REPORT: NCAA continues probe of Auburn & Cam Newton

You know all those Auburn people that like to pretend the investigation into Auburn’s recruiting practices is over.

Well they just got some bad news courtesy of the New York Times.

According to the nation’s newspaper of record, a clueless Gene Chizik went on the offensive where he attacked the NCAA for its handling of the Cam Newton situation. The confrontation took place during the SEC’s Spring Meeting.

The Times reported, “(Gene Chizik) peppered Roe Lach with a flurry of questions about the N.C.A.A.’s investigation into Cam Newton and why the N.C.A.A. had not publicly announced that the investigation was over. Chizik complained that the inquiry’s open-ended nature had hurt Auburn’s recruiting and he followed up at least three times, leading to a testy exchange.”

The NCAA put Chizik in his place with a powerful response.

“You’ll know when we’re finished,” Roe Lach told Chizik, according to several coaches who were at the meeting, the Times reported. “And we’re not finished.”

And the Times reveals even more insight into what fellow SEC coaches think of Gene Chizik.

Everyone thinks he is a dumbass.

According to the report, “Arkansas’s basketball coach, Mike Anderson, said there was a visceral reaction in the room to Chizik’s questioning, with coaches shrugging their shoulders and looking perplexed.”

Of course they were perplexed. The only people who think Auburn did not cheat in regards to Cam Newton would be Gene Chizik and perhaps one or two callers to the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

Not exactly the membership of Mensa.

And Chizik’s idiocy ranks right up there with Cecil Newton. Cam’s dad spoke with the media about the situation and created a host of new questions with a non-denial denial.

The NCAA’s probe into Cam Newton’s recruitment continues along with probes into other Auburn recruiting practices. These are facts that find new proof each day. The only question is how long will fans have to wait before something definitive comes from the NCAA.


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    Challenging the NCAA for an answer in a public forum, although not advisable, is not a sign that the coach is an idiot. It is the sign of a very frustrated coach that knows his school didn’t do anything wrong.

    Everyone knows that the NCAA never “closes” an investigation. They either find guilt and dole out punishment OR let it linger until everyone forgets about it a number of years later.

  2. 4

    I wonder why Thamel waited until now to publish this. The meetings were weeks ago and he got the 4 coach quotes at the meetings. Any decent college sophomore sould have written that article over a weekend.

    This should have been published in June.

  3. 5
    Uncle Dick

    Who knows why he waited to publish/write the article. I am more interested if the NCAA official meant you wil KNOW when we are finished, meaning hard times are coming, or just stated fact with no hidden meaning. I can understand Chizik’s frustration, but at this point, like everyone else, he is a spectator.

  4. 6

    LMAO@ hypocrit Jizlips getting owned by an enforcement agent in front of all the other coaches.Spin it Hoopty, spin it good boy.

  5. 7

    WTH HAVE I BEEN SAYING FOR MONTHS??!! My source has told me there were contentious arguments regarding Auburn’s cheating in Indianapolis!!

  6. 9

    RC….regardless of what ever happens in this issue, I’ll never believe that your”source” knows anything ..that’s if he even exists.

    You have yet to mention anything before it happens and then come in after the fact and say: “yeah, my source told me something like this”.

    I challenge you again. Let’s hear all of the details now. Let’s catalog them and keep score to see if any actually come true.

    If you won’t do that, then … are the punk.

    It’s your move.

  7. 10

    Hey Hoopie

    you really are a dumb ass. I NEVER said my source had knowledge abt this conversation (though he did and NOT to my knowledge). I WILL NOT divulge my source, a family friend for over 25 yrs for your dumb ass. Since I graduated from HS MANY years ago, I don’t get into the nanny nanny boo boos like you still do. However, I’d be happy to meet you somewhere to see who the biggest punk ass really is:)

  8. 11

    Thats right Auburn Cult, the investigation isn’t over until the NCAA says it is over. Just like we have been saying all along. You guys are a bunch of dumbasses for ever believing it was to start with. They haven’t said it was over in regards to the HBO 4, the Tiger Prowl, Big Cat Weekend, and Troopers street agents, either. And it won’t be until the NCAA says it is. If all that Auburn is suspected of is true, it will make Ohio State look like choirboys. That letter is coming, and when it does, you will still be in denial. I guess this is what ‘All In’ is all about haha!

