An Open Letter to Kevin Scarbinsky

If you see this face in Tuscaloosa, you may want to lock your business' doors.

Dear Kev,

I hope the day finds you well. I’ve got a fantastic news tip for you.

I send you this letter here because I’m afraid that if I took the email route it’d get buried in your inbox. You know, under all tips and facebook photos sent from angry Auburn fans.

Wait; I’m sure they would only do this with Clay Travis.

Anyway, back to my tip.

It seems there is a little boy in Alberta City who has had his picture made with Julio Jones three whole times. Even signed a shirt he was wearing one day.

In your continual quest to ignore the real story in this state and dig up one that isn’t there, this boy may provide the missing link you’ve been waiting for.

Your latest attempt to demonize a fan for having signed memorabilia and an acquaintance with a player came on Thursday. You know, the University has made it clear, or so we all thought, that a current player signing memorabilia is not a violation of any kind.

But don’t let that stop you. I know you like to write stories about things that don’t look right to you.

Like people who live or work in a small college town who through the course of life engage students (including football players) and get to know them.

Or stores with signed memorabilia of Alabama football players displayed in it. Stores in far off places like….Tuscaloosa!

So as Danny Sheridan, the New York Times and Yahoo Sports close in on identifying the link tying Auburn to the illegal recruitment and payment of Cam Newton, negating the school’s lone real championship in its existence, you do the real investigative journalism, k?

You keep hitting Smoothie King, Kinkos and Taco Bell in Tuscaloosa and talk to those store owners.

I hear the McDonald’s on McFarland gave Mark Barron a free refill JUST LAST WEEK!

But you know, I can’t blame you. I like to write stories on things that don’t look right to me too.

Like “journalists” with an unusually curious hunger to look in the opposite direction of one program and go after another. I wonder what your motivation could be?

Auburn boosters have been accused of paying for politicians, and paying for players. Might be a Pulitzer in there somewhere for somebody if they can prove they also pay for other things.

Your friend,

P.S. – Tell your newspaper’s publisher I said hello. What team does she pull for again?