Clay Travis thinks black people can’t afford nice things

Today the ever controversial smear blogger Clay Travis appeared on Birmingham’s WJOX pimping his new website, and his words were perhaps very telling of his agenda regarding his latest story.

Travis had reported on the Cam Newton investigation on his site’s first day, but launched into a speculation piece the following day after being “tipped off” by angry Auburn fans.

Let’s get this on the table. We have evidence that the NCAA is investigating Auburn. We know Cam’s dad shopped him because Auburn admitted it. We KNOW AU paid players because FOUR DIFFERENT AU players went on HBO’s Real Sports and admitted it. And that’s only the beginning.

And we know that Auburn’s woes do not originate from Alabama. They originate from the NCAA.

But, we have nothing but B.S. from Clay Travis, a life-long Tennessee fan. And why are these stories positioned next to one another again?

Listen to the interview yourself here, but some interesting nuggets expose Travis for what he is:

Clay Travis on where the source for his information has come from:
“I didn’t know anything about the Alabama stuff till we came back from the (website) launch party out at Sweet Bones, and uh my email just got flooded all of the sudden with tips. And that’s where most of this stuff has come from. I’m not gonna lie. It’s been generated tips from readers.”

Readers? You mean Auburn fans, right Clay?

Clay Travis on why he launched a website:
“I think this is just emblematic of what is going to become more and more of an issue. And it’s one reason I got into the website business with my own site.”

So you simply want to capitalize on the speculative nature of online blogging rumors, eh Clay? Rumors and issues that UA Compliance put to bed months ago? Wouldn’t that make you a media whore? Paul Finebaum is a professional. You are a media whore.

Clay Travis on the verifiability of the pictures in question that he links strong suggestion to UA wrongdoing:
“If it was just completely outlandish accusations that would be another thing. But these photos, I mean people can judge for themselves.”

Really Clay? People can? Guess it matters what colors they wear on Saturday, huh….

A telling point of the interview comes at the 5:32 mark:
WJOX’s Ryan Brown: Do you feel like you gave Alabama a legitimate amount of time to respond to that story? If I understand right, I know you just mentioned you just basically were following tips you got late at night. The story was up the next morning. And I know you tried to contact Alabama in the early hours of the morning. Did they have ample time to respond to that?

Travis: “Umm, well I mean that’s, uh, you know, that’s not necessarily for me to decide. Ummm…”

Brown: “How do you go through that thought process? Like, ‘Alright, I’ve called them at 2:30 in the morning. You know, how long do you wait.”

Travis: “Well, I waited 24-hours for the second story.” (Not the first where the speculative hearsay was vomited all over his site).

“I contacted Alabama and gave them 24-hours to, uh, to respond about, and I still haven’t gotten a response, by the way, about exactly how this character at T-Town Menswear would be classified. I-I think there’s a good case that he’s a booster based on NCAA definitions, based on his access to the program and everything else, which will make it harder for Alabama to argue they couldn’t have had an idea what was going on. I mean the guy had sideline passes, he’s photographed with Terry Saban on the sidelines. All these things…”

I have a photo of me and Terry Saban too, Clay. Guess that implicates me along with thousands of other fans. We’ll be watching our mailboxes for cease and desist letters.

And by the way Clay, with your track record for not exactly being married to the truth, why should anybody care what you “think” is a good case…about anything?

Oh and by the way, ESPN’s Joe Schad got a response from the University within 30 minutes of inquiry. Guess journalists have better luck in that department.

Clay Travis on the story gaining momentum:
“And I know for a fact that there are multiple people, multiple organizations digging on this story who may well advance it beyond where I’ve advanced it to this point.”

Gee, wonder if we should watch Phillip Marshall and Jeffrey Lee in the coming days.

And then later, Travis reiterated…
“This is just happenstance. Like I said, I didn’t know anything about this Alabama situation until I started getting tipped off on the early hours of Friday morning when I got back from our uh, our launch party. So the Auburn stuff I had worked for a couple of weeks, the Alabama stuff it just exploded all of the sudden.”

So Clay worked an actual story for two weeks on an official ongoing NCAA investigation into recruiting improprieties at Auburn, with verifiable sources, making it the headliner for his new website…

…but took fan mail from what we can only assume was Auburn fans in the wee hours of the morning the following day and attempted to juxtapose and compare a speculative situation….one with an official response and conclusion from the University some seven months earlier…with the Auburn NCAA investigation.

