Alabama picked to win SEC; South Carolina favorite in SEC East

SEC Football

The Alabama Crimson Tide was picked to win the SEC football championship by media at this year’s SEC Media Days.

The SEC released the tabulation of results Friday morning with Alabama the overwhelming choice to win the conference followed by LSU and then Arkansas. A clear statement from the media about the strength of the SEC West.

SEC CHAMPION (first place votes in parenthesis): Alabama (98), LSU (29), Arkansas (18), South Carolina (14), Georgia (4), Florida (2), Ole Miss (2).

According to the SEC’s twitter, This is the fourth time that the Alabama Crimson Tide was picked as to win the conference at SEC Media Days.

South Carolina was the favorite in the SEC East with Georgia and Florida following. The predicted order of finish for the SEC East:

1. South Carolina (114) 931
2. Georgia (38) 794
3. Florida (12) 731
4. Tennessee (2) 496
5. Kentucky (1) 340
6. Vanderbilt 215

Alabama was predicted to win the SEC West with LSU and Arkansas in second and third. The predicted order of finish in the SEC East:

1. Alabama (111)925
2. LSU (30) 790
3. Arkansas (23) 717
4. Mississippi State (1) 455
5. Auburn 406
6. Ole Miss (2) 214


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  1. 3

    That is really unfair to Chiznilx and the Tiger/Eagle nation to predict them 5th like that. With all the money they are paying them guys, er I mean the coach. They have to have more faith than that! So much talent is playing in Aubruwn this year …. .
    R T R

    • 5

      Well then, maybe it will be an even 5 out of 20 after this season. The truth is, Bama returns waaaay more talent than Auburn this year.

      Plus it is funny that you guys won it ALL last year, and still, no respect what-so-ever. Y’all are right next to Vandy in expectations. It seems to be actually worse than it was when Tubs was coach.

      When you guys win, the more you look loke a bunch of losers. That is your legacy, and tradition.

  2. 6

    Poop Shoot, Whether it’s Alabama, LSU or Arkansas is of no importance to you., cause it damn sure won’t be Awbie. Did you notice that only Awbie and Vandy received NO first place votes. I think that’s a slight to Vandy since they have a winning record against the Barnturds. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  3. 7

    The real question is how can expectations for Auburn be so low with Chiznik entering his third year following three stellar years of recruiting?

    Would Alabama get that kind of pass from the media?

    • 8

      I hope they give the man a raise. It takes a lot of work to be jerked around with strings on every limb.

  4. 9

    Yeah FlatButtFlunkie except that last year none of the preseason polls took into account that Aubie had purchased a Heisman quality QB who had sold his soul to Satan for four months of glory. i think they got your placement right this time. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  5. 10

    How can expectations for Auburn be so low? We lost 31 seniors. We only have 6 starters returning. We will only have 7 scholarship seniors this year and only 3 of them were starters last year.

    Yep, that means that we will probably only do a 7-6 season.

    That also means that our roster is finally stacked for al of the years after that. This year that Tub’s last recruiting season is coming home to haunt us. Oh well …unlike Bama fans, we won’t be beating our wives, going on Ricky Rants, shooting the television sets, poisoning trees or wearing “I Hate Bama” T shirts.

    • 11

      No, Bama will just be reloading more talent from the past 4 years of top recruiting classes in the nation, and if you have been paying attention, the recruiting classes Bama has lined up for the future looks like more of the same. Better hope the negative consequences of NCAA investigations and possible probation doesn’t hurt Auburn in the near future.

      So yeah, there will be a lot of moaning and groaning when Bama is winning and Auburn is losing. There always is when you guys have to watch Bama get all the respect and attention you guys feel you deserve. At least when the losses come, you guys won’t be accelerating the death of the twees.

  6. 12

    No, what you’ll be doing is what you cum suckers always do when the wheels come off. You’ll crawl into the closet and curl up in the fetal position for another 50+ years. Bye now, ya’ll come back. NOT! ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

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