Alabama’s Trent Richardson victim of hit-and-run

Alabama's Trent Richardson

Alabama Crimson Tide football star running back Trent Richardson was the victim of a hit-and-run accident early Thursday morning, according to a report.

UPDATE: The Tuscaloosa News reports, “The 19-year-old, 224-pound junior running back who bench presses more than 460 pounds was the victim of a hit and run and menacing at a downtown Tuscaloosa night spot. Richardson, who driving his vehicle when he was hit, was uninjured.”

REPORT from MYFOXAL.COM: “The Tuscaloosa Police Department responded to a leaving the scene of an accident/mencing call at 1:30 Thursday morning in the 2300 block of 4th Street. A citation was issued for the leaving the scene of an accident, however Richardson declined prosecution on the menacing charge.”


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  1. 1

    I hope they catch whoever did it. Had this happened to an AU player, though, you would be blasting them as pathetic homers for not sending the license and registration to the SEC and NCAA offices to make sure he actually owned the car.

    Sorry, I’m grading final exams. If these kids are our future we are ####ed.

  2. 2

    “Menacing” is “brandishing a weapon to imply or infer the intent to do harm”.

    I’m sure that TR is aware that there is always some fool that wants to get a piece of a football player, but he still needs to be more careful where and when he hangs out.

    Dropping the menacing charge was probably the best way to dissolve the situation.

  3. 3

    The Auburn player would be the one brandishing the weapon, and leaving the scene, based on Troopas taste in recruits.

  4. 4

    Yeah ..because recruiting thugs and getting them arrested is absolutely the time-tested way to build a football team and Troopa follows that program.

    Brando gotta get that Auburn hatred under control. It continues to cause you to make stoopid statements.

    Whadda dunce you are.

  5. 5

    ^^^ Says the guy whos team had 4 recruits convicted of armed robbery. You just keep your head in the sand.

  6. 6
    Uncle Dick

    My dad used to say ‘nothing good happens on the streets after midnight’ the older I get I see things like this that proves his point. Glad there was no one injured.

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