Can we just conclude that Clay Travis is a slander-filled whore?

Oh, and then there’s this tidbit from Clay from the interview:
“I’m a member of for six years.”

Then, the kicker that some think painted Clay Travis as an agenda-filled racist:
WJOX’s Ryan Brown: “I think you’re making a suggestion that Julio Jones got free suits.”
Clay Travis: “I don’t know that he got ’em free.”

WJOX’s Ryan Brown: “I think that’s the suggestion you make by putting that story out in conjunction with the other (Cam Newton) suit story.”
Clay Travis: “Well I think that’s a suggestion that many people can, can work through.”

WJOX’s Ryan Brown: “Well they can, but is it true?
Clay Travis: “I don’t know if it’s true or not….How many people have ten suits. That don’t have jobs and are college kids.”

WJOX’s Ryan Brown: “But do you know Julio can’t afford ten suits? Do you know those are all his? Do you know if two or three guys have the same (size) suits and they trade them around on game day?”

Clay Travis: “I know he’s pictured trying on at least one of the suits on the site.”

A person of color can easily interpret that exchange as extremely offensive, citing a clear racial overtone in Travis’ words. I know a few of my African-American friends did (as did I).

Ryan Brown’s questioning came as a result of another piece Clay featured on his site questioning why Julio Jones was seen on game day in a number of different suits.

Clay had an opportunity to clear the air, but instead chose to continue to suggest that the family of a black college athlete…whose family has incurred zero expenses most families face when their child goes to college…couldn’t afford to clothe their son.

Where’s your hood, Clay? What part of Tennessee do you live in again?

Clay, do you know how easy it is to get a credit card? College students have long been a target of credit card companies, and not all suits have a $4,000 price tag, as alleged in the Cam Newton scandal (one of them).

I can go to Joseph A. Bank today and come home with ten suits for under $2,000. If I’m a huge target in the NFL draft, what’s $2,000 on my card…if I can’t afford them outright. When I was in college I didn’t have a need for one suit. But then I wasn’t required to travel every weekend in the fall wearing a suit either.

But the bigger story to the “story” is, why did Clay Travis, a self-proclaimed Tennessee fan, post speculative, unverified information on his site without giving UA a real chance to comment? What was his agenda?

Simple. He was not going to let facts get in the way of a good smear. Lots of compliance officials are in their office at 2:30am, right?

Clay Travis is simply a media whore trying to pimp his cheap website. And since radio stations in Alabama are apparently not going to take action, as evidenced by handing him their airwaves to spew speculative slander and malice in the direction of our institution, perhaps the University of Alabama should take action.

Journalists are protected by the 1st Amendment. But then, Clay Travis is no journalist.

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  1. 2
    Don Worden

    I feel the same way. He wrote a great book but has turned into a hack writer, desperate to break a story.

  2. 3

    I live in Nashville, TN and he also is a co-host of a “rag” sports program on 104.5 The Zone called the “Three Hour Lunch” with Brent Dougherty (UT grad) and Blaine Bishop (ex-NFL prima donna) from noon to 3pm. He was still going on about the suits but now the number is up to 15 and how can someone have that many suits. His co-hosts stated that at most the had two suits (one for weddings and one for funerals).

    This guy is a putz. I guess since he can’t make as a lawyer or a sports journalist he becomes a blogger where you don’t have to verify facts.

  3. 4

    But yet he is praised on his “reporting” on Auburn. LMAO. Deny, deflect, divert, has been used a lot in here lately. Its about to get used even more….

    • 5

      Sorry, but there’s nothing to compare here. His info on Auburn had verifiable sources and two weeks of traction.

      His speculation on ‘Bama was a knee jerk to an inbox full of Auburn fueled anti-Alabama propaganda.

      You really don’t see it, do you? Scary.

        • 7

          Stir attempt fail. Keep trying.

          Heard Jackie Thurnes found a few restaurants she really likes in Montgomery. Wants to stick around for a while.

          But don’t worry; I’m sure Clay Travis is chasing an ambulance somewhere. Should have more masturbatory fiction for you to ease your tensions.

