but a bunch of brain dead masturbating Barnturds dumber than a box of rocks repeating over and over and over their orgasmic fantasies. And another bunch of Bamers giving creedance to their ejaculations by arguing with them as if they think you can get through to a bunch of syphylis infected brains. I’m going about my daily life turdbrains simply because Bama has noting to worry about and there’s only 4 more weeks until we start the weekly regular season azzwhoopin’s that will culminate in Jeerdon Hair Stadium with the Barnturds getting one of the worst beatdowns in history. Then on to the SEC and BCS championships. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  41. 76

    There’s a great article today in Tide Sports by Cecil Hurt. Can’t get more accurate than that. Course you piece-of-shyt Barnturds won’t think so. The more sense an article makes, the worse you hate it. Continue on with your masturbation. Bye bye now. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

    • 77
      john hampton

      Hey Crimesonite. I just read the article that you were mentioning and it was very good. I fully agree with what was said as I think anyone with half a brain would. While he did not say that they were innocent, he did not say they were guilty either. That was the best article I have actually read up to this point on the matter. That is how news reporting should be, non-biased….looking at both sides with equal thought. If everyone would write and report like this I think you would see a lot less hate in this rivalry. In my opinion it is much to do about the media that starts the hate that got fans the way they are today. And if you think about it, they are making more money off of us the more we hate each other.
      But anyways, thanks for telling about the article!
      Have a great week.

      • 78

        The main point of this article was what we have been trying to explain. The NCAA does not want to police every school, but they expect every school to police themselves. Bama compliance done everything they could do in the matter before disassociating. Like Cecil said, they can’t lock the doors and put the man in shackles. If anything, Bamas compliance showed they responded in a timely manner, and took the steps necessary. And in previous cases with Bama, they self reported the text book viloations and immediately suspended the players right before the Tennessee game. They self reported Dareus and Jerrell Harris and set those guys until they were cleared to play. Bama compliance found no evidence that there were no extra benefits, and by their track record, and records of the situation, they have shown they were on top of it.

        If signing memorabilia and someone else selling it is the issue, then do a google search for ‘Michael Dyer autographed jersey’ and see what you come up with. According to Auburn fans, this would put Mike Dyers eligibility in question also.

        • 79
          FBJ Lives

          I hate to tell you this Brando, but Bama is about to catch fire. Watch and see. Remember the phrase “doesnt hold water”? Damn what a diff a few months make. And it just keeps getting better.

  42. 81


    you’ve been cuckolded: That was the taste of my dick last night when you frenched your bitch. Her hair was sticky for another reason. Let’s just say it was salt based shampoo. Anyways, it’s already been proven your all talk and no balls, so you keep making domestic terrorist threats my way so I can find out your true identity you gutless piece of white trash. My offer still stands. I gave you directions

  43. 82

    Funny, FBJ, i.e FOR BLOW JOBS, it was just announced this morning on the radio that Auburn is about to catch fire this week in regards to the Cam Newton mess. My source text me this morning that this story is growing legs again and major news against Auburn is on its way.

    BTW, you cumrag, the NCAA will not screw with a Nick Saban program

    • 83
      FBJ Lives

      You can call me what you want rc, but soon everybody will know what a corrupt program you have. Pisses you off that you cant do a thing about it. Find you a chair finger pointer. Yeah , I know about Auburn too, Just I aint lookin the other way.

  44. 88

    Derek Dooley looks like a creepy child molester. Didn’t he scold his team on the way they soaped up in the locker room after games, VOL?

    FBJ, aka “Free Blow Jobs,” what exactly am I pissed about you coward? Nothing is going to happen to a Saban program. Same cannot be said about that pussy coach Chizik’s program, you angry masturbator

    • 89
      FBJ Lives

      You are the one that keeps cussing me RC. Im no coward either. I think its YOU thats the internet tough guy fella. You really need to get out of your house more often, Im sure your boyfriend will take you somewhere nice, like maybe behind Jim nNicks. Seems you know that area well. Is that where you two go to have your lil twink time? Or does it provide you a nice secluded area for you to watch little boys come and go?

