Recruiting: Alabama target Gunner Kiel narrows his list?

Standout high school quarterback Gunner Kiel has the Alabama Crimson Tide on his list of schools, but Kiel might not commit to a school that takes two quarterbacks in this year’s recruiting class.

According to Bryan D. Fischer of CBS Sports, “One notable thing he mentioned Monday was the fact that he would not go to a school that is looking to take two quarterbacks in the class of 2012. That would seem to rule out Oklahoma and Missouri, who both picked up players at the position in the past few weeks, but MaxPreps’ top signal-caller wouldn’t let on about any of his finalists in too much detail.”

What does this mean for Alabama? Will the Crimson Tide take another quarterback like the amazing Jameis Winston? Or is Winston heading out of the state to play at FSU? If Alabama is able to land Winston, does that eliminate Kiel? Does this mean Indiana is in a stronger position?

Kiel continues to speak highly of Indiana. He told Rivals, “Coach (Kevin) Wilson is a fiery guy and my brother is going to be playing quarterback for them which is awesome so I’ll be at games cheering him on,” he said. “The way I talk to him they know they’re going to win football games and I’ve talked to guys on the team and know them really well because of my brother, and they have their heads on straight to win football games and I hope they do.”

The coveted quarterback stands at 6’4″, 220 lbs. and is number one pro-style quarterback prospect. Scout lists Kiel as a five-star prospect and is the top ranked quarterback.

According to Scout, “Kiel has the size you want in a QB… He can make the throws and get the ball into traffic. His arm strength is good, but improvement can still be made to push it to elite. Is smart and a good leader as well.”

Here is video of the recruit. Video produced by 247Sports:


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    This is a precarious situation to be in. Will it be Keil, Winston, or perhaps neither? From what I’ve read, Bama plans to take two QB’s this year. It seems to me that Winston and Kiel are playing a chess match against each other. If one commits (Aug. 3rd / Winston), the other will likely announce shortly after.

  2. 2

    I’m not sure CNS will let a high school prospect, any prospect, dictate what he can and can’t do in recruiting. This isn’t Auburn we’re talking about.

    What if Kiel comes and pulls a Dee Hart the summer before his first season Bama is counting on him to produce?

    A lot of 17-year-olds say things that a $6 Million coach can help them see more clearly.

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    Supposedly Gunner said he’s not all that excited about Indiana since he is a far more talented QB than his brother and he would not want to go there and take away his brothers position. However Cyrus said the same thing about Arie at Bama and you see where he went anyway. The problem I see with either Gunner or Winston is that there are 3 very good QB’s ahead of them at Bama now and Simms and Sims are just freshmen. Both are good enough to pass #4 Ely but neither could pass Sims for backup as freshmen. So both would have to redshirt or one would only have one year playing time and the other would be back his whole career. It doesn’t sound like either one is interested in that. If they both came then one would have to grayshirt and then redshirt cause ‘aint neither one of them gonna take to sitting on the bench for 4 years. If Gunner makes up his mind fast I think he comes to Bama and Winston to FSU. If he delays I think Winston to Bama and Gunner to Indiana.

  4. 5

    The landscapes littered with hot shot high school qb’s who choose a second or third rate football program and disappear never to be heard from again.

    If “Gunner” wants to go to Indiana and play, well son, it was nice knowin’ ya.


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