Report: B’ham News fails again

A couple of weeks ago I was working in my front yard when I saw a man going door-to-door. You’ve been there. You cringe because you know he’s coming to your house soon.

It was hot, and out of compassion for his efforts I had predetermined I would likely buy whatever he was selling to encourage him. What a terrible job to have.

When he finally made it to me, that all changed. He was selling subscriptions to the Birmingham News.

For only $2 a week I could get five newspapers. I politely declined.

If I wanted I could only get Wednesday and Sundays papers. I politely declined again.

“Why?” he wanted to know.

“Because Kevin Scarbinsky writes for your paper, so it’s not worth $2 a week.”

Today you can read why.

There are NCAA investigators on the ground in Montgomery and Auburn. The New York Times is left to confirm an exchange between Auburn head coach Gene Chizik and NCAA VP of Enforcement, Julie Roe Lach because state reporters were either in the bathroom at the time or simply won’t do their jobs.

Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson continues work on a piece that is widely thought to blow the roof off of the Cam Newton saga in August.

Danny Sheridan with a track record of accuracy spanning three decades dropped the bomb last Thursday that AU’s bagman has been found.

And yet, we’re reading about a clothing store that UA Compliance has already addressed over signed memorabilia.

I’m still looking for the benefit of the doubt given to this branch of the athletic department…a group sworn with the task of steering Alabama through shark infested waters.

I just didn’t think Kevin Scarbinsky had a fin.

It is just utterly amazing to me how blatant the lopsided journalism appears in this state. Oh, you’ll hear mediots like Scarbinsky and others drone on about how “one fan base always thinks we’re out to get them.” Problem is, reading their collective body of work, only one fan base has a case.

See, when Nick Saban came to town, he made the journalists’ job hard. He limited access. He made them look stupid in pressers when they asked stupid questions. Saban threw the blood in the water.

Hence stories like what we have today, birthed by angry Auburn fans sending frenzied pictures and emails to media whore Clay Travis. Stories with little or no concession given to the fact that UA Compliance has looked into the matter and dismissed it.

Do you really think a program currently on probation would so casually dismiss something so potentially damning? I don’t. I tend to believe just the opposite. You couldn’t afford NOT to take it seriously, which is apparently what UA did.

Problem is, I’m the only one who seems to be writing it.

This summer UA released a report of secondary violations it had self-reported over the last couple of years. And yes, Kevin scooped that one up in a sprint and got it print too.

But this report was a mile long, and as detailed as an IRS ledger. UA Compliance is doing its job…but that doesn’t give us a story, now does it Kev?

I’m still looking for his article on the NCAA’s latest efforts in exposing Auburn for buying a quarterback, Heisman and championship.

And my beard is growing.

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