Alabama fans should expect more from feckless Clay Travis and Auburn

What a week for me to be on vacation at Rosemary Beach! The beach is perfect and the food delicious, but there has been lots of news involving Alabama Crimson Tide football. (Just like happens on every beach trip. I’ll share some restaurant reviews in the coming days, but first back to the sad state of Auburn football.)

Clay Travis is spewing Auburn propaganda in a sad attempt to launch a website by aiding and abetting Auburn’s attempt to divert attention from the massive NCAA investigation converging on Auburn’s cheating—cheating that was exposed by HBO’s Real Sports when former Auburn football players went on camera to admit that they were paid to play football at Auburn. The NCAA probe continues to unfold as investigators have visited South Florida in what could be the most profitable element of the NCAA probe thus far.

As for the core issues involving Alabama football players and a men’s apparel store, there is no story here. Football players are constantly asked for autographs. This happens for Alabama and Auburn football players. As long as the player is not given an extra benefit for the autograph, there is no violation.

Why is this situation different than Cam Newton? And why did the NCAA reportedly visit Montgomery talking to Auburn boosters and looking at Cam Newton’s suit?

The difference is the context.

The NCAA is conducting a multi-front investigation of Auburn and Cam Newton. And lest we forget, Cam Newton’s father admitted he shopped his son for cash.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Cam Newton’s father admitted to shopping his son to Mississippi State. Disgusting.

Also, Cam Newton was involved in academic fraud at Florida, according to a major media report.

Also, Cam Newton stole a laptop and entered a diversion program to avert prosecution. (Auburn fans that defend the guy should read the arrest report.)

In other words, Cam Newton has a serious ethical problem, and he deserves additional scrutiny.

At Alabama, the suit issue was resolved last year, and in consultation with the SEC, compliance determined nothing happened.

Not surprisingly, Auburn fans will continue to inflame the feckless Clay Travis.

Does anyone remember the Auburn-led hit piece on Brent Calloway? That attack piece amounted to a load of bull crap spread by an Auburn fan website and a disgruntled Auburn fan coach that is now the Homewood football coach. (Really, who would want that jerk coaching their child? It is unconscionable what that man did to Brent Calloway all because the student picked Alabama over Auburn.)

Alabama fans should brace for more nonsense as upset Auburn fans attempt to divert attention from the massive NCAA investigation unfolding around the South with a target clearly drawn on the Auburn football program. The Auburn-fan publisher of the Birmingham News continues to preside over a publication that has consistently been scooped by national publications involving the Auburn investigation, yet has managed to “investigate” the men’s store non-story involving Alabama.

Coincidence? Of course not. Any Alabama fan that purchases the Birmingham News or reads is helping the enemy.

Auburn fans have showed their hand. They did this with the hilariously bad Gadsden Packet that provided about as much proof of corruption as the grainy, smudged copier-quality photographs provided proof of the existence of Sasquatch.

Now with the NCAA breathing down Auburn’s neck and with prestigious national publications like the New York Times reporting the NCAA probe of Auburn and Cam Newton is not yet finished, Auburn fans are desperate to blame someone for their troubles.

Alas, they should look in the mirror. Auburn made its bed when it played Cam Newton despite having every reason to sit him. Now the entire football program is experiencing the NCAA’s anal probe.

No amount of diversion can change that.

But Alabama fans should brace for more of this nonsense. It won’t work. It is sad. But with NCAA troubles, it is understandable Auburn fans need to at least try to change the subject.


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  1. 1
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    If this is a nonstory, then why a whole article defending it. We all have heard about Cam Newton ad nauseum especially on this unbiased half truth blog-o-sphere site. Everybody sees Alabama fandom for the loathsome toothless rednecks they are. Striking out at Auburn instead of Clay Travis is laffable, like a big conspiracy made Althear sell and pimp signed jerseys away on EBay. We all know he did. I don’t care, just don’t do some high and mighty bullshit when some AU football players do something similar, you pathetic redneck.

    No letter of inquiry. Alabama is still on probation, how you like them apples?

    • 2

      Why? Because I’m a whore and like getting pageviews.