  45. 91

    Y’all can bully each other all you want. Or maybe the correct word would be “bugger” each other. It has not a gawddamn thing to do with football. Indiana Volunqueer is a homeless pervert who lives out his fantasies through one of his teams hated rivals because his team is so pathetically impotent that he has no other choice. And FBJ just makes himself look all the more foolish and irrelevant by continuing to rant month after month after month that the hammer is going to fall on Bama’s dirty, rotten program. Where’s the hammer? it’s six months now and we aren’t accused or investigated for nothing. we just keep getting these bullshyt conspiracy things from the Barnturds and now the UThugs and that’s what it always turns out to be – BULLSHYT! As Hurt pointed out, even if some of Bama’s players recieved something from autographs and such the NCAA would likely do little about it since our compliance department isn’t lying about it like Ohio St did. so where’s the dirty rotten program shyt, fool. I’ll tell you one Gawddamn thing people. If Nick Saban found anybody phucking with his program he’d take a baseball bat and beat the motherphuckers to death. He has goals to meet at Alabama and he won’t put up with anybody phucking up his program with crooked shyt that is completely unnecessary. Now you can take that to the bank! So stick up your azzes any bullshyt rumors you have that Bama is going down. It ‘aint happening. Just file them away with every other bullshyt rumor you retarded SOB’s have started in the past few of years. ROTLMAO! RTR!

    • 92
      Indiana Vol

      Once again, Crimsonite, aka EGGHEAD WHITE), shows his Bammer Moron colors with the eloquence of a serial killer. It also proves what a backward uneducated hillbilly he is!

    • 93
      FBJ Lives

      You are entittled to your opinion crimsonite, just as I am. But soon you will see what Im refering to. Then we will see who is ranting bro.

  46. 96

    Booster = yellow fellow, bagman = freddie Weygand. Witness = ?. Amount = $200 k. Cecil stiffed MSU booster out of $40k good faith. It’s about to get interesting.

  47. 99

    But, but, but, Jimmy Rane is not an Auburn booster, but,but,but, Freddie Weygand is just a disgruntled former player, but,but,but, Cam didn’t know what Cecil was doing. But, but, but, Mississippi Stae was guilty too, investigate them.

  48. 101

    Several of Yeller Feller’s checks have surfaced in the Bing0Gate trials. Looks like this weasel has his fat little grubby hands in multiple pots.

  49. 102

    It’s absolutely remarkable that many of you are so eager to discount these pics and stories because of the sources, and then in the same paragraph accuse AU of a bunch of crap that originated from the same stories. Of course, in the mind of a bammer, the very fact that AU is being investigated means they are guilty. I wonder how many of you will apply the same logic to UA if/when they are investigated.

    Incidentally, I’ve commented a few times now that it’s not clear yet of UA did anything wrong. At this point, particularly with the last few SBB stories, it’s starting to look bad for UA. Many of you are missing the point that the players didn’t have to receive benefits. They just had to know it was being used as advertisement. One other thing: the difference between Bama and OSU, if this worsens and the NCAA investigates, is that OSU was not on probation and viewed as a repeat offender.

    • 103

      No FYI, you don’t get it. I think, if there was any doubt about it, Saban would not hesitate to set Richardson. He has shown that he would do it in the past. Bama’s compliance did everything by the rules, even though you didn’t bother to read that part. They sent the guy a letter, several times, then disassociated him. If signing memorabilia and someone else sold it for profit is such a damning offense as you make it out to be, do a search on ‘Michael Dyer signed jersery’. According to you guys, then Mike Dyer should be investigated to make sure he isn’t getting paid to be signing these. There are photographs of the jerseys with his autograph on them, on the internet, but these actually have a price tag on them. Should Auburn set Dyer out until they determine he isn’t making money on this? See how stupid your logic is?

    • 104

      If the NCAA investigates Bama for 10+ months, then I will be worried. But seeing that they have known about this for 6 months, and no investigation, I think there is a slim chance there will be one.

      You guys were swearing the investigation into Cam was done and over with for six months. Boy, y’all sure nailed that one. Sorry, you guys are too delusional to distinguish facts and cult conspiracy theories. You have no credibility here.