          • 8

            I have no tensions ITK, just waiting on the fun to really begin. Hope ya like egg on your face 🙂

      • 9

        It wasn’t JUST rumors and allegations——the pictures alone at least made me nervous, not that Alabama did something wrong, but because now we know the NCAA pays attention to Facebook for failure to monitor allegations.

        However, for what it’s worth, Monday morning I sent outkickthecoverage a plea to post something somewhere on their site with a link to direct people to West Alabama tornado relief sources.
        I figure if all but three of the stories on their site, to date, are about Alabama, then at least out of respect for the sport, the team, the people who lost so much, and the fans (for and against Alabama alike), it wasn’t too much to ask. West Alabama still needs so much help, new needs come up every single day, and it’s so easy to help.

        I haven’t heard any response from outkickthecoverage, and I will not speculate as to why, but instead I’d ask anyone reading this to consider donating to the tornado relief support.

        If you’ve already donated, please, consider donating again today——-every day there are new needs, and the damage is going to take a decade to repair. Even $10 goes a very long way when you’re talking about soap and rice and deodorant and formula. The American Red Cross and Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa are two easy places to start.
        I apologize for being a little off topic on this comment, but if I do hear a response from outkickthecoverage I will be sure to let you know, and I encourage you to ask them yourself to help its readers support the tornado relief organizations.

  4. 10

    The coming weeks are going to be fun. Auburn continues to get the NCAA’s anal probe, and auburn fans continue to try the gadsden dodge charger defense.

  5. 11

    Considering Alabama’s compliance department was on top of this as it happened, this is now a non-story that has already been handled. Too bad Auburn fans couldn’t have broken the story as it happened. And Clay admits that Auburn fans are directly behind this. Is this all you Auburn fans can come up with? Come on now, you can do better than that. After all, it is going to take a lot to beat 4 players confessing to pay-for-play, and Cecil Newton’s one man comedy of a corrupt ‘preacherman.’ Y’all keep trying! But no matter what goes on at Bama, the NCAA is still elbow-deep in Auburns colonoscopy. I hear they are close to diagnosing numerous Toomers, and cancerous boosters.

    • 12

      Brando, it was a fail from the beginning.

      What isn’t a fail is the official, multi-headed investigation currently going on in boogville.

      • 13

        I wouldnt put too much trust in the Alabama compliance department to be on top of things. Theyve had to declare at least one football player ineligible every year for THE LAST 6 YEARS, including some that led them to their 3rd probation in the last 17 years. And Clay isnt a racist, you just want to paint him as one because you cant actually dispute what he’s posted.

        And a little birdy has said to watch Alabama the next 7-10 days. There may be some more “ineligible” players soon. You know, just to be on the safe side.

        • 14

          By chance is that little birdy another internet hack named Travis, Marshall or Lee?

          We all know their credibility sailed a long time ago.

        • 16

          Watching the squirming heat up is going to be fun. Poor lil fellers just dont know whats in store for them. I have warned them though. Its a fail…..Its a smokescreen….Its wishfull thinking. To quote Kurt Angle, Its real…its damn real.

          • 17

            What? Auburnites trying to get ‘Bama players in trouble? When has THAT happened?

            Oh, every year. My bad.

            Fishing trips with Auburn boosters, fictitious Dodge Charger stories, manilla envelopes delivered to the Finebaum show…

            Do you ever get a glimpse of how pathetic you really are?

            (And by the way, your threats and ambien have a lot in common.)

        • 19

          Good luck with your birdies. I think I will just take the word of the NCAA that the Auburn investigation isn’t over. Bama’s problems are minor compared to the massive amount of scrutiny Auburn is under right now. Listening to birds chirp still don’t help you.

  6. 20

    We are are talking about a piece of excrement that asked Tebow – “if he was a virgin ? ”
    His follow up was going to be the boxer or briefs question –

    • 22

      , Maybe he is angling for a job at the Birmingham News. That paper has gone to nothing. I used to have a subscription but about 2 years ago I cancelled when it became evident that they were just typing up sh*t to sell papers.

  7. 23

    Alabama is not going to have ANYTHING to report in 7-10 days according to my source. AUBARN, on the other hand, will have a lot to answer for during the week of August 22:)

      • 25

        there’s more coming. the “tipsters” havent let it all out yet. they’re bleeding it out slowly. these are just the bullets. next come the bombs,

        • 26

          I know; and the “10” story coming in August on Auburn cheating from Charles Robinson will send shock waves through every outhouse in Lee County.