      Clay Travis and I have that in common. 🙂

      • 3

        One other thing, it isn’t a violation for someone to sell signed merchandise. Just look at all those Michael Dyer jersey’s on the Internet.

        • 4

          It’s a violation for a student-athlete to sell signed merchandise. It’s not a violation however, for a fan, collector, etc. to sell merchandise that a player has signed. You clearly have never been to a Fan-Day (where most if not all athletes sign autographs) of any collegiate team, otherwise you wouldn’t have made such an ignorant biased remark. Schmuck.

    • 6

      The barn leads the SEC in major probations and with 1 more they will be tied for the lead in all of the NCAA!

      How do you like THEM apples?

    • 9

      Auburn is still going down, no matter what happens at Bama. I know you guys wish the worst on Bama, but nothing is going to come of it. Unlike the Cam Newton, HBO 4, Tiger Prowl, street agents, and Big Cat Weekend, Bama handled things and discussed it with the SEC last year. Too bad you guys couldn’t have been on top of it sooner. Right now, the NCAA is going to finish up its investigation into Auburn. There is so much going on there, it has become the priority right now, and all you guys are doing is begging and pleading for something to happen to Bama like it will cause the NCAA to stop messing with Auburn. That is not going to happen. Good luck not getting the death penalty, and making it to a bowl game this season.

  2. 10

    I wanted to add this to the column, but being away from my main computer, I couldn’t get back in and post the link in the story. Anyway, is doing a great job covering just how feckless Clay Travis has been in the last few days.

  3. 11

    Yeah, us UA alums are the rednecks. We don’t have a “poultry science” or “dairy science” department. We have redneck shools like “accounting” and a “law school.”

    You are nothing but an ag college (a mediocre one at that) with a freshly bought football team. You better jump on your tractor and run to Walmart to get that picutre taken with that trophy. The NCAA anal probe will be repoing it sooner than later.

    Who did the NCAA tell just weeks ago that they were still under investigation (after MONTHS AND MONTHS?) It wasn’t UA.

    Don’t worry though. UA may have the records for most bowl appearanced, bowl victories, and SEC championships, but Auburn will soon have there own record. Most major rules violations by D1 program.

  4. 13

    Go back to screwing your sister Epox. As usual you bring nothing to the table but useless fahg drivel. Nobody sees Bama fans as such except POS Barnturd fans. The entire nation hates your azzes except for a handful of shyt eaters like Indiana Vol and as soon as your UThug game gets close he’ll hate your azzes too. If you pig filthy cocksuckers hadn’t been so involved in our sanctions over Means and hadn’t been such azzholes during Tubbs reign and then reverted to being super azzholes during and since last football season and if you lower than a cockroaches dick motherphuckers hadn’t made a lifelong occupation out of lying and fabricating bullshyt against us – then maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be pressing the issue so hard on your current corruption. Maybe. But I wouldn’t count on it cause that’s one hell of a long and nasty shyt list I just made. No, come to think of it you low life bastards deserve it. We’d probably do it anyway. Bwaa haww haww! Phucking perverts! In Jan. we’ll be champs – you’ll be dead!

  5. 14


    ABSOLUTELY. I’m a Culverhouse graduate, and although I would visit friends who went to Auburn, that school and area has so many low-class trash that was hard to fathom at times. What an Auburn fan will tell you is ” all our fans went to Auburn!” Ehhhh, NO. You don’t renovate stadiums like Auburn did in ’87 for pure alumni. It’s not Vanderbilt. Get real. 80,000 alumni ARE not making their way to attend Auburn games.

    MYTH 2: Agriculture is the “bread and butter” of this State. Ehhh, NO AGAIN. This is not the Great Depression. We have moved to a more urban economy not back to a rural economy. Healthcare, banking, Law, and manufacturing rule the day now.

    MOST Auburn fans are concentrated in the stinkpot cities of Montgomery and the rural black belt areas. Oh, let’s don’t forget Selma. I will say the more articulate Auburn fans do reside in Birmingham and Huntsville but they are very few.