  50. 105


    NOTHING IS GOING TO COME FROM THE AUBIE SABOTAGE JOB AT THE CLOTHING STORE!! Why do you care what we think? The NCAA will not mess with Saban’s program. However, my source tells me they have the Auburn bagman now. Some freckle faced former WR for Auburn. August 22-28. Keep praying that Bama gets in trouble(GIGGLE)

  51. 107

    The piece of info SBB likes to leave out = they signed jeserys in a store that sells suits. The store has a big sign in the window stating memorabilia not for sale. Now why in the hell would a player think they are going to sell memorabilia in that store? Only logical answers please! The memorabilia has been hanging up in that store for a long time

    • 108

      Check this out:

      What is the difference with this, and AL Betar selling something in his store? The very same rules and questions that Auburn fans are leveling against Bama apply here also, right? Would this not be considered advertising for Power Pack Sports? Is Mike Dyer running a side business of signing memorabilia for extra cash? There are photographs of merchandise with his signature on it. And Auburn fans are buying them up too. Has Auburn looked into this? Has Power Pack Sports been sent a cease and desist letter? Does Auburn even have a compliance department?

        • 110

          Come on, I just know there is some smart-assed Auburn fan that can attempt to explain the differences here. Surely one of you that knows it all can justify current Auburn players signing memorabilia, and how it is so much different than a Bama player doing it.

          • 111

            Funny how the idiots that started the mudflinging once again, overlooked that one little fact, ain’t it?

          • 112
            FBJ Lives

            I agree with you Brando. What Im trying to tell you is….well Ill let Charles Robinson tell you. I said all along this is a dirty business, soon you will see just how dirty. Dont hold water indeed…..

          • 113

            What are you going to do when the Robinson story is all about being ALL IN at Auburn, FBJ? Really, is this what it has come down to for you guys? ‘Help us Mr. Robinson, you are our only hope…’

  52. 115

    Derek Dooley likes to stare at his players dongs as they come out of the shower. Remember his shower discipline rant, VOL?

  53. 116

    Why is there a difference moron? The fact that Alabama is currently on probation has nothing to do with it. Memorabilia or even a suit as a gift or discounted are only secondary violations, dumbarse. And it only counts if the total is over $100. If it is more than $100 the athlete only has to pay back the difference and sit the required games if any. Reference: Julio, Mark, Jerrell and Marcell. These would be individual athlete violations and would be carried out against the athletes – not the university, unless it could be proved that Alabama was trying to cover it up – which they Gawddamn sure are not! The only possible sanctions against Bama would be vacation of any wins that any convicted athletes played in. And numbnuts, if Saban doesn’t sit anyone before the Kent State game, then you you best believe he’s sure there will be no sanctions later. Bama has too much talented depth to risk vacation of wins by playing a risky athlete. Even at RB which has become a “thin” area for us, we could sit Richardson and still have Lacy, Fowler, Sims and Calloway – good enough for a National Championship. So go masturbate some place else. We’re tired of hearing the same old bullshyt every day. I personally have never said that Awbie is guilty. Although I do think they are guilty as sin. And while an investigation does not indicate guilt, only a dumbazz would lump bullshyt allegations like you’re claiming against Bama into the same category as an almost 1 year long investigation on 5 or 6 fronts against Awbie for MAJOR violations. And while we’re on the guilt discussion, that is another area where you morons act like dumbazzes. Why? Because even YOU know Awbie is guilty of most of if not all of what you’re being investigated for. There is two different subjects here – Guilt and Proof. It’s proof that needed to flatten your azzes. That’s all that’s lacking – Proof. Guilt isn’t even an issue, cause you are damn sure guilty whether you ever spend 10 seconds on probation or not – and you phucking well know it. So get off YOUR hipocritical trip! RTR!

  54. 118

    Ya’ll should take a trip over to LSU’s Rivals site “Tiger Sports” and see what I’m talking about when I call the Barnturd bastards “stalkers”. This dumbazz Awbie who is a professional stalker has a post record with Rivals of nearly 6600 posts, and that’s just on Rivals. He started a thread and posted an article that took up 5 pages on my computer screen complete with several large full color photos, a video and partial quotes of NCAA bylaws in 1\2 inch Red type, all insinuating that Richardson and Hightower are ineligible and that Cody, Ingram and Julio were ineligible in ’09. Most of the LSU posters told his azz to go home and put out his own fires as Awbie is in the process of burning down. What an inbred bunch of retardred azzholes the Awbie cult has birthed. ROTFLMMFAO! By the way, the Falcons team site has tons of articles on Julio and a great photo of him making one of his classic catches during practice. Couldn’t link it. RTR!