          Prepare to grab your ankles, and I’d buy some lube. The NCAA is a’comin’.

      • 28

        Close your eyes, and click your heels three times, and your wish may come true fairy tale boy. Auburn is about to get hammered, not that you are noticing that. All you have to hope for is Bama getting in trouble.

    • 29

      I dont have a source. But what I do have is common sense. And that common sense tells me that the smoking gun at Auburn is a bloody howitzer and they cant find a pile of cow dung big enough to hide it or cover up the stench of it.

  8. 30

    Is it true that Chizik and Tressel’s names are often interchanged in NCAA discussions in Indianapolis? Gene Tressel? According to my source, Eugene Chizik is considered a sock puppet to NCAA Enforcement Staff

    • 31

      Eugene IS a sock puppet. Think about it for a minute……Here is a coach who was well on his way out at Iowa State on the hotseat and dam close to loding his job at a ….well…. IOWA FRIGGING STATE! . Chismo the incompetant was the perfect candidate when Tommy T. left town. It left Jimmeh and Bobbeh and tha boys to run things again. So they hire Eugene and then they surround him with coaches and admins who are known for there ability to bend every rule to a pretzel.

  9. 32

    Yes, we will. I think you have forgotten, Versho, that our coach is NOT going to allow childish opposing fans ruin the direction of his program. He has a lot more pull and influence than your lying bastard sock puppet of a coach

    • 33

      im going to leave it at this, and you see if im right over the next 2 weeks. SBB is working on this thing right now. he’ll release something in the next few days. he’s getting things from the same people who are throwing this stuff to clay. its a few auburn fans who are pissed about the way the bama fans have been acting since auburn won the iron bowl and the nc, especially the crap scott moore pulled. none of this would have come about without websites like this to push them to it.

      it is about to get worse, but you dont have to take my word for it. you wont have long to wait. im telling you, get ready for some “ineligible” players, “just to clear things up”.

  10. 39

    The difference between *U & UofA:
    When UofA has questions about a players eligibility, the player sits until cleared or suspended. *U’s way is to play, deny, cheat, and hope they get away with it in the end. Which seems more likely to draw the hammer from Indy? Every university has problems, the NCAA goes after the ones that are too arrogant to admit it….

  11. 42

    And I’m telling you there are “accusations” and “facts with evidence” which is what Auburn is going to learn about the week of August 22. Nothing will happen to Alabama. The same cannot be said about that white trash University in Lee County

  12. 47
    Rogue Elephant

    FWIW, lotta blog fodder out there, but except for the AP report about Bama’s cease and desist letter on various sites, the mainstream media are still staying away from this one in droves.
    I know that ain’t what the barners want to hear and it could change.
    Unless that happens, nothing will probably come of it.
    We’ll see.

    • 48

      Rogue I hope Pat Dye didnt read what you just posted. Otherwise 3 walls and a secretary will get punch and jay Jacobs will be in line for a Pat Dye kick in the balls.

  13. 49

    The bigger issue here is, this is an eligibility issue. UA compliance has spoken.

    Just barners being barners here.

      • 51

        Well, being second to only Arizona for NCAA probation, Auburn IS a repeat offender.

        There, that wasn’t hard.

        Keep it up though Mike. Maybe Troopah will name the baby after you.

          • 53

            Of course you do. Add a coach having sex with a student to your long list of things that are okay in Auburn…”as long as we win, baby!”

            Your program is scum, which is why the nation will celebrate when the NCAA de-nuts you soon.

            T-Town Menswear…chump change.

            Cammy Cam revelation, soon a’comin’…armegeddon.

            Bye-bye BCS.

      • 54

        Mike, if ignorance is bliss you would be jerking off in your auburn baseball cap right about now. Can you say Pat Dye?

  14. 55

    For a group that likes to talk religion, they sure show a lot of hate. It got really bad during Tubervilles classless years, with all the fingers being held up, etc. Again, the only way to keep the rivalry civil is for Alabama to beat Auburn. Auburn fans are sore winners and gracious losers.