    Chizik is a Lying piece of shyt who, unless he is totally clueless, will be exposed for the scoundrel he is

  6. 16

    Have you guys seen the “assembly line” photos that has players with eligibility remaining, signing stacks of jerseys for the same person? Of course, most college athletes regular go to a men’s store to sign multiple jerseys, go to dinner with the store’s owner, and don’t receive anything in return… Right?? Lol!!

    • 17

      It is not against the rules to sign autographs. It is not against the rules to buy suits. The rest of the story, you are making up. Bama compliance shut it down long ago. Done everything the rules state they must do for the players to remain eligible. Discussed it with the SEC, and moved on months ago. Like a good compliance dept. would. Unlike the scandal plagued Auburn program. Whoever is in charge of compliance there should be fired. Look at all the allegations that have come in just 10 months. And the number of high profile Auburn boosters on trial for corruption. Look at the number of Auburn players through the years that have admitted to be paid. Even ex-coaches have admitted it. So, look where your program stands in the eyes of the NCAA, I can understand your desire and know that your greatest wish is for Bama to be under fire. But this is going to blow away, and at the end of the day, Auburn is still going to be hit with severe sanctions.

  7. 18

    Yes, have you? “We’ll let you know when the investigation is over, and we’re not through.” Chizik is a dumb azz

  8. 19

    Hey dumbazz. Where did you see such photos? On the internet after they were touched up with a false camera date? Were you there to see how many of those jerseys actually got signed? You thihk you can prove he signed more than just the one somebody bought and asked him to sign? And just who the phuck was taking those pictures anyway? Who would be there at the same time as the athletes taking all those pictures just to use them against Alabama? Do you paranoid bastards have a PI assigned to each and every Bama athlete following him 24\7? Ever heard of stalking? I’m seriously considering taking a month off and camping out in T-Town. I’ll fiind some of these bastards and they’ll be feeding the fish in the Black Warrior River! You stupid bastards ever stop to think those photos were taken during Greg McElroys help-a-thon for kids. That those jerseys were being signed for charity donations. Perfectly legal under NCAA rules. You ignorant motherphuckers. Eat shyt and die. Please! RTR!

  9. 20


    Maybe you do need to take a month off. Take off the tinfoil hat and calm down.

    Here’s how you last post fails:

    1. The photos were obtained from T-Town’s facebook page. Are you really arguing that someone hacked into the facebook page and altered the pics? C’mon man!
    2. T-Town posted the pics, so you would have to ask them why someone took pictures of them signing memorabilia. I will say, if it wasn’t intentional, it sure was convenient for those pics to be available when stuff was later sold and needed to be authenticated.
    3. Assuming you are correct about the charity deal, it still wouldn’t account for all of the pics and merchandise, given the time stamps (on photos provided hybrid store’s FB page) and plethora of stuff later sold online, in the store, and at the kiosk.

    Unlike you guys who take any negative rumor about AU as gospel, I’m still not sure if UA is in trouble. That said, it sure isn’t looking good at the moment.

    • 21

      Non-issue. Hopefully the investigators will agree.

      Oh wait. Alabama isn’t being investigated. That’s Auburn.

      My bad.

  10. 22

    Clay Travis needs to go to work for Obama and head
    the tax spending programs for his insurance programs.
    I still do not have faith in Alabama compliance dept.
    after the stupid textbook probe. The day the cow college
    goes on probation will be a holiday to me!! RTR

  11. 23

    *searches google and other engines for auburn news and updates*
    Omg! A new article saying Auburn is in trouble.
    *sees it is capstonereport*
    *moves on to somewhere that actually practices something closer to journalism than toddler drivel that capstone uses*

    Seriously guys, nobody cares or believes this crap besides you. Am I gonna deny anything about what Cecil did or the allegations (not proven) about Cam? No. But this is ridiculous.
    War Eagle.

    • 24

      Seriously guys, nobody cares or believes this crap besides you. Am I gonna deny anything about what Cecil did or the allegations (not proven) about Cam? No. But this is ridiculous.
      War Eagle.
      WRONG!!! ESPN did a poll of college football fans and over 70% of the people responding said auburn’s title is tainted.

