Auburn reaches for Casey Anthony defense on Finebaum show

The Paul Finebaum Radio Network is an important resource for judging the state of a story. You know things are going badly when Auburn callers begin reaching for the Casey Anthony defense.

One Auburn fan defended the school and Gene Chizik by resorting to a bizarre justice system reference. The Finebaum caller declared, “We thought Casey Anthony was guilty…”


This makes as much sense as the famous Chewbacca Defense. South Park mocked America’ s justice system with a hilarious look at lawyers and juries. You can watch that in the above video.

Basically, it does not make sense.

And so it is with the Casey Anthony defense. But the move to such a reference shows that Auburn fans are now accepting the fact that Auburn did something wrong, but could still get away with it if there is not enough evidence.

Grasping at straws.

The NCAA’s probe of Auburn is unfolding on multiple fronts including NCAA investigative trips to South Florida, Louisiana, and other locations. The chances of the NCAA giving Auburn an all-clear signal gets smaller every day that the microscope focuses on the program.