  55. 119

    Saban has a LOT of pull. Not that UA is doing anything wrong, because they are NOT. However, the NCAA will not mess with a Saban program. The textbook ordeal occurred under Shula primarily. Unless Clay Travis wants so many lawsuits from UA and Saban hurled his way where even his wealthy family would go broke, I suggest he treads very lightly before any more mudslinging occurs. This is NOT coming from me BTW

    • 120

      You really think the NCAA looks at Alabama and says, ” Oh, wait, Saban coaches there. We cant touch him, remember?”. You naive punk. Hell, Saban cant even keep a 24 point lead to his rival in his house much less punk down the NCAA. All the comparisons to people having signed items at home and other places doesnt compare with a business owner putting items in a store window! I repeat…a store window. Why do you put things in the windows? To drive people in. To sell stuff. I am not saying that any player received anything. Your AD admitted the wrongdoing in the letter and said that the store owner had been coached before. Why would you coach or instruct someone that has done nothing wrong? Karma is a bitch.

      No LOI to Auburn or Bama but my guess is Bama gets one first. 28-27!

  56. 121

    I rarely listen to Finebaum, maybe an hour a week if I happen to be in the car in the afternoon. But I think I’ll catch Pete Thamel on the show this afternoon. It should be interesting.

  57. 122

    Just ran across some interesting stats. Per Rivals the #1 school in recruiting for the past 5 years is Alabama, with Awbie coming in at #10 and this is for ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10 and the rankings so far this year for ’11. Also the top 6 schools during that period in # of recruits signed per year is: #1 Awbie with 28.6, #2 ole Miss with 28.4, #3 South Carolina with 27.4, #4 Alabama with 26.4, #5 FSU with 25.8 and #6 LSU with 25.4. So once again we see that Awbie is full of shyt with how good their recruiting is and dissing Bama for oversigning. Phucking tards! RTR!

    • 123

      Oh no, I see another post coming from an Auburn smart-ass that will attempt to explain Auburn Math, again…

    • 124

      Awesome! Makes you look even worse that you blew a 24 point lead in your house. What is the story here? You recruit better than Auburn but still lose? Fill me in on your point?

  58. 127

    They actually do teach that now, but it requires a pre-course in Auburn Logic 101 first. Example how beating crappy teams for 6 yrs can erase decades of domination

  59. 128

    Just got done reading about how that brooks turd thinks Mark Ingram must be too poor to afford a Yukon Denali. He must’ve forgot that Mark’s father had a successful NFL career and was a successful business man….

  60. 129

    Insinuations, allegations, wishes, buts, and candy and nuts mean nothing. Although a majority of Auburn fans are rubbing off so hard to current and former players that they’re chafing their collective penises, the bottom line is the NCAA will not mess with Saban’s program that he now firmly controls. They know he has so much dirt on other programs, NCAA officials, and coaches, they will not screw with him on this. Auburn needs to remember Urban Meyer got the Cam ball rolling. My source told me this. They better stop trying to drag Bama with them because it can get MUCH worse for them not us! August 22-28