      Everyone in the college world but auburn fans laugh at the argument that Cecil solicited money from MSU but decided to let Cam go to auburn for free.

  12. 25


    we will keep reporting & investigating Auburn University’s wrongdoings until SOMEBODY decides to hold the AD, football coach, Dye, and Lowder accountable for their actions and demands a clean program

    • 26
      allen times

      and i’m sure Auburn will be doing the same thing to Alabama until they run a clean program. 16 years on probation. DUMB AZZ!!

      • 27

        and i’m sure Auburn will be doing the same thing to Alabama until they run a clean program. 16 years on probation. DUMB AZZ!!

        And again, auburn has the most major infractions in the SEC. One more and they will be tied for #1 in Division 1 for Major probations, 2 more and they will double up the amount Alabama has.


  13. 28

    When ESPN polls and what you desperately want to happen become basis for convicting someone, then get back to me. Get off the conspiracy bandwagon. Get off the HBO bandwagon, the agenda and money that changes hands there was crazy. 4 players testified, all if which had previous complaints about Auburn. None of the majority of players who said they lied was allowed to talk on the show. If you find facts, report them. This garbage you’ve posted is embarrassing, not to Auburn, but to Bama fans in general. Writing something on the Internet does not make it true, nor does it mean you are intelligent. This website is ignorant garbage written by ignorant hopeful fanboys. Say what you want, it’s true.

    • 29

      Auburn is under investigation, Bama is not. And if they were, I am sure that an NCAA investigation would come to the same conclusion the SEC and Bama compliance come to. And it would be over quickly, unlike your 10+ months of NCAA investigations that have expanded over time.

      You said ‘Writing something on the Internet does not make it true, nor does it mean you are intelligent.’

      This is the basis for the whole story that Auburn fans are desperately trying to push, to get the negative attention off of y’all, at least for a little while. I can imagine how 10 months of this is wearing on you guys, and not much hope for this coming season on top of that. All you really have to root for is Bama getting in trouble. So keep on hatin’, Auburns future is about to take a turn for the worse.

    • 30

      If this website is ignorant garbage written by ignorant (find another adjective by the way) hopeful fanboys, then why are you on here not only reading but commenting on it as well? What does that say about you?

    • 31

      I’d be willing to bet 85 guys in 2001 would have said Means and his coaches were lying. Just because other barner players say those 4 lied doesn’t make it not true.

      In other news, Ted Bundy’s neighbors who WEREN’T killed think he got a bad rap.

  14. 32

    Well now that you mention it FYI, there is a demented Barnturder why is just that sick and who has those computer capabilities. You’ll find him stalking Bama on most of the Rivals sites and he can’t be blacklisted cause he circumvents it. But that possibility aside. I’m not talking about T-Town’s Facebook page. That’s irrelevant. All that proves is that Tom was stupid. And for his stupidity Tom was ordered to stop 7 months ago and excommunicated 4 months ago. That is all that’s requiired. The photos do not prove the athletes recieved any illegal benefits. I’m talking about you Barnturds claim that there are “hundreds” of photos. So where did the other 175 or so said photos come from, what do they show, and who has them? If they even exist and they show nothing more than the ones from T-Town, then they don’t mean shyt either. And time stamps on photos don’t mean shyt. You can set any date you want on every camera ever made that has a date option, and then there’s always Photoshop.

  15. 33

    Then Rowltahd,

    why are you on here? We don’t care what you think, but you keep responding, so it obviously does matter to you what we think. Once again, we will keep investigating and reporting Auburn University’s cheating until fans and/or alumni start demanding a clean program from the AD, the sock puppet HC, Pat Dye, and Bobby Lowder

