Speaking of Suits…Cam?

Appears Cam liked him some suits when he was in college too.

And not from a middle tier mall clothing shop either.

You can enjoy a larger view here.

This came from an anonymous tip, featured now on 247 Sports.

A visit to Buckelew’s in Montgomery may help identify these threads. If you don’t know the way, give Jackie Thurnes of the NCAA a call. I hear she knows exactly how to get there.

Auburn, do you really want to go here?

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  1. 1

    They will go anywhere, do anything, lose any other game as long as they can hurt or beat Bama. Sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic terrorist obsessed with their ruling goverment.

      • 3

        Great comeback there, Vol – you get that from your little sister? Come back anytime you actually have something to contribute to the discussion.

      • 4

        ‘retarded inbred hillbilly’ is the Indianer Vol! Come on Vol, show us how stupid you really are…

  2. 5
    Indiana Vol

    “Alabama told store to stop selling some items”

    Uh oh!

    Looks like Bammer may be in the NCAA’s doghouse again! My oh my, Trent Richardson signing stuff to sell!

    Sounds like Bammer has some ‘splainin to do!

    • 6

      Vol, glad you’re back.

      You instantly make me feel smarter as soon as read your thoughts.

      You have a gift my friend. Don’t hide it under a bushel basket.

  3. 7

    My source in Indianapolis text me about an hour ago and was laughing at the ridiculous amount of faxes, e-mails, phone calls etc from Auburn trash pretending to be reporters for fake newspapers wanting to drop a bomb on Alabama. Some people will be receiving telephone calls and/or visits from their local authorities tonight. Giggle

  4. 9

    This stuff happened last year phuckface. Do you hear the NCAA a knockin’ on Bama’s door? Didn’t think so you inbred moron. It’s a non-issue. Let me look at those Scam pictures again. Hmmmm. One of those suits looks like Bill Blass and one like a Versache. This is the poor son of a Preacher Man who’s church building was condemned right? Yep. Com’on Bama fans, lets take Awbie there with some of their own medicine. I guess $200,000 would just about cover a remodeled barn for a church building and a closet full of designer suits. Wanna play motherphuckers? RTR!

  5. 10

    I can appreciate you hitting the diversion button with the whole suit thing. Too bad for you, there are zero pics of Cam or any other player floating around on the internet. Not to mention, pics with and owner that shows he is an obvious booster. Hundreds of players. I repeat…..Hundreds! You will be shocked at how far they track it back. To even think that all the garbage thrown Auburn’s way by Bammers didnt stick and now you and your team are dealing with this. HA!!! You cant make this stuff up. WDE……

    • 11

      Plenty of pics and links to current Auburn players signed memorabilia out there. Talking about tracking back… they could possibly being going back 30 years to the time of Dye tracking all the allegations of pay-for-play by the COACHES at Auburn. Terry Bowden admitted it was going on. the HBO 4 was players over a 10 year span. Add that up, and it is not hard to jump to the conclusion that Cams daddy was paid by Auburn.

      At worst, Richardson may set out a few games, if at all.

      At worst for Auburn, you could likely be getting very close to the death penalty.

    • 12

      Nah, just a father who admitted shopping him and an NCAA enforcement staff hungry for the truth.

      Yeah, I’d much rather be us.

      And by the way, hundreds of players my ass. That’s another Clay imagination creation.

  6. 13

    Finding shirts with collars that fit his neck that well off the rack?? Well that’s some luck there, eh??


    • 14

      Finding money to pay for said shirts (expensive at that), when you’re a poor Christian in financial distress, soliciting money from collegiate programs, might be hard.

  7. 21
    John Hempton

    BUT!!! BUT!!! BUT!!!! Auburn did it!!! Losers!!! Is that the best you have. I’m not even an Auburn fan and I can see that this is idiotic “journalism”. By the way, you’re going to have to come up with a lot more photos to get even close to the photos that the bama players have of them. Spin it anyway that you want. Listen to each other….hold hands…and sing a lullaby to each other. Maybe you should hold a prayer meeting with each other around The Drunks….errrr….. I mean the Bears statue. He cheated enough….maybe he will “speak” to you on how to cover all this up. TICK TOCK…..TICK TOCK…..Now, let’s see if I can predict what you are going to come up with next……Auburn is being investigated…..Cam got payed….HBO4…..Same old, Same old. That’s what you call little brother syndrome, always got to bring up Big Brother. HAHA. And to think that I use to pull for you losers. GO TIGERS!!! Now, you can start pointing at Auburn and blaming them. You just can’t keep them out of your mouth.

