Auburn reaches for Casey Anthony defense on Finebaum show

The Paul Finebaum Radio Network is an important resource for judging the state of a story. You know things are going badly when Auburn callers begin reaching for the Casey Anthony defense.

One Auburn fan defended the school and Gene Chizik by resorting to a bizarre justice system reference. The Finebaum caller declared, “We thought Casey Anthony was guilty…”


This makes as much sense as the famous Chewbacca Defense. South Park mocked America’ s justice system with a hilarious look at lawyers and juries. You can watch that in the above video.

Basically, it does not make sense.

And so it is with the Casey Anthony defense. But the move to such a reference shows that Auburn fans are now accepting the fact that Auburn did something wrong, but could still get away with it if there is not enough evidence.

Grasping at straws.

The NCAA’s probe of Auburn is unfolding on multiple fronts including NCAA investigative trips to South Florida, Louisiana, and other locations. The chances of the NCAA giving Auburn an all-clear signal gets smaller every day that the microscope focuses on the program.


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    Auburn’s day in the sun was exceptionally short wasn’t it? Almost as short as Cam “The Scam” three months on campus.

    “I came, I saw, I played, and got paid!!” Cammie Cam.

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    C. Smith

    All this is very interesting…… however, I still contend that the NCAA is very weak, and really doesn’t have any punch left in its arsenal. Its crediability is slowly seeping away, why else would they take so long to investigate any school let along Aubarn…. look how long they took to take down Southern California and Reggie Bush, RTR

  3. 6

    C. Smith, they took a long time, but the got ’em. They took two years to get Georgia Tech…in an investigation nobody even know was going on.

    If you’re an Auburn fan and subscribe to the “we got time until this happens” notion, good for you. But leaks will continue to come out that will make doing business the AU way harder and harder to do over the course of the next several months.

    That is, until the NCAA drops the hammer on the dirtiest program in America once and for all.

    Gonna be some dang good entertainment!

  4. 7

    Yeah, after all the scandals to hit college football here lately, I think the NCAA has to get tougher. What is so bad for Auburn is the timing of their investigation. The backlash over Cam and his dad has been pretty huge. Cecil continues to sound like a corrupt person, and Auburn took a huge chance by even dealing with him. Auburns self-imposed punishment of ‘limiting Cecils access’ was not even followed, so the NCAA will enforce their own punishment. I think that they will make an example of Auburn, because Auburn is at the forefront of all the ‘new’ recruiting violations. Big Cat weekend was a deliberate case of breaking the rules. The Tiger Prowl was against the rules. The use of street agents to funnel money and gifts to recruits. All these things as a whole will take some time to put together a case, and has ‘lack of institutional control’ written all over it.

  5. 8

    That does seem to be the road its heading down Brando. As far as leaks coming out, they sure are….and will continue. At one time, Auburn was the only talk wasnt it. I commented that a lot of schools have dirt, and was told that doesnt hold water. Hmmm, Ohio St.,Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Oregon, soon LSU will be welcomed to the party. There is room for another program as well. And that welcome party will be in a few short weeks.

  6. 9

    “We thought Casey Anthony was guilty…”? What a perfect comment, this actually shows the state of mind the West Georgia window Lickers are in….LMAO

  7. 10

    Sorry, FBJ, you have no ‘inside information’ at all. Everything that I am saying is my opinion based on what has already been published and written about over time. Auburn, by far, stands accused of more than any of the other schools you mentioned. All you and the rest of the more ‘realistic’ Auburn fans will hope for is for something to happen to Alabama. Bama may hit a speed bump here and there, but what is happening to Auburn is a catastrophic train wreck.

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