    • 34
      allen times

      Auburn is trembling in their boots at you RC. Do you really think that a pathetic piece of white trash, red diaper doper baby bum, like you would have any affect on anything Auburn does? I mean, sure, if the camera during game day showed you in your “I love Saban” t-shirt, that would make Auburn look that much favorable to the rest of the world. And calling Chizic a sock puppet? Really. I guess a sock puppet just beat your text book team last year in the iron bowl! 27-28. Still hurts I guess doesn’t it? Yeah, see, this is why this site is a joke. Your articles are like the kiddie section in the Sunday News paper. Kinda cute, and you gotta read it every once in a while. But take it seriously? No.
      Why don’t you guys go meet around the biggest cheater that ever coached, the racist, drunk, sorry azz, Bear Bryant, statue and pray to him for a little while. I’m sure he will come up from below, and show all of you how to avoid getting caught cheating since he was the best at it. Boy, his traits sure stayed around Alabama didn’t they. A whole school full of sorry, depressed, drunk, azz holes. BOO HOO!!! THE COW COLLEGE BEAT US!!! HELP US BEAR!!! HELP US!!!

      • 35

        allen u are what if auburn won last year. they pulled that game out of there ass and you know it.just like they did 4or 5 other games last year. the only game they dominated was the sec title game against imposter south carolina.dont expect the same this year with 4 straight games against s .carolina -away,lsu-away,home to florida, and then at arkansas. looks like a long year for the the asterisk champs

  16. 36

    I’m not even going to waste my time with the ridiculous suit issue anymore. Saban’s already addressed the issue, and he’s not going to allow any stupid Auburn shyt hurt his program. My source is getting a big laugh out of this because it’s not even on their radar. Just a bunch of white trash Auburn fans trying to stir up some shyt that’s not there. However, there will be PLENTY to talk regarding Auburn’s cheating ways at the end of August:)

  17. 38
    allen times

    ” They did this with the hilariously bad Gadsden Packet that provided about as much proof of corruption as the grainy, smudged copier-quality photographs provided proof of the existence of Sasquatch”

    Copy and paste off other articles much. Same shyte old, same old on here. Auburn!! Auburn!! Auburn!!

    Now, go cut and paste, since you can obviously do it, where Clay Travis said that it was Auburn fans that sent him the emails. I know he said he had emails and lots of them. But I have not read ANYWHERE but on here, that he said that it was Auburn fans. You sound just like the barners. If you changed the names of the schools in these comments, it would be identical to and auburn message board. IDIOTS!! All Hail, Nick Saban!!! He can do no wrong!!.

  18. 39
    allen times

    Auburn is trembling in their boots at you RC. Do you really think that a pathetic piece of white trash, red diaper doper baby bum, like you would have any affect on anything Auburn does? I mean, sure, if the camera during game day showed you in your “I love Saban” t-shirt, that would make Auburn look that much favorable to the rest of the world. And calling Chizic a sock puppet? Really. I guess a sock puppet just beat your text book team last year in the iron bowl! 27-28. Still hurts I guess doesn’t it? Yeah, see, this is why this site is a joke. Your articles are like the kiddie section in the Sunday News paper. Kinda cute, and you gotta read it every once in a while. But take it seriously? No.
    Why don’t you guys go meet around the biggest cheater that ever coached, the racist, drunk, sorry azz, Bear Bryant, statue and pray to him for a little while. I’m sure he will come up from below, and show all of you how to avoid getting caught cheating since he was the best at it. Boy, his traits sure stayed around Alabama didn’t they. A whole school full of sorry, depressed, drunk, azz holes. BOO HOO!!! THE COW COLLEGE BEAT US!!! HELP US BEAR!!! HELP US!!!

  19. 40

    Good article, I hope the NCAA drags the west Georgia investigation out for another year, It’s great to hear the window lickers cry like a 2yr old wanting his passy …LOL

  20. 41

    A window n. >is a transparent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and if not closed or sealed air and sound.

    Window-Licker n. > 1. outside looking in. > 2. a person or people outside wishing they were inside. 3. auburn university fans (see mullethead) wishing they were University Of Alabama Fans.