      • 58

        Is there any truth in the rumor that Bo will play Bubba’s ghost in the sequel to Forrest Gump? They is freid chicken, grilled chicken, broiled chicken, baked chicken ( I dont be touchin that shit,) chicken ala king. Chicken skewers…….

  15. 59

    You little Barnturd fahgs are so pathetic it’s sickening. So disgruntled Pigshyt fans are sending in information about Alabama? And this is supposed to be news? You sick bastards have been doing that for years azzhole. It’s not just because of our attitude about the IB. And just how accurate would info from a disgruntled Barnturd fan be? Well I do believe we have good evidence of that lately. Bwaa haww haww! But just out of curiosity, who in hell would be in a Tuscaloosa clothing store taking pictures of Julio trying on suits and moreso would try to get Bama in trouble for it? And who the hell that doesn’t like Bama would be looking in Julio’s closet to know how many suits he has? By any chance does a Barnturd booster own that clothing store? Azzhole, hold your breath. There won’t be shite coming out about Bama in a couple of weeks except the preseason #1 ranking. Nick won’t allow that kind of shyt and if there was a mistake or two made he will sit the players in a heartbeat so that it doesn’t go any farther.

  16. 61

    You hypocrites!!! a few months ago when Travis was making up stuff about Auburn, you quoted him as if he is legit.

    • 62

      That would be last week, and it was when he had verifiable sources. Not rival fan hate mail. He isn’t a journalist by any means, but when he was covering a confirmed ongoing NCAA investigation, that’s a grand leap from sensational B.S. that makes you and other Auburn idiot point and click to his site.

  17. 64

    Clay Travis is a prick but he has the goods on Bama.
    I live in Nashville and hear his show a lot and he usually
    has the facts most of the time. The pictures he has
    on his website tells all we need to no. Folks Auburn
    is going to on probation and lose the 2010 NC and
    if the pictures show Julio and company back in 09 Bama
    goes on probation and lose 09 NC. Guys we are in
    TROUBLE!!!!! RTR

      • 66

        Guys I love the crimson tide and it hurts to hear
        all the bs information that the cow college fans
        gave to Clay Travis but the bad blood between
        the 2 schools needs to stop. Both colleges are
        going to kill each other programs with the NCAA
        putting both on probation and Bama getting another
        5 years or more. Hell we got 3 years for textbooks
        and that was a JOKE!!! I was reading a Auburn
        blog tonight and it said WAR IS DECLARED!!!
        That is pathetic and both sides need to get a
        gripe on this down hill train wreck!!! RTR

        • 67

          Sorry Bamadon, but you can tiptoe thru the tulips all you want.. We didn’t start the war, but we damn sure aren’t going to lose it.

          Auburn is going down, and if we take a few scratches to the face in the process, big freakin’ deal.

  18. 68

    I laugh when AU fans claim this wouldn’t have leaked without sites like this or Scott Moore. What a load of crap. AU people made up Gadsden stuff and will attempt to smear Alabama all the time. AU is facing serious probation for cheating that real news organizations have reported. The suit issue is funny. I hope AU fans have something better because this is pathetic just like the Charger bullshit.

  19. 70

    I’m loving how these white trash Auburn fans are stroking themselves in anticipation that something serious is going to happen negatively to a Nick Saban Alabama program, especially over something so minor. My source and I say good luck to that! Gene Tressel, on the other hand, not so lucky:)

  20. 71

    Btw I still think the pics are interesting and a warning about easy it is for a football player to be used by others. Of course you gotta love the racist AU fans who think black people can’t afford a nice suit. That takes the cake

    • 72

      Now we are all racist Cap? I don’t have any black friends so it doesn’t matter, now does it?

    • 73

      Every black person I know. (And there are lots of them) own nice clothes and suits. It is their thing. Black folks KNOW how to dress for an occasion so anyone who is implying they dont might need to actually go meet some black folks. Sorry to Mr. Travis. But apparently he has never been to a black church on Sunday morning. The clothes are ornate, fine, starched and pressed and every attention has been made to the details. To say anything less is a flat out lie. I know a black man who has over 30 suits. So Mr. Travis might need to do a little research instead of popping out the same old stereotypical propaganda that the klan has been spouting for decades.