  61. 130

    Do you guys even read what is written, or just assume the worst and start name calling and making belligerent comments? I’ll respond to some of your more interesting comments one at a time.
    Brando wrote, “According to you guys, then Mike Dyer should be investigated to make sure he isn’t getting paid to be signing these. There are photographs of the jerseys with his autograph on them, on the internet, but these actually have a price tag on them. Should Auburn set Dyer out until they determine he isn’t making money on this? See how stupid your logic is?” and “Come on, I just know there is some smart-assed Auburn fan that can attempt to explain the differences here. Surely one of you that knows it all can justify current Auburn players signing memorabilia, and how it is so much different than a Bama player doing it.” Again, if you read my previous post, you would know that I DID NOT say that Bama was guilty, rather, that evidence is starting to accumulate and does not look good. Brando, let me tell you how it is different. If these photographs were of Bama players signing jerseys etc. at the spring game or for a random fan on the street, it would be a total non-issue. The difference is that the multitude of the photos and some of the content of the photos (e.g., what appears to be an “assembly line” for signing), the seemingly close relationship between this booster and players, coupled with recent evidence provided by SBB, appears to suggests T-town was using the autographed memorabilia to at least advertise the store, which would be an NCAA violation. Again, I am not saying this provides proof that UA did anything wrong, but it does warrant further investigation.
    Brando, and some of you other Bama fans have argued that Saban and the compliance office have proclaimed that everything is fine and no rules were broken, so no further consideration/investigation is needed. REALLY?!??!?!?!? The head coach and compliance office (who is the same office that has been on probation) only needs to suggest everything is ok to avoid any further investigation??? Tell that to Ohio State and see what they say. Even the most ardent Bama fan has to realize how ridiculous that argument is.
    RC wrote, “Why do you care what we think?” In response, let me simply suggest that I don’t… I thought this was a blog and we were having a conversation.
    RC also wrote, “The NCAA will not mess with Saban’s program” and “Saban has a LOT of pull. Not that UA is doing anything wrong, because they are NOT. However, the NCAA will not mess with a Saban program.” I’ve noticed this sort of comment a number of times and have never said anything about it. Similar comments have been made that indicate the NCAA would not do anything to Bama due to the good relationship between the NCAA president and Saban. Let me just say, if that were the case, that would be the most dirty, despicable thing that has happened in the history of the NCAA. Are you really going to argue that Saban’s relationship with the NCAA president protects Bama from violations, and then have the audacity to call ANY other program dirty????? It would be like a mobster paying off the cops and moments later complaining about someone down the street breaking the law.
    RC wrote, “SBB? SERIOUSLY?! (GIGGLE)”. Again, READ MY POST before criticizing. The point of my posts is that you can’t have it both ways. You can’t take articles/info released by internet bloggers as concrete evidence against Auburn, and then discount it when it is about Bama.
    Crimsonite wrote, “The fact that Alabama is currently on probation has nothing to do with it.” This may be a bit abstract for you, but if you ACTUALLY READ my posts, you would see that I indicated IF something happens, it would be worse for Bama because they are already on probation. There is a BIG difference between violations committed on or off probation… hence the term “PROBATION”. Also, your comment that “These would be individual athlete violations and would be carried out against the athletes – not the university, unless it could be proved that Alabama was trying to cover it up” is only partly true. If the players were deemed ineligible, it could mean that some of the games they participated in (e.g., BCS championship) may be forfeited.
    Crimsonite also wrote, “…1 year long investigation on 5 or 6 fronts against Awbie for MAJOR violations”. Really? The last I heard from any credible source was that the investigation pertained to Cam’s recruitment. Where is the evidence that they are being investigated on 5 or 6 fronts for major violations? My guess is that you are now lumping any rumor you have heard into the “investigation pool”. The reality is that you have no idea outside of Cam’s recruitment what the investigation includes because there hasn’t even been a LOI. Yet, you have no problem assuming that other investigations are ongoing, largely due to internet rumor and innuendo from the same people that you are now complaining about.
    Here’s my favorite comment from Crimsonite, “There is two different subjects here – Guilt and Proof. It’s proof that needed to flatten your azzes. That’s all that’s lacking – Proof. Guilt isn’t even an issue, cause you are damn sure guilty whether you ever spend 10 seconds on probation or not – and you phucking well know it.” So in other words, it really doesn’t matter what the NCAA finds because Crimsonite has already concluded that Auburn is guilty based on speculation, innuendo, and internet rumors. His very words indicate that the burden of evidence and proof is not important when it comes to Auburn, because everyone knows it to be true. The very fact that his logic is not falsifiable indicates that it is not rational and lacking the basic requirements to even be called a theory. I wonder if the same burden of proof will be sufficient should the NCAA make a visit to Tuscaloosa.

    • 131

      NYT, ESPN,HBO, Pete Thamel, Danny Sheridan are far from speculation, innuendo and internet rumor. You have to be the biggest retard on the planet.

    • 132

      FYI, as much as you would like to believe that Saban has a shady reputation and Bama compliance is guilty of massive cover-ups, that is simply not true. My argument is this:
      Bama’s compliance was aware of the situation. They sent the guy cease and desist letters several times, and then disassociated him. That is the extent of their power. That is all the NCAA is expecting out of its member institutions: Police themselves. Bama compliance has self reported a lot, and the NCAA has been involved in each case. You made the point yourself that Bama cannot afford to not cooperate with the NCAA at all. So, based on their recent past with dealing with issues, it looks like Bama compliance has been doing their job right. If they say they have looked into this and found no evidence of extra benefits, turn their findings over to the SEC and the NCAA, and six months later, still no NCAA investigation on it, chances are there is nothing else to this. The only people trying to make something out of it at this point, is rival fanbases, mainly Auburns. And, as we all know, you guys have your own problems to worry about.