  21. 42

    Hahaha I think the majority of these comments just prove how stupid people in Alabama are! It is FOOTBALL and some of you seem like you are crying over what someone from the other side says (who HATES you by the way and is therefore totally biased and illegitimate). Articles like this, where the author simply loads it with total crap and has no credible way to back it up is ONLY attempting to make his fans and himself feel better about nothing and trying to get a rise out of the other side.
    I really get a kick out of checking out the back and forth between Bama and Auburn fans because there are literally no other fan bases in the world who act as irrationally and immature as you people! Honestly, our nation is about to default AND our space program is being whored off to the highest bidder…SURELY you all see that NCAA investigations and preseason predictions are not the most important thing in the world right now and definitely should not be causing any of you to cry!
    The football season will begin and end and nobody will really care what happens in the end because it all starts over again…Instead of acting like inbred retards and fighting over things that should be left in the schoolyard, MAYBE for once in your sad blue collar lives, you can use your brains! GO DAWGS!

    • 43
      allen times

      I hear ya dog fan. I could really care less about either one of these teams. but it is fun as hell to do this on both sides and see them get all worked up! Gotta say though, bama fans are just a smidgen more irrational than the auburn fans. i really do think that they believe the bear is still at alabama

    • 44

      ^^^ say the guys whose team is never in any discussion about championships. Why are you here again? No one cares about your opinion here. If you want to talk politics and about the space program, there are places for it. You are a dumbass for thinking that you can turn this place into a discussion on that. Maybe you and your friend allen can start your own blog to talk about what is really important. Did I tell you you were a dumbass? I am sure I am not the first to point that out for you.

  22. 45

    Allen Times:

    You must be trembling you typical white trash AU fan because like the typical white trash Auburn fan, you have to constantly troll Bama sites and respond to everything we say. You Auburn phags actually keep our site running:) Yes you’re an Auburn fan, AND we WILL continue to investigate and report AU until the fans and alumni confront Jacobs, Chizik the sock puppet, Pat Dye, and Bobby Lowder and DEMAND a clean program!

    • 46
      allen times

      haha! Okay there bud! if you really think so and it makes you feel better. Just to let you know, my team (from which school I graduated) is ole miss. You do have a better team than mine. So does Auburn. But I do love my school and my team. Win or lose. I don’t have to bring down the “other” school in my state. It is a game. But you can call me an Auburn fan. That is fine. I like Auburn and their fans alright. Same with bama. I like their team alright, but the fans? No. They think they are above and beyond everyone else. Like I said, you do have a better team than I do. But that is not all I care about in my life. Have a wonderful day and may God bless you and your family in all that you do.

      • 47

        So here you are giving your opinion on how you think you are some kind of better person by getting in the middle of an argument between Bama and Auburn fans. Yeah right. Your fanbase has its fair share of idiots as well, and you are looking like one of them coming here judging one fanbase over the other. Do you really think anyone here cares what you think? Go love your team somewhere else. You are just as big of an idiot as your friend above.

  23. 48


    Auburn fans think they’re above all too. The alums call out other fanbases for having sidewalk fans while a MAJORITY of their fanbase is the same. They make up the rules as they go ON EVERYTHING. I graduated from UA many years ago, and most of us would have never embraced some of the trashy players Auburn has had over the years. We did have to accept some over the Shula years because of the scholly restrictions, but FOR YEARS Auburn claimed to recruit “character.” I don’t find much character with last year’s group of Auburn seniors. You have the lyin, cheating felon (Newton), the dirty players on defense (Fairley & Co), and the chop blockers on the OLine (Pugh & Ziemba). Some players currently on the team are under investigation (Dyer, Reed, and Robinson) and others were thrown off for criminal activity (The Trailer Park 4 and Eric Smith). Auburn fans CONTINUALLY make excuses for all these sorry sons of bi—-s as long as they help them win games. Let’s don’t forget the boatloads of cash that Stanley McGlover made for sacking Brodie Croyle. SOME INTEGRITY AUBURN FANS. CLEAN UP YOUR PROGRAM….NOW!!!!!!

  24. 49
    FBJ Lives

    Another day, another spin. Heads in the sand still……Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days in Tuscaloosa.

    • 50

      Will Cams daddy say more incriminating things? Only time will tell… (organ music) Will Troopa end up being the nail in the coffin for Chizik? (more organ music, higher key) When will the NCAA finish their investigation, and what will the punishment be? (organ music…pause)
      Tune in this season and watch…. As the Barn Burns.