  21. 74

    It’s is just beyond me how hypocritical Alabama fans are. Stupid, hypocritical, arrogant, a$$holes, with nothing better to do then point fingers at someone else cause their pitiful school is on probation. Grow up, know your school has done wrong, and shut up about other schools. You have no idea if Clay Travis is racists, but b/c he messed w/ the so-called “golden child” of college football, you call him one? Makes a whole lot of sense. Oh, I guess it does to an Alabama fan.

    • 75

      No, actually you DA, I heard the words from his lips today and assessed that he is a racist piece of shit myself. Along with seven others (four who are black) who emailed me immediately after.

      Next point please?

  22. 77


    they can declare WAR (lol) all they want, Urban Meyer and Dan Mullen (to a smaller extent) started the Cam crap. EVEN then, the white trash Auburn fans were blaming Alabama with the REC b.s., some graduate assistant on UA staff, the Tide Easter bunny and so forth. They place dead trees over human life, and are STILL content on rolling same dead trees even if it’s not in the best interest of the trees. We will continue to investigate and report Auburn’s cheating until the sidewalk fans (plenty BTW), alumni, HEAD FOOTBALL HYPOCRITE COACH, puppet AD, Pat Dye, and Booby Lowder take responsibility and accountability for their actions. If there are any decent Auburn fans left, they will DEMAND this same accountability from the above mentioned personnel in the Athletic Dept EVEN if this means going to their houses and demanding a meeting with the above. Auburn University, their fans, their beat writers, team, and coaches make me ashamed that they are in the SEC. I will continue my reporting until this cheating at Auburn University ceases

    • 78

      I share your dislike of Auburn and I think all the good
      things both Alabama and Auburn fans did for each
      other after the tornadoes is dust in the wind. The
      NCAA letting Cam Newton play for Auburn started
      this whole crappy mess and like most Bama fans
      feel Auburn stole the NC title and heisman trophy.

    • 79

      LMMFAO. You go Walter Cronkite. You are just plain stupid, not even worth trying to come up with a clever putdown. Plain ass stupid.

    • 80

      Auburn cant declare war on everyone that despises them. Mostly because they cant remember or spell that many names. 🙂

  23. 81

    I know ITK. This is going to get ugly for Auburn, I’ve heard all about it. I would really feel sorry for them if they were not so ethically or morally challenged, incluDing their lying, sack of sh-t head coach. I shouldn’t smile, but they will be getting their just desserts

  24. 85


    Did you REALLY just play the race card? Let’s be real, okay?

    1. Tom the Suit guy used eligible SPUAT football players in advertisements, largely on Facebook. The page where all the incriminating photos were found was the T-Town Menswear page, not a personal page. Ask any business why they’re on Facebook. It’s cheap ADVERTISING.

    2. Trent Richardson was in T-Town Menswear on at least two occasions (judging by differences in clothing) signing memorabilia. Why? Seriously, why would a 20-year-old African American football player go to a Middle Eastern businessman’s shop to sign memorabilia that he knew was likely to be sold and for which, under NCAA rules, he could share NONE of the proceeds? For that matter, why did approximately 25 Alabama football players hang around the shop enough to have their photos taken? Did you hang in men’s stores when you were in college?

    3. Why is Trent Richardson at dinner with Tom, making gang signs at a Japanese restaurant?

    4. Why is Tom on the sidelines for what appears to be MOST Alabama home games?

    5. Why did Tom continue to display Alabama memorabilia signed by eligible student athletes (A.J. McCarron and Trent Richardson) AFTER the date of the C&D letter? And if he’s not SELLING the memorabilia, isn’t the only other plausible reason for its display ADVERTISING, which is an NCAA violation and calls into question eligibility of the players involved?

    6. Why did Mary Vice of scrub his Web site last night of items signed by Richardson, McCarron and other eligible Alabama football players?

    There are more questions, but that will do for starters.

    Peace out!

  25. 90

    LOL, pssst, Auburn fans, the NCAA will not mess with Nick Saban’s program…Peace out on that while Auburn is about to burn over SERIOUS mounting evidence

  26. 91

    SPAT – Scandal Plagued aubbie tiggers:

    $cam “the money was too much” newton…

    the felonious four….

    eric smith…

    the pay for play 4 on HBO…

    stanley “I got paid for sacking Brodie Croyle” mcglover…

    troopah, the towel waving fool….