      We KNOW the NCAA has been questioning the guys from HBO. We KNOW that the NCAA has investigated the LA players involved with Troopers street agents. We KNOW that the NCAA has been investigating Tiger Prowl and Big Cat weekend. And we KNOW that the NCAA is investigating Cam, still. No conspiracy theory, we KNOW all this to be fact. It has been documented in the news as it has happened. Look it up, research it, and you will find out that I am right. You are in denial, you do know that, right? But hey, don’t let me stop you from your agenda. By all means, carry on.

        • 134

          That isn’t what I said, but thanks for proving my point. What I wrote, if you go back and actually read, was that the NCAA IS investigating Auburn, and has for 10 months. FACT. If you don’t want to believe it, I sure as hell could care less. You will get your letter when they are done. UTs took about a year, so did Bama’s. When that letter comes, come on back here so Brando can say he told you so, hear?

  62. 135

    NYT – owner of tuscaloosa news.

    ESPN/Thamel – no unique information from NYT.

    HBO – unsubstantiated comments from disgruntled players with an agenda

    DS – Bama alum

    I’ll tell you what, pick a specific point to dispute and we can go from there.

    • 136

      There’s nothing to dispute. A top NCAA enforcer bitchslapped your coach so hard he ran home and negotiated a pay me when we go on probation contract.If you want to dipsute NYT, ESPN, HBO or anyone else, call them.

      • 137

        Bitchslapped? She said that “they were not done”. What is that? Should she have said, “Yep, we are done coach. ” Doubt it. She was backed into a corner.

  63. 139

    Better yet, try taking each point and tell me how I am wrong. I’d love to hear your specific responses. I’m guessing you’ll just start calling names).

  64. 141

    Saban’s friendship with Emmert is not what I’m referring to. He is deeply connected to LOTS of people including politicians and lawyers, plus he has SO MUCH dirt on other coaches and programs. Bobby Lowder, Jimmy Rayne, and Pat Dye don’t have good reputations. The NCAA does not want to open that book, especially when Alabama is 1) innocent and 2) Albetar is not a booster.

    • 142

      Not a booster? Why disassociate then? Do they send letters to just fans or do they send them to boosters? Boosters that are on the sideline, in Saban’s office, and at dinner with players. Are you telling me he was just a fan?

      • 143

        Not near as guilty as Cams daddys admissions, and the HBO 4. Bamas troubles, at worst, will be secondary violations. Nothing has come of it in 6 months, and it won’t 6 months from now. The only people still talking about this is you guys, trying to retaliate from all the mud slung on Auburn. Y’all got yourselves into this mess. Watching it all unfold while y’all stay in denial has been really fun. Carry on ‘Dum’bass…

  65. 144

    Even if any Bama athletes did something wrong – which I seriously doubt – and you want to know just how impossible it will be for the NCAA to do anything about it. I suggest you go to Bleacher Report and read Larry Burton’s article on The Truth About T-Town’s suitgate. Burton is not your run of the mill Bleacher Report writer. He is syndicated and he once was a clothing store owner in Tuscaloosa which gives him more validity in this situation than any other source any of you Barnshyt motherphuckers could ever come up with. If any of you retards are able to read and understand the English language then you will understand what burton is saying and you will also understand just how phucking stupid it was for your Barnturd sources to start another deadend bullshyt story about Bama. This is a non-story as was all the rest of them. Four weeks from now Richardson will be killing Kent State DB’s and you’ll be crying after the PLOI arrives in Lee County. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  66. 145


    How is someone who lived and worked in Tuscaloosa the most valid source possible? Do you even know what the word “biased” means?

    • 146
      FBJ Lives

      Im sure he knows what probation means FYI. If not, he is about to learn it again. Get ready for your crimson world to fall apart. Its coming and you can ignore it if you want. Doesnt matter….I’ll be here to remind ya.

  67. 148

    Freddy Weygand from Gadsden is Auburn’s bagman. It was reported that Pat Dye and Bobby Lowder tried to visit him on Sunday, but they were turned away. I hope nobody causes him or his family harm before or after his information is publicly known. The truth will set him free

    • 149

      Geez. Do you have a GPS on Dye and Lowder? You need to write a screenplay or soap opera with your vivid imagination. Just because you dream it doesnt mean it happened unless……..28-27. That did happen.