      • 51
        FBJ Lives

        HAHA Good one Brando. Im ready for that season, just got this darn feeling its going to be interupted, due to breaking news about a movie being filmed in Tuscaloosa called True Lies2. Continue with your DEFLECTING.

        • 52

          One thing is for sure… the Auburn sequel is going to pale in comparison to last years fluke season.

  25. 53

    Hey Allen, You pig dick sucking retard. You come from a school that’s not even good enough to get in this discussion. Drag your fahggot azz back home boy! Don’t come on here hiding over the internet with that Bear Bryant bullshyt unless you’ve balls big enough to meet me and back it up you 3 toed fahg. If it wasn’t for Bear Bryant your team and the rest of the SEC and maybe all of college football would still be running the phucking single wing offense and playing in bowl games for $100,000. Besides this discussion is between Alabama and the Barnturds and in that respect phuckmouth, Bear Bryant was never caught cheating at Alabama. His run in with the NCAA at Texas A&M was not his doing. A&M’s boosters told him the minute he got off the plane that they were going to buy him the best players in Texas so all he needed to do was tell them which ones he wanted. Those dumbazzes did the cheating not Bear. But on the other hand the real Whoring, Cheating, Alky who can’t even find his phucking pants and is still on staff at Bullshyt U., is Patrick Phucking Dye! So, you got balls or not you yellow azzed monkey pussy? RTR!

  26. 54

    I’m on a roll today. Bring it you Barnturd fart suckers, and Old Piss and UThug too. Where the hell is that Indiana V. Fahggot. So we’re hypocrites because we’re defending our players for something that looks suspicious and at the same time condemning Barnturd players for their suspicious acts? Well let’s just analyze that for a phucking second. To start with the pictures do not prove a Gawddamn thing. Nada! So here’s how it’s gone down. You bastards have lied and fabricated bullshyt and accused Bama of infractions as follows: 1. Donating money to Cyrus’ school. 2. Donating money to Hasean Dix & Dee Harts school. 3. Hiding Calloway and paying off Peaches mortgage. 4. Claiming that maybe a dozen of Bama’s stars have accepted illegal benefits ranging from cash to memorabilia to clothing from T-Town. Have I left anything out? Now some of these accusations started back in January. But where is the NCAA? Haven’t heard even one little bitty peep out of them. On the other hand. Barnshyt U. has been accused of (and not a single one of these things were started by Bama) 1. Paying Cam Newton or his Pappy. 2. Paying at least 4 former players in the thousands of dollars to either come to Awbie or as stipends while at Awbie. 3. Paying players for hits and put outs in the Iron Bowls. 4. Having illegal contact with agents during recruiting. 5. Possibly illegally recruiting Michael Dyer. 6. Possibly issuing unmarked credit cards to athletes. 7. Possibly allowing athletes to win on fixed slots and other gaming devices at McGregors facilities. Now who has been and still is under investigation for all of these things starting last October? Comon’ guys, even a dumbass Awbie can answer that question! Therefore whom is the phucking hypocrite? We have done nothing. The NCAA’s non action pretty much sums that up. But you poor bastards are in the sights of a phucking Howitzer, and the NCAA doesn’t waste a years resources and just walk away. Any one of those accusations that might prove to be true will get your azzes a minimum 5 years probation and lots of scholarship reductions. Some will get you a lot more than that. And all of them together will get you a bigger shyt load of trouble than you even want to think about, up to and including the Death Penalty. So get off it shytheads. We are not the hypocrites and we are not the ones who came up with all that shyt and or originally accused you. We are simply on the band wagon and enjoying your squirming. So go bitch at somebody else. Hell, you can go all the way to the West Coast and bitch cause Oregon’s fan base hates your cheating azzes too. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  27. 56

    So the Bama envy has spread to yet another school. Who is next? Everyday there is someone new jumping in on the comments from other colleges besides Bama. New Mexico State? Arkansas? Who knows just bring it . Auburn still sucks nothing us ever gonna change that fact!