    “You’ll know when we’re finished, and we’re not finished”

    the pathetic aubs need to look in their own scandal plagued mirror and if they are not outraged by the activities that will be revealed (that are the result of their own doing, not anyone else) then they deserve what they have coming to them…

    • 92

      You’ll have a new one for Troopah pretty soon. Wonder if that girl’s daddy planned on his little girl going off to school and getting one of THOSE. Troopah may be unemployed soon…

  27. 94


    has this been sent to the NCAA yet? I think it’s hilarious how these items “are no longer available.” Somebody told me that this is still incriminating evidence

    • 95

      The Aubs have funk on them right now that Clorox can’t get off.

      Don’t look for a deflection story to do them much good.

  28. 96


    Don’t think for a minute Saban isn’t taking an active approach to this. Nothing will come of this, all Richardson has to say is, “I didn’t know, I plead the Cam Newton defense!” you Auburn trash are hilarious if you think Saban will let anyone screw with his program. Besides, we have evidence of the same thing at Auburn, and my source says it’s legitimate

    • 97

      Rc, you like to call people trash, when if you really want to see one, look in the mirror. Your source doesnt exist, never has, never will. But I would advise you to find you something to hold on to my man. Alabama is a dirty program, thats why you are still on probation. And by the way, where is Peaches Winston nowadays…..taking a test?

      • 98

        Auburns own ex-players make Auburn look dirty. The way Cam Newtons dad carries himself make Auburn look dirty, Auburns favorite hero, Pat Dye’s recorded paying players make Auburn look dirty. Terry Bowdens admission that pay-for-play was going on when he was there, makes Auburn look dirty. Bama got caught, and paid the price. Bama had leadership problems and bad coaches that cost them. That is not the case anymore at Bama.

        Everyone knows that Chizik is just a puppet coach. He has no real control over Auburns program. He was against even signing Cam Newton, but his opinion didn’t matter as much as who is really in charge. When the probation hits Auburn, he will still be clueless about how it happened. But ask any college football fan across the nation about Auburn, and the first thing they will tell you is they are the dirtiest program in the SEC. You have earned that reputation, so be proud.

          • 100

            Not that there is anything wrong with that (Seinfeld). You hear that Crimmy? You may have just found the man of your dreams bud. Congrats. (Unless I beat you to him! *wink, wink*)

  29. 103

    Hold up…


    I originally thought this was probably much ado about nothing. But if you’ve reached a level of desperation that compels you to play the race card, then I need to rethink that. At the very least I’m going to need to be more careful about drinking coffee at the computer when reading rebuttals from the Capstone Report.

    Thanks, man. Primo stuff.

  30. 104

    LMAO… You can steal my name and change my posts all you want. Its about to get hotter at Free* Suits U.

    You know, the store in Montgomery that gave Cam his.

    • 105

      I seriously doubt that any of this about Richardson will be as hot as any of the current investigations into Auburn right now. Who do you think will be the scape goat? Rumor is Jay Jacobs is already saying to the football dept. to get ready for a few bad weeks, and there will be people let go. I think Troopa is first in line.

      • 106

        Yes, and of course the first person to know about the interoffice conversations in Auburn would be an Alabama fan.

        Keep dreaming. I mean, why stop now? You’ve been predicting doom every other week for 8 months now.

        • 107

          I don’t know a thing about that. Just a rumor I heard. Like I said. A rumor.

          But if you want to talk facts, we can.
          Is Auburn under investigation? Yes
          More than one? Yes
          Does more than one involve pay-for-play? Yes
          Are they investigating other serious recruiting violations? Yes

          You do the math. Not the Auburn math, where 2>13. I know it is hard for you to accept the facts about this, but odds are Auburn is going to get hit pretty severely considering the punishment everyone else has been getting.

  31. 108

    My source tells me that this is a non-issue and that Auburn fans have been sending fraudulent correspondence through their office all day. Let’s just say a good portion of the Auburn trash will be interrupted around dinnertime tonight. Giggle

  32. 109

    This all hilarious. I’m sitting in a Buffalo Wild wings in Illinois right now and I’m about as worried about Bama getting into serious trouble as I am about one of the super hawk BWW bartenders asking me if I’m ready for another beer! Bwaa haww haww haww haww! The photos look like shyt. Have you ever known anyone who could actually take a bad photo with a digital camera. Or maybe they bought one of those $6.99 keychain cameras at Wal-Mart. Bwaa haww haww! Looks like Photoshop to me. Hell, one of my girlfriends wouldn’t let me take any naked pictures of her so I put her head on an equally beautiful naked body with photoshop and you couldn’t tell it was fake without blowing it up 400%. She was kind of pissed but wanted the bod. Ha ha. Get phucked Barnturds! RTR!

