BREAKING: NCAA visits Montgomery in Auburn probe

The NCAA continues a wide probe of Auburn’s recruiting practices and the pay-for-play allegations surrounding the school. This comes as no surprise despite the party line spin coming from Auburn fans and Auburn’s media partners. The state media continues to fail its investigative functions. The national and regional media continues to work on the story. Hence today’s report.

Clay Travis reports, “the NCAA’s continuing probe of Auburn University’s football program led NCAA investigators to Montgomery, Alabama in the last week of June. NCAA investigator Jackie Thurnes checked in to the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Montgomery and conducted interviews in conference rooms there. Thurnes investigation dealt with continuing issues surrounding the eligibilty of Cam Newton and other Auburn players implicated in pay-for-play scandals.”

Travis explains some of the NCAA’s questions focused on the HBO Real Sports allegations that indicated Auburn paid players. Other details reported by HBO included allegations that Auburn rewarded players with cash for their efforts in the Iron Bowl.

The probe has also taken investigators to South Florida, Louisiana and other parts of the south.

It is clear, the NCAA’s probe is far from over.


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    # 1 al. fan

    Yes the probe is probably going to go deeper , however, I still maintain that the ncaa is very weak. They got blasted by the coach at Aubarn and that had to sting!! so my guess is that they’ll put on a good front and then move on to other victims that don’t have as much money and/or power to use against them

    • 2

      Wishful thinking friend. If we switched places and it were Bama under the probe I would be sweating blood and urine. Thankfully the Auburn cult still has each other to convince themselves the coming plague of penalty, scorn and irrelevance isn’t really coming. But it is.

      • 3

        I still don’t know why folks don’t see through the media smog and realize how much Bama is behind the relentless attack of Auburn.

        Yes, they got in trouble with the NCAA for paying for their players and so should Auburn. Even if they isn’t any proof outside of the media’s “no named sources” accusations.

  2. 5

    Mi nombre es Chavo y yo estoy informes vivo desde días de media por segundo. Es muy concurrido aquí y no puedo entender lo que alguien está diciendo. Hay una fila de personas que buscan me gracioso y no sé por qué. Puedo decir que hay un montón de fans Capstone informe aquí. ¿Lo que en el infierno es Phil Fulmer haciendo aquí? Espere un minuto, mi almightytmc1 eso es malo. Live from Hoover Al, esto es Chavo con cobertura en vivo de días de media por segundo.

  3. 6
    Indiana Vol

    NCAA findings mean nothing!

    The fact is Bammer was beaten 3 times last season, 3 TIMES!!

    Whether Auburn has to forfeit games or not; BAMMER STILL LOST 3 GAMES LAST YEARS AND THE NCAA CAN’T GIVE THEM BACK!!

  4. 14
    robert garrard

    ITK, you left out the statement from the article you quoted that stated that many of the accusations and rumors were untrue and generated by bammer rednecks like you. You are obviously suffering from little brother syndrome. What a joke you bammers are!

  5. 15

    Hey Robert!

    Hehehehe, how does my d–k taste? Haha, I have been telling you Aubarn hicks for months that my sources were telling me that this investigation is progressing, but you wanted to keep insulting me. We will continue to investigate Auburn until the NCAA finishes or Auburn admits guilt, grows a conscience, and demands change

    • 16

      Oh, man RC – that first line and I spit Coke all over my keyboard! Garrard is in a dream world induced by too much Cammy juice. The DDD crew is reduced to name-calling while their precious team is circling the bowl, about to head to the sewer. I can just see all the spit on Robert’s monitor as he tries to deny the inevitable and make some sensible comeback to the truth smacking him in the azz!

    • 17

      Oh course it’s progressing like a really bad soap opera.

      We all know a media spunned story never ends unless they say so.

  6. 18

    3 losses from a depleted team and a blowout in the Capital One bowl is till a great season, Indy Vol. We’ll see you the 10/22.

  7. 20

    Did anyone hear about what Danny Sherriden dropped on the Paul Finebaum show? Is it wise to bet against him?