  68. 150

    Try reading the article dumbazz before you make ignorant comments. He’s the most valid source because he knows exactly what goes on with the clothing business in relation to athletes and he can explain exactly how an athlete can receive legally what you numbnuts and any other outsider would think were illegal benefits. He doesn’t try to say nobody got nothing. He tells you that they probably did get discounts and even free suits. But it’s how all clothing stores do business and you would have gotten a similar deal yourself. As for memorabilia, I’ll lay odds that nobody is ever going to come up with a receipt proving that they purchased autographed products from T-Town. And even if they did, simply because of the nature of the clothing business you will never prove that any discounts or free merchandise received were benefits from signed memorabilia. Not to mention that it has to be more than $100 to be illegal and that the athletes and University already met the NCAA requirements by demanding that the store stop the practice if it ever were happening. You stupid motherphuckers are nothing more than sensationalists mucking around in the mud masturbating and hoping to trip over a fantasy. Good luck idiots. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 156
      FBJ Lives

      You will soon have more than my word on the matter. That sir, is a fact. But you dont have to believe me, I’m just warning you. Continue with those blinders on…. you are soon to need them.

      • 157

        Yet not one of your allegations have been reported on in any news outlet. Just conspiracy theories on Auburn message boards. How many of those have panned out for ya? You have no reliable sources, because if you did, you would know that the very REAL investigation into multiple potential major violations is still ongoing at Auburn, right now. The Bama suit store story has all but died out, in case you haven’t noticed. Not one credible news story about it has confirmed an NCAA investigation into it.

        My opinion is that Auburn fans have got an agenda, caused by some preconceived notion that Bama is somehow behind all of Auburns troubles. You are ‘All In’ on wanting to believe in it, which it is your right to do so. But I will continue to believe the published reports by real news sources, who check and verify claims, over Auburn message board fodder. That is the source of the Bama allegations.

        On the other hand, we have Cecils admissions, the HBO 4 players admissions, and the NCAAs admission to Chizik that the investigation into Auburn is real.

        So carry on, but don’t be upset when your claims don’t pan out. I can understand your excitement though. After 10 months of scrutiny, it can get next to you and I understand how you can develop a hatred and lash out against us Bama fans, who are laughing and pointing at your troubles. It still doesn’t make you right, and when you want to discuss real evidence and proof, maybe we can take you more seriously. But right now, you are just a disgruntled fan buying into Auburn message board fodder. Nothing more.

          • 159

            10 months means they are probably getting close to wrapping it up. No one is investigating Bama, sorry to disappoint you… But you keep up the good work playing dumb, Cam should be so proud of you…

  69. 161

    Poor ol’ FBJ is having a hard time dealing with the fact that the NCAA will not touch Saban’s Alabama program. I’m sure Clay Travis and some other hack journalists are giving them hope, but it just ain’t going to happen. However, Auburn is about to pay dearly for their terrible cheating AMONG many other things. GUARANTEED

  70. 162

    How come Auburn is not trying to sabotage Florida and Mississippi State? Better question, why aren’t any Auburn fans demanding a clean program from Jacobs, Dye, Chizik, Lowder, Taylor, or Williams?

    • 163

      Surely it wouldn’t have anything to do with those ‘blinders’ FBJ keeps talking about. Have you ever seen a fanbase in such total denial about their own troubles? I wouldn’t this naive when Bama got in trouble over Means. I knew there would be some punishment, but I was surprised at how severe that it was. These Auburn cult members won’t acknowledge ANY of it at all, and are swearing Bama is getting hit any day now. I wouldn’t be shocked to see mass suicides taking place when the bomb hits Auburn fans. It is like they have no clue about what is coming for their program.

  71. 164

    RC and Brando,

    Auburn fans recognize that there is an investigation, however, we are also waiting for the outcome before we come to a conclusion. I’m not sure why that is so difficult for you guys to understand.

    • 165

      Do you recognize there is no investigation into Bama, except for you amateur Cult PIs drooling on Auburn message boards? Do you realize the seriousness of the possible outcome if it is against Auburn? I would rather be dealing with Bamas issues than what Auburn is facing, that is for sure.

  72. 166

    i just wish they would hurry up and drop the hammer so these inbred bastards would get off our backs and start dissing the NCAA and their own crooked administration. I’m out of State right now so somebody please tune into the B’ham tv station that is carrying Winstons announcement at 2:30pm and let me know what he decides. The media says it’s between Alabama, FSU and LSU. I think he would play sooner at either FSU or LSU. Simms is a redshirt Freshman and unless he wins the Heisman he’s gonna be playing for 4 years more and the other Sims will probably be his backup after McCarron graduates. The best he could hope for is 3rd string with the other Sims playing different positions until McCarron graduates two years after Winston would arrive. Anyway Bama is heavily recruiting a Georgia QB who was flying way under the radar until Bama offered him. Now Florida and other big names are after him too. Apparently he has Colt McCoy type abilites.