  33. 110
    Allen times

    Oh, great. Yeah, it’s because he is black!! What an idiot!! The writer of this article is the racist one asking where his hood is at. The worst article I have ever read. Made Alabama look even worse. Awful.

    • 111

      Bama can’t look as bad as Auburn does right now. Auburn is the poster boy for paying players in the NCAA. And those black face painted white boys at Auburn and dressing in klan robes for a frat party doesn’t help your racist image, either.

      • 112
        John Hempton

        I’m not a fan of Auburn or Alabama but I have to agree with Allen Times. This article is just idiotic. Maybe all the Alabama fans posting things about Cam Newton is just because he’s black. His dad was a dirt bag, i agree but at least wait until something is proved about him until you find him guilty. The exact same thing you are asking everyone else to do now that Alabama is being questioned. Clay Travis is not the only one now talking about this. As a matter of fact, I just read his article because it was being discussed on here. This article is absolutely ridiculous. To say that we should just ignore this because he’s black is just as racist as anything else. Do I think that there was illegal benefits? Yes, I think that is a BIG possibility, but that is just my opinion and I respect others opinions. If this was out about my team, I would be worried. Thank God its not though. But this article just made the bama fans sound that much worse.

        • 113

          Actually, if you read the article above, they were talking about Clays response to a radio interview after he ‘broke’ the story. Clays credibility has always been in question. His answers did seem to be racist, plus the fact that he is a UT grad, he is obviously trying to be like Finebaum and cash in on the bitter rivalry of Bama and Auburn. First, he played the Bama fans against Auburn, now he he playing the Auburn fans against Bama. It is not to difficult to see this, yet here we are.

          Bamas compliance determined that Trent received no extra benefits. I would bet that if the NCAA looks into it, they will discover the same. The rest of the story is Auburn rumors and trying to make this to (please) be something negative against Bama to take the heat off of Auburn. You can see the desperation on the part of Auburn fans.

          • 114
            John Hempton

            I agree that Clay is a piece of crap cashing in on this rivalry. He needs to move on. It is obvious since he hasn’t posted anything about Tennessee posing a self probation. So I agree with you. But I still don’t think it sounds racist what he said… me…. But again, that is just my opinion and I respect yours. Have a good day!

  34. 115

    Hampton, you claim not to be a fan of either Alabama or Auburn. In that case just drag your azz back under whatever rock or cesspool you crawled out of and mind your own business. We’ll take care of this ourselves. On here you’ll just get your azz curb stomped into a nice stinky pile of dog shyt. Bye now. RTR!

    • 116
      John Hempton

      Awwwww, little baby act all tough on computer….How cute?! And what year did little baby graduate from Alabama. Tell me a cute little lie now. So whats your real name. Smuck or Putz? What did your dad call you when you were a baby? Putz? Try not to act like a bad boy on the computer, makes you look weak you red diaper doper baby bum. (Sorry, you probably don’t understand what I just called you. It’s not nice. Run home and tell the mullet of the family) See. Anyone can act tough on the computer! Idiot.

  35. 118
    Bobby Justice

    Told you all that Auburn fans are racists! Every last one of them. It’s why they go to a college to study cows, dirt, and grass. They think that if they do their job well enough they can re-institute slavery. Those dumb pieces of shit need to quit digging in my back yard because they won’t find no skeletons. Sick and tired of them trying to investigate things that don’t need to be investigated. Luckily the NCAA knows better to dig around in my back yard. Nobody needs to die.

  36. 120
    Plan C option when dream job falters | Autoblogging

    […] Clay Travis thinks black people can't afford nice things And it's one reason I got into the website business with my own site.” So you simply want to capitalize on the speculative nature of online blogging rumors, eh Clay? Rumors and issues that UA Compliance place to bed months ago? … Read more on Capstone Report […]

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