    • 57
      allen times

      You really think it is envy!! Oh, my God. Man, you are ignorant. That is hilarious. Trust me, or don’t, I could care less, all of these teams fans are not envious. We find it very amusing to see all of you fans get so worked up! If Auburn didn’t bother you or if you honestly believed that they were not a better school/team than yours, you would not have them mentioned in every single article that you have on here. Envious! But maybe you don’t really know what that word means. Here it is slow…..E-N-V-Y. Now go type it in google and that will give you the definition. Ahhhh, your whole fan base is a joke.

  28. 59
    allen times

    HEY CRIMSONITE! Calm down man. Go tell your sister to roll over and let lose some steam. She won’t mind you doing it again I’m sure. Just tell her the bear told you it was okay!

  29. 60

    I told you to expect a suspension in the next 10-14 days. And I was right. I told you to expect some things from Sports By Brook. And I was right. And I told you that more was coming, that it was being leaked out slowly. And again im being proven right (go see T Cody pictures). Ill go ahead and give you some more. These guys leaking this arent just aiming at the 2010 season.

    They’re aiming at 2009.

    Whats coming next might send most of you into hiding for awhile.

    • 61


      If Auburn fans had anything on Alabama in 2009 it would have been released immediately.

      Just like you guys did with the Gadsden nonsense.

      Nobody is sweating in Tuscaloosa.

      But I can tell you are very nervous about what is coming.

      Have fun meeting with the NCAA in the coming months.

      • 62

        and yet, so far, everything ive predicted has come true. and nothing any alabama fan has predicted has come true. thats so odd.

        and these guys didnt have what they have in 2009. they just got this stuff a few months back. i told you it was some guys angry at the way auburn fans have been bashed the last 10 months. they didnt start going after this stuff until several months back. and they got way, way more than they thought they would.

        • 63

          You don’t know what you are talking about…other than some AU fans got pissed that the world of college football knows they cheated.

          These are the same people responsible for the Gadsden BS.

          These are the people behind the lame and already discredited photographs pimped by blogs and the Birmingham News.

          Keep hope alive. You’ll need it.

          • 64

            I dont? i said just 2-3 days ago that a bama player would be suspended with the next 7-10 days. how did i know that? where could i possibly get information that even you bama fans didnt know?

            you dont have to believe me (even though everthing ive been telling you is coming true). but ive already shown you that i know things. just keep that in mind the next few weeks.

        • 65

          No one has been suspended. Nothing you have said has come true. The only prophecy that has been right, is back when I said you were a dumbass cult member, and lo and behold, today you show up and write this stuff. Dang, that gives me chill bumps, that my prediction was so accurate.

  30. 66

    LOL,,,,OOOh! Hey Versho and others, you might better watch your step. Nothing is going to happen toa Nick Saban program, but the same cannot be said about your sock puppet cocksucker Head Coach Jim Chizik! Lol, I have a SOURCE too! You guys better quit before something REALLY bad leaks out about Auburn

  31. 67

    Versho you’re a retarded dumbazz. You predicted nothing. Nothing has happened and nothing is going to happen you cocksucking fahg. And no player has been suspended. Go suck your Pit Bulls azz since that’s where you get your predictions. Phucking retarded internet stalker. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing is going to happen in Tuscaloosa except #14. what a Goddamn usless moron. RTR

  32. 68

    I can’t believe we even let such a retarded piece of shyt like Versho on here. The stupid motherphucker wants to take credit for predicting a Bama player would be suspended this week when Darius Hanks was not by any shape, form, or method suspended. He took a voluntary 2 game sit down so he could gain back a full year of eligibility. Goddamn phucking retarded Barnturd fahggots.

  33. 69

    Pffft! I was wrong Allen , it isn’t envy it’s jealousy. It’s burning a hole deep inside of you. Bama is all you can think about lately . You can’t sleep can’t eat . When you roll over at night and brush the stubble on your mates face all you can think about is Alabama football. It’s ok man just say it . You can google it or whatever . I’ll spell it out for you. R O L L T I D E !

  34. 70

    LMAO!….If I were a “Dog Fan” I would look at football the same way that (COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS MY LIFE) he does!…LOL!

  35. 71
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    What do most Auburn and Alabama fans have in common? Neither one graduated from Alabama…. Drum roll… High hat.

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