BREAKING: NCAA visits Montgomery in Auburn probe

The NCAA continues a wide probe of Auburn’s recruiting practices and the pay-for-play allegations surrounding the school. This comes as no surprise despite the party line spin coming from Auburn fans and Auburn’s media partners. The state media continues to fail its investigative functions. The national and regional media continues to work on the story. Hence today’s report.

Clay Travis reports, “the NCAA’s continuing probe of Auburn University’s football program led NCAA investigators to Montgomery, Alabama in the last week of June. NCAA investigator Jackie Thurnes checked in to the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Montgomery and conducted interviews in conference rooms there. Thurnes investigation dealt with continuing issues surrounding the eligibilty of Cam Newton and other Auburn players implicated in pay-for-play scandals.”

Travis explains some of the NCAA’s questions focused on the HBO Real Sports allegations that indicated Auburn paid players. Other details reported by HBO included allegations that Auburn rewarded players with cash for their efforts in the Iron Bowl.

The probe has also taken investigators to South Florida, Louisiana and other parts of the south.

It is clear, the NCAA’s probe is far from over.