Alabama’s Trent Richardson victim of hit-and-run

Alabama's Trent Richardson

Alabama Crimson Tide football star running back Trent Richardson was the victim of a hit-and-run accident early Thursday morning, according to a report.

UPDATE: The Tuscaloosa News reports, “The 19-year-old, 224-pound junior running back who bench presses more than 460 pounds was the victim of a hit and run and menacing at a downtown Tuscaloosa night spot. Richardson, who driving his vehicle when he was hit, was uninjured.”

REPORT from MYFOXAL.COM: “The Tuscaloosa Police Department responded to a leaving the scene of an accident/mencing call at 1:30 Thursday morning in the 2300 block of 4th Street. A citation was issued for the leaving the scene of an accident, however Richardson declined prosecution on the menacing charge.”