  9. 12

    BARNERGEDDON is getting nastier by the day. Cheat U. will be lucky to find a game with North Alabama or Troy when it’s all said and done.

  10. 13

    Yo Coach Jizz. Did all your players make their grades? “Duh, dey all got on da plane. Duh, dey all makin da twipp. Duh, dat means dey eligible.”

    LMAO@ this two-faced lyin piece of shiiiiiiit.

  11. 14

    If every AD and head coach in the SEC thinks YOOOOUR coach is a dumbass, yoooooooou might be a barntard.

    If YOOOOUR head coach has ever been beat down by an NCAA investigator in front of his peers, yooooou might be a barntard.

  12. 16

    Per AU player “Eric Smith is coming back to team or is on team. ” He threatened Staff member that he would spill the beans and bring AU down with him.

    Any Auburn fan: Please explain how Eric Smith would be allowed back on team?

  13. 18
    C. Smith

    I agree with Hoopie!! The ncaa is so weak and clueless that after a season or two this whole matter will be forgotten about.

  14. 19

    Auburn fans, it is a tragedy that you endorse the leadership of your program that any single-celled organism can see is without integrity.

    The world believes you are a dirty program. And eventually, you know what happens to dirty programs.

    Chiznik really is Mike Dubose dumb. Gonna be fun to watch this continue to unravel.

    And has there ever been a champion so openly mocked? That should tell you something.

  15. 20

    Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute! All we have heard is that awbarn had nothing to do with cam newton asking for 180,000 that it was all MSU! if that’s the case shouldn’t it have been Dan mullen asking about it? Why is cheesedik so worried if awbarn has nothing to do with it? Recruiting? Nope! The barn has screwed the pooch and they know it!

  16. 23

    But ITK, the Auburn Cult claims there is no proof! Even though that is the purpose of the NCAA investigation, and it has been going on for over 18 months now, no one has said anything about proof! Because you know if they had some proof, they would have said so already, right? So in Auburn Cult logic, no proof, so that means nothing is going on with Auburn. Plus, if Auburn is going down, so is everyone else, because everyone else cheats too! And you are just jealous! Everyone is, that is why the rest of the country mocks Auburn and thinks they cheat. Jealousy, right? Yeah that is what it is.

    Auburn is innocent because:
    1. No proof
    2. Everyone is jealous of Auburn
    3. Bammer cheats too

    So, did I leave anything out? Come on Cult Members, help me out here. Where did you all go?

  17. 24

    Everyone in Barntopia is jumpin’ ship BB. The few that remain are rallying the depleted for their famous last stand.

  18. 25

    shouldn’t chizik as head coach already know that the investigation was not over. what stupidity to ask ncaa to announce what he shouild have known was not over

  19. 26

    Chizik isn’t in total control of Auburns football program. Auburn knew he was an inexperienced head coach when they hired him, and after Tuberville they wanted someone that would be easier to tame and wouldn’t balk at the Auburn powers when they want to be involved in football decisions. That’s why Pat Dye was almost crying when Chizik was hired, and said he hadn’t felt like part of the Auburn fambly for a long time.

    So I wouldn’t be surprised at any stupidity he shows at all. It is honest ignorance, but that still won’t help Auburn much when this is all said and done.

  20. 27

    After Pat Dye resigned (1992) I don’t believe the cheating ever really stopped.

    Terry Bowden tried to phase it out…but it was Bowden that ended up being phased out.

    And now we have revelations from HBO about pay-for-play during the Tuberville era along with the Cam Newton affair under Chizik.

    It never stopped.

  21. 28

    Awbarn Fambly:

    It has been established that the Cam Newton camp sought $180,000 from Mississippi State.

    They didn’t get the money.

    Then quick as you can say scam…Cam is at Auburn.

    Question: Why are we suppose to believe the Cam Newton camp sought no money and received no money from Awbarn?

    • 29

      because Auburn is the loveliest village on the Plains, the town is so multicultural and prestigious, and every Auburn student is a perfect Christian

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