    • 167

      Lets see. Stud quarterback who wants to succeed. Definitely not going to Bama. Your good quarterbacks were in the 60’s and 70’s.

  73. 168

    The only reason you’re waiting on the outcome is to hope your professional crooks did their coverup right so that YOUR conclusion can be said to be innocent. There’s not 10 people in the whole country outside of 25% of the Barnturd fanbase who will ever believe Awbarn is innocent regardless of the NCAA investigation outcome. Once again, the NCAA is not going to waste a years resources and not bust your azzes for something. You best hope the coverup was complete and that they can find enough small stuff to satisfy their interests for some minor sanctions. As for Bama, with all the publicity there is no way the NCAA hasn’t already looked at the T-Town situation and they may be looking at it still. But I’ll tell you dumb phucks once again that signing some Helmets and Jerseys that are the stores property and or for store customers and maybe receiving the gift of a suit or a discounted price is not what Ohio St was busted for. The six suspended players all admitted that they sold for profit their uniforms and Championship rings; each one for from $1000 to $2500. And even that is a grey area in the NCAA rules since there is nothing in the bylaws that addresses the subject of athletes selling their personal property for profit and whether or not property such as Championship rings awarded by the school is considered personal property. It is only addressed in a 1993 memorandum and therefore is not readily available for schools compliance departments to read and know about. There was originally considerable controversy about this point with the NCAA investigation, but in the end that was not the reason Ohio St was sanctioned.The reason was because Ohio St compliance did nothing about it, because Tressell lied about it and because of the large amounts of money involved. None of these situations apply to Alabama, especially since no Alabama athlete sold his personal uniforms or rings. We have two dumbazzes on this board – FYI and FBJ, who have played Devils Advocate against Bama for as long as they have been posting here. They both claim to have inside information that Bama is always on the cusp of being busted by the NCAA. But it never happens. Who the hell do you two think you are that you would spend all your free time on this poor old blog and be important enough to know inside info on Alabama that no one else on the Earth knows about? ROTFLMMFAO!!!.It’s almost as funny as RC having concrete info that the NCAA will come down on Awbarn the 4th week of August. Hell, it might happen since that’s the week the season starts. But not because he knows it from inside legitimate sources. Everybody has an inside source, but the truth is nobody knows shyt! It was 100% guaranteed from reliable secret sources that Bama was going down with Julio, Burton Scott, Nico Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Calloway, Dee Hart, Kiwanee Malone, Dix, Marcell Darius, Cyrus Kwandijo, Jerrell Harris and a few others. Not a single one of them ever even had an NCAA inquiry except Harris and Darius who both sat games to be sure Bama didn’t end up vacating some wins. So much for the sources of FYI and FBJ and Allen and Ewok and the rest of you dumbazzes. At least in regards to Awbarn there is an official 10 month+ investigation going on and as such we don’t need no stinking unidentified super secret super reliable sources with which to rag your azzes. There’s enough official fuel to fan your fire with. Bwaa Haww Haww! Ya’ll have fun now ya’ heah! RTR!

  74. 169

    Seabass, you’re the atypical Barnturd dumbazz. This year your azzes will be looking down the barrel of Phillip Simms gun who was the #1 QB recruit in the nation last year. Check his stats moron. Much better than either Gunner Kiel or Jameis Winston and he led his team to undefeated State Championships which they didn’t. And he’s not a paid for criminal like some other QB’s we know. ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  75. 171

    Seabass just keeps posting and posting and getting more dumbass by the minute. Try putting something on here after you’ve read the phucking rules retard! In the window is the least of all worries stupid motherphucker. Any and everyone has the right to display their autographed souvenirs, whether it’s in their house, over the back seat of their car, or on the walls or in the windows of their business. You masturbating retards will believe any dumb phucking thing you read on the internet, hear on the radio, or listen to some other inbred stump jumper talk about as long as it agrees with your masturbating fantasies that Bama is in trouble. The only ones in trouble are you stupid Barnturd cocksuckers. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  76. 172

    Phucking SeaBass, everytime I see your name I think of Dumb and Dumber. Great movie.
    “kick his ass seabass!” you have inspired me to watch it again. *pulls out DVD*

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