    • 22

      I don’t have to accuse AU of being under investigation. Jackie Thurnes and/or Julie Roe Lach of the NCAA could clear that up for ya.

  8. 24
    Uncle Dick

    John, just to clarify are you saying Alabama is under a major NCAA investigation and Auburn is not?

  9. 26

    Lol whore you give john waaaaay to much credit! He just regurgitated every argument the barn has made since November!!! He starts by saying he isn’t an awbarn fan then finishes with a go tigers! He is either an awbarn fan or a fan of a school that can’t beat Alabama either way he isn’t a douche hes a cum stain on his mommys pillow!!!

  10. 27

    Hempton, you are one retarded S.O.B. You never pulled for Alabama you lying crock of shyt. And nobody is parroting Auburn did it. You sick phucks are under big time investigation and looking down the barrel of a loaded, cocked double barrel shotgun with a hair trigger. WE ARE NOT! Nor will we be. Read the NCAA statues phuckface. When someone is found to be using student athletes improperly for business purposes the only requirement for the athlete and or institution is to demand that they stop. The University did that 8 months ago and is comfortable that they are in compliance. That’s it for your phucking advertisement bullshyt. So that only leaves the question as to whether or not the athletes were illegally compensated. Bet you something cumsucker. Bet you you don’t have any pictures of them accepting money or walking out of the store with free suits and bet you Tom isn’t going to admit to any of the above either. So go phuck yourself and or your sister\mother whichever the case may be in Lee County. Bwaa haww haww. Could it be that the Bama compliance department is once again a step ahead of the Barnturd dogshyt.goatphuckers just like they were with Cyrus, Brent, Dee and Hasean? You see shytdogs, unlike Ohio St., Bama’s coach didn’t try to cover it up. Instead Bama put a stop to it, which is all that’s required. And unlike Ohio St. there is no evidence that Bama’s athletes sold their autographs or other memorabilia. Nor will there ever be. So once again, go phuck yourselves. Also doesn’t hurt that Tricky Nicky is bosom buddy’s with the NCAA Prez. Cheeze Dick not so much! Bwaa haww haww! Anyway ya’ll have fun with this. Consider it like your last meal before you’re put to death. RTR!

  11. 28
    John Hempton

    See that’s what I was talking about. Auburn. Auburn. Auburn. Bet you don’t have pictures of Cam accepting money either but that doesn’t stop ya’ll from accusing him (not his dad…..like I said earlier, I think his dad is a piece of crap). The main reason I posted all of this is to show what it is like hearing all this crap about Auburn all the time from some, not all, bama fans. I love to watch you guys play Auburn. I think it is always a great game. Great players. Great coaches. But the fans, once again….some, not all, are what makes this unbearable. I really do not pull for either one of your teams, doesn’t really affect my team because only once have we played bama……along time ago and we tied. And we have played Auburn twice….1-1. But I love the SEC and if my team is not in it, I ALWAYS pull for the SEC. But I’m sick and tired of hearing AUBURN and ALABAMA fans talk about KIDS. KIDS! I grew up in Alabama, lived there for 17 years, moved off and went to college out of state and got a good job and hope to move back near family when I retire. But I never remember it being like this. When the Iron Bowl came on my family would have a great time together watching it. And it was always 50 -50 Au/Ala. I understand not liking the other school. But the players? Do you really blame them if they were offered money? NO! Alabama does it…..Auburn does it……Every school that is good does it. But I’m tired of Auburn fans bashing Alabamas Kids and vice versa. If something comes of Cam so be it. If something comes of this T-Town, so be it. But what good is it for all of us, me included sometimes, to really get so low as we do. Anyways, just my opinion, and I respect all of yours. RTR and WE! Good luck next year, you both have great teams that will be on the field!

    • 29

      I don’t respect your opinion at all. If you don’t like what you read here, then why are you here again?

      • 30
        John Hempton

        You don’t have to respect my opinion. And thats fine with me. I do like what I read here. It reminds me of how fortunate I am to come from a great family who actually went to college, respects each others team, and doesn’t take the game so serious that they think they are cool by “downing” the other team. But weak people, that couldn’t cut it in college, or couldn’t play the game, have to sit on the side and act cool and know it allish. It’s laughable at times. Who needs comics? When you have fans that you can laugh at? The players respect each other so that is all that matters. Like your “GOD” coach said the other day at SEC Media days about the “I Hate Auburn” t-shirt. No need to repeat it, I’m sure you have heard it. But the guy was about to cry because Nicky didn’t like it. I Love It! He did a complete 360 when he heard that. “Its not real hate”. “I didn’t mean it Coach”. (Which Nick just replied “whatever too”. Ahhhh, anyways, hope you have a good day…..or night. And I do still respect your opinion even if we disagree. Bye!