  8. 22

    Cant believe a vol fan is talking trash. Last one I talked to apologized for being so bad and an embarrassment to the SEC

  9. 24

    Garrard, still with your head in the sand I see. You will find out the hard truth, just like Chiznik did. Yes, the NCAA is still investigating Auburn, going on for 10 months now. Yes, it is going to affect your program negatively the longer this goes on. Yes, the likelihood that Auburn is guilty increases the longer this goes on. What are you going to say when all this comes down on Auburn?

    • 25

      So an Auburn hating reporter from the newspaper that is not known for their truthfullness jumped on a back and forth conversation between ‘chizik and the NCAA woman and is using it to satify the rabidly crazy bama fans who’s looking for anything to get their arch rival school in trouble like themselves.

      Cam has truly driven you bama folks crazy and it’s sad the media is feeding your craziness with lies and bais stories. You’re so desparate for Auburn to get in trouble like you did in 2001 and 2009 that you will believe any and every story put out by the media.

      I wonder when will the media pay someone to claim that Cecil came to them and got money from them in regards to Cam going to Auburn. It has gotten that bad and sadly the BS will be bought, hook, line, and sinker by u BAMA crazies and all the Auburn haters whose own school is always in trouble with the NCAA.

  10. 26

    Ummm, I dunno Brando. What could I say? Since we are playing hypotheticals here, what would you say when this all ends in a puff of smoke?

  11. 27

    The NCAA just kicked LSU’s ass and what they did like Georgia Tech was nothing compared to what the Barnturds are being investigated for. It’s coming dogturds and I’m gonna laugh my azz off just like you fartblossoms and UThug did during the Albert Means investigation. Oh and for you Gringos who don’t know, that crude Spanish talking poster above is referring to Mexicos #1 comedy show personality. Chavo is childish comedy even worse than Jackie Gleason or even The Little Rascals. Even though I love it down there that is about how far behind the US culture they are. But it is funny. RTR!

    • 28

      The difference between Albert Means and Cam is, you actually did pay for your student vs. the media simply taking a he/said he/said story and falsely accusing a father and in turn a shool of paying for a kid.

      And is running around trying to keep the story alive with any piece of story or quote that they hear just so the NCAA will find any reason to punish your arch rival so you can feel beter about yourselves.

      • 30

        Gene Jelks…proven in court to have been paid by Auburn booster to lie against Alabama…

        Eric Ramsey…proven to have been paid by Pat Dye

        1957*…two players proven to have been paid by Auburn to play football, and ironically they were both sons of a preacher who asked for money for them to play.

        I feel much better now, too.

  12. 31

    Btw I love huge black Cock too! That’s why im defending a bullshyt school like auburn for playing that big black stud!

  13. 35

    No you dumbazz Whore, there is no difference. You SOB’s were cheering them on during the investigation just like we are now. And just like they proved that one of our boosters paid for Means, they will prove that you bastards paid for Scum Butt. But unlike Means you filthy MF’s are gonna get busted for a half dozen or more major infractions. They’re gonna bust your azzes back to the stone age, back to the East Alabama Male College. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  14. 36

    I dont know much of the Mexican way of life Crimsonite, but I have eaten at Los Amigos….. I like Danny Sheridan and all, but what did he say really that has you guys planning a celebration cruise? I can stroll in here and throw out a ton of ifs, but then I’d have the wrath of you come down on me. Let him do it and by golly, you are ready to have our funeral. Oh well, what can I say? I do agree with Danny on Auburn winning 9 games this year. Hey, I can be one sided too.

  15. 37

    Hey Vol, you ignorant Bitch! There you go again proving how inbreeding begats retardedness. The whole country knows that BDS is considered the finest football stadium in the SEC and one of the 10 finest in the country. So come on azzhole give us some more of your infinite wisdom. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    • 38
      Indiana Vol

      Hey EGGHEAD,

      You should know all about inbreeding and retardedness since you belong to the biggest group of illiterate hillbillies in college football; THE BAMMER MORON NATION!

      The only idiots who think Bryant-Denny-Fulmer-Tubberville Stadium finest football stadium in the SEC are the BAMMER MORONS!!

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