        • 31

          So you are just a guy that thinks he is above all of this, and you think you are more educated than the people that post here. So you need to post and assert your intellectual superiority because we are to dumb to get your message. I see.

          The topic is about Auburn, and Cam Newton’s issue with suits at a Montgomery store. And the NCAA is currently in Montgomery sniffing around in the Auburn investigation. Then this story about Richardson was brought on by Auburn fans filling Clay Travis’ inbox with allegations against Bama.

          Sorry you are above reasoning the difference in the two situations, being the educated guy and unbiased as you are. Just stick to the topics instead of slamming folks you perceive as beneath you and you may actually get a little respect.

  12. 32

    I doubt many of you will believe me, but I truly hope that UA is in the clear. I love the AU/UA rivalry and think it would be awesome for both to be highly rated every year for the Iron Bowl. I have a lot of respect for UA and even considered taking a faculty position at the university a few years ago. It’s fun to banter on this site, but I don’t hold any ill will toward Bama.

    Honestly, I was skeptical of this story when it first broke. As more and more information surfaces, however, I’m starting to think it may have some legs, and I would be concerned if I was an UA fan. The key questions are: (1) Why would a young college athlete give away BCS gear and other memorabilia to a stranger for no compensation?; (2) Did the student athletes know that the memorabilia would later be sold for profit?

    By the way, why in the world was this guy taking students to dinner? If he is ultimately identified as a booster, the dinner photos may really hurt. The recent blog by SBB raises a lot of questions.

    Lastly, the argument that it is a non-story because the compliance office cleared it is absurd. Based on that logic, there would not likely be any investigations of any programs.

    • 33

      Good thoughts FYI, but actually I can get online tonight and buy BCS replica jerseys by the dozen, then have them autographed. No guarantees “young college athletes are giving away BCS gear”.

      And the store owner contends the merchandise in the store hasn’t been sold, but has only been on display. To my knowledge I don’t think the memorabilia has ever thought to have been sold.

      Look, the store doesn’t sell expensive suits. It’s not Buckelew’s in Montgomery or anything. Instead, think the Pants store.

      Finally, it is equally wrong to assume that just because a compliance case has been cleared there is a cover up involved. By your logic the Auburn coaching staff knew Cam was ineligible all season long and were covering it up, because they were accused. See how that works?

      Of course, this case is different because it was born by angry Auburn fans….not by agent runners and the father of a player who has submitted testimony.

  13. 35

    No we don’t both have good teams. The Barnturds are picked to finish 9th in the SEC. We are picked to win a National championship. Obviously you grew up here a long time ago. So did I. But you gotta change with the times or get your azz run over. The internet phucked for all time the football that we knew under Bear Bryant and Shug Jordan and even then it was the most severe rivalry in all of sports. Don’t be jumping in on the tail end of something you know absolutely nothing about. Auburn and Tennessee escalated this war by ratting us out for the same thing they were doing and then made our lives miserable during our penance. When Saban came and turned it all around overnight the Barnturds shut their phucking mouthes for the most part. And last year they were even down on their own team who looked like shyt during their first 4 wins. But then when Bama was upset by South Carolina and Barnshyt was still somehow undefeated the motherphuckers came out of the woodwork like a swarm of cockroaches and started laying into us anew. I’m pretty nasty myself, but I’ve never seen anything like these sick cocksuckers. So don’t blame us when we’re more than happy to endorse the pretty much national opinion that the bastards won everything last year with the best team money could buy and therefore all the hate they bring against us and all the bragging they do over their great team last year is nothing but the biggest crock of shyt in the history of college football. And one more thing azzhole. No Bama fans on here are down on the athletes. We’re down on the administrations that not only condone it but in Awbies case are part of it. I.E. Patrick Dye, and Lowder. The only athletes we get down on are like the Barnie gang who robs their own trailer parks at gunpoint. So go away or bring something legit. RTR!

    • 36
      John Hempton

      Once again, you are doing the same thing to Auburn that they are doing to you. And you can’t say they started it. And you can’t say they didn’t. I am still very much a part of both schools. Still live near Alabama, and go to occasional games at both schools. Yes, Auburn had an armed robbery, yes, Alabama had a player selling drugs outside the stadium. And that pisses me off more than anything. I had to get 20000 dollars worth of student loans on top of scholarships to pay for my education. These guys get a full ride and screw it up while we pay for it in tuition increases. There are bad apples in every team sooner or later. It happens. And I agree that Lowder and Dye are part of the problem. People like that are the real problem plus the ones that wont do anything about it. It’s just like politics, especially this administration. But that is another story. But do you not give Auburn crap when they lose? Yes, of course you do. That’s part of it. If we all went for the same team it wouldn’t be any fun. But some people, in my opinion, take it too far. Talk crap! Ok. But to do this crap about trying to tear each others programs apart is absurd. And yes, Auburn is doing it too. I know you are smarter than a lot of people on here. Auburn and Bama fans. And sometimes our emotions get the best of us because we love our teams and players, and coaches. I just don’t like seeing any team on probation. All the student-athletes that are doing everything right do not deserve to have their years as a football player with nothing to show for it, as far as bowl wins, ect. go. I know I am lame, or what ever you would like to call it but that is how I feel about it. But I hope nothing comes of any of these stories. And I honestly, and truthfully hope that your team has a very successful year. How about this….GO AMERICA!!! HAHA

  14. 37

    Ok, I’ll buy most of that. But that’s not the way your first post read. Anyway what yuo suggest won’t work simply for the fact that Awbie has the nastiest most vindictive fan base in football and it is ten times worse when they are talking Bama. And that’s national opinion, not just mine. When it comes to Alabama they have dementia. What other teams have boosters who pay bonuses for hits and bigger bonuses for taking out players on the opposing team. They’re sick man, sick! Their animosity is forcing us to make the rivalry nastier too. They could lose 11 games and win the IB and their season is complete. But we play for national championships and have bigtime rivalries with other TOP teams such as Texas, Notre Dame and Penn St. Aubie is just another stepping stone, albiet an important one. So we can’t de-escalate. Awbie has to do that. Phuckem! RTR!

    • 38
      John Hempton

      HAHA! I hear ya man. But I have to say that I don’t think Auburn or Alabama have the worst fans. I lived in Louisiana for a while doing an internship and their fans are by far worse. And I don’t really think Auburn would be happy if they lost every game but bama. But they would be happy they won that one at least. Anyways, it was good talking to you. Got a little heated there for a little bit, but GOD! isn’t football great. I gotta head off to bed here shortly but I’ll talk to you more often. I can actually communicate with you, seem pretty level headed even for a bama fan. HAHA! Just kidding. Have a good night, bud. Tell next time.

  15. 39

    Anybody who doesn’t believe the nastiness of the Auburn fanbase are either other Auburn fans or just plain anti-Alabama. What Updyke did was wrong, but I’ve been harassed by Auburn fans before when both wearing Alabama regalia or carrying on private conversations regarding my team AND Alma Mater. YES, I graduated from UA. MOST AU fans I KNOW are sidewalk DESPITE their B.S proclamations that all AU fans went to AU. Most AU fans that I have met over the last 15 years are plain white trash.

    UPDATE: UA DISSASSOCIATED themselves from the T-Town Menswear owner IN MARCH!! Read on al.com. It appears the UA Compliance Staff was months ahead of the AU fans who tried to sabotage them. I will continue investigating AU and checking my source until AU cleans their own backyard

  16. 40

    True LSWho has nasty fans. Those Coonasses are worse Rednecks than Rednecks are. But they are just azzholes argumentativly and especially when they are drunk. They aren’t lying, destructive stalkers like the Barnturds and to some extent even the UThugs. Even though right now UThug is curled up in the fetal position just like Awbie was until last year and will be again shortly. There are about 400 Rivals team sites or roughly 100 teams with an average of about 4 message boards per site. Do you know that there are Awbie fans who don’t just follow Bama fans to these sites and harrass and dis us in front of these other teams fans; but there are several Awbies who assign a post to a macro and take God knows how much time out of their lives visiting every single Rivals site posting the same message dissing Bama in the worst way with awful lies and recruiting anyone willing to listen to help them destroy Alabama’s football program. I’m telling you dude Awbie is shot through with some sick bastards. Bama fans have no

  17. 41

    choice but to defend ourselves and get back in the Barnturds faces. I have never found any other fanbase that does that sick stalking shyt. Hell, as bad as it is to say it, the phuckers deserved Harvey Updyke. You know, somebody needs to get on Tommy T’s good side. He knows what went on there and Awbie phucked him over bigtime. Also the only good the HBO 4 did was to raise suspicions. Individually their testimony means nothing cause the NCAA will never find evidence from up to 10 years ago. They would have had to be present together and seen each other being paid. That’s one reason the NCAA cannot charge Awbie quickly. It will take a long long time to connect the dots on things that happened so long ago. And they certainly want those dots connected because it would prove these are habitual violatiions and that Scam and whoever currently are not just isolated cases. If Awbie gets a notification quickly at the end of August like RC says, then I believe the NCAA is going to leave a lot of crimes undicovered.

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